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  1. Windows 7 Crashes w/ Black Screen and Buzzing Noises!
  2. Far Cry 4 Motars
  3. Far Cry 4 PS 4 Lost campaign progress and other issues.
  4. [Glitch] Reload bar flashes red like its empty, but I still have full ammo.
  5. Can't use steering wheel.
  6. Ps4 sound issues!
  7. High Competitive mutiplayer Ping,Any way to start my own lobby? and No Dedi's :(
  8. Mr Chiffon is gone
  9. game save stuck in an endless "mission failed" loop
  10. Cannot Save Games on PC version
  11. No Sound
  12. Arena master app
  13. Ubi please respond why isent quicksave / load not working ?
  14. Ps4 corrupted data
  15. [Bug] Removing / adding weapon attachments causes ammo to disappear
  16. Skill bug Kyrat racing
  17. Endless loop for final Longinus mission
  18. every "event" doesnt load...automatically that is
  19. English version of FC4 on Steam in Ukraine
  20. Cant shoot weapons
  21. Season Pass not working?
  22. ERROR: The Far Cry 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
  23. PS4 - Far Cry 4 - BUGS
  24. Black Screen Flickering for Miliseconds on GTX770. Anyone Else?
  25. New Issues Since Installing Patch
  26. Will GTX 280 run FC4?
  27. 0xc000007b error
  28. [PC] Shadow and Light - Can not play
  29. Far Cry 4 Fatal Error
  30. SLI Ghosting issues and Stuttering, are you going to fix it or just let it go?
  31. black screen crash
  32. Patch
  33. Inferior made product, equal price
  34. If i am playing on PC and someone is playing on XBOX-ONE, can we play co-op together?
  35. Fix the broken SLI support now... nvidia logo at the start, shame...
  36. Where is the latest patch posted?
  37. Audio disappears ingame, something to do with VoIP services?
  38. Patch 1.4 GREAT!
  39. Patch 1.4.0 did not fix my black screen. 39MB
  40. Editor mouse acceleration issue
  41. Key Binding Issues (game breaking)
  42. Far Cry 4 PC - No Sound in Fullscreen
  43. map editor Wave trigger bug?
  44. far cry 4 co op health issues
  45. PS4 Touchpad not saving selection
  46. crash at start up screen from running fine yesturday
  47. Lately released games
  48. Uplay is not pushing any patch
  49. Patch?????
  50. Game Broke My PS4
  51. 1.4.0 Patch = Broken Karma, Revert to 1.3.0 Still Broken..
  52. Patch?
  53. Ubisoft staff stop ignoring us! We want an update and our pre-order codes!!
  54. Savegame broken/camera zoom no longer works ... AARGH
  55. Did you get your tickets answered
  56. Black Screen after second act, game ****ed up now
  57. 4 hours in and graphics corruption followed by crash
  58. PS4 Season Pass content broken
  59. muffled/no sound since patch 1.02
  60. Not able to download patch 1.4.0? Here's Why!
  61. screen stays on loading screen
  62. Is or isn't there a patch 1.0.4 out?.
  63. How to run in a dual boot environment
  64. SteelSeries Xai's ExactAccel with Farcay 4's Accel made it double Accel.
  65. Kyrat Fashion Week, kill Culo the honey badger, broken for me.
  66. PS4 Koop funktioniert nicht !
  67. Anyone got a Savegame just before or after 2nd act?
  68. Far Cry 4 was working, now freezes after patch.
  69. Can't install Patch-Keeps looping
  70. No New Patch No Crossfire
  71. PS4 Corrupted Save
  72. Windows 7 - 0xc000007b Error FC4 won't start
  73. Seperate key bindings for vehicle and on foot not possible to program!!
  74. PS4 Co-Op doesn't work
  75. Patch did nothing for the controller bug.
  76. black screen even after latest patch?
  77. FC4 xb1 glitch to report
  78. Co-Op Screwed Up Weapon Wheel, Wallet, and Crafting
  79. PC Mouse Accel and Stuttering Not Fixed in 1.4.0
  80. Far Cry 4 Dual Core performance
  81. Far Cry 4.exe version
  82. Pc Version - Map just shows a black screen
  83. Is anyone running this game with a Dual Core?
  84. Far Cry 4 game breaking lag for PC!
  85. Far Cry 4 Patch 1.4.0 - "Download Failed"
  86. Coop not working on ps4
  87. PS4 Trophy Awarding
  88. PC GPU Usage Issue
  89. PC Gold Edition - no Yeti's campaign or Hurk missions?
  90. Can I Not Run This Game? (black screen)
  91. Black screen fixed, but new problem arises after patch
  92. 1.4 and still blackscreen - no launch
  93. Just got attacked by a pack of dogs and fell THROUGH the map
  94. Golden Path Supplies glitch
  95. PS4 lost my camera and rocks
  96. Far Cry 4 - The great battle against uPlay (Spoiler: I lost)
  97. Limited foliage in map editor ? No Snow covered trees? Really?
  98. Pagan's Wrath bug
  99. is ubisoft aware of the dual core problem?
  100. Ps4 - far cry 4 uplay connectİon error !!!
  101. Afterpatch - Aftermatch [patch 1.4] Sli, Black shadows NVIDIA
  102. Cannot play Co-Op
  103. PS4 Invite Friend Co-Op Will Not Connect
  104. a question about map editor
  105. International Airport (Ghale Journal)
  106. Top issues for PC Version
  107. Far cry 4 (game stopped responding) HELP!
  108. Orbweaver now works, Controller does not
  109. 1.4 Patch still not compatible Logitech G13 Gaming Keyboard
  110. Processor help me..
  111. Wolves den glitch
  112. No game sound after patch 1.4
  113. micro stutter windows 7
  114. Co-op sync problem
  115. Crash while trying to reach Longinus
  116. Can't play further - PC Version
  117. The Retribution
  118. Black boxes in the screen (not referring to the black shadow)
  119. Game crashes after 25/11/14 update
  120. Ps4 error ce-34878-0
  121. Ubi please respond
  122. Then and Now.
  123. Open world progress lost
  124. Graphic card noise when starting the game
  125. I can't launch Far Cry 4 on PC
  126. Xbox one game save gone. *STORY SPOILERS*
  127. Farcry 4 wont start
  128. stuck in autosave and black screen after death.
  129. Better but.........
  130. Still cant download Far Cry 4 on PC
  131. Far Cry 4 Controllers
  132. Pentium G3258 Support
  133. in the game the keyboard does not work
  134. Saving issue, please help?
  135. Solution for processors with more than 8 cores
  136. Glitch during final Yuma Mission (PS3)
  137. Far cry 4 is not responding instantly on launch please help
  138. Far Cry 4 Service Unavailable- Then Stuttering
  139. FC4 not shown in the uplay libary
  140. why won't you just respond ubisoft?
  141. XBOX 360: Infinite Body Armor, No Protection
  142. Random black screens after running fine.
  143. Hovercrafts no longer spawn in the world
  144. sorry we couldnt start farcry 4 (0x87de2712)
  146. Ps4 map glitch can't find story missions.
  147. Can this PC run the game? (specs inside)
  148. How to Fix Far Cry 4 on Dual-Cores
  149. Anyone got any of their support tickets answered?
  150. Final Longinus Mission Loop - Game Breaking Bug
  151. Installing game data frozen
  152. I can't connect to multiplayer or Uplay from the FC4 Mane Menu.
  153. PVP is AMAZiNG Better than COD but HUGE pvp Issue
  154. UTTER COMPLETE UPLAY JUNK! (And the Far Cry 4 Save Game issues)
  155. games broke: need help : tacos
  156. Xbox 360 music issue:
  157. FC64.dll corrupted Legitimate copy.
  158. Patch caused me to lose all my progress, towers/quests etc.
  159. Eye for an Eye - quest Bug!
  160. Missing audio after latest patch
  161. Far Cry 4 has stopped working
  162. Can't start far cry 4 campaign on pc
  163. Post Here If You Want A REFUND
  164. PC: Game won't progress on Return to Sender quest / checkpoints.
  165. Activity Progress reset after Updating from 1.0.0
  166. Heavies not awarding points in Outpost Master at Bahadur.
  167. Why the controllers don't work in this game?
  168. Fashion week glitch
  169. Fov resets to default after taking radio towers
  170. Bug caused my save file to not have a camera, rock, or repair tool
  171. PS4 touch pad re-enables itself after being set to be turned off in game settings
  172. Key mapping bug (VERY ANNOYING!!!)
  173. Jumps into Windowed mode all the time
  174. Shadows broken badly Northern Kyrat/was fine South Kyrat
  175. [ fİxed ] - pc - ps4 - far cry 4 - "servİce İs unreachable. " error
  176. For everyone, who has problems with the season pass
  177. Yogi and Reggie mission cant finish
  178. Do you got Hairs already ? :D
  179. Hurk Missions not showing on the map?
  180. Savegames
  181. Far Cry 4 Ambient occlusion problem
  182. Problems with my old savegame
  183. Crashing at loading screen
  184. Boot from the disk
  185. rumour that tri core amd processors don't work
  186. Stuck at first loading screen
  187. fc4 1.4.0 Screen is progressively filling up with semi-transparent images of gameplay
  188. Game hangs irrecoverably when opening the overlay (Shift+F2) while in game
  189. New game same f...ing problems
  190. Undiscovered Locations Remain Undiscovered Despite Visiting The Area
  191. Far Cry 4 refuses to go fullscreen
  192. Can not start a Yogi quest
  193. Error
  194. sound bug
  195. ps3 digital far cry 4 not updating to 1.0.2
  196. Patch notes for Xbox One update?
  197. Blackscreen in 'Stadt der Schmerzen' (Noore)
  198. Possible fix for game not loading
  199. Xbox one hurks redemption code says used
  200. Far cry 4 Yogi n Reggie mission crash bug preventing all progression
  201. extreme freeze and stutter when loading last checkpoint/save
  202. The same $58 package for Ukraine and limited to russian language only ?
  203. Need account support TLC; Uplay email not valid logging in here- and gets worse...
  204. Is there or isn't there a new patch?
  205. Location not registering
  206. Cannot Complete De Pleur's Fortress
  207. A little help here?
  208. Game not running properly.
  209. Is Ubisoft actually working on fixing the controller issue?
  210. Game crash to desktop at the end of cut-scene after ACT II - solution?
  211. Far Cry 4 has stopped working
  212. FC64.dll corrupt
  213. Map Editor on PC
  214. Dual Core support (AGAIN)
  215. Stuck at 99.99 percent completion.
  216. Crash then no HUD and no objectives
  217. My Solution for the Gamebraking Crahses Midgaming
  218. Which is stuttering the most - UbiSoft or Far Cry 4 ?
  219. Can't progress past very beginning
  220. I need your help!
  221. Another Crash At Startup
  222. Can't get past beginning because of crashes and can you disable the intro videos?
  223. Can't sign in for online/coop
  224. "M" Mission at airport broken, yes I have Patches
  225. Game will not progress without alt-tabbing (may be the cause of some black screens)
  226. Uplay or Steam not launching in background
  227. Xbox 360 error PLEASE HELP
  228. Game Not Saving (Xbox One)
  229. Golden Pipe
  230. key binding bug
  231. FPS around 15 lower, loading times longer after 1.4 patch
  232. DirectX 9 Mode?
  233. Free Game with Nvidia Graphics card, can't be redeemed due to region.
  234. 21:9 Screen Resolution missing
  235. Erreur, l'application n'a pas réussi à démarrer correctement (0xc0000005)
  236. List of Stupid Bugs and Event Trigger Issues!
  237. Convoy Truck does not respawn
  238. In-game cursor not moving.
  239. entering "de pleurs" warehouse on ps4
  240. Black screen
  241. Cooperative Gameplay Bugs
  242. MultiPlayer?
  243. Black screen after prologue
  244. XBOX One sound issues - can't hear gun fire, footsteps etc....
  245. Game files for installation
  246. Short black flashes while playing (PC)
  247. Thangkas isn't appearing on the map
  248. coop cant connect to friend and vice verse
  249. Unable to use previously installed files
  250. Blank screen at startup! Make sure all 4 Cores are running!