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  1. You need help, Ubi?
  2. BattlEye Blocking Windows Jaksta Audio Service?
  3. Can I Import save data from Uplay=FREE WEEKEND Rainbow six to steam??
  4. Banned after buying year 2 pass ?
  5. Lost Carbon R6 charm
  6. Need Help
  7. What's up with ranked????
  8. Bought the complete edition and dont have access to "free" operator now?
  9. Why is every single Multiplayer game Ubisoft made are literal garbage?
  10. Error msg help?
  11. Bug after free weekends end, Please Help
  12. BattleEye Launcher
  13. Ban
  14. cant play steam problem
  15. Permanently banned after starting a casual match?
  16. 0x80000003 Breakpoint Error
  17. Permanently Banned for Cheating? I don't Cheat...
  18. unable to play multiplayer and terrorist hunt
  19. ubisoft service unabavilable
  20. This is the 3rd time that I "waste a booster" on not beeing able to play the game..
  21. Year 2 Pass Not Working
  22. Hibana Paratrooper error/bug
  23. Errorcode : 3-00030081
  24. Banned Forever Due to "In-game Behavior"?
  25. unable to play
  26. Lost my diamond skin after the new update.please help.
  27. Coastline spawnbug/frozen screen
  28. Can't pick map for terror hunt missions.
  29. Servers down
  30. Confused about the season 4 charms. Should have Diamond?
  31. Nvidia surround no longer working after Velvet Shell update
  32. Squad joining match problem
  33. ekko spawn problem
  34. weapon skins
  35. New Map Bug
  36. After new patch my connection type went from moderate nat to strict
  37. Hibana charges taking way too long to detonate
  38. Locatie installed game - different download times ?
  39. NAT STRICT after new patch
  40. Game Breakin Glitch
  41. Charms not working.
  42. Ban
  43. Rainbow Six won't load into games, or load weapons, skins, etc. in the menus.
  44. Hibana Kairos not working
  45. Ubi please respond ASAP!
  46. Crazy Bug When Spawning
  47. Nvidia Surround no longer works
  48. Screen Stuck at the River (KANAL MAP)
  49. Mid-game it got stuck in the blank loading screen.
  50. It says a member of our squad is still in a match but we are all in the menu.
  51. Missing charms
  52. It says a member of our squad is still in a match but we are all in the menu.
  53. Mira's Mirror Glitch
  54. BUG about KAPKAN
  55. WHY I cannot join the same game with my party?
  56. 2 gamebreaking bugs xboxone
  57. Zero renow for games
  58. Lost Year 1 Operators
  59. Mic isnt working.....
  60. Frequent Issue of Camera being stuck during the game
  61. bought season 2 pass not there
  62. Game is killing CPU after velvet shell update
  63. Blue Screen of Death has returned
  64. Problem for play on ps4
  65. Diamond Weapon Skin/Camo Disappeared
  66. Terrohunt camera bug
  67. First Person Shooter Camera Bug
  68. A series of Velvet Shell bugs
  69. Servers unavailable for 2 days
  70. Makes me SICK Every Time
  71. Ubisoft please (bug)
  72. Frozen Screen on yacht
  73. Fix it on Ps4
  74. Issues playing with a squad
  75. Crash before entering menu
  76. Bandit batteries not destroying drones
  77. Loading after the last patch; Russia
  78. Squad Error [2-0x0000E000] HELP!
  79. Error Code 2-0x0000E000(joining a friend) Problem
  80. Bought Montagne ELITE Skin And It Doesn't Show Up.
  81. Glitched out of map
  82. Errors all the time
  83. error code 3-0x0001000B
  84. Constant Spawn Point Stuck After Velvet Patch
  85. My help please
  86. Unable to get past the menu and don't have my diamond camo
  87. camera spawned under the ground
  88. error code 0-0x00000312
  89. Twitch keeps having plastic surgery...
  90. will no longer play
  91. Rainbow Siege
  92. cant join any casual or ranked game
  93. Chinese font display problem
  94. R6 Credits not showing up in-game
  95. why i cant play ranked??
  96. Can't control drone and operator
  97. Account compromised. Excuses or plain UBI mess?
  98. Mira's disappearing weapon
  99. Every time I launch RSS it wants to perform first time setups and then crashes
  100. UBIsoft Please Explain WTF is going on????
  101. Its to admins and people who know
  102. I would like to play.
  103. Are Servers Down ?
  104. Cross-Region search
  105. [VIDEO] Habana charges still broken in Velvet Shell
  106. missing r6 credits
  107. Bought YEAR 1 pass on accident, meant to buy YEAR 2!
  108. Is it possible to play in a squad with a mobile phone connection?
  109. Error massage - Uplay service
  110. potato server isn't it ?
  111. Ive paid for boost in R6:Siedge but serwers are offline
  112. Disconnect
  113. My season pass year 1-2 operators are gone.
  114. Border Glitch
  115. Rainbow Six install hangs on PS4 Pro
  116. Gamecrash in loadingscreen
  117. Missing R6 credits for Season Pass
  118. Match start bug - terrorist hunt
  119. NO DATA-Rainbow Six Siege Stats
  120. Missing R6 Credits
  121. Lost all the season pass benefits
  122. Rubberbanding - out of ideas
  123. Disconnected and lost rank with no reason
  124. Cant load uplay ingame challenges
  125. Missing R6 credits
  126. When is Uplay login issue going to be fixed for PC?
  127. Bugreport: spawning under the ground
  128. Player camera is stuck somewhere in the map and UPlay challenges not counting
  129. matchmaking
  130. Jackal's ability does not work in Terrorist Hunt
  131. Rainbow 6 siege UPLAY challenges not registering
  132. Fix for the PS4 region issue
  133. Game keeps freezing and I get kicked
  134. I can't veiw stats on the rainbow six stats website for PS4
  135. this weekend booster + seasons pass booster not working
  136. Bug Report: Fixed External camera after spawning
  137. Pressing Shift+F2 does not work
  138. Bug Squad
  139. ubisoft's server unstable and kick me out when ranking in rb6!!!
  140. Own the year 2 pass, but can't access the new operators, after already playing them
  141. Unbalanced Matchmaking..
  142. Game started to crash after the last uptade
  143. I Don't see my player-statistics
  144. Uplay R6 Challenge in progress error
  145. Missing R6 credits for Season Pass (Year 2 DLC)
  146. Crash of game
  147. Fix for the PS4 region issue
  148. Practically unreachable server after Velvet Shell update and pther issues
  149. [Bug] Rainbow six siege website player stats
  150. [Bug] ranked points.
  151. Didn't received R6 credits
  152. raibow 6 siege points
  153. Game doesn't start
  154. PS4 ERROR 6-0x00001002 2/11/17
  155. servers
  156. How long will you work on ps4
  157. Hire New Network Engineers
  158. Second time server goes down today
  159. PS4 Servers Crashing all the time
  160. Weekly Challenges progress not registering.
  161. 0 exp & renown..
  162. 0 renown or xp
  163. Renown issue
  164. Come on
  165. No move bug
  166. Can't hear properly
  167. Zero XP or Renown
  168. Details and Statistics all zeroed
  169. Not receiving renown
  170. Missing R6 Credits
  171. My challenges don't appear
  172. Stats Website and PS4 Server Issues
  173. Echo drone causing system crash.
  174. Game Locks Up When Leaving Match/Return to Menu/Exit to Windows
  175. Mouse problems?
  176. Can't play with my friends in rainbow.
  177. 200 ping on seas (3ms)
  178. Son güncelleme ile arkadaslarimla birlikte oynayamıyoruz
  179. Fix your ****ing game
  180. [Ps4] Squad Error help please
  181. error code 0-0x00000209
  182. Issue with updating
  183. Game error
  184. JOINING AN ON-GOING RANKED MATCH - BUG. Also side-switching and connection problems.
  185. Srsly thank you ubisoft -.-
  186. PS4 Servers gone to hell .... yet again
  187. Loading forever after character selection
  188. What Happened To Matchmaking?
  189. Unable to connect to server solutions PS4
  190. Technical teams? Server down again... PS4
  191. R6 Credits not received after 24h+
  192. They should solve this!
  193. Round doesn't start for anyone
  194. Dead Ubisoft... Fix your game !
  195. R6 Credits not received
  196. Probems after problems
  197. Let my friend in
  198. "Hitboxes" Messed Up
  199. Win=derank
  200. Los servidores
  201. Server issues
  202. [VIDEO]ranked matchmaking bug
  203. da **** this 10min match making?
  204. No Data Found
  205. Ubisoft Login Malfunction
  206. I can't take this game please fix the 3rd person bug do something right
  207. da **** 1hour match making
  208. [BUG] Coastline Map Shield cannot be vaulted.
  209. Season Pass not Registering on Siege
  210. Servers problems!
  211. Erro de memória ao clicar na aba opções.
  212. Broken spawn
  213. Cant buy the new operators
  214. new bug
  215. Must wait to buy The New Operators ! [30 days]
  216. Sound Engine Problems?
  217. Stats Website Not Working!
  218. Ps4 error
  219. Whare did my year 2 seasons pass Money go
  220. T Hunt drone issues
  221. I was suspended for 2 hours from an unfair action
  222. Initiate vote to kick player does not work in ranked. Is this deliberate?
  223. r6 credits not showing up
  224. Error Code Everytime I Log In
  225. patch 1.24
  226. East Europe ping. Pay money, go hell?
  227. R6 Credits not received
  228. I can not play multiplayer error code 3-0x000D006C
  229. Rainbow Six and Telegram
  230. Is PSN down?
  231. Problem - Receiving r6 credits
  232. I can't play since 3 days ago (fail to connect to R6 servers in main screen)
  233. I can't play since 3 days ago (fail to connect to R6 servers in main screen)
  234. Spawn glitch
  235. Having trouble loading Ubisfot CHallenges in PC, but in PS4 the load.
  236. I was suspended for cheating
  237. Impossible to play because of BattlEye
  238. Cannot access Rainbow6 player profile
  239. Broken Gun Sound
  240. Who's gonna give me back my lost renown??
  241. Error Code 0x00000312
  242. R6 Credits not received and no Answer on my Ticket for 5 Days
  243. Fuze plants a dud....
  244. Valkyria placeholder
  245. ranking point system is broke
  246. Challenges won't load / Endless loading Bug
  247. Cant get multiplayer game to start
  248. squad bugs
  249. R6 Credits not received..
  250. Season pass on Xbox one