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  1. PS4 - Farcry 4 controls
  2. How to Contact Ubisoft Support
  3. PS4 store preload for Far Cry 4
  4. Uplay won't let me preload
  5. Starting FC4
  6. Far Cry 4: Missing Map Bug
  7. Far Cry 4 won't start - black screen (Windows 7)
  8. Freezes after about 10 seconds.
  9. How to's, FAQs, and Basic Troubleshooting
  10. IMPORTANT: Download the “Day 1” Patch
  11. IMPORTANT: Patch 2 Preview
  12. FarCry 4 No sound when using Dolby Digital Live and very slow initial Loading times
  13. Official: No Support Of Logitech/Misc Gaming Devices
  14. Anyone know what this means?
  15. crash at loading screen
  16. Farcry 4 Redeem Code Uplay issue
  17. savegame damege
  18. Downloading Troubles
  19. AMD Catalyst™ 14.11.2 Beta - Up to 50% performance increase in Far Cry 4
  20. Bug: Arrow-type switch
  21. Map editor wont start from game or manually.
  22. OK...it's the 18th...Why can't I play?
  23. Above specs, fully updated, latest drivers, game won't even start
  24. Uplay cannot detect Far Cry 4 installation....
  25. [Maintenance - COMPLETE] Online Services Currently Unavailable
  26. is anyone getting any blurry cutscenes
  27. Its 12:41am here and still not unlocked
  28. Can't Start Story Mode
  29. PS3: two bugs one minor and one game breaking
  30. Keys to kyrat
  31. PC Binding Issue
  32. Possible fix for blackscreen at startup.
  33. 2560x1600 resolution has large black bar only at the bottom of the screen.
  34. 21:9 2560 x 1080 Aspect Ratio support
  35. can't connect to uplay software - PC
  36. Installation error
  37. Audio cuts out after 1st cutscene
  38. Game is crashing to desktop while loading and while opening a door at the start
  39. Editor not starting?
  40. Black screen after introduction
  41. need a quick confirmation
  42. Additional components wont load
  43. Black Screen - Roccat Tyon Mouse
  44. Game breaking bugs.
  45. Copyright claim by [Merlin] KudosRecords
  46. playthrough prologue then crash, HELP PLS!!
  47. Mouse acceleration need to be removed (both positive and negative acceleration)
  48. game doesnt install the dvd has corrupted files on it doesnt go passed 90%
  49. Se me queda la descarga en 99 y son las 9 de la mañana ya....
  50. Nevermind game wont load when it does you will wish it hadnt
  51. 'Far Cry 4 has Stopped Working' Crash to Desktop on First Loading Screen
  52. Cannot progress past installing .NET Framework
  53. PC game start issue (sometimes)
  54. PS4 Co-op not working
  55. None of my exclusive content is showing up in game (XBOX ONE)(Digital Gold Edition)
  56. PS4 version not launching.
  57. PS3 - "Game Data is corrupted" Message
  58. Far cry 4 startup error black screen (no I won't uninstall usb/bluetooth/keyboard)
  59. far cray 4 goldversion season pass
  60. PC: Borderless fullscreen not working?
  61. Dualshock 4 rumble not working.
  62. Still says Preloaded
  63. Runs like crap on superlow with decent computer.
  64. "Download 1 day patch" ???
  65. Far Cry 4 PS4 ce-34878-0 error
  66. PC Feedback / Bug Report
  67. Issue when redeeming codes for Hurk’s Redemption and Keys to Kyrat
  68. Game freezes during loading screen
  69. FC64.dll Corrupted
  70. FC64.dll Corrupted
  71. Crossfire not working/flickering, whens the patch/driver comming.
  72. Application hangs at black screen, immediately after the FarCry 4 splash screen/logo
  73. Game freezes on boot.
  74. progress not saving in coop....
  75. Change menu and audio to English
  76. (Xbox One) Game released, servers unavailable....
  77. HOTFIX for Mouse Lag/Stutter/Acceleration NEEDED
  78. Game not responding after inital FC4 splash screen
  79. Outpost mastery bug
  80. Uplay service funktioniert nicht mehr
  81. FarCry 4 Very slow initial Loading times and No sound when using dolby digital
  82. Gold edition: season pass
  83. Freezing on New Game load screen
  84. Stuck on Rope-please help
  85. Game loads but crashes on first level loading screen
  86. About game not starting on PC. (fix)
  87. Critical Issue: FC4 Does Not Start
  88. Keybinds
  89. Game Crashes on loading screen
  90. 2 Patch preview/no fix for mouse acceleration rly
  91. ps4 far cry 4 screen is cut off
  92. XBOX controller movement
  93. I'm not allowed to play because I use game controllers!
  94. Am I really the only one with this game breaking bug?.
  95. Gamestop redeem code Issues.
  96. Issue installing farcry 4
  97. Black screen mini map
  98. FC4 Xbox icons on PC
  99. Working Fix for startup Black Screen with Logitech G-13 or logitech Gaming Software
  100. Help with moving Far Cry 4 from laptop to desktop
  101. DTS - Dolby Digital 5.1 surround Not working
  102. Uplay still says "Preordered", won't let me play
  103. [FIXED] Playstation 3 "Corrupt Data" Error Message [Updated November 19th]
  104. PC : Serious stuttering while moving through map (world streaming issue ?)
  105. Far cry 4 crashing
  106. Infinite Loading Screen...
  107. Unlock my game.
  108. large graphic bug on the game far cry 4
  109. The acceleration thread
  110. fps drop on AMD Radeon HD 7700 gfx card
  111. Campaign dissapeared -> No way to continue story
  112. Far Cry 4 Nvidia Settings White Screen
  113. Letterboxing
  114. Crossfire not working/flickering, whens the patch/driver comming
  115. Far Cry 4 doesn't start, Ubi Support Ticket not going through
  116. Display only controller(xbox360) icon in PC version
  117. Game Hangs on First Loading Screen
  118. NO email received from UBISOFT to activate DLC
  119. Far Cry 4 coop crap
  120. souns problem
  121. Didn't expect much... Disappointed anyway.
  122. i can`t play far cry 4 story mode for pc
  123. forced to restart game loged in from different location
  124. CRITICAL: Black screen (no, not the regular one)
  125. Far Cry 4 pre-load still not available.
  126. Far Cry 4 - Application Error On Launch
  127. "Burned" image when entering in-game menu
  128. do I need the Day 1 Patch?
  129. Error: 0xc0000005 -Launch failure Far Cry 4
  130. Foliage Extreme Texture Flickering
  131. Weapon Wheel Glitch PS4
  132. Black window problem (windows 7)
  133. Far Cry 4 - Application Error On Launch
  134. Servers
  135. Patch support for consoles?
  136. Far Cry 4 not starting
  137. Cannot launch the game
  138. FATAL ERROR message Pc users
  139. Keys to Kyrat code doesn't work.
  140. No in game sound, but cutscene/video sound work fine
  141. Help! Far Cry 4 Unplayable. Game triggers/events not working
  142. Farcry Won't start
  143. FarCry 4: Service not available - please try again later
  144. Game goes to black screen after 8 hours of playing
  145. Game is unplayable for me
  146. FarCry 4 Microsoft Gamepad Issue on PC
  147. Cannot download day 1 patch
  148. Far Cry 4 cannot connect to Uplay servers...
  149. Is PS4 coop working?? Tried for 2 days with no luck!!!
  150. i can not activate my season pass for far cry 4
  151. I can't play!!! I start game and the black screen!!!
  152. BLACK SCREEN - In spite the installed Patches, the game won't be launched??
  153. Terrible stuttering, most noticeable while driving - poor texture streaming
  154. Crash and Patch
  155. FC4 : Weird shadow/Lighting bug.
  156. Fix the stuttering!
  157. Blood Ruby Mission DLC code missing (PS4)
  158. WTF NO Nostromo n52 support on an A list game from ubisoft
  159. Gotten the game data from a friend. Now having problem to install. Need help.
  160. Massive Graphic Slowdowns and stutter on Xbox One
  161. Pre-Loaded last night. Today: "Has not been released yet."
  162. 5.1 Audio Support
  163. FarCry Fatal Error
  164. Game wont download through Uplay
  165. Game not released on Uplay?
  166. Can't connect too Uplay
  167. Install without DVD drive
  168. Langue Farcry 4
  169. Can't even get passed the first loading screen
  170. Can't play coop with friend on xbox 360
  171. Game wont start
  172. Far Cry 4 won't start
  173. Stuck on logging in screen!
  174. Cannot activate Far Cry 4
  175. Save bugs and lost progress on PC version
  176. Launcher issue (Can't start game)
  177. Saved games for more users
  178. PC - All my games work. Just not ..this one. - Black screen upon Launch from steam
  179. Xbox 360 Controller not working with the game...
  180. Problem with downloading wallpapers, tracks and art.
  181. Says game is pre-ordered, but is past release date; activation code already used
  182. Crash after intro video
  183. Game doesn't save
  184. Xbox icons for PC version of Far Cry 4? As well as left mouse stuck....
  185. Far Cry 4 won't manual save
  186. Can't get past the start screen on XBOX ONE
  187. Game will not start
  188. Uplay wont download Day1 patch!!!
  189. Far Cry 4 crashing during installation.Help.
  190. Far Cry 4 has stopped working Windows 8.1
  191. Propaganda Posters to high to be reached - PC
  192. Far Cry 4, "This game has not been released yet" Date: 11-18
  193. (pc) cant leave town of banapur after prologue, game shuts down
  194. Game can't save and aiming is just broken?!
  195. No Patch
  196. Crashing on launch - [Possible Solution]
  197. "Banapur Attack" mission is broken on PC :x!
  198. PS3: Is anyone able to play
  199. Far cry 4 ps4 screen cut off
  200. Unbelievably Slow Download Speeds - Far Cry 4
  201. Rebinding keys bugs
  202. Fullscreen issues
  203. Strange SSAO problem and some minor stutter.
  204. 99 percent and not starting xbox 1
  205. Game slowly gets so dark its pitch black!
  206. PC crash
  207. "Banapur Attack" mission is broken :x!
  208. Anybody else having problems with activation keys and them not working?
  209. Unable to Save and Load. Game purchased from Uplay.
  210. Please Ubisoft fix this
  211. Far cry 4 gold edition - didnt get the content with it
  212. Keys to Kyrat "this feature is currently unavailable."
  213. Extremly annoying humming noise in menus is BACK, WTF!?
  214. PC Crash-Unknown File Readfile()
  215. Far Cry 4 stop working
  216. Verifying game downloads 9402mb each time
  217. Game wont start
  218. Fix for Saitek Gaming Keyboard (maybe other devices getting black screen on loadup)
  219. Game is crashing on boot.
  220. Zip-line/Glider crash
  221. Key is already in use?
  222. Does Far Cry 4 work for ANY PS3 owners right now?
  223. Ubisoft is an absolute joke
  224. Redeeming Packs
  225. Unable to play (A little different than the others)
  226. Bought a Nvidia card, activated free game of Far Cry 4, says PREORDERED
  227. Downloading from Uplay stuck at 100%
  228. Poor frame rate
  229. To those of you experiencing this error, please answer these questions
  230. black boarders on 16:10?!
  231. Game crashes evertime loading to Shangri - La
  232. Farcry4 DLC tab says that I own the "season pass" but I have no access to it.
  233. AMD Graphic Bug(still present in FC4,Screenshots)
  234. For anyone having the 0xc0000005 error
  235. SLI gpu's Blacked out shadows persist, game remains UNPLAYABLE
  236. Problema al iniciar el modo historia!
  237. Нет ключа обычного издания
  239. "Game has not yet been released"
  240. Xbox one offline issues
  241. GTX770 Flashing problem
  242. Refunds
  243. Can't play FC4 Activation key in use
  245. Does this mean ive officially redeemed the promo code?
  246. Mouse issues when using Borderless mode
  247. cant connect on uplay ..
  248. Need help transferring game from laptop to desktop
  249. Graphics are doing something so that it makes you drunk
  250. Pre-Order bonus verification message sended to wrong email address!