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  1. [Spoilers] Serenia Question
  2. What was the point of Haven?
  3. Missing Sirrus' paper in Spire
  4. Haven...how to start?
  5. [various ages ]what the hell am i doing wrong
  6. Help Please: Spire Frequency Locks
  7. [Serenia] So close and Yet So far
  8. All Aspect of Serenia
  9. Collectors Edition - :vhap:
  10. Serenia linking book
  11. Workshop Door Lock [SPOILER]
  12. rock-ship in Spire help
  13. Where Is The "Gate" In Haven
  14. I am Ticked
  15. Where do i find all the crystals?
  16. [Serenia] Bubbles
  17. The Adams Family
  18. [Serenia] What is this for?
  19. Bug Fixes
  20. [various ages] Marbles Puzzle Solution
  21. Developers, Date explanation wanted!
  22. I love this game!!!
  23. irrigation device problem in serenia...
  24. help in spire
  25. [Spire] Marble Puzzle Key
  26. Linking books to Serenia?
  27. [Tomahna] First picture taken with Yeesha... Required??
  28. Revelation Walkthrough?
  29. Spire - how to activate 27 crystals?
  30. Spire - 36 crystals, activate 27 on other island?
  31. The Noisy Journal
  32. Spire - 3 wheel things at the bottom
  33. [Spire] Missing out on something?
  34. [Serenia] Which Spirit Guide did you have?
  35. Serenia Dreamworld
  36. [Tomahna] Help in the begining of the game please :
  37. Serenia...??? How do you get there...?
  38. [Tomahna] Help with Starting Off
  39. [Tomahna] Quick question re family tree SPOILER
  40. [Tomahna] Game start question
  41. garden control-Spire
  42. [Tohmana - no real spoilers] Yeesa ????
  43. So what did you do? (MAJOR SPOILERS!)
  44. Achenar Journal on Serenia - Can't find!
  45. Spire control panel 3, now what???
  46. [Serenia] Location:Achenar's Journal
  47. [Spoiler] [Serenia] Help? - Spirit Guides..
  48. DVD Case
  49. Brazilian MYST site... need help
  50. Moderators: Would You Please Put Some Posting Guidelines Up?
  51. serenia colour code help!!!!
  52. serenia - haven lock
  53. Same or Different Endings?
  54. How many Ottawa/Gatineau people are here?
  55. Serenia, color puzzle on door?
  56. [Tomahna] What was that explosion afterall??
  57. [various ages] Taking Sirrus Advice
  58. [Tomahna] Logical solution - Help
  59. [Haven] problem with monkey puzzel
  60. Please Include Age Name in Topic Heading
  61. Whatever Happened to Robyn Miller?
  62. [Serenia] That did It: Dreamworld‚‚ā¨¬¶
  63. [SPOILER] [Tomahna] For those stuck on bookshef puzzle (NO ANSWERS)
  64. [TOMAHNA]And the point of the bookshelf puzzle was...?
  65. [TOMAHNA/REALMYST/RIVEN spoilers] The Riven Code
  66. Lost in Haven
  67. [Tomahna] Books in Atrus's bedroom
  68. How to take a screenshot?
  69. [Tomahna] Unable to travelt from the telescopetower
  70. Serenia or Haven?
  71. [Tomahna] I need help!
  72. Haven locked gate
  73. [various ages] after dream world?
  74. [Serenia] irrigation trouble
  75. Serenia, Yeesha sprit puzzle.
  76. [Tomahna] stuck at Rime's crystal config
  77. Spire help needed
  78. I'm adding age name spoiler tags
  79. Haven - Stone pillar with a journal inside?
  80. Replay value anyone?
  81. [Spoiler] Spire - "The Harmonic Locks"
  82. Subtitles
  83. The journal as HTML file with images
  84. If you like Myst
  85. I just played the demo.
  86. [Serenia, mostly] nudge in right direction
  87. [Spire] power puzzle.
  88. Tomahna crystal viewer help
  89. Tomahna - Fireplace Puzzle
  90. [Serenia] Draining the Well / Opening The Door
  91. question about the timeline of myst
  92. Crystals on chair at Spire
  93. Spire: To board the rock-ship
  94. [SERENIA] Irrigation Directions
  95. Every Age : Useful Tips
  96. Spire: The Bomb Factory
  97. Spire: Spider chair trips breaker
  98. The depth of field effect, and... our eyes!?
  99. [Haven] Problem getting all the Totems
  100. Quick someone call in a therapist
  101. (Haven) Do you have to finish Haven?
  102. (Haven) What was up with the tent?
  103. (Spire) 2 questions, Picture
  104. Zip function
  105. Left hand?
  106. Serenia-spoiler?
  107. [spire] how do you get to the spider chair?
  108. serenia achenars lock
  109. serenia achenars lock HELP
  110. [Haven] I'm Seriously Pissed at Game Maker Re Monkeys
  111. Spire: (spoiler) Literature Search for Frequency Puzzles
  112. Did I finish Spire???
  113. easter eggs
  114. Spire: Some knudges?
  115. Tomahna fire place puzzel
  116. [Tomahna] Stuck
  117. [Tomahna] Lab Question
  118. Spire. The code
  119. Spire - Door to Chair Room
  120. [various ages] Wow, great game it was!
  121. Spire: Against all odds
  122. spire help
  123. Where Can We Post Feedback to the Developers?
  124. Tomahna Fireplace Diagram in Atrus' Bedroom Desk
  125. Question about Spire
  126. Haven Overall Help
  127. [Haven] Monkeys and music?
  128. Anti-Aliasing for nVidia cards
  129. Donny?
  130. Absolutely Love Myst IV!
  131. Viewer Inoperative After End Game
  132. [Tomahna] Journals?
  133. Where is the help in the demo?
  134. I dont care about cheating, how do I beat Spire.
  135. [Tomahna] Fireplace puzzle help..
  136. [various ages] What are your 3 favourite and least favourite puzzles?
  137. [Tomahna] Turning on the power...
  138. yet another spire question
  139. [various age spoilers - probably] Any Game Stoppers Yet?
  140. [Spire] I think I've done it but....
  141. [various ages] plot question
  142. yeesha too "cool" for myst 4
  143. Serenia question
  144. (Haven) So full of hate...
  145. [Tomhana] I need a spoiler....
  146. [multiple ages] Need reassurance that this game is long
  147. [Spire] Spider chair and some Tomhana
  148. I was thinking...
  149. [Haven] Mangaree puzzle - perspective
  150. [various ages] I finished the game without going to dream!!
  151. To all who wish to put down this game
  152. Myst question--name that Age!
  153. serenia yesshas puzzle
  154. Extracting Music Files
  155. Serenia: Achenar's Lock... no spoiler just hint
  156. Tomahna: the Kitchen... just curious
  157. [MANY SPOILERS, no age is sacred] Myst IV: Opinions & Reviews
  158. In which application was Myst 4 developed?
  159. Please advice needed
  160. Observation on Tomahna
  161. [Haven] monkey sounds
  162. Penny Arcade
  163. Exile Before Revelation?
  164. [Serenia] Getting into Dream?
  165. Easiest way to share info between laptop and desktop?
  166. haven fruit throwing
  167. [Spoiler] Atrus' study and two Serenia linking books???
  168. [Haven] help with the mangree puzzle
  169. Can't set the gears in SPIRE
  170. Walkthrough for 3 Level
  171. [Serenia] Need a screen shot, please
  172. So which is your favorite Myst game now!
  173. MystIV vs Uru
  174. [Spire] Stuck in the chair, short circuit white 36 lamps
  175. Spire: Spider chair...Sliders
  176. [Serina] Something other than water?
  177. [Haven] Here's a complete Spoiler for the Camoudile puzzle (mangrees throwing fruit)
  178. [Tomahna] Getting Started
  179. [spoilers..Tomahna] embarassed to have to ask this. Stuck at VERY begining of game!
  180. [Haven] I loved the Camoudile & Mangree Puzzle!!
  181. Is marble color puzzle in Serenia bugged?
  182. Spire, trouble with gears
  183. What's the diff between a Strategy Guide and a Walkthrough?
  184. Haven - Totem puzzle
  185. [SPOILER] Serenia - What's the best Ending
  186. so..ARE WE EVER GONNA SEE RELESHAN!!?!??!?!?!
  187. Serenia (stuck) spoiler
  188. New Player to Myst: My opinion if you will?
  189. [Tomahna] Pattern 158?
  190. Help - Cannot Get to Serenia
  191. Serenia Help with Bathysphere
  192. [Tomahna] after crystal viewer puzzle..??
  193. [Serenia] Developer's Have a Great Sense of Humor
  194. Serenia: Tip#7 of built in hint guide
  195. [Spoiler]Haven bridge code...
  196. Serenia Hint please: water draining and secret door
  197. [Haven] Reset gate puzzle?
  198. iTunes makes Dream change/pulsate!
  199. Serenia: Marble puzzle bug? again
  200. Tomahna Crystal Viewer - stuck!
  201. The replaying of Revelation
  202. Myst 4's puzzles
  203. [Spire] Bomb room...elevator?
  204. [Tomahna] Need Assistance
  205. Spire/Serenia... Must I complete Spire before moving on?
  206. [various ages] How many references did you find to other Myst games?
  207. [Tomahna] Atrus' Journal?
  208. Spire -- Sliders
  209. [Serenia] "two rivers"
  210. Spire - Tuning the "instument" help (Spoiler)
  211. [Tomahna] crystal slider
  212. Spire - How do I get to the lightning panel
  213. Spire--Spider Chair? What a Mess!
  214. Spire- Losing my mind
  215. [Serenia] Need nudge on irrigation puzzle
  216. In Game Hints [Semi Spoilers]
  217. Why the teen rating?
  218. [Spoiler] Haven - I'm pretty fustrated with this game.
  219. Spire - Lock sequence notes
  220. Request for walkthrough
  221. Tomahn - Crystal viewer - Help
  222. Spire Lock Help, too?
  223. Please please help with Spire
  224. [Serenia] Quick question
  225. Spire: Saved Game Needed
  226. [Tomahna] Am I done with the two ages?
  227. [Serenia - spoiler] The drained water in the root room
  228. Can't stop thinking about the visit to the spirit realm (serenia)
  229. [Haven] Big problem with Camoudile puzzle
  230. Serenia Spirit Guide Offering
  231. [Spire] Windpipe Hint Needed
  232. Spire stuck...need little nudge
  233. Serania color door question - need hint
  234. SERENIA: Door color code I got from the elevator in spire.
  235. Serenia-Workshop
  236. [Serenia] Yeesha Puzzle hint if possible
  237. [Serenia and Spire] Marble Puzzle
  238. Spire-stuck, need help
  239. HAVEN. Three monkeys three weels.
  240. I liked it before I went there.
  241. HAVEN mangree portraits
  242. Spire
  243. [Haven] Petting the Snake
  244. Map
  245. [Spire] - Stuck badly please help
  246. [Spire] Spider chair help
  247. Serenia ending. Do not read unless finished.
  248. The collapse of Spire
  249. [Serenia] Waking up the sleeping Protectors
  250. Web sites