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  1. Problems with regional matchmaking in non western parts of the world
  2. Please host servers...
  3. Feedback
  4. Raider in serious need of rework or buff for his guard break and parry follow up
  5. Multiplayer not matching skill level
  6. Issues with key+mouse.
  7. Don't fall whim to nerfherders so easily please!
  8. Recovering Gameplay state. Synchronizing...
  9. Love the Game
  10. Spent about 10 minutes for 1-2 minutes of playing
  11. Recommended change to matchmaking
  12. My very short opinion on the Beta
  13. Button remapping needs to be an option
  14. Please Fix Elimination
  15. AI Quest in PvP plz
  16. Epic Game but...
  17. Duel and Brawl, No Revenge.
  18. Individual game mode stats
  19. Over Power Classes !! PEACEKEEPER OROCHI NOBUSHI
  20. Rating honor of adversaries as a measure
  21. Remove environmental deaths
  22. 4v4 Changes
  23. Guard break input lag
  24. Keyboard guard mode config
  25. Why is this mechanic in this game?
  26. Full list of Bugs/issues ive encountered during this open Beta + What the game needs!
  27. Contract order language changing after connection loss.
  28. For honor singleplayer training feedback
  29. Too long of a wait between duel/elimination rounds
  30. Post-match ratings are useless.
  31. Feedback of the closed and open BETA
  32. 4 v 4 change
  33. Fix replacement bots.
  34. Can someone explain some mechanics to me
  35. Daily Poll: How do you feel about the Open Beta?
  36. BUG REPORT nobushi bleed broken
  37. One idea to change the bleed
  38. Order Clean Up and Bugs with Orders
  39. Are u kidding me with those serv ?
  40. AMD FreeSync / Nvidia GSync-Support?
  41. BUG: One of my orders was in Russian
  42. Graphics Blurry after a match.
  43. nobushi hidden stance animation bug
  44. Warden spam
  45. Button Changes "fourth stance" / button change options (consol)
  46. General feddback (focusing on combat)
  47. Faction balance
  48. On Screen text
  49. SIEGE - A new 4v4 game mode idea.
  50. my final conclusion for the game
  51. BUG REPORT Peacekeeper stabbing
  52. Counter-Intuitive menus
  53. This great game is in danger of being killed off by rabid connection issues!
  54. BUG REPORT Game Language Changed on Current Contracts after reset
  55. For Honor feedback
  56. Parry Into Immediate Guard Break
  57. Few suggestion regarding begining of the game and contracts.
  58. "How to Play" suggestions
  59. [Fr] Meilleur jeu au monde, mais quelque logic a réparer.
  60. Kensei design flaw
  61. Warning: Salty Post About Unresponsiveness
  62. launch issues
  63. Network issues directly linked to region you play on
  64. Memory Leak Issue
  65. Targel Switching
  66. There shouldn't be the 30 FPS limit
  67. Dash Mechanic of assasin class are broken
  68. Connectivity and Nonsense
  69. [Bug][Xbox One] Nothing under friends list so cannot play co-op/ Constant "patching"
  70. BUG PS4: game breaking, exiting to PS4 home menu.
  71. BUG report : Peacekeeper grab into stab blocking working as intended ?
  72. order (bugged)
  73. The Music
  74. Stupid magic and baffs
  75. huge memory leak after some minutes
  76. My Experiences with the Beta- Comments, Feedback.
  77. My opinion about For Honor! Positiv and Negativ!
  78. Stop making us replace a dead BOT at the end of Round 3 on the losing team.
  79. Combat Bug
  80. Please remove language restrictions.
  81. Block not working
  82. Cosmetic customised artwork needs reviewing.
  83. Spectator mode on custom matches
  84. Lose the emote spam
  85. No one is gonna tell off the morons about the servers?
  86. We Need normal chat window
  87. Current Experienced Bug List
  88. No Heavy Attack from Guard Mode: Controller Only
  89. Unable to Quit For Honor when unable to connect to servers
  90. Possible BUG: Lock toggle switching targets
  91. Controllers need button mapping options
  92. More moves
  93. Character selection and matchup
  94. Stuck in the ladder :D
  95. Faction War Map
  96. Suggested Bot fix. (Not a complaint)
  97. Dedicated Servers
  98. My Experience and Some Suggestions
  99. Encountered bugs - through CLOSED and OPEN Betas
  100. 1st Guard Break Should Always Win and Reduce Carry Distance
  101. Lack of honor
  102. In Regards to Ubisofts plans for New Factions
  103. Some suggestions about 4v4 Elim Boosts (Power Ups) and Guard Break
  104. BUG: Some issues with the Berserker's damage.
  105. lock-on will break chain from free attack? (pc keyboard)
  106. Warden and Nuke Feats Need a Longer Fuse
  107. Possible Warlord Bug
  108. DEFENSE too strong vs OFFENSE
  109. Petition: Remove Steel-Cost for swapping Visuals
  110. Nobushi bleed bug. [Video]
  111. Encountered bugs - through CLOSED and OPEN Betas
  112. Warlord Headbutt Needs Nerf
  113. Peacekeeper Thoughts/Suggestions
  114. Thing that need to be fixed and somethings I would like to see
  115. Some (quite some, grab some tee) thoughts on the game (not for you - for the devs!)
  116. The Full Potential of For Honor Constructive Criticism
  117. Peacekeeper Bleed bug on grab
  118. For Honor Open Beta, My Review
  119. Some critique about the beta
  120. Raider buffs please
  121. My Warden Needs a Tweak
  122. Bug; Unable to use Heavy Attack
  123. Salty Sailing Rage Quitters
  124. High level Meta, Discussion thread on competitive balancing and class viability.
  125. Feedback/suggestion and bug report
  126. 1v1/2v2 maps
  127. Game Breaking Ability Found
  128. Any kind of filter in matchmaking of dominion?
  129. Bug; Friends list partying broken
  130. Critical game issues and thoughts on open beta
  131. There is no "host advantage" they said. It will be okay they said.
  132. Suggestion to improve gameplay for those loathing current player v player
  133. Game mode idea
  134. Open beta feedback - my conclusion
  135. Please do not make for honor a pay-2-win game!
  136. 3 Key Changes I would like to see for Release
  137. Balancing for the Faction Wars and how it can improve for everyone.
  138. Post Open Beta Suggestions/Feedback/Bugs
  139. Revenge Gained from Injury Needs a Nerf [Video Included]
  140. My thoughts on the game and its unbalance
  141. Open Beta Thoughts (Bots, balance, hero select)
  142. A bit of feedback from the open Beta
  143. Kensei vs Nobushi matchup PROVED to be impossible - Nobushi exploits the mechanics.
  144. View of open beta and what should be changed from my view
  145. Assassin Class shouldn't be able to parry! (Hear me out)
  146. My thoughts on the beta.
  147. How to fix the Conqueror and Warden
  148. These things really need to be looked into
  149. A Sheath For Orochi.
  150. Guard Breaking Non-sense
  151. We need a HOT viking babe to be added as a hero. (PICTURE)
  152. Rounds should end when someone leaves/dc
  153. Orders Text Language Bug Report
  154. Hacks on for honor already?
  155. Delay Powerups in Elimination
  156. Personal (average) opinion on beta
  157. The World Map - First Impressions Last
  158. Things that need to be fixed
  159. Will we have detailed stats, leaderboard and/or api ?
  160. Orochi warp
  161. Idea for FH Developers
  162. To Keep in mind when balancing general rule has been broken
  163. Warden and Beserker Both Need Another Move
  164. Feedback on the Faction War
  165. suggestion for this game to make a high sales right on consoles
  166. Faction War
  167. How to choose the right faction?
  168. 2017...More balance
  169. Procedural Map Change Effects + Dynamic Weather
  170. Faction War - Nobody Wins. Suggestions!?
  171. Color Blind Option Please!
  172. Steam Controller Feedback
  173. Default the audio on
  174. cancelling my pre order who else is doing this
  175. Feedback regarding the revenge system and P2P
  176. Suggestion for Currency tied to Armor Material/Renown
  177. Resurrect time used to be ok last summer!
  178. Elimination: Powerups and Revives
  179. Video editor.
  180. There must be stamina usage for dashing and running
  181. What New Heroes Do You Want For the Factions?
  182. Feedback from a viking player, playing only viking classes.
  183. Being able to see your friends heroes
  184. Bugs and other problems I found during the beta
  185. Boring wait in finding match
  186. Aggressive play reward
  187. Dominion Suggestion
  188. New Play Mode?
  189. Game need many patches - i played the whole weekend
  190. Faction war improvements
  191. gameplay suggestion
  192. Suggestion for matchmaking
  193. Beta feedback.
  194. List of issues after beta
  195. Stop New Players Joining Mid-Round
  196. fix controller binding for PC
  197. DEVELOPER SUGGESTION: Overall Stats and each piece of gear should affect that value
  198. Nobushi op - why? Read it
  199. Custom matches=Missed Oppurtunity?
  200. End of Open Beta thoughts. (TL;DR included)
  201. Rage Quitter and Community Feedback
  202. arena tournament
  203. Feedback and Suggestions to Ubisoft on both Betas
  204. Feedback and suggestions from a fan
  205. My Beta Feedback
  206. Revive system need edit!
  207. Fine tuning
  208. Spectate match
  209. Issue with the gates
  210. Allow us to fully customize controls
  211. My closed beta and Open beta Review
  212. The Problem with Guardbreakl
  213. Arena
  214. HUD elements and stuff
  215. Say YES to F2P
  216. It's dumb (& unnecessary) that my team color changes red/blue
  217. CLose and open beta player, impression with knight Prestige 2
  218. Nobushi is indeed imbalanced - my opinion and reasons. (90% duel win player)
  219. Removing/reducing frequency of Orders against AI.
  220. Closed to Open beta: Final Thoughts
  221. Suggestion: geyser fountains making damage over time instead of killing instantly.
  222. Simple suggestion to balance Elimination (and some others).
  223. Coms Auto on?
  224. 100% strong friendlyfire
  225. Hey Devs, can u implement a bow emote in the later future?
  226. You should probably read this Ubi
  227. My For Honor changes wishlist.
  228. Draft Mode
  229. Constructive Feedback: Party and Interface Issues
  230. We need more ways to support teamates..
  231. Hero Suggestion for the knights
  232. Problems with the Conqueror that need to be looked at.
  233. TUTORIAL is Abysmal and why new players have such a steep learning curve.
  234. It killed me, must be OP
  235. What happened to this game in open beta??????
  236. Dropouts punishment
  237. Player Leaderboards?
  238. Gender locked characters
  239. PC - Game Lobby and Social
  240. Possible Conqueror Error
  241. More viable feints - not changing the attack indicator
  242. Possible new additions/ variation suggestions pls support
  243. World map faction chat channel
  244. How can you show your character dedication if you can just buy steel with real $$?
  245. Ranking System?
  246. Peacekeeper unplayable?
  247. For Honor Story no checkpoints
  248. Please make skirmish and elimination queues seperate.
  249. Open beta exploit!
  250. Peacekeeper By far ruined.