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  1. PS4 please.
  2. Cant launch the game
  3. Disconnections
  4. Terrorist Hunt Lobby
  5. Very High Ping
  6. Crashing on start up
  7. U-Don't play
  8. GetDisplayConfigBufferSizes & User32.dll Error message
  9. Audio abit too loud?
  10. Pretty Much UNPLAYABLE in China
  11. Cant find the "download button"
  12. Connection Error 0-0x00000206 Connection error
  13. Reown points
  14. servers down again
  15. Not earning renown for the last few hours
  16. Bug PS4: Operator getting stuck
  17. [PS4] Weird player rubberbanding over/beside obstacles
  18. Bug PS4: camera falling through the map
  19. More a aditional thing! maybe we can pick defenders by terrorist hunt!
  20. Bug PS4: Bandit Shock on barbwire
  21. come on ubisoft... plz...
  22. rainbow 6 options graphics video memory 0 mb
  23. Nat bull****
  24. Long loading time Rainbox Six Siege
  25. bugs and hacking
  26. Ubisoft-Still getting the 2-0x00000047 error in main menu
  27. PS4 - Poor framerate outdoors area on Kanal (daytime)
  28. User Profile Loading Failed
  29. ranked is fully bug
  30. Just won't start?? tried everything..Just get a spinning circle..aahhh
  31. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME Error Code 0-0x00000312
  32. Can't Connect on Same Wifi
  33. Upgrading pre order to gold issue
  34. Alt enter bug
  35. ALT-TAB issue in party
  36. Bug - Not being able to move/click anything in the game
  37. beta...? open .....?
  38. Siege Server are unreachable" Error code 3-0x0001000B"
  39. Input Not Supported
  40. is there server jammed again?
  41. Error 3-0x00030089
  42. Mic going on despite setting it to disable.
  43. Jerking and sliding
  44. Tiny game freezes as attacker > drone mode
  45. Xbox 1. Terrorist Hunt. Rappel issues. Getting ammo & being shot through solid walls
  46. error code: 8-0x00000101
  47. The first pre Alpha release?
  48. To R6:S Devs; Crashing when joining Multiplayer
  49. Still Have not played a single match..
  50. Maintance or what is wrong?
  51. Error 3-0x000100 (PC)
  52. PSA: Bugs, Workarounds and Tricks - Rainbow 6: Siege - Open Beta
  53. Issue in squad
  54. Completely ******ed Renown glitch
  55. Players dying randomly from fall damage
  56. No Renown for some games
  57. Frozen Game
  58. 0-0x00000312 not fixed
  59. Ranked Match Locks
  60. Game stopped accepting controller input (PS4)
  61. Specific freeze location
  62. 15 min Lock out when the host crashes is BS
  63. Friend and I having sudden latency issues
  64. Visual freeze, audio still works.
  65. Casual is unplayable
  66. joing problems
  67. Do you plan on addressing issues w/ joining friends squads? Or should I cancel my P/O
  68. De-ranking from Winning
  69. Lost connection on ranked and it counts as me actually quitting
  70. no renown or xp
  71. Tachanka LMG cannot be zoomed when I set zoom in toggle.
  72. Bizarre Glitch - Moving around while upside down
  73. Other player's non stop firing glitch (with video)
  74. Blue screen crash "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL" during replay ???
  75. Controller input auto switching annoyance
  76. HELP!!!what settings are needed to get the game to run?
  77. Glitch shot me up a floor level.
  78. Press play and just get a spinning circle then Play highlights again.. help
  79. Game doesnt starts.
  80. 2-0x00000047 again while friend are able to play
  81. BETA - Another video-bug report, minor map design problem and general feedback
  82. NAT Strict, can't join parties.
  83. ranked
  84. no renown or xp
  85. Rainbow Six Siege expired?!
  86. the United Nations
  87. Website bug
  88. Disconnection during a match
  89. Problems that need improving/fixed. (Message and Ill add it to the list)
  90. PC- No Renown
  91. Flawless Success!... but no renown and no xp :(
  92. Server Problems
  93. PS4 ERROR CODES 6-0x000000002 AND 3-0x0001000B
  94. Connection issues in every aspect xb1
  95. just with different superheroes in his place
  96. Various Problems!
  97. brewing pot.
  98. Drone below the map
  99. Teammates unable to hear me. Microphone volume
  100. Error joining a squad
  101. In Game VOIP Issues, both in game and out
  102. Why has no Administrators helped with Game Won't Launch ISSUE? as of 11/29/2015
  103. Finding Teamates
  104. I fond a Hacker and a record it. Please help Ubisoft!
  105. Raisins have a long shelf life
  106. Body parts clipping through walls
  107. Random In-Game Freezing
  108. Game does not recognize Nvidia
  109. Squad and connection
  110. Magnum Fault
  111. Ranked Play Disconnect
  112. Netcode problems
  113. issues i came across
  114. Weird glitching
  115. Reload Bug??
  116. Choppy turning
  117. Stuck on deployable shield?
  118. Getting no XP from Casual games
  119. Can't access operators/multiplayer/terrorist hunt
  120. Xbox One Servers
  121. Game Released and still have problems with 2-0x00000047
  122. You can't select which PVE game mode? Seriously?
  123. Massive XP bug fix FAST
  124. Digital Download Game Issue
  125. can not find a match when im in a squad with my friends on xb1
  126. Please help. My codes are "invalid" on psn
  127. Thanks for breaking Steam
  128. Gold Edition / Season Pass items operators still locked
  129. Gold edition code not working
  130. Rainbow Six crashes instantly
  131. Installation error please help
  132. played 5 matches, same map every SINGLE TIME
  133. GameStop Pre-order Not Received
  134. rainbow six siege reverb code
  135. Cannot access Multiplayer, Terrorist Hunt, or Operations
  136. Gold edition skins?
  137. I bought game 14 march preorder and ? i give nothing...
  138. I can't progress in game?
  139. Can't play Servers unreachable
  140. SEA Server
  141. wtf?! i bought the DVD to install, and now i hv to update all 14.33gb file again??!!
  142. error creating squad error code 2-0x00000047
  143. How to activate gamestop renown
  144. Can't play error code 3-0x000A0016
  145. Ubisoft!!!
  146. [4-0xFFFOBDDB] Error code (unable to play)
  147. Error code: [3-0x000A0016] - Servers Unreachable. Sad face.
  148. Season Pass from Steam not applying.
  149. Wrong Data center!
  150. error 3-0x000A0016 unable to contact server
  151. Cannot connect to Rainbow Six Siege Servers 3-0x0001000B
  152. 28 GB download?
  153. 2 Persons with open NAT type cannot create squad. Error Code: 2-0x00000076
  154. windows mic sensivity
  155. Can't find a match in multiplayer
  156. Getting disconnected from games
  157. Bug from reward in operation mode
  158. Game not appearing in My Games
  159. 3-0x000A0016
  160. Error 0-0x00000204
  161. Situation game mode crashes in the loading screen? cant play it?
  162. Artifacts make the game unplayable (7970m CF Crimson 15.11.1)
  163. Stuck on loading screen before and between the rounds on several maps NEED HELP
  164. Very laggy servers. i have 80/50 internet
  165. Can someone please help! I keep connecting to SBR and EUW data centers!
  166. Error 3-0x000A0016
  167. When I choose the operator,the game crash.
  168. 'The Rainbow Six Siege servers are unreachable'
  169. Pre-Order bonus not being added
  170. SEA Servers?
  171. I keep getting this error 3-0x000A0016
  172. Wrong Data Center
  173. Rainbow siege server unreachable
  174. Rainbow6 No xp error stuck on level 18!!
  175. Shooting Bug! Mouse shoots without touching it
  176. Game constantly crashes
  177. Where are the sounds in game coming from?
  178. Data center is set to SCUS instead of EUS
  179. Gold Edition not Working
  180. Gold Weapon Skins code not working - Control options for the future?!
  181. 0 renown glitch? really?
  182. [XB1] Session not found. Error [2-0x00000048]
  183. Server location's.
  184. Rainbow Six Siege error code: [3-0x00030089]
  185. Stiilll massive problem
  186. No legacy control options.
  187. HELP!!! Rainbowsix Seige Gold - PS4 - Multiplayer - Currently not available ??
  188. All my operators are not unlocked after getting season pass
  189. Error code 3-0x0001000b
  190. No points PS4
  191. Getting connection errors when joining/inviting to squads
  192. No points PS4
  193. Downloading though Uplay - crashing internet connection.
  194. Error Code
  195. (PC) Aim assist
  196. can't purchase anything with INTERAC
  197. Creating squad bug
  198. UPlay skins don't show in-game.
  199. Recurring Audio Bug.
  200. Cheaters allready in game
  201. Weapons skins, boosters, and pre order content
  202. Wrong data center fix (br)
  203. PS4 cant play any options. Help please!
  204. You were removed from the Mach
  205. "currently unavailable. Please check back later"
  206. No Rainbow Credits
  207. No renown bug
  208. Challenge Timers
  209. Error 0x000a0016
  210. i can see enemies through the wall with the camera
  211. Please help me join the servers
  212. Uplay trying to download 15gb after installation
  213. Can I play ? No grief.
  214. Defuser is not working
  215. help everything says unavailable cannot multiplayer or hunt
  216. Foot Sticking through wall while reviving
  217. WTF The rainbow Six servers are unreachable please try again later error 3-0x000A0016
  218. UBI just admit there is a fault
  219. honestly great release
  220. My friend can't login to Uplay, disabling Multiplayer.
  221. Seasons pass wont work
  222. Mouse Wheel mapping
  223. BUG - Team mate teleported to second floor after being downed [VIDEO]
  224. BUG - Body levitating in air after being killed [VIDEO]
  225. Error... Error..
  226. Please work to sync up what we see.
  227. Poll: has anyone's issues actually been fixed by Ubi?
  228. Bug: ADS on toggle doesn't work with Tachanka's LMG
  229. Missing settings
  230. Chat issues
  231. Any one solved the high CPU usage issue?
  232. Error on ranked matches causing the game to end then 15 minute ban needs fixed
  233. Game bugs and possible improvements
  234. Game crashes on Situations and Terrorist
  235. Unlocking operators turns off all sounds.
  236. Getting stuck and server LAG
  237. no ranked games
  238. 4 player squad. Big issue
  239. analog sticks are laggy in multiplayer
  240. Squad and server connections
  241. [Bug report] Not being able to operate camera
  242. Cannot get past "Creating Squad" Screen.
  243. "Armor"
  244. Ingame Voice Chat
  245. High ping
  246. Can't join terrorist hunt
  247. Wrong Datacenter
  248. six siege error 3-0x000D006D
  249. [Bug Report] Possible armor panel, or breaching charge bug
  250. Wrong Links in Game Guide for Whiteboard (+Bonus Bugs)