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  1. Just finished Myst IV -- what's everyone's favorite in the series?
  2. Lysts Anniversary Give-Away
  3. [Tomahna] Powerbox (from other thread elsewhere)
  4. What are you wearing for Halloween?
  5. What's with the rating?
  6. [Haven] Monkey Video
  7. [spoiler] alternate spire power solution
  8. [Serenia] "This is so not good"
  9. [Various Ages] Power Box Keyboard
  10. Your favourite(s) comic book(s)
  11. Myst IV c/w Myst III
  12. Myst IV -- Hidden Puzzles? (a/k/a Easter Eggs)
  13. Annoying
  14. Spire Chair Strings
  15. [Tomahna]Contacting Atrus @ Rime problem.
  16. [spoiler] simple haven jungle map
  17. [Spire] Closed hatch and electro-magnets
  18. M4: Marshmallows for the masses!
  19. [EXILE] Music Inspiration
  20. Wasted evenings (not)
  21. Patch for Spire Chair Out--But Causes Other Problems
  22. [spoiler] simple Serenia forest map
  23. Patch...
  24. Haven's 2nd Mangree puzzle problems
  25. Serenia colour dots
  26. [various games] heeeeelp
  27. Spire Chair - My locks don't vibrate at all HELP
  28. [Haven, Serenia] Why bother with Haven?
  29. [various games] Atrus and Thumb-twiddling
  30. [Haven] What's the point?
  31. realMyst Question
  32. MYST DVD collection
  33. Play something Myst-like... in real life!
  34. Revelation Jewelry
  35. Haven Query
  36. Redhead in Sardinia
  37. [Various Ages] My theory on what makes a good puzzle...
  38. Myst IV, Revelation review
  39. [Serenia] slowing down-patch
  40. [Serenia] Stuck at the Old Harvest Pod
  41. One thing I really enjoyed
  42. [Spire]Where did it come from?
  43. Question about picture viewer
  44. Video problem in Serenia 2
  45. [full-game spoilers!] Revelation Synopsis Proposal
  46. DVD Engraver
  47. [various ages] Post-game questions
  48. whats the file name of the arrival music (ride to tomahna)??
  49. [Serenia, ending spoilers] Endings
  50. [Ending] Menu music at the end
  51. Sirrus and Achenar Myst4 Ending Discussion(dont read unless you've finished the game)
  52. Tomahna Book Puzzle - Spelling
  53. [spire spoiler]Spire Chair - Was that the end of spire?
  54. Use Myst Disks As Tree ornaments
  55. A few more end game thoughts and questions (spoilers)
  56. [Mild Tomahna Spoiler] The case of the missing credits
  57. Mystralia (Aussie Mini Mysterium) Tshirt Logo Polls
  58. Tasera Group: Women of D'ni
  59. [Haven] Mangree playground.
  60. [Serenia] Have a problem with the circle of colors
  61. Myst V speculation
  62. Haven
  63. Serenia color puzzle
  64. Spire Chair "saved game" Needed
  65. [Haven] sliders/hammers
  66. Haven or Spire?
  67. Tomahna Ia : Even Cheating - Haven Is Not Viewable
  68. Tomahna Ia : Ahhh My Old Friends :)
  69. Wait, did I miss something in Haven?
  70. Do you have to play the game in a specific order?
  71. Spirit Guide Puzzle (Serenia)
  72. Hey there fellow questers!
  73. (Serenia) Circle color puzzle
  74. (Serenia) Water diversion - Empty room?
  75. Invert mouse Y-axis
  76. [spire] Explanation of chair puzzle?
  77. Weirdness in Spire (Spoiler)
  78. [Haven] I can only visit 1 place
  79. [Haven] The Mangree Puzzle
  80. Myst IV: A critique (Bouquets and Brickbats)
  81. Serenia: Help! No sisters!
  82. Achenars' journal in Haven.. stone pilar??
  83. [Haven, Spire] Why Myst IV reminds me of Uru
  84. Do you play your games with the Y-axis inverted?
  85. [various ages] Can we talk?
  86. What If: Myst IV on CD Instead of DVD's.
  87. [Haven] I Channeled my Inner Mangree
  88. [Serenia] "I am a Child of..." spirit guide icons
  89. What makes a good Adventure game?
  90. Where??
  91. [Tomahna] Help...where are clues for fireplace
  92. [minor spoilers] Glad to find out Peter Gabriel sings for this one too!!!
  93. [Serenia] I'm so disapointed !
  94. Has anyone bought the myst books?
  95. Clues on Serenia
  96. [Tomahna] Myst IV
  97. [Haven] Stupid "monkey" puzzle!!!
  99. what is the revelation? [end game spoiler]
  100. [Spire] what am I supposed to do with the chair
  101. [Serenia] The color bug
  102. [End] Alternate ending?
  103. I can't take pictures
  104. [Serenia] Work around the dream clouds
  105. Myst Wallpapers by Niels Vaes
  106. Things you didn't find: [ALL AGES]
  107. Myst 5 Tech Ideas
  108. Serena: Color Wheel Door Puzzle
  109. [Spoiler]Haven - can't open the gate with two hammers
  110. [Spire]Spider Chair
  111. Serenia/Part 2
  112. A few questions before starting Revelation
  113. Haven - Did I forget anything?
  114. I know the ending has already been discussed...
  115. What was the hardest puzzle for you?
  116. Myst IV CE & myst III bonus disc
  117. Myst IV Timeline (spoilers)
  118. Playing Myst IV before prior releases
  119. [minor spoilers] Cheating?
  120. Just finished Myst IV. (My Mini Review and opinions.)
  121. Finished Myst IV posted review
  122. Just Finished Myst 4
  123. What Is The Best Screen Resolution?
  124. Revelation Illuminated
  125. The dreaded Serenia color marble thing...
  126. I'm done, but a couple questions.
  127. Starting a new game
  128. [Serenia] Color marbles door puzzle
  129. [Serenia] Palm thingy
  130. For Pat & the Team
  131. A question about Serenia
  132. The end has not yet been written
  133. I'm Totally Blown Away by This Game!
  134. [Haven] The snake lock
  135. [Tomahna] Crystal-Thing
  136. Haven: Mangree pole-vault puzzle
  137. Serenia: cant open secret door to 2nd memory chamber
  138. Endgame nightmare
  139. Serenia - Secret Chamber (?)
  140. [tomahna] crystal viewer (after antenna)
  141. Haven - Totem Puzzle Question
  142. (Serenia) 1st Water Wheel - Left Side Won't Close
  143. [serenia] waterwheels
  144. When fire doesn't burn - (tic)
  145. Florida Mini-Mysterium?
  146. spire chair puzzle
  147. [Haven]Would someone help me complete a puzzle?
  148. This looks familiar... can't quite place my finger on it...
  149. [some spoilers] M4 Gameplay getting too exacting!!
  150. Subtitle Patch
  151. Myst IV too Short
  152. Seventh Guest
  153. Maybe the ending HAS been written
  154. How many photos did you take?
  155. Where to find Manhole and Cosmic Osmo?
  156. spire spider chair saved game
  157. Spire spider chair bug
  158. easter eggs-maybe these are
  159. Spire: Floating palace
  160. Serenia Part two-snake
  161. Spire: Spider chair puzzle: getting power
  162. Spire Music - It's a Classic
  163. Prison Books
  164. serenia wind guide
  165. [Haven]HELP!!!
  166. Serenia Part 2-Clouds
  167. I am a little confused on the linking books
  168. Mangree Puzzle - Almost complete I think
  169. My sig
  171. Where to start?
  172. A diversion for the Team
  173. Are There any easter eggs?
  174. Creating new versus describing pre-existing
  175. Photos Storage
  176. Serenia: Spiritual Guide puzzle
  177. This game is the second best!
  178. Prison Age changes
  179. More control options
  180. [Haven] Mangree Playground
  181. spire - gate to throne chaire
  182. soire spider chair crystal rock
  183. myst 4
  184. Spirit Guides
  185. DaDungeon's Tomahna Journal now online
  186. In what versions is Myst IV: Revelation available?
  187. Stuck - Help!
  188. [Serenia] Stuck after dream puzzle
  189. Thanks to everyone who did the Caption Contest!
  190. Haven Gate puzzle
  191. Desktops, anybody?
  192. Congradulations to UBISOFT and Cyan
  193. Fun Schtuff
  194. Sirenia: Dreamland's puzzle: worry or not worry?
  195. I've tried it all in HAVEN Please Help With the Mangree!
  196. [Serenia] Can't Give Bubble To Water Spirit.
  197. Myst 4 looks great, but...
  198. Serenia: bathysphere puzzle: can't get to controls of bathysphere
  199. (Serenia Part 1) Irrigation Device Problem
  200. [Haven] After you have beat it.
  201. Serenia: stuck on the bathysphere puzzle!!!
  202. [Haven] Did anybody else get freaked out by this?
  203. [Haven] My Father's opinion of the Mangrees...
  204. just finished
  205. Wishing you all the best
  206. I'm new!
  207. Trouble on Serenia: Spirit No-Show
  208. About the frequency puzzle in Spire...
  209. Revelator 3.0: Videos and more sounds
  210. [Haven] Fort (Totem) Puzzle
  211. Can't move--Do I need tech help or am I an idiot?
  212. Myst 4 vs URU
  213. Recap of the Myst series
  214. myst IV Monkey Madness!
  215. Chess game
  216. Are you on the map?
  217. Printing Journal??
  218. [Haven]Reuma patient needs HELP!!! PLEASE... PLEASE...!!!
  219. Just curious
  220. [Serenia] I just can't get the color marbles right ...
  221. puzzle door Serenia
  222. [Spire] Where is the clue? (cable tension, spire)
  223. NEW & CONFUSED!
  224. Tomahna-Journal
  225. Can I skip exile? Where does Uru fit in?
  226. Hello everybody
  227. Yet another great game by Cyan.
  228. After Spire to Tomaha
  229. Please don't post SPOILERS in this section
  230. I€ve had it with Myst IV
  231. [Tomahna] It's just not happening for me - help!
  232. Old lady doesn't appear in Serenia
  233. [Spire] Can someone tell me...
  234. [Serenia] is this a bug?
  235. [Serenia] I'm A wind Spirit
  236. Haven Slider Puzzle
  237. [Haven] Mangrees & vers.1.02
  238. Serenia.......need help! ( BEWARE....REVEALING DETAILS HERE !)
  239. printing
  240. Resetting the Fireplace (SPOILERS)
  241. [Various ages, and spoilers] The Performances (let's talk)
  242. fire on Tomahna
  243. [Serenia] - done Dream - now what?
  244. [Serenia] Spirits...
  245. Where are Catherine's Journals?
  246. So far, so good, but... (question included)
  247. Haven Gate Trouble
  248. [Serenia] Workshop is STILL LOCKED!
  249. THE Wretched Sliders
  250. [Spire] Powering the Chair...