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  1. why the dark sky?
  2. Tomahna - Finding Catherines Study
  3. Cant do Marble Puzzle. I am totaly color blind
  4. Why Riven was SO successful
  5. [Serenia] little stairs on the wooden plastform
  6. myst iv
  7. [Serania] Ok... What? im totaly stuck...
  8. Haven;sunken ship
  9. [Haven] what's the point?
  10. Newbie to forum, but hanging head!
  11. [Tomahna] How do I get out?
  12. Haven Lowering the Dock Walkway?
  13. The Prodigal Child has returned
  14. I'm Looking for a voice...
  15. Tee finally arrives
  16. Happy Second Feast of the Maker
  17. Spire - The chair .....help me before I go insane!
  18. [Serenia] Personality Cloth
  19. Spire:Spider Chair, is something wrong?
  20. [Spire] Spider Chair-Cant find codes
  21. Spire spider chair solved but no bridge
  22. Love Myst but I'm not gettin' it.....
  23. New and can't get anything done in the room with whatisname
  24. [Tomahna] i need help
  25. need help in spire
  26. Myst 4 worst bit of code ever
  27. [Spire] Bomb Room
  28. [Haven] SPOILER Elevator at the ship
  29. Myst Ages (real ages)
  30. [Haven] Am I stupid?
  32. The London bombings - my thoughts are with you all
  33. The website...
  34. achinar's journal?
  35. Simple Myst Question
  36. [Tomahna] roll-top Aux-power
  37. (Spire)Medallion?
  38. [Serenia] Old Harvestor Help...Please?!?!
  39. tomahna
  40. spire
  41. [Serenia] Can I use the axe in Heaven on the dead snake in Serenia?
  42. Finished!
  43. [Haven] Mangree Puzzle
  44. Serenia: Guide Dream Speech
  45. [Tomahna] Oh where oh where has my power gone?
  46. prisonages PRISONAGES MY A""
  47. photos
  48. [Spire] Sliders/timers
  49. [Spire] Post-floating rock
  50. [Spire] Gears Won't Move at Spider Chair's Lowest Position
  51. Tomahna- Locked Door in Catherine's Garden Chamber
  52. Make your own screen shots-Win 98
  53. Patches
  54. myst questions(not about game)
  55. Haven:Quick Question
  56. Serenia
  57. Tomahna after Haven and Spire
  58. [Serenia] Glitch?
  59. [Tomahna] What does the dads journal say?
  60. [Haven] can't fiind gate again
  61. Achenar's Journal in Serenia Forest-where?
  62. Where oh where has Atrus and Catherine Gone?
  63. What ever happened to Myst?
  64. Mysterium 2004 T-Shirt
  65. Re: Spire, Frequency Locks to get to Bomb Factory
  66. Stupid Spire question...to much power?
  67. Walkthroughs to Myst Revelations
  68. Serinia Spirit Guide
  69. The color peg game
  70. Serenia=The colored marble puzzle
  71. getting to saved games
  72. Thomana? (first world)
  73. Moving along!
  74. Cant figure out mangree/camoudile puzzle. HELP!!
  75. an I ask a question about another game besides myst?
  76. JUst Beat It
  77. Spire - chair frequencies
  78. Finished Game-Why Haven
  79. Spire's chair Blue Crystal?
  80. Haven: Comoudile puzzle
  81. Haven-wooden bridge
  82. [Serenia] Water Spirit
  83. [Serenia] Colored marbles?
  84. [Spire] Spider throne lowest level...
  85. Mangree/Camoudile puzzle near end of Haven
  86. Beginning Word -> Ending Word
  87. [Tomahna] Activiting antenna
  88. Linking book from Spire back to Tomahna
  89. [Spire] Fustration to the MAX!
  90. Is there hints while in the game playing ?
  91. Haven-wooden platform
  92. [Spire] Frustrated to tears at the spider chair - Please help
  93. Map of Haven
  94. can I start with Revelation ?
  95. serenia: Now what?
  96. [Various Ages] Idle speculation after finishing the game.
  97. Leehrat21 - your topic on Myst V was moved
  98. Timing held up on Myst IV Haven
  99. Help- Mangree Fruit throwing-freezes - Haven
  100. Really, really BIG problem in Serenia II, help please!
  101. [Serenia] "Child of..." philosophies are mismatched
  102. [Spire] Spider Seat Confusion
  103. Getting Back Home?
  104. Untl Uru , can you play it without given them money to play it
  105. Glitch?
  106. Spire; the Spider Chair puzzle
  107. Spire Spider Chair puzzle
  108. Will playing Myst IV 1st ruin Uru for me?
  109. need help with the snake thing in haven
  110. Concerning the ending
  111. Yeesha's hair
  112. Serenia II-Can't remember medallion-How to solve
  113. Can you change the dynamic scene movement?
  115. Playing the game. Things seen and questions.
  116. Disappointment, I'm afraid!
  117. In Haven but find no tent in Achenar's camp???
  118. Serenia->God trouble
  119. Myst IV Soundtrack
  120. Spire/Serenia glitch in my randomized puzzle?
  121. Moderator!!
  122. Color Wheel glitch
  123. [Spire] Spider Chair-i need help, please!
  124. [Serenia] a bit more on the "sprit guide"
  125. Dazed and confused in Haven
  126. Telescope Promblem
  127. Success!
  128. come passo l'enigma del visualizzatore?
  129. Alternate Sequences (heavy spoilers)
  130. [Spire] Ending?
  131. spire, spider chair quest
  132. spider chair in myst IV I NEED MAJOR HELP!
  133. Spider chair in Myst IV, I NEED MAJOR HELP PLEASE
  134. Crystal Viewer
  135. Myst and Walk of Game
  136. Myst "Guidebook Style" Reviews
  137. [Haven] Age ending...
  138. Serenia Map
  139. Yet another Serenia marble puzzle post
  140. Spire-Move rock to find lift?
  142. Airship here but no ladder to climb into it
  143. Tsk! Tsk! Pain in the Butt Spider Chair - Possible Spoilers -I should be so lucky!!
  144. [Tomahna?] What to do now?
  145. making of myst
  146. [Serenia] Dream lights puzzle...
  147. serenia- totally don't know what's going on!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
  148. Spire's structure.... spoilers for Spire!
  149. Locked Door in Tohmana
  150. Spire.... and the point is.....??
  151. [Spire] i may sound stupid but i really need help with powering the chair
  152. naughty things in nature... :-)
  153. [Spire] can't get the chair to work
  154. Mangree/Beast Puzzle Dies in Middle
  155. [Spire] Post-chair issue.
  156. now that's the limit!
  157. Order of play
  158. Problems with cystal locks in Spire (Spoilers)
  160. Myst IV for PAL Xboxes
  161. dang spider chair
  162. linking books
  163. Need Help with Spire Ship
  164. Poll: Your favorite Myst game
  165. Speed to set the Crystals
  166. The roof of the telescope
  167. Serenia: In Dream, Clouds puzzle impossible..!!!!!
  168. What is supposed to happen next? (Serenia II)
  169. irrigation puzzle with cart
  170. spider Chair help.
  171. stuck in the fireplace...
  172. Saved game right before entering Dreamworld
  173. Yeesha's bookshelf
  174. serenia to haven...
  175. Does anyone have insight into modelling / texturing techniques used in Myst games?
  176. Where€s that blasted journal?!
  177. [Spire] Locks Not Vibrating
  178. Serenia-Harvester water paths
  179. Odds of getting game
  180. Stuck Near the Beginning
  181. Mangree vs Camoudile - I GIVE UP...unless...
  182. Game recommendations
  183. Snake On Serenia Won't Respond!!!!
  184. Erm... clouds in Spire?
  185. its says its not online
  186. Spire - Rock ship help
  187. Newby to Revelation
  188. Holiday Party Invite
  189. Need answer on question about Haven (moving the animals from the pole)
  191. myst iv colorwheel door puzzle
  192. Monkey's OFF the pole?
  193. spire powerboard
  194. [Spire & Serenia] Need pointeres in what to do.
  195. serenia snake
  196. Spider chair crystals
  197. Spire chair crystals
  198. serenia dreaming
  199. Spire-spider chair (frequency locks puzzle)
  200. Any Easter Eggs yet?
  201. Ended Spire- now what?
  202. Spire stuff
  203. [Spire Bomb Factory] Move containers to left
  204. [Spire] Question about Spider chair
  205. Myst IV the Colordoor Im stuck
  206. Myst IV the colordoor
  207. after spire in haven- journal
  208. Myst IV Color door
  209. Serenia-what do I do next?!!!
  210. End of Myst IV Poll *SPOILER*
  211. Serenia - Harvester Water Bug
  212. Myst IV:Stuck from the start
  213. serenia
  214. Serenia-water spirit
  215. Saved game, chair puzzle
  216. Revelation Soundtrack now available in Europe!!!
  217. Newbie Learning Classroom-How to Use a Message Board Forum
  218. [Serenia] dreaming blobs
  220. Question RE: walkthroughs
  221. Spire - Broken Elevator
  222. I..Can NOT figure out Myst series order!!!...
  223. Fly Mode Patches--"Where do you get them?
  224. Nearly there. very long. Lots of spoilers but good read.
  225. "coloured marbles" - my post.
  226. Taking elevator
  227. reardon is looking for a translator
  228. Tohmana - emergency gates
  229. Bye Bye Everyone
  230. Spider Chair lock combinations
  231. Xbox Mangree/Camoudile Puzzle Workaround?
  232. Atrus Symbol on his desk in his bedroom?
  233. Weeeeeee I'm finished!
  234. return to spire for medallion picture
  235. [All Ages-Spoilers] just in passing.
  236. Oh, a suggestion if you like taking piccies of where you go.
  237. Haven, the end?
  238. Book Forum!!!
  239. Serenia-harvester/lower cave
  240. Spider chair crystal lock
  241. Big Problem with the Colorpuzzle-Door (SERENIA)
  242. Help... Please!
  243. lost my game
  245. Child of fire?
  246. stuck at the start!! help please!
  247. Spirit colory puzzley thingy (Serenia)
  248. [Haven Camoudile Puzzle] I am soooo stuck
  249. What? (Ending spoilers)
  250. The Survival Journal Game