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  1. Error code 3-0x0001000B
  2. My seasonpass disappear!!
  3. Experienced a rare glitch with hostage extraction (Terrorist Hunt Extract Hostage)
  4. rwont let me play ranked my season pass won't show up on ps4
  5. GTX 970 - stuttering
  6. I bought season pass, but no daily challenges??
  7. Many severe issues [PS4]
  8. проблема подключения к серверу
  9. Failed to enter game
  10. Most annoying game ever
  11. Keyboard keeps scrolling down?
  12. Problem with ping!
  13. Ranked Suspensions
  14. Can play for about 2 minutes then connection error 0-0x00000312
  15. 2 Of the 3 game modes
  16. gold edition, no gold skins ?
  17. Is this normal ?
  18. Error Code PS4 Game crashes
  19. server issue
  20. Very high ping, immposible to play
  21. Nat type issues fix!
  22. [VIDEO] BUG drone is stuck on my hands, won't throw/unable to use
  23. A few bugs that I don't see in known issues thread. (PS4)
  24. Rejoin!!!
  25. NAT 1 Strict issue Telecom modem
  26. [XB1] Still getting server issue and Drone falling off the map and glitch
  27. Its a torture to find a game
  28. Error 2-0.X47
  29. Many Error Codes preventing me from accessing the server
  30. When we will see some server improvements.
  31. Still no gold camo
  32. Stuck while playing in game
  33. No renoun when servers D/C mid-way through Situation?
  34. Terrorist hunt
  35. Killed by explosions through solid/indestructable cover
  36. Can i get refund for Rainbow Six Siege?
  37. new ubisoft name ? possible ?
  38. Voice Chat Record Level - Changes microphone record level PC-wide
  39. Difficult UI (for muting/voting)
  40. I was fine until now.....
  41. Data Center
  42. Private match support does not meet quality requirements for tournament [Xbox One]
  43. Played fine at first, suddenly crashing to desktop.
  44. Game wont start !!!! help !
  45. [Bug] Red/blue overlay, weird details and developer info?
  46. Analogue stick deadzone.
  47. Rainbow Six: siege loading problem
  48. Rank changed without playing
  49. Rainbow6.exe stopped working: HELP
  50. Back to menu when searching *FIX*
  51. Voice chat total fail.
  52. I refuse to play this game
  53. Game freezes, but can still watch gameplay
  54. Servers are horrible
  55. Connectivity
  56. Season Pass Activation from Origin
  57. Ubisoft Club Skins
  58. Connected to the wrong server
  59. Rail, drone, downed, fuze glitches. FIX CONNECTION!!!!
  60. Fix ur ranking system!!
  61. Can't play the game ;-;
  62. Has anyone receive all the skins from the Safari Bundle? ( Digital Download )
  63. How do you remove head bobbing for people like me who suffers from motion sickness
  64. Zebra and Gold Skins suddenly gone?
  65. Season pass booster
  66. No more Season pass...
  67. vram/sli issues
  68. Seriously Ubisoft??
  69. loading up bug creating squad fix
  70. Gold Skin is Gone
  71. Nothing soft about you ubi.
  72. STILL THE SAME ERROR CODE : 2x0000041
  73. BUG - Montagne Revolver Glitch
  74. Can't even play anymore.
  75. Patch Update to 1.1 Overdownload
  76. Patch has caused more network issues
  77. Where exactly is this data thread !!!
  78. FPS locked at 30 since patch 1.1
  79. Issue with Rank displaying, differences between In-Game display and actual rank
  80. Massive FPS drops after patch.
  81. Error - [3-0x0001000B] Can't connect to servers AT ALL
  82. Just hire a guy that has a lot of experience in netcoding
  83. FPS dropped drastically after patch 1.1
  84. Knifing someone teleports them away, no kill
  85. BUG - Reload & Switch to secondary buttons disabled after used Tachanka LMG
  86. Voice chat issues
  87. 3 Different Personal Ranks showing all at the same time! FIX PLEASE!
  88. Dead Zone
  89. Matchmaking search with 5 men AT team took a long time after ver 1.1
  90. missing Season pass after 1.1 patch
  91. PS4 Mic not working in squad
  92. Trouble loading games
  93. Still cant move character. Unplayable .(pc)(BUG)
  94. ****ing voicechat
  95. [Bug Report] [XB1] While in a Party and Playing Ranked, Someone Disconnects from Game
  96. [Performance] [PC] 30fps with vsync since patch 1.1
  97. How is this response from support acceptable??? ridiculous
  98. Error code
  99. Nat problems and high ping and how to fix them(mostly)
  100. Auto kick doesn't work
  101. Is it possible to stop this?!!?!?!!?!?
  102. Fix the medic character Worst update
  103. читы
  104. Castle multiple bulletproof reinforcement glitch.
  105. Still netcode issues after patch.
  106. Error 0-0x00000204
  107. Help me Ubisoft you're my only hope! (Dropped Frames)
  108. Бесконечная загрузка экрана перед матче&
  109. Spotting explot after update 1.1
  110. Connection problems (high ping)
  111. My Ping is either smoking weed or the servers or netcoding are bad !
  112. BUG - The Sofa of death [VIDEO]
  113. There is no acceptation for the horrible servers
  114. Game keeps crashing
  115. Extreme rubberbanding
  116. Golden skins in game
  117. Random crashes since the patch
  118. Ranked Matches?
  119. Technical issues...
  120. Disconnected in everygame
  121. Ubisoft ignoring the Players?
  122. Seriously, Ubisoft?
  123. 3 or more squad members? Someone's getting disconnected.
  124. Why the account was prompted FF
  125. Servers are disgraceful
  126. Camo bug! Taking your momey
  127. Continued Failed Support from UBI Developers
  128. Won't load.
  129. Stuck at rank
  130. be out of danger
  131. What is wrong with your servers???
  132. Servers italiani
  133. Reconnect to ranked games
  134. technical issues
  135. My rank is (Froze)
  136. german support
  137. O meu NAT do jogo não está aberto !
  138. Teamkiller Central
  139. My game is locked to russian.?
  140. Skin purchase glitch? (right forum?)
  141. Error 000041 Connection failure. SOLVED!
  142. Crashing at the same points.
  143. Error Code: [3-0x30081]
  144. Error 0-0x00000312
  145. Activation Code used, please help!
  146. "Your graphics card does not support DirectX11 features"
  147. position on
  148. Can't connect to Ubi servers 8-0x00000092 error
  149. Laggy while streaming (PC / OBS)
  150. WOW What just Happened Video inside
  151. NAT problem, friend join issues, nearly every multiplayer issue SOLVED
  152. What's going off with servers?
  153. Did not receive skin that was paid for
  154. Crashes on startup
  155. 0-0x00000603 Game kills my global internet connection
  156. Game refuses to update!
  157. Squad creation error message
  158. Quitters, Quitters everywhere.
  159. Código de Erro Rainbow Six 8-0x00000064
  160. Where to report a player?
  161. Fashion Week Trophy not unlocking!
  162. [PS4] Online Service Interruption *Updated*
  163. Such strong servers, much lag, wow
  164. Fun new bug I found
  165. Mic not working, stutters at start of round, and hanging game lobby
  166. Servers down
  167. disconnection
  168. Having 0Xc000007b error
  169. PC servers
  170. crashing randomly GG for life Ubi and Uplay
  171. I cant see him, but he can see me.
  172. Montagne shield fps drop.
  173. Expired PLEASE HELP
  174. Are you running win8.1 at UBI-soft office?
  175. Push to talk
  176. PS4 servers down to often.
  177. Time to time-out
  178. ATI Mobile GPUs
  179. Ranked totally bugged
  180. Did not receive gold skins
  181. Same map every round
  182. NVIDIA Display Driver crashing intermittently since the Mid-December Patch
  183. Connection Failed. error code [2-0x00000068] - EVERYDAY!
  184. Often flash back in the game
  185. MAJOR ISSUE [Ubisoft staff]
  186. Crash exit out of the game to WIN for no reason! (problem exsist right after update)
  187. More Rubberbanding
  188. Player Stats on https://game-rainbow6.ubi.com
  189. BUG: Enemies appear to be facing the wrong way.
  190. I shoot ash and shoot ash, and she hip fires headshots?
  191. Error connection [2-0x00000041] everyday
  192. Ranked play matchmaking completely broken from launch until present
  193. Cheater found in Casual (Video Evidence)
  194. 2 bugs: Holding primary weapon while escorting hostage | Deranking after win
  195. cheaters hackers and moders xbox one??
  196. can u guys match a game now?
  197. latest patch broke matchmaking
  198. Error code: [2-0x00000067] error code: [4-0xFFF0BDC0]
  199. When will we be able to find opponents again?
  200. Game breaking graphical bug after update (PC)
  201. Unable to shoot after reloading.
  202. object perception to hit registry way off!!!!
  203. Getting so fed up w/ this. No help whatsoever. PC version.
  204. Stuck in "creating squad" screen - ps4/pc
  205. solution for 2-0x41 - maybe
  206. Didn't get free Christmas skin as everyone else did
  207. how to get a refund for xbox one digital copies since they won't fix the game.
  208. fix the game, patch has ruined the gameplay
  209. Uplay trying to re-download entire game after purchase.
  210. You tell me, is this a hack? Screenshot of possible wall hack (I think it is)
  211. 24.12.2015 Game is still unplayable due to disconnections
  212. Press any Key Game will not advance rainbow six seige
  213. PC Gamers with AMD
  214. Pc strict fix
  215. Gaming tip
  216. Error code 2-0x00000047
  217. remove the update please
  218. Can't get past first situation
  219. Error code 2-0x00000068
  220. Rainbow 6 siege problem (stuck at creating squad loading )
  221. Unable To Start Download
  223. Error codes (unable to play) PS4
  224. Being shot 'through' indestructible walls
  225. Start Up Game, Get Black Screen For A Second, Then Crashes To Windows. Help Please
  226. Game consistently crashes whilst in match to windows.
  227. Steam DLC
  228. Graphic Bug
  229. servers just died?
  230. Infinite loading bug after selecting operator
  231. The game isn't recognizing total video memory?
  232. Servers are unreachable, error code [0-0x00000312]
  233. Error Code [0-0x0FFFFFFE] what does this mean?
  234. Probably fix for the INFINITE LOADING MATCH
  235. Error code 6-0x00000000?
  236. game stuck after press any key; wont load
  237. When is multiplayer going to work reliably
  238. Online petition for failed customer support
  239. Read my post people
  240. Teamspeak Info
  241. "Please Wait While We Connect You To Rainbow Six Siege Servers"
  242. were lost
  243. Cheesy Nacho Beef Skillet
  244. Error. An error has occurred. Rainbow six siege error code: [2-0x000000047]
  245. [PS4] Online Service Interruption 12/26 *Resolved*
  246. Rainbow 6 Siege Wont Open
  247. [Xbox One] Online Service Interruption 12/26 *Resolved*
  248. Pc cant connect to friends
  249. Locked on creating squad
  250. Season pass