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  1. R6 credits not received
  2. Pieces stuck in barricades still an issue
  3. Loading screen/Black screen
  4. Rainbow six siege year 2
  5. Minute 18 of waiting a ranked match
  6. Multiplayer squad problems
  7. Lower framerate | after the velvet shell update!
  8. Year 2 Season pass not giving 600 r6 credits
  9. Why are you not interested in 7 days
  10. An Error Occured (ps4)
  11. there was a problem with your payment(currency pack)
  12. Sounds of steps
  13. I am having problems with the challenges to Rainbow
  14. Game auto set on 3D mode
  15. Shop doesn't load
  16. 0 fame points
  17. GameSettings.ini not being created
  18. Help please: Error 6-0x00001002 every 20-30 minutes
  19. Nat Type strict
  20. Game dissapeared
  21. Missing R6 Crediits
  22. Valentine's Day Challenges in Progress Error
  23. cav can down 4 people on the same team at the beginning and doesn't get kicked
  24. Huge glitch entering game. Want's to reconnect 2 hours later!
  25. Still waiting my R6 credits [6 DAYS AGO]
  26. 1-2 Second In-game delay
  27. FPS Drop
  28. Always long loading times with fast pc, people always need to wait after me!
  29. Mira Door Glitch
  30. Authenticator added without permission
  31. Complete Edition On Xbox One Missing Content
  32. Permabanned fpr no reason. Part 3.
  33. Challenges in game not working
  34. Ubisoft why are you so incompetent
  35. server maintenance, again..
  36. Please Ubi Give us the weekly operators discount for starter edition owners again
  37. GPUAdapter
  38. triple screen, any fixes yet?
  39. I´ve lost my skins pls help ubisoft
  40. Cannot view ranked information on ps4
  41. I think, you need to fix this!
  42. Ranked Round Not Starting
  43. Online stats show no data
  44. Why is this a thing
  45. Joining ongoing ranked games
  46. [CAMERA BUG] Stuck in the map at the beginning
  47. I did not receive my point that I buy yesterday !
  48. If i buy the Gold edition the game, this gonna work?
  49. Rainbow six siege error code: [3-0x0001000B]
  50. Fix your ****ing useless game. use proper servers, no p2p and fix hit registration.
  51. So you're just gonna act like this never happened??
  52. Russian localization issues
  53. Missing Particles and Splinters when breaching on Favelas - Intended or not?
  54. getting 312 code even while i opened my nat type. please help.
  55. Weekly challenges done without doing them
  56. Still have not recieved r6 credits purchased wednesday
  57. Getting kicked from matches?
  58. Monitor
  59. I cant open my R6
  60. Rubberbanding Issues (No Ideas left)
  61. Activation Code is already activate on this account. "but I can't see this game."
  62. When will this game go out of early alpha?
  63. Jager glitch, unable to move
  64. Ranked match major issues
  65. Random lag/kicks/disconnects on PC
  66. Ubi please fix lost connection on matchmaking.
  67. Mira bug
  68. Mira's Shield glitch
  69. I cant log into Club Ubisoft
  70. Ubisoft Club-Rainbow Six Siege
  71. Montagne has bugged synchronization
  72. Nat type strict since today
  73. Lost My Rank?!
  74. why am I losing ranking down even when I win games
  75. Not earning my points for Ubisoft Valentine Challenge
  76. South African Servers/African Servers
  77. I joined a ranked game in progress??
  78. Team Killing Offense
  79. Im having problems in ranked games
  80. Broken ranked system
  81. I cant start up Ranbow Six Siege
  82. Connection failure, Rainbow six siege Error code : [2-0x0000B005]
  83. User profile failed to load
  84. Bought credits on wrong account, what now?
  85. Can't reconnect to ranked games
  86. Mouse micro stuttering, keyboard input lag and cpu load 100
  87. ERROR 3-0x00050001 PC R6
  88. Problem - R6 Credit Does Not Appearing In My Account
  89. Error code 3-0x0001000B
  90. Disconnect and reconnection problems
  91. Game Crashs when attempting to buy Currency Packs
  92. Details and Statistics are back online but...
  93. [Bug] Shield operators and ventilation pipe bug
  94. BUG: Rappeling on "Skyscraper"
  95. Operators gone after update
  96. I cant connect with my friend
  97. R6 Credit Issue
  98. High Ping Issues since a few days for a certain ISP? (First Media ISP-Indonesia)
  99. BUG: [Map ClubHouse] Using an operator with a deplotable shield to clip into the shed
  100. Light bug is back
  101. Creatin Squad infinitly
  102. Players leaving on ranked after losing the match.
  103. Download update via different pc
  104. Extract Hostage Glitch Is Back Since 2.1.1 Update
  105. there has been no credits
  106. I can see through walls and the entire map
  107. R6 credits issue
  108. I uninstalled Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition and can't reinstall it
  109. Robbed for renown and no reply
  110. FairFight TF?!?!?
  111. Game crashing, then you can't connect back to the match in time.
  112. VERY imprortant issue with cheaters!!!
  113. R6S server IP Addresses?
  114. broken game.... maybe start ban glitchers or fix problem
  115. People leaving in the last second in ranked to "prevent" oponent getting points
  116. Client not responding
  117. Fui banido por eliminação de membro de equipe sem dar TeamKill
  118. Weapon skin bugs NEED SUPPORT HERE
  119. Graphic problems of the game.
  120. Castle and Shield BUG
  121. 2 points for winning ranked match
  122. error code 3-0x0001000b
  123. i bought booster but i cant earn renown
  124. Low FPS on Favela
  125. Fix matchmaking
  126. 0 points for a 5-4 ranked game cuz of leavers
  127. Can you please fix quitters causing less points?
  128. Opponents 200 pings advantage
  129. Did not receive my R6 credits for RB6
  130. Weird lines on Pulse's scanner?
  131. the matchmaking is broke , put me in a match 0/3
  132. I bought 600 credits four days ago, but it is not reflected in the game.
  133. Servers down
  134. No renown for completed matches
  135. Capitao Bow Glitch
  136. simply label the players for who they are
  137. Purchased R6 credits, not received
  138. Error code 3-0x0001000B
  139. Challenges
  140. Rejoining game after crash
  141. Purchase R6 credits not received
  142. Lose on ranked (ALT+F4) so other team get +1 point (NEEDS A FIX!)
  143. Please fix the down from fall exploit
  144. Game randomly closing...
  145. Should i throttle down my network to play R6?
  146. [BUG REPORT] Collapse skin for C8-SFW
  147. Problem deploying frost traps
  148. Purchased R6 credits, not received
  149. servers are ****
  150. Problems with voip! Help
  151. So what is this? HAX or just bad lag-comp?
  152. Ticket number 04330592 ( never got 600 r6 credits)
  153. Ubi,help
  154. Ranked vote to kick
  155. People below level 20 play rank is beyond broken on PS4
  156. [Bug Report] Pulse Scanner Bug
  157. No credits for me ?
  158. Friend couldn't start game "error" : invalid copy
  159. Auto Purchasing Unwanted Operators
  160. Didnt receive purchased rainbow six credits
  161. Audio Driver Crash?
  162. Mouse sensitivity bug
  163. Season pass not working
  164. I have decided to buy Rainbow Six Siege and have a few querie
  165. 2 ranks?
  166. Update Failed error
  167. so....
  168. [3-0x0000312]
  169. High latency
  170. Missing R6 Credits...
  171. BattlEYE Service - how to fix the errors when loading
  172. Solve the high connections
  173. Starter Pack Issues
  174. unable to add more than 2 weekly challenges
  175. Problems with my ping
  176. Connection error [0x00000312]
  177. Didn't receive Renown after match
  178. Not Receiving My R6 Credits
  179. Tactical Board not working in any browser
  180. Game crashes
  181. Weekly challenges stuck
  182. Shield Buff - FAIL!
  183. Have not received credits after 5 days
  184. Rainbowsixgame.exe - No disk - Insert disk in drive
  185. Crash on loading screen on random rounds (pc)
  186. Missing Credits from CE and IGS
  187. ubisoft account
  188. Customisations - Resetting every 3 days? WHERE IS UBISOFT? I'M SICK OF THIS BUGSOFT!
  189. Just some issues i have run into in the game.
  190. People leave after a lost game -> no points
  191. Game carshes
  192. Avatar Forbidden, not calculated points from 3 hours of playing!!!
  193. I have not received the purchased credits !!!
  194. BOPE Challenge not progressing
  195. no game
  196. Data-Centre WEU
  197. Bought 20$ of r6 credits and it sent them to the wrong account.
  198. Can't buy R6 Credits?
  199. Quanto tempo demora pra cair o cash colocado pela steam no cartão?
  200. Recent influx of new rainbow six siege hackers?
  201. Graphics bug on yacht (Picture included)
  202. I didn't receive my R6 credits.
  203. LG promotional code
  204. Where is my R6 credits?
  205. Hibana destruction glitch
  206. Grey Tinted Enemies
  207. Can't connect on ps4...anyone else?
  208. epic come back from 3-0 then the servers have another heart attack. why do i bother?
  209. 'A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment.'
  210. Buggysoft please fix your damn bugs
  211. Ubisoft club challenges
  212. R6 credits not added to account
  213. give me back my credits!!!!!
  214. Failed to unlock skin
  215. Black Screen bug
  216. Siege - Volume Hotkey Problem
  217. Onboard Screen Grapichs Card
  218. Cant Play Ranked
  219. Blue screen? screwed over my ranked game
  220. 2-0x0000B005
  221. Ranked points win/loss should account for teammate(s) leaving
  222. PC - Crash to desktop from splash screen at launch - System error code is 5
  223. High Ping and Wrong Data Center
  224. help please
  225. Eyefinity - Surround
  226. [EXPLOIT] placing a shock wire on a shield on a breachable spot
  227. Ranked Dropout Bug
  228. Reboot your servers.
  229. How is this game still in this shape?!
  230. Sound problem on PC
  231. Don´t have the audio settings in my Uplay launcher
  232. R6 Siege disappeared.
  233. Ranked bugged
  234. My mic record volume resets to 0!!!
  235. Mic not being detected/not working in game
  236. Very unhappy with Ubisoft tech support!!!!!
  237. Current ranked games issues
  238. Ranked points loss
  239. Ubisoft weekly challenges-BUG
  240. WEekly Challanges
  241. error code 0-0x00000312
  242. Crashing on some loading screens in Ranked Multiplayer
  243. Advanced Gadget Deploy Keybindings?
  244. Game gets stuck on "Creating Squad"
  245. Ubisoft club challenges not counting
  246. DXSetup Error 0xc000012f
  247. Game Startup DXSetup Error 0xc000012f
  248. Rainbow six siege Challenges NOT updating
  249. Can I get a refund on my R6 credits?
  250. Issues/Bugs increasing instead of dropping - Support AWOL