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  1. PC Auto Aim not working with xbox360 controller
  2. PC Missions, ai, npc, animals not loadiong
  3. PC "Unable to start the game" - Error Message, can't play!!!
  4. PS4 BUG - FarCry 4 Water Spawn
  5. notification won't go away and let me play
  6. Xbox One I need serious help please urgent!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Xbox One No save game option far cry 4
  8. PC Constant crash
  9. XBOX ONE Needs Urgent help!!!
  10. PC Latest patch is causing constant micro stutter!
  11. Can't start Farcry 4
  12. Xbox One Camera not working
  13. shredder still locked
  14. PC Why is not my season pass active????
  15. PC Far Cry 4 Won't Start
  16. PC Just downloaded. Wont start.
  17. PC 4.9.5 and FarCry 4 screen resolution problem
  18. Camera and stones glitch
  19. Xbox One Xbox One Progress wont save for the second player
  20. PS4 Cant invite friend on co op.
  21. HELP black screen XBOX ONE can not launch
  22. PS4 Exclusive Limited Edition Content Not Working, Far Cry 4
  23. Sound partially working?
  24. PC UPlay patch downloader will not start downloading
  25. Far Cry 4 Saving Loadout in Multiplayer
  26. PC Shader Problem Or Weird rectangles boxes shadow bug
  27. I can't log in to Uplay account. Far Cry 4 Xbox One
  28. PS4 You Can't send a Key to Kyrat to a friend who already owns the full game.
  29. PC have lost keyboard and mouse control for weapons
  30. PC Failed to start Download
  31. PC Uplay stats not updating/showing
  32. Keys to Kyrat for Digital Gold edition not found
  33. Far Cry 4 has stopped working Thangka mission
  34. PC Every 10 Minutes Far Cry 4 Has Stopped Working!!!
  35. Farcry 4 crashiing
  36. Racing not progressing. Unable to unlock Hijack skill
  37. PC Gamebreaking Resolution bug
  38. I have bought Seasson Pass, where are my Hurk Missions?
  39. PC Nvidia GTX 750ti OC crashing
  40. PC Uplay not tracking achievements!
  41. PC **FC4 WON'T START** Please help! Can't connect to the Uplay Servers
  42. PC Broken after Patch 1.6, solution uninstall, maybe reinstall in a month- probably not.
  43. [PC] Adding as "Non-Steam" game?
  44. PC FC4 don't want to start : Black Screen, not responding....
  45. PC Some issues with co-op
  46. PS4 PS4 - Far Cry 4 restart error
  47. PS4 Far Cry 4 bricked my PS4
  48. PC no reticle with xbox 360 controller on PC
  49. There's a mission missing the second time i'm finishing the game.
  50. Grass Reduction?
  51. PC How can I Change the settings outside of the game?
  52. (PC) reinstalled windows. Can't update or play from last position
  53. No sound (music ou effect) in game - PC Version
  54. Xbox One Save/online
  55. PS4 Digital download install
  56. PC Black Screen of Death
  57. my Karma Level seems to be glitched
  58. PC FarCry4 PC full of game breaking (broken) missions and inescapable checkpoint loops
  59. Save file wont load
  60. PC Separate Key Binding for Foot/Vehicle
  61. PC Skill reset after faulty Coop connection
  62. Game crash on PC at the end of mission : Wolves Den
  63. Xbox One My Far Cry 4 can't Login to Uplay
  64. Game crashes when I try to save or when I die.
  65. PC Can't download 1.6 patch
  66. PS4 meet the yeti's add on ???
  67. PC Stuck in a strange place
  68. PC map crash
  69. PC NVIDIA Driver Crash after Patch v1.6.0
  70. HALP!!! Loading issues
  71. PC Far Cry 4 cutscene audio out of sync
  72. Xbox One Saving problem
  73. PC [PC] Game Lagging.
  74. Xbox 360 bought the Season Pass on XB360, but It's not loading
  75. PC Game not saving / no save button - can't play since patch 1.5 came out
  76. Xbox One Can't conect to the Far Cry 4 Servers
  77. PC Gamepad controls broken and CTD's
  78. PC LK-1018 Bugged?!
  79. PC Crash to Desktop after ~ 1.5 hours of play
  80. PS4 non-stop skill will not unlock
  81. PC [Please help!] Far Cry 4 putting computer into sleep mode
  82. Mouse acceleration
  83. PC Screen goes black during all cutscenes; sound still works
  84. Xbox 360 Farcry 4 disc unreadable error
  85. far cry 4 has gone missing from games library
  86. Far Cry 4 on Dual Processor systems
  87. PS4 Session is Full - Can't join friends in Co-Op
  88. 30FPS lock on PC?
  89. PC Thangka glitched?
  90. PC P11 Earforce 7.1 Surround Sound Headset Multi-Audio Control functionality issue
  91. PC I just want to play the game (may contain spoilers)
  92. 44 magnum missing barrel glitch :'(
  93. Xbox One GAME BREAKING BUG! Can't move
  94. Uplay Update Glitched My Far Cry 4 Game
  95. PC Yogi n Reggie First mission crash
  96. PC HELP!I need to edit the game for my native language!
  97. PC Crash when going east
  98. PC Xbox360 controller not working with PC/FarCry4 - SOLVED!!!
  99. PC Far Cry 4 Crashes Entire PC on startup
  100. PS4 - Far Cry 4 - Auto Save/Manual Save Issue
  101. Xbox One Assassination missions never end. Far cry 4
  102. PC why is my cd key banned
  103. PC Far Cry 4 Crashing Problems
  104. PS4 Save Corrupted - Please Help!
  105. quest Shangri-La "process far cry 4 DEAD"
  106. Game Crashes During First Mission
  107. Xbox 360 Leaves Dissapeared from my loot bag
  108. Xbox One Hurks Redemption Final mission Bug
  109. PC No cutscene voice audio from any characters
  110. PS4 Longinus mission indicator missing
  111. Xbox One Can't spin the Mani wheel bug
  112. Xbox One Cannot access North Kyrat
  113. Xbox Controller Preventing Progress
  114. PC Any patch to fix controller issue?
  115. PC Crash when changing video options
  116. PC Where are the save files located?
  117. Hunt or be hunted Amita 1st mission
  118. Xbox 360 Stuck on loading screen after cut scene of Yogi and Reggie
  119. PC Kyrat fashion week hunt for the wolf leader game crash after reach the gear up point
  120. PC Uplay Update Glitched My Far Cry Game
  121. PC latest update error message [SOLVED]
  122. PC Crashed after checkpoint
  123. Why the hell does my Karma Reset back to 0?! And i couldn't earn anymore Karma Pts.
  124. PC No UHD support?
  125. PC FarCry4 on i3 Processor
  126. PC Far cry 4 mouse cursor not moving
  127. Technical Support
  128. PC [Problem] Alt Tabbing
  129. Wireless controller - PC
  130. PS3 Gray Health Bars and Healing Syringe Doesn't Work
  131. PC Logitech SetPoint
  132. Reggie and Yogi Missions Break w/ Syringe Use
  133. Map Browser error.
  134. Gold Edition... Season Pass... Verification?
  135. PC Gold edition season pass dont work
  136. PC How I can get in to uplay Box?
  137. PS4 Missing loot chests
  138. PS4 Instalation progress slow
  139. Xbox One death looping glitch
  140. PC Far Cry 4 has stopped working
  141. PS4 Progress Tracker
  142. PS4 Game stuck at 48% on install progress
  143. PS4 [BUG] Two missions (Hurk and Sabal) interfering, causing black screen after cutscene
  144. Far cry 4 0xc0000005 error when launching.
  145. Xbox One "Occulus Spliff" mission doesn't end
  146. Do I have to Download FC4 everytime I format my PC
  147. PC Please ubi...
  148. PC Gamepads
  149. PS3 Health visually glitched after update 1.04
  150. PS4 Weird controller problem (Far cry 4 ps4)
  151. Xbox One How do you use C4's?
  152. PS3 Far Cry 4 Missing Dlc NEED HELP
  153. Xbox One Far Cry 4 stuck in loading screen?
  154. PC black screen
  155. PS3 Endless Loop
  156. PC Far Cry 4 has stopped working...
  157. shangri la noked arrow
  158. PC Water (spawning?) problems [SOLVED]
  159. PC Game freezes at random during offline campaign
  160. Xbox One Completely Broken
  161. PC Persistent FOV bug
  162. PC Yogi and Reggie mission (Parents' house video crash)
  163. Sound Issues
  164. Matchmaking hangs, won't finding CO-OP games
  165. Auto Light Adjust. Any fix?
  166. PC Naked & Screaming mission won't complete.
  167. PS4 I can't continue main quest,the icon on the map disappear
  168. PC Connexion session impossible ???
  169. PC PC + 360 controller : Game Triggers Does Not Work When 360 Controller is connected
  170. PC Problem to join a game Co-op and multiplayer
  171. PC game stuck on some missions
  172. Xbox One No more autosave except on campaign missions
  173. PC Season Pass question
  174. Xbox One Installation on Xbox One keeps stopping at 47%
  175. PC coop help
  176. PC FC4 Controls/feelings
  177. PC Facry 4 black screen
  178. PC FOV Issues
  179. PS3 Far Cry 4 DLC
  180. PC Game start, computer switches off after app 1 second logo
  181. PC Farcry 4 steam crash au démarrage
  182. PS4 Blood Ruby Pack still no code
  183. Xbox One Do you own this game or app?
  184. PC Objectives do not trigger by themselves.
  185. Xbox One Cannot start the game - Xbox says 'Do you won this game or App'. Digital Version.
  186. PC ERROR MESSAGES: This CD key or Activation Code is already active on this account, I c
  187. PC Downloading problem
  188. PC Gros beug son, que faire?
  189. PC Farcry 4 exiting with error crash report. Worked fine yesterday.
  190. PC Hepl Me! I can not install the game. why it upwards so?
  191. Redeeming Rewards Not Going Through!
  192. PC This CD key or Activation code is already active on this account.
  193. PC [NOT WORKING] far cry 4 on linux(ubuntu)
  194. PC "Yak Farm" and Overrun PvP mode are missing from Gold edition (Steam preorder)!
  195. xboxone v slow loading problems as of 5/1/15...hard copy
  196. Please Fix Camera.Repair tool and Rock bug, Xbox One
  197. Xbox 360 far cry 4 crafting menu glitched and lost it all
  198. far cry 4 explosive arrows not working
  199. Far Cry 4 PS3
  200. PS4 Season pass Day1 content doesn't unlock
  201. Xbox One I can hear the music but I can't hear the voices of people on my Xbox One.
  202. PC Game Saved On death/Explosion/Mine FIX
  203. PS4 Lost all progress suddenly after 60 hours??
  204. PC Multiplayer Works Fine, Single Player Crashes
  205. Outpost retaliation parties
  206. Xbox One Please Help! I'm a syringe idiot!
  207. PC far cru 4 Error when starting the game
  208. Xbox One Stuck at load screen
  209. Uplay support is a disgrace and 100% incompetent
  210. PC Information version pc/informazione versione pc
  211. PC Skill Tree Progress not updating
  212. PC thick lines
  213. PC Facry 4 Crashes (Blackscreen)
  214. PC Black squares BUG.
  215. PC Reinstall issues.....
  216. PC When loading Campaign, Sudden freeze occurs.
  217. PC [BUG] [v1.6] Game crashes after first video sequence
  218. Xbox One Can't manual save anymore Far Cry 4
  219. Xbox One Far Cry 4 update on Xbox One
  220. PC Far Cry 4 Has stopped responding after starting the game
  221. PC Finally! I got an Xbox 360 Controller working in Far Cry 4 PC
  222. PC Having to tab out and back in for it to load
  223. FarCry4.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  224. PC Season Pass problem
  225. PC Still getting black screen issue :( PC (not dual core)
  226. PC "Reach The Bell Tower" Mission Bug
  227. PC I can't use the grappling hook
  228. Xbox 360 Season Pass Contents
  229. PC freezing problem solved missions for me
  230. Far Cry 4 works on one pc but not the other!
  231. PC Far Cry 4 - Screen Problems
  232. PS3 Far cry 4 Coop joining a friend
  233. x:642 y-675 (submerged truck location)
  234. Xbox One Far cry - Error : Can't connect to far cry 4 services!
  235. Far Cry 4 Saves
  236. PC Game doesn't save when sleep in safe houses
  237. Jalendu Temple Bug
  238. PC Error, se me sale del juego y se queda congelado en blanco ! AYUDA !
  239. PC Bugged hanglider in the first town
  240. Far Cry 4 - Golden Pipe of Kyrat and Reset Outpost = Death
  241. PC A pair of 980gtx SLI not running fully in this game
  242. PC Anyone have eyefinity (3 screens) working? it seems to be causing my blackscreens
  243. PC Single Player Wont Work.
  244. PC Glitched hang glider in Banapur; you die when you use it
  245. PC FAR CRY 4 can't start on PC windows 7 64b
  246. PC Game randomly switches to an unplayable, black window mode. Sound still plays
  247. PC Game exits out while trying to load after main menu
  248. Willis Mission Bug
  249. Lost letters problems.
  250. PC Far Cry 4 Graphical Problems and Unnatural Performance Drops