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  12. looking for members to join our team
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  18. Dinosaur Moustache | Actively Recruiting Streamers + Gamers | Mature | NA / EU! [PC]
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  20. PbO- The Lead Order- PS4 is recruiting
  21. LFT - Esports - PC
  22. STASK - SpecialTacticsAndKkills is recruiting! [German]
  23. eSpartans.Gaming Recruiting for R6 Siege Competitive Team (EU)(PC)
  24. Gamer Exit (PC) is Recruiting
  25. eSpartans.Gaming Recruiting for R6 Siege Competitive Team (NA)(PC)
  26. Try something different...PS4 looking for fun, mature, respectful operators!
  27. Looking for older gamers....
  28. Looking to start a DMV R6 Siege scene
  29. HeadHunters [PC] [18+] [NA]
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  40. OTN HYK TRS ring any bells?
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  47. Looking for squad - PS4 technical beta test.
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  49. Looking For UK CLAN - KingTommyJ [PS4]
  50. Portuguese players for Tech Test or Beta
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  52. [esp] buscando squad technical test [pc]
  53. Time Br Beta test tech
  54. looking for active pc people
  55. Disable controllers for PC version
  56. Looking for PS4 players with mics
  57. PS4 players technical test.
  58. Looking for active Players on PS4
  59. Xbox ONE Clan recruiting for Siege.
  60. Portuguese Clan looking for players. ESL/CB/eSports
  61. Looking for clan/squad to play with on PC
  62. Looking for players technical test, now,language prefer german, english is ok too
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  64. Looking for people to play with (PC)
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  66. Looking for EU Clan [English Speaking] - PS4
  67. PS4 - KiLLING UNiT - Looking for recruits!
  68. Brasil team poste seu nick da uplay aqui!!
  69. Looking for group R6 - PC nick uplay sholpas
  70. Anyone just wanna play for fun??
  71. Software Developer Building the premier RSS Ladders - need partner
  72. [Xbox One o PC] Busco gente para jugar Prueba Tecnica y Beta (que hable español)
  73. Divine Knights Recruiting For PS4
  74. Aussies + Kiwis (XB1) "GoatMob"
  75. [PC] Suche Mitspieler
  76. British Mercenaries - UK Xbox One
  77. [FR] Recherche de groupe Français
  78. [Fr] La Ronin eSport recrute pour Rainbow Six
  79. Rezistance Gaming Are Recruiting for a NEW branch in Rainbow 6 Siege!
  80. Looking for group of ps4
  81. Looking for hight skill players (rus)
  82. Brasileiros no ps4
  83. Australia-PS4 (3 players needed)
  84. Are here any Hong Kong players?
  85. Am I born to be a killer?
  86. Sticky for known Squads
  87. [PC][GER] Suche Deutsche Taktische Spieler für R6 Siege (Closed Beta) 20+
  88. [PC] [GER] Suche ein paar nett gelaunte, deutsche Taktiker ;)
  89. feel very strongly that this is not more dinosaurs
  90. [pc][es]
  91. [FR] Rejoignez la communauté Elements Gaming
  92. Looking for a competitive team to grow with
  93. 3500 points perdu et le cloud ne fonctionne plus
  94. (Suche) [PC / German / Teamspeak]
  95. PC players in Australian region
  96. [PS4] Looking for European players to team up (inc. Turkey)
  97. (TEAMSPEAK BRASIL) Para jogadores BR
  98. (PC) Looking for players to group up with!
  99. Suche Mitspieler gern auch neulinge
  100. Looking for Team [EU/PC] with eSports ambitions
  101. SPARTIAT-esport recrute
  102. [PC/US]Looking for Tactical, Milsim style Team
  103. [PC] looking for a pickup group
  104. Nederlanders gezocht PS4
  105. Forgotten Honor Rainbow 6 Siege Group now open
  106. Looking for Xbox one players in the US
  107. Looking for a group to play with and have some fun
  108. [PC] Looking for competitve players to form team
  109. (SUCHE) [PC / German / TS / 18+]
  110. IMSF Gaming Group (Xbox One)
  111. Looking for 3 Team Members (PC)
  112. Looking for people to play with or a clan
  113. CG3 Clan/Community Teamspeak (AUS)
  114. [PC] Looking for people
  115. [GER] Suchen Mitspieler
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  117. [EN]Devil´s Brigade RECRUITING !
  118. Gunslingers ~ The Rainbow Six Siege Clan for Adults
  119. Lft (ps4)
  120. Belgium / Dutch ???
  121. Looking for people to play with.
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  123. TAW Recruitment
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  125. Australian Players (PC)
  126. une team française
  127. [PS4][NA] The Complex Elites eSports Clan
  128. Military/Police Clan Recruiting - PS4
  129. Looking for EU clan
  130. Are you looking for a EU/NA Clan/Community ?
  131. [PC] [EU PING] Looking for crew
  132. Australian PC Host Looking for Terrorist Hunters
  133. TeamTridentsGaming is Recruiting
  134. Belgian PC players
  135. Jugadores españoles.
  136. Im looking for EU xb1 clan...
  137. The 501st XOF Squad is recruiting for PS4!
  138. Qc RB6 crew
  139. TROG Recruting
  140. Ranking System in Rainbow 6 Siege
  141. The-Swarm.NET Massive Online Gaming Community [PS4 & PC!]
  142. Axis Gaming MLG
  143. *=SAS=* Stars and Stripes ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)
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  146. LFG - Australian
  147. Rainbow Six POLAND (game portal)
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  151. Does this game have a loss prevention when joining late games?
  152. Tournament January Prize Giveaway
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  160. Want to squad up? Be Respectful
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  162. New members for our team, Team Blitz
  163. Religious Group Dedicated to Killing All Recruits and Ending their Uprising
  164. TÜrkÜn gÜcÜnÜ gÖsterelİm !!!!