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  1. Connectivity Issues
  2. Banned for unknown reasons
  3. Reporting Problem/Surrendering
  4. Infinite loading screen bug still here after years. Seriously ubi?
  5. Being accuse of trolling for a really small accident without proof, happened to you?
  6. Perm Banned 2 emails no answer on ticket for 18 days
  7. No Voice Chat in Game
  8. when ı played r6 game crush
  9. Starter Edition R6 600 Credit not added
  10. Error code 2-0x0000e00c Rainbow Six Xbox One
  11. 20% discount for 100 Uplay pts NOT working
  12. "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product"
  13. uplay isnt opening
  14. In Ranked Game we started the game 2vs5
  15. Getting no R6 Credits in-game.
  16. Leavers in Ranked Matches
  17. Connection issue: getting constant yellow plug during games
  18. Collision issues in two maps
  19. Ubisoft Club Connection Error
  20. Possible Game Breaking Bug
  21. My characters are missing prior to outage
  22. I cant login to uplay
  23. Waiting for solving my ticket
  24. Trophies not being awarded
  25. R6 Credits not received for Starter Edition
  26. Mic not working in game (pc).
  27. Rainbow Six Siege Statistics
  28. 3 day booster replaced by 1 day booster
  29. Can I make reservations for Israel?
  30. R6 Starter credits Problem
  31. I can't receive the 600 R6 credits you get when buying the game.
  32. uplay account mail address and password forgotten.
  33. inGame losing Control of Mouse and Keyboard
  34. Help need specific seige files to fix game
  35. Gu Needle Border bug
  36. 36 renown?
  37. Canít connect to online
  38. About the BE's BUG
  39. Ubisoft Servers
  40. My starter pack credİts doesnt come
  41. Cant Connect to R6 ubisoft servers (post maintinance)
  42. Error loading on creating squad part
  43. Bad framerate
  44. R6 download issues
  45. No longer able to strafe out while leaning
  46. Help
  47. Please help
  48. Console to PC
  49. Bug- running with shields
  50. high ping
  51. Canít connect to r6 severs
  52. Sam the Ubisoft Personal Gaming Assistant
  53. Anti-Aliasing T-AA FPS Wrecked New Update
  54. my operators are locked??? help??
  55. ( Reporting a hacker )
  56. My username changed and i didnt change it
  57. Getting under 60fps
  58. An error has occured
  59. Can't find games
  60. Download update?
  61. Ps4 connection issues
  62. Validating and Updating playlists and properties ........... ERROR!!!
  63. thank yououoouoouououou
  64. wont let me play
  65. Casual practically unplayable - Matchmaking issue
  66. Cant squad up
  67. Mouse and keyboard lock up in game.
  68. Game keeps closing down unexpectedly with no error message.
  69. Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shut down.
  70. Connection Issues on PS4 [Egypt]
  71. Áok oyunculu
  72. ini game setttings not responding !
  73. BOSG.12.2 doesn't count towards shotgun kills
  74. I am Unable To Change My Name.
  75. Account is mistaken ban
  76. 账户误封
  77. iranian players need data center access
  78. 3-0x00030081 erorr
  79. Use temporal filtering
  80. high ping players and iranians
  81. crash on start up
  82. The Connection Failure Proplem in egypt .
  83. anti aliasing mode
  84. Crash + Loss of MMR
  85. Desafio Semanal
  86. PS4 RB6 Error
  87. Yellow Stick doesnít appear
  88. Five Seven Skin Bug
  89. UGLY GRAPHIC but good fps
  90. Necesito ayuda sobre un Trofeo de Rainbow six seiger
  91. operation CHIMERA
  92. Conquista bugada
  93. Ubisoft Customer Support,
  94. Screen goes black, PC still runs. Have to forcefully restart PC.
  95. Volume inside the game was very low!
  96. "The exception Breakpoint. A breakpoint has been reached
  97. Rainbow Six Siege updating not working
  98. In-game voice chat disabled? Cannot hear nor use mic(s) in-game?
  99. Rainbow 6 Hackers Caught In Ranked Game w/ Video Evidence
  100. D-sub out of range
  101. Rainbow Six Siege Application Unresponsive with Mouse and Keyboard
  102. I changed ps4 account
  103. I changed my ps4 account
  104. Kicked from squads during matchmaking
  105. Rainbow Six Siege not updating on Xbox One
  106. Issue with the pro league glaz set
  107. Game freezes in menu
  108. Unable to hear voice chat
  109. [FPS DROPS] Temporal Filtering
  110. ubisoft please look at these pictures
  111. Rainbow keeps crashing on my pc
  112. rainbow six siege error code 2-0x0000C015 1a2a57d76f
  113. Ela and Twitch Bug
  114. Computer starts beeping and then windows crashes.
  115. Frame drops all of a sudden
  116. Need help plz guys
  117. Lost all operators that I paid for in season pass 1 and 2
  118. Team Killing Offense
  119. How to solve consistent freeze and crashing
  120. Uplay and Steam not seeing eachother
  121. problem of display become grey and blur
  122. Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (193).
  123. Cant connect to any uplay games
  124. Terrible FPS in matchmaking
  125. [PS4] Bought the Year 3 Pass didn't get the skin
  126. Rainbow 6 problems
  127. High ping after a week
  128. huge FPS DROP if i use windows MEDIA CONTROL while playing siege
  129. lags
  130. Platform witching
  131. Why the F**k is rainbow six siege on discount in USA and not in Eurpoe
  132. Got kicked and lost rank
  133. Stucking at "Validating and Updating playlist settings" for days!!!!!!!!
  134. Taking an eternity to load into game? This might be why...
  135. Changing game language
  136. Random DC
  137. Damascus Steel not unlocked
  138. Disconnection problem
  139. Did rooks armor plates get an upgrade?
  140. Rainbow won't launch
  141. Banned?
  142. Rainbow six siege multiplayer.
  143. Offensive word when they realy arent
  144. Something changed in the last 2-3 days that had horrendous effects on hit detection.
  145. Problemas de Compatibilidad de controladores AMD
  146. Why does Rainbow Six keep crashing my PC?
  147. Alpha Pack issues
  148. Rainbow Six Siege won't load on PS4
  149. Unresponsive Keyboard
  150. Connection error.help me!!!
  151. Damascus steel skin problem
  152. Headshots donít work?
  153. A Ubisoft Service is Not Available at the Moment
  154. Banned Falselyfal
  155. Error while linking another steam account
  156. U play actİvate a key sorunu
  157. Activation Code is being used by a different computer? [Far Cry 3]
  158. 忘记邮箱
  159. Season two operators are gone!
  160. I can not open the game
  161. My year1&2 operators have been eaten by ubisoft
  162. Login Error
  163. Что такое vip подписка
  164. Strange FPSs differences
  165. Where to find Rainbow Six Siege Acc Activation key
  166. My year pass 2 is gone (Xbox One)
  167. Banned For cheating software i don't have.
  168. R6 credits taken with no uniform given
  170. Purchased r6 creditsp did not receive
  171. PreReloaded
  172. User profile loading failed
  173. [PC]I didn't get the operator that I just bought
  174. How long Will it take for ban to reset?
  175. Problema comprando creditos r6
  176. Glitches on xbox
  177. HELP! My siege Operators Deleted
  178. UPC.exe
  179. R6 Credit not received
  180. R6 credits have not been received
  181. Renown Booster Lost?
  182. No Credits
  183. Unlock all operators
  184. Locked operators.
  185. Passa 3 year
  186. Xbox One breaching charged clipping.
  187. I lost my year 2 pass for siege? Can anybody help?
  188. Unlocking All Operators Mid Match Bug
  189. The game crashed
  190. My account got reset
  191. Separate sensitivity sliders for Iron Sights and ACOG?
  192. Invitational Copper charm missing
  193. Lost operators
  194. Rainbow six siege fps drop issue when update rate icon flashes red
  195. I haven't gotten any charm
  196. charms
  197. lost my skin
  198. Why I didnt get any charms yet ?
  199. Year 3 Pass
  200. I purchased $15 worth of R6 Credits but I haven't received them
  201. Season pass 3
  202. Rainbow 6 Seige
  203. Locked multiplayer in free weekend
  204. Проблемы с Discord во время игры
  205. Lost vip status
  206. Fuze bug?
  207. Twitch Drop Charms
  208. Game crashing immediately while in-game
  209. I didnít get the Damascus Steel skin
  210. Error Code [2-0x0000E00C] Connection Failed.
  211. didnt get my charms
  212. I bought the Year 3 Pass but I got no skin
  213. R6 invitational charms
  214. R6 Invitational Charm
  215. Wouldn't send me & friends into ranked game
  216. R6 Credit Not Received
  217. R6 crididits not claimed
  218. Can My pc run the game??'
  219. Kafe Glitch / Exploit Report
  220. R6 invitational charms missing
  221. Tower trouble
  222. Bought Credits, got charged but recieved nada
  223. Problem with Lion's V308
  224. Banned "due to indisputable evidence of cheating" - 0.67 KD/1.5h
  225. Potential V.I.P. content issues?
  226. R6 credits not received from Six Invitational attendance
  227. FPS Locked at 60.
  228. Retirada dos amuletos do invitational da twitch
  229. ďUpdate failureĒ
  230. Simple fix to drop shot
  231. The TTS server isn't appearing in "My games" tab even though I own the game
  232. Buy R6 Credits with steam and I still do not have them
  233. upgraded a lost my stuff
  234. Lost data
  235. Audio Stutter/Lag FIX! popping crackling etc.
  236. Microphone doesn't work when playing siege.
  237. Microphone doesn't work when playing siege.
  238. Mouse lag in Rainbow Six Siege
  239. R6 credits not recieved
  240. Problem with buck on the TTS
  241. Complete Edition Code Not Working
  242. TTS No Renown/R6 credit problem
  243. Damascus steel skin not delivered
  244. Damascus steel issue
  245. 2fa help!
  246. can some one help?
  247. I still didn't get my Invitational charm?
  248. Can i used ps4 account in pc
  249. bought a skin with renown and went into a game; didnt get the skin but still paid
  250. Yet to recieve all my Invitational Charms Please Help.