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  1. Are the Servers down right now?
  2. the game does not open , just happens constantly APP CRASH
  3. I already have guaranteed beta access?
  4. Where is my Beta Key ?
  5. Whats your opinion?
  6. Are the servers down right now?
  7. Are the servers down for the techincal test now, or is it just over?
  8. Why is my connection unstable?
  9. Will we keep our progress when official closed beta starts?
  10. are the servers down right now?
  11. Error codes and impossible to find a match.
  12. Beta access download code is "invalid or expired"
  13. Question for after beta.
  14. Beta Keeps Crashing!!
  15. Renown needs to be fixed
  16. My code isnt working
  17. Game does not load correctly on Windows 10 dual screen set up
  18. Xbox one
  19. Pre-order no BETA?????
  20. PS4 Error
  21. Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta. How to play?
  22. Connection Issue / 2-0x00000059
  23. Downloadlink for Beta?
  24. Ps4 Beta access Codes not sent
  25. IT is the 24th and where is the E-Mail ?!?!?!
  26. Can't Access Beta.
  27. Pre-ordered?
  28. Closed beta problems/suggestion notes
  29. Game won't start, invisible crash
  30. No e-mail link to download Beta
  31. Gifted key fail?
  32. Can't accept NAD
  33. [PS4-HELP] Technical test/Beta Error 3-0x80050001
  34. TDM doesn't start
  35. [PS4] Connection issues,kick out to the match for slow connection
  36. Failed Update :/
  37. Day 3 and still have not played one match
  38. Matchmaking Issue - After First Match
  39. Streaming
  40. Where is my game??
  41. Cannot load the game
  42. Connection Issue server/ Ubisoft errorcode 0-0x00000206
  43. Guaranteed Beta Access for Rainbow 6 Seige still no code
  44. What's this? error [4-0xFFF0BDDB]
  45. Can't update the game.
  46. Moderate Nat Type/ Port Forwarding
  47. So is the closed beta officialy up?
  48. No code receive for the bĘta acces
  49. Can't play a single game.
  50. Siege not accessing full video memory on PC; stuck at 10 FPS
  51. Trying to play multiplayer PC
  52. Help , i can't find more teammates
  53. Game didn't launch completely (didn't start)
  54. Not came code for the closed beta test
  55. Didn't get the code
  56. Ho ricevuto l'invito ma non riesco ad accedere!
  57. For The People Who Received Thier Download Code...
  58. No one email to get the Beta
  59. failed to start download
  60. Redistributable VC 2012 64bit
  61. High ping issues?
  62. Can't connect to ubi servers.
  63. wrong email
  64. Error: [0-0x00000206] Ubisoft server connection error.
  65. Beta
  66. Eternal Search for Teammates
  67. Problem with my monitor on Rainbow Six Siege
  68. Change of Email address name. I am now unable to get my Beta code!!!
  69. Guaranteed closed beta access?
  70. mouse stops working ingame
  71. RainboxSix.exe has stopped working
  72. Game Just Not Launching
  73. Will Not Update from Tech Beta
  74. Day one of Closed beta in Germany is away....
  75. Activate the key , but nothing comes gmail
  76. The game keeps crashing
  77. Error code: [3-0x800A0016]
  78. this is what i see
  79. Your forums make my macbook screen flash off/on
  80. I laid code for ps4 closed beta
  81. Still have't got my activation code
  82. Code not working
  83. Playing online from the same network (PC)
  84. PreOrdered Digitally Xbox One but Closed Beta is unavailable and havent gotten a code
  85. Cant join a friends squad
  86. Error 2-0x0000005a
  87. I/O error when map about to load
  88. Whole screen pixelated?
  89. Error Code [4-0xFFFOBDDB]
  90. Dazzling-b
  91. Siege isnt recognizing my video card
  92. 4-0xFFFOBDDB ar error occurred ошибка при соединении
  93. Installed, verified - game won't start though
  94. I cant download this game
  95. UBISOFT servers can not connect as soon as I connect the game crashes
  96. Looking for a game never Finding one day 4
  97. [PC]Black Screen in start
  98. Searching for teamates
  99. Help! My controls wont work!
  100. you have already redeemed your code?
  101. game crashes as soon as the round starts
  102. Redeemed my key, did not receive email.
  103. Getting 0 FPS at any selection menu
  104. Cant find Disclosing contract
  105. Can't launch the game
  106. Siege only recognize onboard GPU
  108. Game only recognizing dedicated memory, Intel(R) 4000 HD Graphics
  109. Glitch on Hereford Base
  110. Waiting times between rounds
  111. Dedizierte Server
  112. Beta Access, but no EMAIL!
  113. Lost internet connection while playing the game.
  114. Art of siege issues?
  115. Still waiting for beta email??!!
  116. I've preordered the game, but still no beta access?
  117. Crash on launch
  118. Trouble with squad creating! PLS HELP
  119. PS4 - NAT issue forces host to leave the squad on matchmaking
  120. Technical Issue
  121. Can't connect to Ubisoft Servers
  122. Beta Zugang
  123. как отключить оверлей?
  124. Game freeze
  125. rainbow 6 stopped working completely
  126. Screen goes black
  127. #fix# low fps - cpu recognized instead of gpu #fix#
  128. How to disable the overlay??
  130. Still didn't get my code
  131. Beta Access but No Game Downloaded
  132. cant connect to ubisoft servers?
  133. Xbox One Ubisoft Connection Issue
  134. cant connect to server error
  135. Rainbow Six Siege Download
  136. Crossfire support
  137. Disconnecting in the menu, a lot.
  138. Can't play multiplayer with friends (PC)
  139. Bug
  140. error ce-34878-0
  141. Beta Code Access
  142. I can't download the beta
  143. Ubisoft Error Code: [4-0xFFF0BDDB
  144. Error Code: 2-0x00000059
  145. Still no beta Code
  146. Signed up for Guaranteed access but got nothing
  147. Error 2-0000005a
  148. Graphic card probleme
  149. Error 4-0xFFFOBDDB
  150. When in a match I am unable to move or look around
  151. Can't load in to match.
  152. Please help!
  153. What is the error 4-0xFFF0BDDB mean?
  154. Rainbow Six Siege lagging/not smooth
  155. BETA STOPPAGE: Will not create squad
  156. Game will not load!!!!
  157. Fixed inital not loading problem now its saying i dont support direct x
  158. Game wont launch.
  159. Rainbow6 Siege Graphics are flickering like mad!
  160. Crash Issue
  161. Won't let me redeem beta key
  162. Can't start game
  163. no key for ps4
  164. GetDisplayConfigBufferSizes & User32.dll Error message.
  165. Redeemed beta code weeks ago but did not get email
  166. Your game wont start up after you hit play? FIX
  167. Redeemed beta code but never got a game key and its been a whole week
  168. Never get loading complete
  169. Super Low FPS
  170. When Rainbow Six Siege is launched my Moniter says, "Out of Range!"
  171. Game Don't Open
  172. Found out how to make the game run!
  173. Windows 10 game not launching bios FIX may relate to others
  174. I gave up trying to play
  175. What is this bullcrap
  176. Missing file despite verificationn + uninstall reinstall.
  177. What the **** is this ?
  178. Squading up
  179. PC Matchmaking Not Working
  180. Terrorist hunt - Camera under the map
  181. Every time I try and play it says *READ THREAD*
  182. Problems with AMD Graphics
  183. Great game but no legacy thumbsticks??? :(
  184. Game Freezes upon match start
  185. Won't run on high quality
  186. Crashing, Freezing, and Blue screen
  187. Xbox Cant find a game
  188. Game crashes the moment it enters "Validating and updating playlist and properties"
  189. game is detecting wrong graphics card
  190. Potential Game not Launching Fix
  191. Serial code does not work
  192. My key is not valid when used in steam
  193. Rainbow six dont work on 32 bit system ?
  194. Can't connect to ubi servers.
  195. Crashing
  196. rainbow siege crashes when connecting to ubisoft servers
  197. generell Feedback
  198. Game says my graphic card doesnt support DX11
  199. Download
  200. Loading Lag
  201. FPS Problem
  202. ERROR: 4-0xFFF0BDDB
  203. It doesnt come out of de loading screen.
  204. Failure to matchmake on xbox 1
  205. Game crashed
  206. Xbox One - Press Any Button
  207. deleted key
  208. Connection Errror
  209. High ping in Australia
  210. Unable to download?
  211. Crashing
  212. for pc not working since relaese
  213. really dissapionted. time for a fix. (technical issues regarding fps and servers)
  214. Playing together with my brother.
  215. Game won't start.
  216. Can't join my friend's squad
  217. Directx (1/5) ever!
  218. Can't even start the application?!?!?
  219. Unable to start game :/
  220. Bugs
  221. Error 0xc000007b, game don't start.
  222. Graphics on fullscreen
  223. Servers Error
  224. ERROR: 4-0xFFF0BDDB
  225. How to join squad - read here
  226. Impossible to play
  227. Beta
  228. The Riot Shield
  229. Wont launch with win 10
  230. Game keeps Installing DirectX
  231. My Guaranteed access is confirmed but where do I download Rainbow Six Siege?
  232. Error 2-0x0000003c
  233. You cannot take five people into a squad on multiplayer
  234. Invalid activation code for Steam
  235. My microphone becomes really quiet if I start the game
  236. Ubisoft server connection error
  237. Can't join multiplayer or terrorist hunt
  238. In the menus everything just keep scrolling down all the time.
  239. Borderless Window mode
  240. How to start the game (when it's don't start)
  241. RainbowSix.exe has stopped working
  242. Cant redeem acces code
  243. Failed to start download - pc.
  244. Network Issues
  245. Who notebook. and the game does not start. This video is for you: 3
  246. Disconnection
  247. Closed beta code not working
  248. Game loads then kicks me out to the menu. (plz help)
  249. Error Code Please Help!
  250. Ping issues