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  1. People with push to talk mic KEEP GETTING PUT OPEN
  2. ERROR: 3-0x000a0016
  3. Skins not showing up
  4. Game dosen't even start
  5. CD-key already in use?
  6. Observations on "Open Mic" issue.
  7. Cant find Ranked games XBOX1
  8. BLACK SCREEN when the game starts.
  9. where is the 72 renown booster?
  10. Constant Game Crashing
  11. Patch List for Ubisoft
  12. Extremely high ping after beta
  13. operator selection lag and a friend cant koin my squad
  14. 2 Accounts from same internet connection still not possible?
  15. Problem with season pass content.
  16. Personal Rank not showing up on screen or online stats
  17. Ranked Matchmaking
  18. Endless Scrolling In Main Menu
  19. Imposible to play with friends (squad)
  20. ranked game.. issue
  21. The game has disappeared from my Uplay Library?!
  22. Season Pass issues
  23. I am disgusted that Ubisoft would bring out a completely broken game.
  24. 3 days after launch and I still have not played a single online game
  25. English version
  26. Connected to wrong datacenter
  27. Lags ingame
  28. Rainbow six : Siege PS4/XBOX analogue stick bug
  29. gold skins
  30. PLEASE Ubi, help me with this!
  31. party in San
  32. Can't find a ranked match?
  33. Game Crashing, completely crashing PC.
  34. Connection Error
  35. Random game closing in ranked = Abandon game.
  36. Shop Content Locked in game
  37. environmental inspecto
  38. horrible gunplay
  39. hit markers
  40. PS4 - Cannot get past Creating Squad
  41. This is absurd.
  42. Another 3-0x0001000b
  43. Wheres my season pass?
  44. Currently not available. Please check back later.
  45. separating squad members when searching
  46. Constant crashing..
  47. PS4 Stuck
  48. 5.1/7.1 Audio in PC version.
  49. mic is always on
  50. Matchmaking completely broken for Europe
  51. Help me with error 8-0x00000054 !!
  52. Player models/viewpoints broken as hell
  53. Experiencing issues with the game? - REPORT THEM HERE!
  54. Experiencing issues with the game? - REPORT THEM HERE!
  55. Ridiculously high latency?
  56. No controls in game
  57. ranked division
  58. NO daily challanges...
  59. perma mute
  60. R6S (PC) - Did not receive Zebra weapon skin
  61. Game is crashing Logitech Sound Drivers
  62. Error code 0-00000205 !!!!
  63. WallPaper Glitch
  64. Strict NAT
  65. Mic issues since closed beta(way too quiet even with maxed slider)
  66. Error code 0-0x00000205 cant connect rainbow 6 servers
  67. Best servers. RS: Siege
  68. Worst servers in the game developing history.
  69. Multiplayer and Terroristhunt is locked!
  70. Server Status
  71. Server lag in europe
  72. A list of problems that need fixing and features that the game desperately need!
  73. Renown not being received
  74. Picture problem
  75. Problems with starting the game?!
  76. How do I change my In Game name?
  77. Eu servers?
  78. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE ! tried all night ERROR CODE [0-0x00000205] SCREW YOU!
  79. Game client only 14,3GB
  80. Is there a list of what error codes mean?
  81. 24+ hours and still SERVERS UNREACHABLE (PS4)
  82. 4 days havnt played a single game
  83. Problem with chat voice
  84. Problems on the Home Page. Such as (Play / Operators / etc. )
  85. Server connection issue [3-0x0001000B]
  86. GRFS Skin...
  87. Try running both uPlay and RS:S as admin.
  88. Not Receiving Rewards
  89. Still no season pass or bonus
  90. Derank after game that didn't even start
  91. Game is fun , just unplayable at moment
  92. Cant make a squad
  93. Microphone and team chat bug - PC THREAD
  94. Error Code 4-0xFFF0BDC0
  95. Uplay Action Stat Tracker ??
  96. multiplayer and terrorist hunt locked!! Please help!!
  97. Creating Squad...
  98. Stuck on creating squad
  99. Data Center is hopeless! Why UBISOFT!?
  100. Rainbow Six - Ranked bugged
  101. How to change language
  102. What we did. Error 0X00000067 no longer a problem.
  103. connection failure
  104. Playing this game (as it's intended) with FRIENDS is IMPOSSIBLE.
  105. Sound bug
  106. Mouse fully inverted on x & y axis no matter what
  107. 000..206 console fix
  108. Redeemed Zebra skin code and it won't show up in game?
  109. Horrible lag
  110. Tachanka bug
  111. PS4 issues experienced so far
  112. stuck
  113. Can't search with friends (party gets split)
  114. Game glitching and crashing :l
  115. Error code [2-0x00000047]
  116. Bug: Doc revive can get you stuck
  117. Rainbow 6 doesen't start
  118. Can't connect to game servers.Error code [0-0x0000312]
  119. HELP! Mic works in Uplay Overlay test, but not in-game.
  120. Can't connect on Xbox One??
  121. Unlocking operators bugged
  122. Instantly killed at spawn as attackers.
  123. Mute microphone
  124. Controller stops responding, forces you to turn off the console
  125. Gold Edition/ Season Pass bugs Challenges not working
  126. Rainbow six needs patch ASAP!!!
  127. Rainbow six siege needs a patch what what it will need to fix !!!
  128. Possible bug with shields, drones
  129. FIxed my Error 3-00100b or whatever it is ps4
  130. This game is a waste--No effort whatsoever
  131. Cause of PS4 Controller Not Working
  132. Error code: 0-0x00000602 ???????????????????
  133. Error Code 2x0000041 Driving me crazy!!
  134. Failure to Launch (Game never opens)
  135. Down arrow key is inputted by it self at the menu screen!
  136. Banned from Ranked play because of a Glitch
  137. Servers..... ranked...
  138. Nvidia driver crash
  139. Unable to move cams cause the enemy is using it... uh what?
  140. Correct zone, barely playable ping.
  141. Problem with the map in docks
  142. Cannot connect to servers
  143. No Rainbow Credits with Season Pass
  144. Freezes when explosions go off (Poor Proformance in some area's)
  145. Problem with sound
  146. Game doesn't start if your CPU is overclocked
  147. Can't change "Spoken language"
  148. Ubisoft I have now placed you with EA/DICE on my "NO BUY" list!
  149. Error: Windows Parent Controls
  150. Low FPS in multiplayer mode
  151. PS4 Strict NAT - Suddenly having this problem
  152. Freaking wall clipping!!!
  153. Ranked servers in horrible condition..
  154. My audio problem please help
  155. Anybody else having problems with game chat?
  156. Season Pass
  157. Weapons skin unlock code to redeem??
  158. Reconnection button
  159. Still have not played a single game (PLEASE UBI HELP)
  160. Error code 0-0x00000312 on map change
  161. Trophy for complete 20 terrorist hunt missions not registering.
  162. Personnel rank not working
  163. PC keyboard controls randomly switching to xbox controls!
  164. Can you reset my ranked multiplayer rank?
  165. ping 1000?
  166. connect issue
  167. Ubisoft, where is my game???
  168. Bug: User profile failed to load
  169. Game does not launch
  170. Hello ubisoft i bought your seige game for 60 euros, can you please let me play?
  171. Trophy meat wall not registering
  172. Feedback on technical issues
  173. Server Problems
  174. Was playing the game just fine and then one day BAM 2-0x00000047
  175. When will you fix lunch crashes ?
  176. 2-0x00000047 error issue
  177. The dedicated servers
  178. Hostage dont wanna be saved lol
  179. [ps4] game keeps crashing/freezing on 'protect hostage' (terrorist hunt)
  180. Choose Operater Crash
  181. R6:Siege Crash on launch, no message.. SOS!
  182. Glitch , drop under the map
  183. [Uplay / Ubisoft Club] "Stat Tracker" not working
  184. Error Code [2-0x00000068]
  185. Banned for 13mins because game locked on loading screen?
  186. Worst multiplayer servers of all time
  187. unable to play as a party ps4
  188. Party gets split over two teams, drops players
  189. 모바일놀이터 3벳24 모바일사설사이트 크보배팅
  190. server problems
  191. Cannot play with friends!! Wtf
  192. Hit registry
  193. All Textures disappear except units.
  194. Stats mod.
  195. Download is stuck at a point
  196. This game is broke..
  197. the rope wall glithing is terriable
  198. I didn't recieve my Sefari Bundle (Gold Edition)
  199. Graphic Performance - No refunds as a result of false advertisements?
  200. The Ethernet cable is not connected [0-0x00000204]
  201. Missing Player Model Textures
  202. CTD while joining game/searching opponent
  203. Another Crash After Multiple Match Exits
  204. Constant Disconnects
  205. Freezing when someone breaks a window (even just by melee)
  206. Constant Crashes While In Squad When Joining Game
  207. Service name and server IP address for PC
  208. Xbox One Installation Issue
  209. UPlay Rewards Help Please
  210. Error code [2-0x00000064]
  211. PC version : can see through wouden panel walls!
  212. Connectivity Problems, tried almost everything.
  213. BUG - Defuser can be destroyed remotely [VIDEO]
  214. Ranked unplayable - Error code 2-0.....
  215. Unable to connect to rainbow six siege servers.
  216. Bug: Weapons not working at all!
  217. 100 defence and 2500 kills trophy not unlocking
  218. Rainbow Six Siege ATI Radeon HD 7900 crossfire unsupported graphics driver
  219. He is Hacker(or abusing user)
  220. Backed into a wall/bug/glitch
  221. Punish in ranked cause Ubisoft issue?
  222. Bug: Persistent Dud Grenades
  223. [Bug] [ps4] Enemy from attacker's team blocked our camera
  224. Players that you should look at (possible Hacking)
  225. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Mic Muting When I Join Squads.
  226. Dedicated servers...
  227. Can I play the PC version in Japan?
  228. Can't join squad ingame after getting booted
  229. How do i change servers on Rainbow Six Siege?
  230. Error code [6-0x00000000]
  231. Twitchs drone stuck under map
  232. Obvious lag in some matches makes ranked a joke.
  233. Clipping through walls.
  234. Multiplayer, Casual, Freezing during play...
  235. Glitched trophies/achievements
  236. Lag teletransport of my character
  237. Quitters
  238. <R6-Siege> Ubisoft's Bad Management
  239. Unable to play at all.
  240. upnp and nat type issue with grouping
  241. Help with connectivity - Post the issue(If fixable get an answer).
  242. [B]The game doesn't start![/B]
  243. Getting pulled back after 5 steps.
  244. Uplay-Achievement "Alpha-Team" wont unlock
  245. Time played on RB6 Stat Tracker is way off.
  246. alt+enter reveals enemy operators
  247. Error Code. 2x0000041
  248. Error code 3-0x0001000B
  249. My seasonpass disappear!!
  250. Experienced a rare glitch with hostage extraction (Terrorist Hunt Extract Hostage)