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  1. the outbreak update messed my game
  2. Missed Free Booster
  3. Need refund for R6 Credits
  4. Siege Invitational Charms
  5. Game breacking audio glitch xbox
  6. Did not receive my R6 credits
  7. No voice chat
  8. Xbox need a atualizarmos tô remove bubs
  9. Starter edition 6 operators
  10. Hell and back ubisoft club challenge not unlocking
  11. Why cant i ping/mark
  12. Lag and rubber banding
  13. Elite skin bug
  14. [PC] Connectivity issues
  15. Purchase R6 not received, no response from Ubisoft
  16. Didn't receive 1000 reknown from "Can't breach me" challenge
  17. The Ethernet Cable Not Connected [0-0x00000204]
  18. Game didn't count my win
  19. Servers are down again
  20. Blitz shield doesn't work
  21. Ban for no reason.
  22. just found ash elite glitch
  23. Battle eye kick
  24. Connection
  25. The Division UMP skin
  26. Ash elite items still not in inventory
  27. Can't turn off VS notifications
  28. r6s Text Chat Bug
  29. Missing R6
  30. Rainbow 6 seige audio bug
  31. Connection issues
  32. My settings on rainbow six siege doesn't save on pc
  33. banned for no reason
  34. Error code 3-0x0001000b
  35. Hell and Back
  36. video memory?
  37. Problems with the Ubisoft support Center and getting my R6 Credits
  38. Trying to help....
  39. Weird Lag/stutter issue since December
  40. Purchased R6 Credits and did not receive them
  41. What do these two symbols mean? Constant lag spikes
  42. Dead Set Club Challenge Issue
  43. I have Two Ash elite skins?
  44. Issues since the Chimera update
  45. Got kicked and got Abandon Sanction?
  46. Invisible Player in Ranked (video evidence)
  47. Not receiving trophys on ps4
  48. Rubber Banding
  49. Nothing works with ubisoft
  50. My purchase not reviced R6 credits.
  51. ,,Nie powiodło się wczytywanie profilu użytkownika,,
  52. PC Technical problems
  53. Audio issues on Xbox One
  54. Did not receive R6 credits
  55. ERROR message when i connect
  56. I was banned on Rainbow 6 for no reason and Ubi Support won't respond to my ticket
  57. Must Verify Files Before I Open Game
  58. Every time I click "download" to begin downloading Siege... nothing happens?
  59. South African Servers
  60. Rubberbanding lag and No sound when shooting gun Operation Chimera
  61. Was booted from a ranked game and still got abandon sanction??
  62. Club challenge progression lost
  63. Streaming on OBS
  64. Never recieved my r6 credits
  65. Ping Problems in Atlanta to EUS Server
  66. Inconsistent frame rate
  67. R6 credits
  68. Rainbow six siege unreleased elite skin bug
  69. Instant Round End
  70. Servers Down
  71. Elite uniforms bug
  72. Invisible Glitch
  73. New agents money problem
  74. Ubisoft support error wont let me make cases
  75. Ridiculous Ranked Queue Times
  76. not responding
  77. Connection Issues??
  78. skin
  79. Lag when i injure or kill someone.
  80. Bug after reviving team mate from DBNO
  81. POV Glitch lets you see what your enemies see
  82. Are you serious Ubisoft?
  83. Support Ticket For Missing R6 Credits “In Progress” For a Week
  84. Invisible Glitch on PC
  85. Connection issue
  86. I can't find the Pro League All Gold Sets
  87. Crash after splash screen
  88. I can’t get my season one r6 operators to load on my new account
  89. Ubisoft Support Ticket Response Time
  90. accidental temp ban
  91. Xbox connection problem
  92. Kicked for no apparent reason
  93. Sudden battleye ban for no reason
  94. Servers
  95. Invisible character glitch
  96. Outbreak
  97. Matchmaking
  98. Trouble authenticating ownership of game
  99. guy gets killed through wall by frost trap
  100. Fix your game
  101. Major Lag Issues
  102. Alpha packs
  103. Banned for "Toxic Behavior"
  104. "The match you're trying to join is full"
  105. Random Screen freezes mid-game
  106. Why is siege eating my cpu
  107. Discord Audio Bug with Rainbow Six Siege
  108. PeRmABaNnEd foR toXicIty
  109. Fix the invisible glitch r6siege rankeds
  110. Invisibilty glitch on console (Not sure if its on PC or not)
  111. Rooter Achievement not sensing I completed challenge! Help!
  112. Ethernet Cable is not connected
  113. Permanently banned?
  114. New shield on your head glitch
  115. abandon sanction
  116. re set rank should be an option when cheat glitches are used against you
  117. Banned for hacking even though i didn't hack
  118. Voice Chat is Disabled in Egypt (VIVOX Service)!
  119. Possible permanent error fix
  120. URGENT!!! Keep getting logged out of Siege because someone logged in.
  121. Permanently Banned
  122. Error Code [10-0x0000019A] Rainbow 6 Siege
  123. I still didn't take pro charms
  124. Connection issues
  125. Проблема с сервером
  126. 9 hour server maintence
  127. problem with verification uplay
  128. Invisible Glitch during choosing Operators
  129. Lion EE-One-D Gadget bug.
  130. outbreak packs
  131. Proof of broken Ash hitbox
  132. Is there a way to contact a ubisoft employee on my current situation over my account?
  133. Booster renown (maintenance server)
  134. Download fails at a specific point over and over again.
  135. Error
  136. Rainbow six siege 2-0x0000D00A
  137. matchmaking error (see pic)
  138. Finka Primary weapon disappears and special ability unusable
  139. Please help! My account can not connect to ubisoft server
  140. Mic not working in push to talk mode
  141. Uplay doesn't let me start the game anymore, and dont even count the challenge..
  142. Please help me! My game can't play My game in steam Bindings of wrong mailboxes!
  143. Bug
  144. Elite Skin Bug
  145. Connections issues and Voice chat communication!
  146. Why was I banned on Rainbow Six Siege? Can I please appeal?
  147. Why do the new seasonal skins cost more than they should with vip
  148. Ryzen CPU Bug?
  149. Rainbow six keeps on crashing
  150. Getting kicked from Outbreak for, "Poor Connection"
  151. Suspended due to abandon sanction plz ubi
  152. I can't start my game
  153. Banned for placing a Black Mirror?
  154. abandon of ranked matches rainbow six seige
  155. Cant open alpha packs and ubi club
  156. When is a ubisoft employee going to get back to me with my case?
  157. Not banned in Solo But I am banned in 5 man?
  158. Wrong edition
  159. Quick question
  160. Long Loading Time into a Match/Round
  161. Forum ID was banned
  162. Hackers in Ranked (Video) UBISOFT do something
  163. Getting booted from game and off of Xbox live randomly
  164. Error code 2-0x0000d012
  165. Connection
  166. loosing rank because ping
  167. Got kicked out because of giving up the match.
  168. i didnt get sledge DOB TAG charm
  169. This game still crashes alot
  170. Major lag issues
  171. TTS update problem
  172. an error has occurred
  173. Multiple cheating was banned
  174. cpu 100% usage i7-6700 non k
  175. Bought Starter Edition and get only 2 operators
  176. Please Fix ELA face
  177. got banned for 2 days and i'm still banned
  178. Is appealing for a ticket usually take as long as does?
  179. Stop bans for people that get kicked from matches.
  180. I couldn't gift the game
  181. 1 game on steam, several accounts?
  182. Right Control Key is unbindable
  183. high ping issue like always
  184. Creating Squad Crash
  185. r6 authenticating the ownership
  186. Is Ubisoft Support ignoring my case?
  187. I never got r6 credits
  188. Bad Ping (TEXAS)
  189. Can't play online
  190. No solution to my support ticket for two weeks
  191. hi (^_^)
  192. Random Game Closes (Not crashes)
  193. New invisible/No RECOIL glitch
  194. Ranked Game - Disconnect...
  195. Ubisoft Error
  196. Ranked rainbow
  197. Gadget Weekly Challenges
  198. Ubisoft Costumer Support
  199. Please do something with the connection issues on xbox
  200. Glaz R6S PS4 misalignment
  201. Still missing Obsidion Skin
  202. code d'erreur 6-0x00001000
  203. anyway to get rid of temp ban
  204. No recoil Glitch
  205. Error
  206. Currently have a 15 minute queue time for casual EUS.
  207. Incredible amount of hackers (diamond boosters.)
  208. Missing a throphy but I did the challenge
  209. About wrongly banned recently
  210. Can't matchmarking
  211. Lag with ~30 ping
  212. Endless queus
  213. Player force Player to play by their rule
  214. I cannot find my club challenge of Rainbow six siege
  215. Connection error (3-0x0001000b)
  216. Low FPS with a decent PC + Strong mouse lag + Microphone recently stopped working
  217. got permanently banned from the game without an actual reason
  218. Missing Outbreak Items
  219. Missing Esports skin Pro League S1 (Glacier) on new Operators
  220. Where did SEA servers go?!
  221. I cant start a game
  222. Matchmaking is taking forever
  223. Client-side bodies and issues with it
  224. Disconnected after the last seconds of the game (Ranked)
  225. [Exploit] Arm Glitch
  226. Ban
  227. Mute’s jammer humming noise
  228. season pass not working
  229. Rainbow 6 seige
  230. Ban appeal process?
  231. I need help with game crashes!
  232. My game keeps crashing at loading screen
  233. HWID Banned,Why?
  234. Did not receive my R6 credits and it has been over a month.
  235. Problemi classificata Rainbow Six Age
  236. ive got a question about local setting of custom game of the siege
  237. Why am i banned
  238. Thermite classic fbi skin
  239. UBISOFT give me a HWID Banned
  240. Ban Appeal - accidental killing hostage please help!!
  241. Game Crashes randomly in game after recent patch 4/12
  242. I bought all the year 1 operators... one by one without the bundle.
  243. All kinds of issues that I'm having with launching the game.
  244. Game is completely unplayable (only started in chimera)
  245. Cant join rank games
  246. my credit is disappeared!!!
  247. Account was suspended due to repeated cheats
  248. Server performance
  249. Ranked feels like v sync on for terrorist hunt.
  250. Abandon sanction