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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Have Not Gotten Code Yet From GameStop.
  3. PS4 - RAINBOW SIX SIEGE BETA - code from GAME (UK) Invalid
  4. is there no exit button?
  5. Moved Thread
  6. Im closed alpha no access to tech forum to report bugs
  7. Rainbow Six - Siege - Uninstallation failed.
  8. Invaid code
  9. cant pre order
  10. pre order question
  11. Pre-order Beta not free with pre-order purchace ?
  12. What name will the game use?
  13. I have the beta code but not the key
  14. Activated key on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Guaranteed beta key on wrong account
  15. GameStop Redeem Code For Beta Invalid
  16. 스마트폰배팅‡↕‡ lak65ㆍcom ‡↕‡스포츠분석 베트맨배팅
  17. Pre order on website broken
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  19. 유료픽‡‡ NaW77、COm ‡‡오늘픽 해외픽
  20. i can't redeem my code beta
  21. 스마트폰토토「↖」 NAW77.COM 「↖」토토놀이터추천 프로토&
  22. Can't add pre-order to cart
  23. Says my code for beta has already been used
  24. gold edition code beta
  25. Clé bêta rainbow six
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  41. about pre-order.
  42. Really Ubisoft? No Beta key!
  43. I've played rainbow six games for over 25,000 hours
  44. 사다리토토 ジジ aTM35쩜CoM (카톡: XazA) ◁◁ 사다리타기 사다리홀ᐯ
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  50. Digital Preorder
  51. Won't let me login to register my code
  52. 18 years old and game
  53. Technical Test starting September 21st
  54. is the rainbowsix siege beta what we're going to use for the techincal test?
  55. Technical Test wont preload need severe help!!!
  56. Technical Test
  57. Huge error. Code redeemed but ps store error.
  58. Please help ME with this technical test question
  59. are the pc servers up yet
  60. Resending PS4 code due to lost email account
  61. Help Dev team
  62. Why isn't my code working?
  63. how long till servers up on PC
  64. Ouverture des serveurs Test technique
  65. Pre-Loaded Already? Any other Alphaers out there?
  66. PS4 Beta Information - Use the PSN Account u used for register the beta
  67. Puertos para abrir la NAT
  68. Code de telechargement fonctionne pas
  69. Will
  70. trouver une partie
  71. Your Acces to the Rainbow Six Siege- Closed Beta is not Aviable
  72. beta code wont work
  73. [PC] CrossFireX Support
  74. it said I was selected for the closed beta
  75. [PC] Problème de confirmation
  76. How do i gain access to the private technical test forums?
  77. wrong thread. sry
  78. Registered for technical test yesterday, but still don't have a code
  79. Can't Play
  80. have download code for beta but can not access it
  81. Thread Moved?
  82. Why my therad delete?
  83. "Your access to the Rainbow Six Seige - Closed Beta servers is not available yet"
  84. pre-order
  85. I have a code to join the closed beta rainbow 6 siege
  86. Wtf is wrong with support here? game not starting, thread deleted.
  87. HELP PLEASE "The server is not avaiable yet"
  88. Selected for TT but i can't redeem my code
  89. unlocking the free weapon skins for all weapons in Rainbow:siege
  90. Error(4-0xFFF0BDDB)
  91. The Riot Sheild
  92. PS4 Beta Download
  93. Squad mates
  94. Game has stopped working
  95. Error Code [3-0x800a0016]
  96. Levelling up
  97. Validating and creating squad
  98. Error [2-0x00000058]
  99. Error code [2-0x00000050]
  100. Connection Issue / 2-0x0000005A
  101. When i try to launch game it shows 0xc000007b error
  102. Bug Report: menus endlessly scroll upward
  103. Beta Key for PC
  104. Live stream twitch
  105. Code de la beta
  106. I have reedemed the beta code but I dont have the game in my library
  107. Friends are shown as offline when are really online!
  108. Download Mail????
  109. Are the Servers down right now?
  110. Whats your opinion?
  111. Are the servers down right now?
  112. Are the servers down for the techincal test now, or is it just over?
  113. Why is my connection unstable?
  114. Will we keep our progress when official closed beta starts?
  115. are the servers down right now?
  116. Renown needs to be fixed
  117. Pre-order no BETA?????
  118. PS4 Error
  119. Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta. How to play?
  120. Downloadlink for Beta?
  121. Ps4 Beta access Codes not sent
  122. Pre-ordered?
  123. Closed beta problems/suggestion notes
  124. Can't accept NAD
  125. [PS4-HELP] Technical test/Beta Error 3-0x80050001
  126. TDM doesn't start
  127. [PS4] Connection issues,kick out to the match for slow connection
  128. Failed Update :/
  129. Day 3 and still have not played one match
  130. Matchmaking Issue - After First Match
  131. Streaming
  132. Where is my game??
  133. Cannot load the game
  134. What's this? error [4-0xFFF0BDDB]
  135. Can't update the game.
  136. So is the closed beta officialy up?
  137. No code receive for the bÊta acces
  138. Can't play a single game.
  139. Help , i can't find more teammates
  140. Not came code for the closed beta test
  141. Didn't get the code
  142. Ho ricevuto l'invito ma non riesco ad accedere!
  143. Redistributable VC 2012 64bit
  144. Can't connect to ubi servers.
  145. Eternal Search for Teammates
  146. Guaranteed closed beta access?
  147. Will Not Update from Tech Beta
  148. The game keeps crashing
  149. Error code: [3-0x800A0016]
  150. Your forums make my macbook screen flash off/on
  151. I laid code for ps4 closed beta
  152. Playing online from the same network (PC)
  153. Cant join a friends squad
  154. Error 2-0x0000005a
  155. I/O error when map about to load
  156. Error Code [4-0xFFFOBDDB]
  157. Dazzling-b
  158. 4-0xFFFOBDDB ar error occurred ошибка при соединении
  159. Looking for a game never Finding one day 4
  160. Searching for teamates
  161. Getting 0 FPS at any selection menu
  162. Cant find Disclosing contract
  164. Glitch on Hereford Base
  165. Waiting times between rounds
  166. Dedizierte Server
  167. Trouble with squad creating! PLS HELP
  168. PS4 - NAT issue forces host to leave the squad on matchmaking
  169. Can't connect to Ubisoft Servers
  170. Beta Zugang
  171. как отключить оверлей?
  172. Screen goes black
  173. Beta Access but No Game Downloaded
  174. cant connect to server error
  175. Disconnecting in the menu, a lot.
  176. Can't play multiplayer with friends (PC)
  177. Bug
  178. error ce-34878-0
  179. I can't download the beta
  180. Error 2-0000005a
  181. Error 4-0xFFFOBDDB
  182. Can't load in to match.
  183. BETA STOPPAGE: Will not create squad
  184. Fixed inital not loading problem now its saying i dont support direct x
  185. Can't start game
  186. no key for ps4
  187. Redeemed beta code but never got a game key and its been a whole week
  188. What is this bullcrap
  189. Squading up
  190. Every time I try and play it says *READ THREAD*
  191. Great game but no legacy thumbsticks??? :(
  192. Crashing, Freezing, and Blue screen
  193. Serial code does not work
  194. Rainbow six dont work on 32 bit system ?
  195. Can't connect to ubi servers.
  196. generell Feedback
  197. ERROR: 4-0xFFF0BDDB
  198. deleted key
  199. Connection Errror
  200. High ping in Australia
  201. Playing together with my brother.
  202. Can't join my friend's squad
  203. Bugs
  204. Error 0xc000007b, game don't start.
  205. Servers Error
  206. ERROR: 4-0xFFF0BDDB
  207. How to join squad - read here
  208. Impossible to play
  209. The Riot Shield
  210. Wont launch with win 10
  211. Error 2-0x0000003c
  212. You cannot take five people into a squad on multiplayer
  213. Ubisoft server connection error
  214. In the menus everything just keep scrolling down all the time.
  215. Borderless Window mode
  216. Who notebook. and the game does not start. This video is for you: 3
  217. Disconnection
  218. Closed beta code not working
  219. Error Code Please Help!
  220. Ping issues
  221. Game won't even start
  222. Can't play with multiple people on the same LAN
  223. synchronizing to cloud error
  224. User Profile Loading Failed
  225. Didn't get my xb1 code after entering in my website code
  226. cannot load the main menu
  227. Host migration problem needs attention.
  228. An error has occurred Ubisoft error code: [4-0xFFF0BDDB]
  229. Cant even install
  230. This is unreal !!!!!
  231. geeting disconnected messsage
  232. seige team hosting
  233. Game wont Start
  234. please help me game doesnt works :(
  235. Game itself does not launch
  236. Game still doesnt start
  237. The Beta is not Processing for me
  238. Audio Issue - Partial Loss
  239. The Game doesn't start
  240. Alaska Doesn't Get the Beta?!
  241. Very huge ping
  242. Install issues Wil not install redistributablle
  243. CTD whne a match starts :nonchalance:
  244. Cant even play help please !
  245. PS4 Invalid Activation key
  246. Long connection times on PC
  247. Cannot connect to ubisoft servers
  248. The game is crashing
  249. Ms Problems!
  250. The game is clunky