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  1. Problème langue russe
  2. Grappling Hook stopped working in PS4 - HELP!!
  3. Far Cry 4 Crashing !!
  4. Can't Seem to Take Pictures with Camera on PC
  5. Soft shadows extremely buggy in the North and the Himalayas
  6. PS4 throwing Error Code c34878-0
  7. PS4 throwing Error Code c34878-0
  8. PS3 freeze
  9. xbox one help
  10. Render/Loading issues within the game
  11. Downloading 0/kbs
  12. Far Cry 4 PS4 Sound Muffled Problem?
  13. PC-Won't install patch
  14. Far Cry 4 survey.
  15. My activation code is used
  16. the "controller xbox360 wirelles" not work with Farcry4 / el mando no funciona
  17. the "controller xbox360 wirelles" not work with Farcry4 / el mando no funciona
  18. "Co op feature currently unavailable, please try again later"
  19. Problem with location mentioning
  20. This black screen I have shows ubi's commitment to customer service
  21. Place nondiscovered & inaccessible diamond
  22. Far Cry 4 does not progress
  23. Farcry 4 crashes after i launch game
  24. Need help with the far cry 4 code!
  25. Far Cry 4 Randomly drops to 30fps from 60fps for No Reason
  26. PS4 - Game Breaking Glitch - Help!
  27. PC save game fc4 / force cloud?!
  28. I just bought FC4, installed and cant play because of wrong password
  29. PC Shanath Arena Glitches
  30. Any word on another patch?
  31. PC Loading after death suddenly slower
  32. PC Far Cry 4 Not Responding.
  33. PC Consistent game crashes - unable to proceed in campaign mode
  34. PS3 99.99% completion
  35. PS4 Keys to Kyrat
  36. PC Game only loads at "The Dark Place"
  37. PS3 Purchased Season Pass via PSN, "The Syringe Mission" is missing ! / Patches missing
  38. Skill will not unlock (Vehicle Takedown)
  39. multiple loading
  40. PC Uplay,Far Cry 4 and compatibility errors
  41. PC Voice bug
  42. PS4 PS4 / Season Pass / No Syringe Mission
  43. Problem with escort quest
  44. Far Cry 4 problem
  45. aim constantly goes to the top off the screen
  46. PC aim constantly goes to the top off the screen
  47. Xbox One Pranijagat School capture
  48. PC Far Cry 4 DVD Install - Sound.bat corrupted / unable to install
  49. Far Cry 4 Audio & Unplayable Frame-rate on PC
  50. Xbox One far cry 4 season pass not giving all what it has
  51. Not able to join co-op game.
  52. PS4 Can't access Far Cry 4 uplay on PS4
  53. PC I can't save please help me ASAP, my game is Freeze
  54. PC Game Crashes on New Game
  55. Far Cry 4 - PS4 - Cannot grab ledge at X:663.8 Y:630.1?
  56. PC Instant gamecrash Yogi and Reggie
  57. Please help, the game doesn't load!
  58. Xbox One This has annoyed me so much
  59. PC Good FPS but...
  60. PS3 Grenade bug?
  61. PC Assasin's Creed Unity
  62. PS3 There are no patches out for the PS3 version of FC4!
  63. [PC bug] Cant finish Mission to Capture de Pleur
  64. PC Nvidia Control Panel
  65. Xbox One XBOX ONE - Encountered game breaking glitch.
  66. PC Location and height stuck on screen.
  67. Black screen and CTD on Bell Tower
  68. PC Far Cry 4 Crash at New Game
  69. PC White Screen Crash During Hurk's Monkey Idol Mission
  70. PC At my wits end (FPS)
  71. PC Please help voice chat
  72. PC: Xbox One gamepad is not transfering commands to the Game
  73. PC Bought for second time Far Cry 4 and key code had been banned
  74. Lost all progress in the open world
  75. PC Crafting issue/cant switch weapons - game breaking
  76. To Ubisoft: Multiplayer issues that need to be fixed immediately
  77. PS4 PS4 Dropping Frames all of a sudden
  78. Xbox One Major co op matchmaking issues.
  79. PC Is there any way to transfer game files between PCs?
  80. Ubisoft take note.
  81. PC Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Gamepad recognized but no input allowed
  82. PC Can't sell items one by one after last visit to the House of Chiffon! [BUG REPORT]
  83. PC Far Cry 4 Will Not Go Into Fullscreen Mode
  84. Keyboard Settings
  85. PETITION for farcry4 CAMERA & repair tool glitch not getting fixed!
  86. PC: Map Editor just hangs at splash screen with loading bar
  87. Thank you for stealing my money Ubisoft
  88. PS4 Lost Crafting upgrades
  89. PC [BUG] Interaction Weirdness
  90. PC campaign bug?
  91. PC Driving/Racing bug?
  92. Computer crahed when exiting
  93. XBOX360 PC controller not work with explain video yt
  94. PC When will Patch 1.6 arrive us?
  95. PC bug Ghost Frame?? Far Cry 4
  96. PC "Don't look down"-campaign, corrupt cloudsave.
  97. No Update to Crafting Glitch Still
  98. Deleted and blocked a friend by accident.
  99. Signature Weapons Not Unlocking
  100. PC Options to disable?
  101. PC Black screen...HELP PLZ!!!
  102. Please fix unity and farcry 4's sli issues!
  103. PC FC4 team-issues is trying solved xbox360 wireless pc controller?
  104. PC Game crashed after killed Pagan
  105. 1.5 Still stutter
  106. PS4 Bomb defusing mission disappeared
  107. Xbox 360 Nice job Ubisoft
  108. How to start over from scratch?
  109. PC Black screen error
  110. PS4 Karma Bug in Skill Tree
  111. Crash error.
  112. PC Pc not loading
  113. Can't Access Season Pass Content on PS4
  114. PC Patch 1.6 out, changelist here
  115. PC I'm done.
  116. PC White screen entering the cave in Willis mission "to kill or be killed".
  117. 1.6 patch caused melee key to disfunction when riding Elephant
  118. PC CO-OP with random works, with a friend not.
  119. Mission not completing
  120. PC New patch breaks save function.
  121. PC FAR CRY 4 - DLC: Hurk's Redemption
  122. Can’t play Far Cry multiplayer/online ! XBOX 360*
  123. PC 21:9 FOV Anyone!?
  124. 0xc0000005 error
  125. black screen alt tab issue with controller
  126. PS4 I play mission 40% cannot crafting ?
  127. PC Patch 1.6 Forces to download ENTIRE GAME again
  128. Xbox One guns disappear whenever I move
  129. PC Black Screen Crashes following Patch
  130. PC "game doesn't work" since the update from 24th of december
  131. Grappling Bug
  132. Seems to be a bug or somthing with the last Reggie and Yogi quest.
  133. PC What Happend With The Soft Shadows!?? help please!
  134. PS4 Cant spin Mani Wheel bug
  135. Xbox One Propaganda machine bug
  136. PS4 Invalid code for copy of far cry 4
  137. Game promo code won't work at checkout.
  138. PC Mouse is not responding!
  139. [Xbox One] Map editor spectator/cinematic camera?
  140. Xbox 360 No sound effects
  141. PC Far cry key banned?
  142. PC HELP!!Where is my Season Pass?
  143. PC How the hell bind new key for Hold Breath and/or Auto Drive???
  144. Keyboard not being recognized
  145. PS4 Far Cry 4 service unreachable
  146. I cant start my game, please help me
  147. PC Crash at the start of the off-line campaign.
  148. PC Xbox Controller Won't Work
  149. PC Lags on High Graphic...
  150. Far Cry 4 - Black Screen Not Responding
  151. PS4 Installation problem
  152. FAR CRY 4 DLC: Hurk's Redemption
  153. PC Patch 1.6 Restrictions, and failures.
  154. PC I can't download the game!
  155. Installation problem
  156. PS4 fary cry 4 issue
  157. PC Farcry 4 product key
  158. PC Two updates a no fix
  159. PC FarCry 4 Startet nicht trotz aktuellen Treibern
  160. Armed escort missions not fixed. You've ruined Christmas and made baby Jesus cry
  161. Xbox One ET Atari 2600 & Far Cry 4 - Yep!
  162. PC Far Cry 4 ,,Stop working,,
  163. PC Game controls suddenly broke
  164. PC Far Cry 4 - Disc Error
  165. PS4 Broken Disc
  166. PC Crashes on startup
  167. Allied AI Problems XBOX 360
  168. PC far cry 4 uplay question
  169. PC Vehicle takedown skill won't unlock.unique weapon in arena mode won't unlock.multiple
  170. Soucis de langue
  171. PC 'Cannot connect to Far Cry 4 servers'. ????
  172. Unlimited Ammp Bug
  173. PS4 touchpad problem (ps4)
  174. PC Black screen continue
  175. Anyone able to play FC4 on an LGA775 Possible?
  176. Finally! Thank you Ubisoft!
  177. PC Tours de communications HF & Arme
  178. Game Not Launching- Far Cry 4
  179. PC U points non comptabilisés !!
  180. PC Far Cry 4 won't play.
  181. PC Delete a posted map
  182. PS4 Ammo and other icons off screen
  183. PC Cyclic error installing from disc
  184. PS4 Game won't start - hangs up at log in screen
  185. PC SEASSON PASS download link?
  186. PC Far cry error messages
  187. Problem in the game
  188. PC failed to start download?
  189. PC Far Cry 4 Wierd Bug Black or White Squares
  190. PC Freezing at the same point of the first / second mission
  191. [PS4] Animal Hide/Skin Bug?
  192. Keyboard/Mouse issues
  193. PC Far Cry 4 crashes upon launching.
  194. PC Keyboard is not responding at ALL in FC4.....help
  195. PS3 no hurk missions
  196. PS4 Glitch or controller
  197. PC Kyrati Films & Shangri-La
  198. Crossfire not working
  199. Far Cry 4 BUG HELP !
  200. PC (en)Far Cry 4 has stopped working (tr) Far Cry 4 çalışmayı durdurdu
  201. PC Can't turn vehicle when driving
  202. Far Cry 4 Is Unplayable
  203. PC Black screen at start. What have I not tried yet?
  204. Far cry 4 not supported for Windows Vista
  205. My Uplay games don't update automatically
  206. Where are my XP and Karma points?
  207. PC bug, installation bloquée, impossible
  208. PS4 I can't play my ps4 copy at all
  209. Xbox 360 No sound effects again
  210. Please fix the lack of shared progress in co-op. Unplayable co-op at the moment.
  211. PC Cut scenes don't work - No video (Black screen) but audio works fine
  212. PC Far Cry 4 is unplayable
  213. PC door bug
  214. PC FC4 Kyrat Edition fails to update on Uplay
  215. Xbox One Black screen freeze on xv1 when start or back is clicked
  216. PC Game Breaking Bug
  217. Xbox One Freezes at log in.
  218. PC Cannot connect to the game session for an offline game
  219. Camera glitch
  220. Xbox One Can not join my friends game?
  221. Farcry 3 Black Screen (PC)
  222. PC Far Cry 4 crashing from Overclock, then continues crashing at start up.
  223. PC Uplay / Ubisoft Glitch Need HALP!
  224. Crashing on Loading screen
  225. PC broken mess
  226. Xbox One When trying to play online
  227. PC Can't play - error message!
  228. PC far cry 4 stopped working
  229. PS4 Service unavailable.
  230. Karma bug Cannot gain non stop skill
  231. Far Cry 4 - Black Screen Not Responding ON STARTUP
  232. PS4 Video Glitch Patch 1.04
  233. PC FarCry4.exe not responding
  234. PC Seasson pass ??
  235. PC German and English ~~~ Aktivierungsproblem/ Activation Code
  236. PC Is a refund possible
  237. PC 1.7 or 1.8 or 1.9 maybe just a v2.0 or is that gonna be far cry 5
  238. PC ERROR: Crash, faulting module FC4.DLL
  239. 3 bugs that Ubisoft still needs to fix.
  240. PC Game crashes
  241. PC Game Freeze
  242. PC Far cry 4 Can't save and quit
  243. PS4 Map Editor Lighting Tool Bug
  244. PC Draw Distance Issue
  245. PS4 Audio Bug
  246. PC FaryCry4 freezes after last Willis Mission - cannot continue the game anymore
  247. can't climb rope
  248. PS4 Season Pass Weapons not showing up
  249. PC Not loading, but not crashing
  250. PS3 No Sound effects?!?