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  1. Now Available on Steam & iOS/Android Tablets - Heroes of Might Magic III HD Edition
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  3. Huge dissapointment, not reccomending anyone to buy it
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  21. Post for refund, make them hear us
  22. heroes for Windows phone 8
  23. Petition to Ubisoft to reconsider releasing expansions for HOMM3HD
  24. UBISOFT why is there no any improvement ?
  25. new to map making quetion
  26. What is up with ubisoft and custom care?
  27. Streaming Heroes III on Sundays! http://www.twitch.tv/theknownworld/
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  30. Taking this to the media.
  31. Please, fixed the crash bugs
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  44. combination artifacts
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  58. Forum Rules
  59. Cloud Save on android
  60. Are there any plans for an expansion?
  61. Ipad Multiplayer?
  62. i want to know....
  63. Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition Random mapEditor
  64. How to chat (and cheat) in heroes 3 ipad?
  65. Program is not responding
  66. New Steam update - any one else with issues?
  67. Question: How to make monster cast spell?
  68. some downloaded maps from map4heroes.com not showing up in the game?
  69. Requests: 1. Heroes III for macOS. 2. Cross-platform multiplayer. 3. Expansions.
  70. Lack for updates
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  75. In game pictures of ancient behemoth
  76. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  77. Source Code Found!!!
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  79. Please consider re-releasing with HIII Complete!
  80. HoMM III remake in the same fashion as the Diablo 2 remake
  81. Remastered (remasterizacion)
  82. HoMM 3 Complete edition, there is no cd issue