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  1. 配對出現錯誤
  2. Low FPS
  3. XB1: Error code [6-0x00001000]
  4. sledge range
  5. Problem with ranking
  6. Help
  7. Rainbow is not detecting my Microphone/Recording Device (Or at least the correct one)
  8. Enough with the low levels (again)
  9. Error: 0-80...
  10. Disconnecting from Servers
  11. Ash Charges
  12. PC Datacenter WEU -1ms??
  13. PS4: Chalet - Drone falls through ground to below map level
  14. PS4 - Bank - After spawning at the Jewelry Front, entered wall and got trapped inside
  15. DirectX 11 is a piece of ****
  16. Mk17 CQB barrel attachment model errors?
  17. PC Overheating
  18. Random Ban?
  19. Bate-papo com suporte
  20. Back To school sale
  21. [BUG] Teams from different matches can hear eachother in voice chat
  22. no sound even if there are high sound settings {only in siege}
  23. Bug (if player tries to join the match while everyone else is at loading state)
  24. Infinite Chank turret glitch
  25. 3rd Time this has happened to me. Game freezes after 4-3 minutes then...
  26. This game is performing very badly tonight
  27. I want my skins back!
  28. need a fix for this
  29. Fall through map (Chalet)
  30. ajudem
  31. I cannot download any games
  32. Terrorist hunt Coastline glitch
  33. I was banned in the Rainbow 6 game and I do not know why I would like to lift the ban
  34. Chalet getting stuck out of bounds
  35. much lower fps on TTS
  36. Season pass 2 not working PC
  37. Only english voice on TTS
  38. Haven't received the R6 Points I bought a few hours ago.
  39. Kafe Performance loss on TTS
  40. No Temporal Filtering on TTS
  41. Glaz's victory pose
  42. Chat in main menu?
  43. Why does the HD Texture Pack cause such long loading time?
  44. Graphical issues since downloading TTS
  45. Rainbow Six hasn't updated to Operation Blood Orchid?
  46. Error when buying the game!!
  47. Still hearing teammate talk after muting entire team
  48. Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege Update Failed
  49. Before and After. TTS and Normal.
  50. How to open your nat without changing any router options
  51. Cant start the game plz help
  52. so low graphics give you more ping?
  53. VOIP Chat no longer comes through headset when defaulted as communication device.
  54. Unfair
  55. Some buttons don't work
  56. No disc in f drive error....
  57. error code 2-0x0000b005
  58. Bug?
  59. Ranked with party crash issue
  60. using wrong login on steam
  61. Any reason the game is crashing so much lately?
  62. After W10 Creator, VSYNC1 doesn't work, cap @ 143.98 doesn't work. Help?
  63. R6 Season pass 2 not received
  64. Sh*t I misspelled my Email...
  65. locked currency packs
  66. Ubisoft please fix this!!!!
  67. Why is is so difficult to squad up?
  68. Help ubisoft
  69. Game Freezes upon Match Entry
  70. Feet clipping through on Clubhouse in garage
  71. New patch! Yay
  72. FPS Dropped alot new patch Blood Orchid.
  73. Weapon attachments
  74. Outdated driver?
  75. Twitch drone gets stuck in roof of new map
  76. New Patch Download
  77. Here is a fun Bug
  78. Game breaking bug found on OPERATION ORCHID.
  79. All Situations, Characters, and Options Reset to Default.(ps4)
  80. Crashing.
  81. Game Chat Not Working After Blood Orchid DLC
  82. Consulate bug
  83. [BUG REPORT] Hibana charges cafe Dostoevskij
  84. [Technical Download issue] "Failed to start download"
  85. Consulate pillars
  86. Fix your game
  87. Mic issues
  88. my game doe not open
  89. Error code [3-0x0001000B]
  90. Error code [0-0x00000312] + Weird Operator Glitch (RELATED)
  91. Operators and Skins are white
  92. Getting stuck and having weird collisions
  93. game is not launching after the blood orchid update
  94. PS4 Trophy bug
  95. [BUG] Missing texture on Buck's "Ghost" head skin.
  96. No matter what I do i am still stuck at Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error
  97. Game stucks at "preparing content"
  98. [Terrorist Hunt] Skins unequip and freeze terrorist
  99. Temporal Filtering!!!
  100. Help Please ! In Game Chat Not Working After Blood Orchid DLC In PS 4
  101. map glitch on plane
  102. Ubisoft club challenges not working
  103. New map Theme Park in ranked rotation! [PS4]
  104. Cant play ranked games, game crashes
  105. Game crashing right after choosing operator
  106. a ubisoft service is unavailable at the moment.
  107. Cant launch R6S after blood orchid and getting error when trying to launch from direc
  108. Brazil day charm
  109. blurry and flashing sights
  110. I can't use Rainbow six voucher code.
  111. when click on download bottom send me to steam store
  112. Issues With Network and SLI and Matchmaking systems
  113. After Blood Orchid Update, the game doesn't start
  114. Mira Window Opening As soon I place
  115. Problem with new update
  116. Error Code: 6-0x0001000
  117. Transfer from Uplay to steam
  118. System Error preventing game from load since Red Orchid
  119. Could not launch the game after the Blood Orchid Update.
  120. Blood Orchid DLC stops downloading!!!
  121. rainbow six siege won't launch after update Operation Blood Orchid
  122. code error 3-0x000c0052
  123. mic does not work anymore after update
  124. Have yet to receive my store credit voucher had support ticket open for 34 hours.
  125. Cannot connect to servers since blood orchid came out
  126. Weekly Challenge completed haven't received the reward.
  127. BE not functioning unable to lunch R6
  128. BE not functioning unable to launch R6
  129. Mouse sensitivity different in casual then in custom/ranked games...
  130. When I aim down sights on ps4 it makes me walk forward
  131. Where have my season passes gone?
  132. when click on download bottom send me to steam store
  133. I know this isnt a technical issue but...
  134. website issue
  135. Glaz Bug Report
  136. Yet another bug report
  137. Caveira Interrogation Bug (Reproducable)
  138. Rainbow Six Game Crash - Complete Computer Freez
  139. Didn't get any points after ranked game
  140. Crazy voice chat bug
  141. Connection Errors...... (Rainbow Six Siege)
  142. Odd alpha pack re-spin bug
  144. Unable to shoot drone glitch
  145. Game crashes
  146. PS4 limbo - situations and loadouts reset, support page deleted
  148. Glitch at the end of ranked game screen
  149. Application error
  150. Plane teleport/ Game stopping bug
  151. the exceptional breakpoin. a breakpoint have been reached.
  152. Bug Report | Glad Scope Bug | Video included
  153. Pro League Gold Sets Not Working
  154. Bad accounting
  155. R6 credits
  156. 2-0x0000b005 Constantly kicked
  157. I buy Pro League All Gold Sets 6 - 15,99€ on steam but i not get.
  158. I bought new pro league uniforms but i couldn't get these uniforms
  159. R6 Voucher code
  160. Error in the update.
  161. Purchase of Season Pass through Uplay instead of Steam
  162. Pro League Season 1 Bundle
  163. Endless Crashing....
  164. I have season pass and my new ops just disappeared
  165. MVP screen
  166. Classic Rainbow glitch
  167. Validating and updating playlist problem
  168. Permanently Banned
  169. "Uplay is unable to start your download. Check that you have an active internet .. "
  170. Bring back Temperoal Filtering or fix the frame drop issues!!!
  171. Bug on Hereford Base
  172. I Need help with my mic!
  173. **** game
  174. Issues with SLI?
  175. Joining friends doesn't work since last update
  176. Logitech G430 (cant speak ingame)
  177. Guns through walls
  178. Validating and updating failed (Ubi plz help)
  179. Bug/Glitch Report | Bank | Video Included
  180. No communication
  181. Joining Friends
  182. Map bumping/ tesselation
  183. i have no voice chat anymore
  184. Game freeze.
  185. DC'd from a game in last thirty seconds with no ping problems
  186. Kill yourself by aiming
  187. XBOX ONE ERROR CODE [0-0x00000204]
  188. Squad invite issue
  189. Ps4 system error when trying to view friend list
  190. Voice chat is disabled in Africa, Egypt. why? :D
  191. There is a bug/exploit that are letting people shoot through anything.
  192. User profile loading failed?
  193. Bandit freezing
  194. Small flotating light
  195. Suicide glitch in TH
  196. Technical issues please help me!
  197. Falling Through Map (Chalet)
  198. Maybe Trump’s speech would have been
  199. Losing Xp and Percentage on the Chance metrr
  200. 6-0x00001002
  201. Head hitbox missing???
  202. Game is literally locking my entire PC's video up randomly since patch.
  203. Glitch on Presidential Airplane that allows player underneath bottom floor of map
  204. Everything I've purchased is gone
  205. Ranked point bug
  206. In-game chat problem since 2.2.2
  207. Losing points when you win a match
  208. Alpha Pack Chances Bug
  209. Rainbow six siege bug with XP
  210. rainbow six siege not launching. pls help
  211. Glitch Abuse
  212. My Entire Account was Reset
  213. profile loading problem stil FFS!!!!!
  214. Alpha Pack bug
  215. Wall glitch/exploit at Bank
  216. Daily Objectives
  217. So F***ing stupid
  218. How do I play with friend (strict NAT)
  219. Forever in a queue
  220. Not getting 60 tick
  221. Rank being reset- makes me play 4 placement matches
  222. All Characters Free Glitch- And other glitches when playing using Strict NAT type.
  223. Placement reset
  224. My R6 is not starting
  225. Audio Glitch in game
  226. Mute someone permanently
  227. Keep losing huge ranked points after win!!
  228. Mira's mirror just disappeared...?!
  229. Fame multiplier don´t work.
  230. I didn't get my season pass
  231. Game became unplayable after latest patch
  232. Lost Xp
  233. Alpha Pack Issue
  234. Seriously no back button or link to the forums!?
  235. alpha pack error
  236. alpha pack glitch?
  237. Unfair Team Kill Booting System
  238. Voice chat not working
  239. Mouse lag problem HELP
  240. Can't buy R6 Credits
  241. VOIP not working since 2.2.2
  242. Can't Manually Switch Datacenter
  243. problemas al entrar
  244. UBI take notes and Please fix. This game is so broken
  245. I am having a problem
  246. Visual Bug
  247. Shield operators are STILL BROKEN
  248. I bought the starter edition, but i didn't get the 2 operators
  249. Issues Uplay
  250. Ping abusing smurfs issue not going ot be fixed at all?