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  1. [All Ages] Help, I'm losing it!
  2. Dutch Subtitles?????
  4. Serenia - Color Door
  5. (spire) about the throne...
  6. Something Else 1 & Something Else 2
  7. Myst IV website nominated for Best Flash Award!
  8. Spire & The Lock Puzzle
  9. [Tomahna] Turning on the antenna for the telescope
  10. The Spire Help Maps don't help
  11. [Haven] (Heaven) Monkey Business
  12. What has more to do with writing an Age?
  13. Darkest Game of the Series?
  14. Myst V: End of Ages
  15. Serenia-No Spirit Guide
  16. [Serenia] The dream
  17. Sehv Tsahno Fan-Project Major Update.
  18. Hi all
  19. Don't laugh but...
  20. [Spire] Darn OLe Spider Chair
  21. [Tomahna] The age came apart
  22. the spire spider chair again
  23. Haven-Sick Monkey
  24. [Serenia] water problems
  25. Happy belated birthday to Rand Miller!
  26. Please Read Before Posting
  27. Snake lock in Serenia: is this a bug? (Spoilers here)
  28. How did "you" get to the Myst Worlds after Riven?
  29. Spire, putting me through heck and not yet back.
  30. [Haven] hint please
  31. [Spire] HELP Can't Find the ship!
  32. Revelator 4.0: Journals (and a contest)
  33. [Haven] combonation hint
  34. [Spire] Ship Broken Down?!
  35. [Spire] Stupid spider chair
  36. Holes in the plot...
  37. drunk programmers
  38. Spire Stuck!
  39. [Spire] Yes another Spider Seat Thread
  40. Need help with spire.
  41. Serenia- Water problems..
  42. Curse Words In Myst IV Revelation
  43. [Tomahna] Unskippable elevator sequence is driving me nuts
  44. [Tomahna] Bookshelf puzzle is unsolvable without hints!
  45. [Haven] Why had the monkey stoped......
  46. Tax time
  47. Revelation for Xbox
  48. Advice on playing myst 4
  49. [Spire] After chair....
  50. how do you link from Haven to Tomahna
  51. Finished with Myst IV... sad
  52. An interesting critique of cinematic gaming
  53. Premonitions in RealMYST
  54. [Serenia] Colored marble puzzle - HELP!
  55. [Serenia] seperate memories Yeesha and Sirrus
  56. Mini-Age??
  57. Serenia Spirit Guide
  58. dont read unless done we just finished
  59. [Haven] Beating a dead horse (monkey)
  60. [Spire] The other spire
  61. What is the name of that song.
  62. water puzzle in Tomahna
  63. Haven - Can't find last puzzle!!
  64. A simple question
  65. Impossible solution from serenia marble puzzle clue
  66. Spire...I'm so pissed off
  67. Spire floating ship controls
  68. (Serenia) Color Puzzle - Defective????
  69. Installation problem
  70. [Various ages] Badly designed puzzles of Revelation -- and why
  71. Is there no soundtrack news?
  72. Sound files
  73. spider chair is making me want to tear my hair out
  74. Bust out your Towels
  75. Spire rock frequency
  76. Game ending
  77. [Haven] Please Help! I'm stuck in the game! Mangree/Camoudile Puzzle
  78. D'ni Fonts
  79. Yeesha Ride Music
  80. Great! Monkeys have been tamed Haven's Heaven!
  81. Who is the voice of dream?
  82. Chronological Order?
  83. help with monkey puzzle please!!!!!!
  84. catherine's journal
  85. The Red and Blue Books
  86. Question about the 3D Illusion
  87. I am stuck in what everyone is calling Spire
  88. [Tomahna] Fireplace puzzle
  89. Painting oneself into a corner?
  90. [Serenia] Achenar's journal
  91. [Serenia] Near the end problems?
  92. Check here before asking about the Red and Blue books.
  93. What's this about M3?
  94. [Tomahna] Beyond the bookshelf
  95. DaDungeon's Revelation Journals
  96. Serenia II Color Puzzle
  97. How To: Myst 4 as an animated desktop wallpaper
  98. [Haven] Achenar's mumblings
  99. [All Ages, After the Game Thoughts] butterflies, cannon, etc.
  100. [Haven] Drawbridge nudge needed
  101. Dialogue on Myst IV
  102. Caption Contest Winners?
  103. [Haven] Endgame blues
  104. [Spire and Serenia] I have had it!!
  105. Dictator or Sit-Com Character?
  106. Ong-Bak
  107. Running order
  108. [Serenia] Sirrus-ly, folks, I'm losing my marbles!
  109. Myst 4 - Revelation
  110. Stuck in Serenia!
  111. Subtitle
  112. New Printer
  113. Team Revelation - How many came from Presto?
  114. [Tomahna] can't even figure out first room
  115. Myst V question...
  116. [Haven] Gate problem
  117. Serenia stuck no lady/please help
  118. PS2?
  119. Myst Revelation Review
  120. Extracting subtitles
  121. Help with which Myst to buy?
  122. A New Revelation
  123. [Tomahna] crystals for viewer
  124. Haven totem help
  125. [ending] Achenar
  126. printing from journal in Myst IV
  127. Lost saved games
  128. Serenia/marble help
  129. Myst Music
  130. A little accountability?
  131. Tink's New Buddy
  132. Missing Water in Serenia?
  133. Missing Water in Serenia?
  134. (monkey puzzle-Haven) I know this has been posted b4 but.........
  135. Just finished Revelation...
  136. [Spire] where's the control panel?
  137. [Spire] Tuning the Chair
  138. [Haven] slider gate puzzle
  139. Spire - general panic
  140. [Spire] - spider chair
  141. [All Ages] Achenar's journals and a few comments
  142. Spire - what am I missing?
  143. [Tomahna] Waterfall Results
  144. [Tomahna] Fireplace Puzzle - Hint Request
  145. [Haven] that annoying snake thing!
  146. Myst IV savegames = HUGE
  147. Serenia My bubbles aren't accepted!
  148. [Tomahna] The Antenna..?
  149. [Haven] monkey puzzle
  150. just finished game
  151. A theory about Myst IV
  152. How to open panel at Spire's chair - it just won't!
  153. Serenia: got spirit guide. now in dream puzzle and stuck
  154. [Tomahna] HELP! Restoring Power
  155. Myst IV Revleation Mission: COMPLETED! Oh and hello im new here :)
  156. [Serenia]The door won't open
  157. Newbie, manners, limits and nosey guests
  158. [Serenia] I think I missed something (End Game)
  159. Yeesha memory cutscenes?
  160. Need help to understand the game please
  161. Newbie to myst
  162. Pls vote in poll
  163. Evil Spire Crystal Locks (possible spoiler)
  164. Serenia Marble Puzzle
  165. [Spire] The third windpipe
  166. [Serenia] Marble Question... Colour Blind...
  167. [Tomahna] Where's Yeesha's Journal?
  168. looking for a good Serenia map
  169. [Serenia] dream time
  170. Myst IV - XBOX - UK
  171. Following Yeesah, and Achenar's a little dumb. (spoilers) [Various Ages]
  172. Mass Mysterium Spring 2005!!!
  173. So....Hmmmm....Well..........
  174. [whole game] hints - one step at a time
  175. (Serenia) Got my Spirit Guide but Anya not in memory chamber Please help.
  176. Serenia-- riding in the bathysphere
  177. [Spire] Spider Chair - Where did the combinations come from??
  178. [Tomahna] Where in the game...
  179. WooHoo, finally got OSX installed on my Mac at work...
  180. Myst Memorys- Listings [Various Ages]
  181. Would you like to live at Tomahna?
  182. [HAVEN] Hurt/Sick Monkey
  183. [HAVEN] Creature Names
  184. [Spire] How to get broken elevator to work after spider chair?
  185. [SERENIA] Achenar's journal -- comments
  186. Game sequence question
  187. What happens to the Myst IV technology?
  188. Need Saved game for Spider Chair, MYST IV
  189. [Serenia] Trippin' in dream, mon!
  190. Is Myst 3 Any Easier?
  191. The Earliest Easter Egg in Myst IV
  192. Is it worth it?
  193. Uru Veteran tackles Myst IV
  194. Introducing The Revelations Journal!
  195. [Serenia//Part Two] Where are the stairs?
  196. [Serenia] Dream realm--rescuing Yeesha
  197. Help I stuck at game(I new to the boreds as well)
  198. "Video Games Live" and Myst
  199. Haven: Mangree basket puzzle Easy Tip - SPOILER
  200. Who wants Myst IV: Revelation on PS2?
  201. [Tomahna] I got stuck :) Crystal Viewer
  202. [Spire] Chair Locks--need revelation resoulution
  203. My Favorite Places in the Myst Universe [minor spoilers]
  204. Myst Movie Petition!
  205. [Spire] Chair: Gears, Rock-Ship, etc.
  206. Serenia driving me mad
  207. Myst IV Soundtrack - In Review (It is Fantastic, Share your Reviews)
  208. [Tomahna] HELP HELP I"M NEW!!! A.S.A.P.
  209. Acting - Good or bad?
  210. Please help!
  211. Myst and x-box
  212. Spider chair - Spire!!!!!!!!!
  213. [Tomahna] morticia in back and needs heeelp
  214. The first puzzle...
  215. Myst 4 my problems. (places where I got stuck.)
  216. (Tomahna) - Crystal Viewer Help Needed
  217. Serenia/Marbles
  218. [Tomahna] Help Me Please!!!!!!! Antenna
  219. [Tomahna] Fireplace HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  220. [Haven] HELP!! I AM SO CONFUSED!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  221. Anyone see Star Wars?
  222. I am so scared... Back to Thomaha (SP?) GUY
  223. [Haven] Help! Bridge Puzzle!!
  224. software used to create myst revelation
  225. [Tomahna] Yeesha's Bookshelf
  226. [HAVEN] Gate???? only a semi spoiler
  227. Tomahna: clues for the power box puzzle
  228. Haven - Totem Puzzle
  229. [Spire] Spider Chair Crystal lock puzzle
  230. tomaha part 5
  231. Revelation Soundtrack Available but not in Europe?
  232. My CD Rom won't Spin the disk.......ASAP
  233. Ahhhh :)
  234. [Spire] Where is the slide to get to the spider chair?
  235. Myst IV - what to do?
  236. Serenia: Got it right, but still not working?
  237. [SPIRE] - Ok i must be stupid...
  238. in serina and Don't know.........
  239. spire-spider chair.. i can't go out of it
  240. the different collectors editionS
  241. Spire's Throne
  242. [Serenia] Dream-Setting the memories to white...
  243. I dont understand...
  244. (SPIRE) Floating Rock Ship...HELP!
  245. press kit?!
  246. Spire: Clues for setting up cables for frequency lock puzzle
  247. [Serenia] Stuck! Can someone help me out?
  248. Marble Puzzle
  249. Just finished: Overall disappointment.
  250. Myst V release date