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  1. PC Cant activate far cry 4
  2. PC Key bindings still not fixed
  3. PC Audio Problem
  4. !!!!warum das mit dem coop!!!
  5. PC DLC activated in Uplay, doesn't show up anywhere
  6. FarCry 4 server connection issues solved
  7. What the hell is going on! Multiple games crash on start up.
  8. PC Fullscreen Changing To Windowed
  9. PC Start Crash
  10. Purchased Far Cry 4, cannot install it [Xbox One]
  11. PC Nvidia 361.75 Driver Problems? Read Here.....
  12. PC Far Cry 4 has stopped working.
  13. PS4 unable to use c4 or shoot from cars
  14. PC Glitched Mission
  15. Issue Linking the Arena Master App to Multiple Consoles
  16. PC Black
  17. PC Die Problem in Far Cry 4 :confused:
  18. PC FIX FOR 'Far Cry 4 has Stopped Working' Crash to Desktop on start up
  19. PS4 No dialogue in Valley of the Yetis
  20. PC Farcry4 blackscreen on startup I7-6700
  21. Farcry 4 isn't loading up as I play
  22. PC Far Cry 4 black screen on start up
  23. Mein Farcry 4 wird nicht gepatcht
  24. PC Blackscreen nach Start
  25. PC Black screen/ No response
  26. PC Nvidia 361.75 ,361.91 drivers bugged
  27. PC Ubisoft games crash
  28. Can not sneak onto back of truck (Noore's mission)
  29. PC far cry 4 crash
  30. Can't play after the prolog on ps4
  31. PC Far Cry 4 always stopped
  32. Far cry 4 broken, no sound, cant climb rope, losing faith in ubisoft, please help
  33. PC Bug at strry's end in FarCry 4?
  34. PC Problem with shadow.
  35. PC Bug with a message that doesn' t disappear after opening movie
  36. DLC Stuck on "Waiting to install"
  37. PC DLC not shown as OWNED yet the code claims to be on account
  38. Game dropping to desktop or opening menu randomly?
  39. PC Game will not load past first loading screen
  40. PC farcry4 crashed...
  41. PC Performance issues while Uplay/Steam are in online mode
  42. All animals disappeared.
  43. PC Uplay support, no answer!
  44. Far Cry 4 code! Where to use?
  45. Shangra La Boss - Is this passable?
  46. PC No sound after intro
  47. Far Cry 4 "Failed to synchronize achievements"
  48. PC Steaem game still functional ?
  49. PC Problem Far Cry 4 and Nvidia driver
  50. PS4 Bow and Arrow controls for PS4?
  51. PC My guns are pitch black and my game wont update.
  53. PC Customize menu - close-up of weapons never "draw", just spinning arrow.. forever.
  54. PC Blackscreen at the startup [HELP]
  55. Far Cry 4 does not install properly, need help
  56. PC Far Cry 4 codes banned... again???
  57. Bug Far Cry 4
  58. PC im getting sick from this game
  59. PC Far Cry 4 games launch
  60. PC Red flickering screen !!
  61. PC Game Stops Working
  62. PC Please fix this outstandsing bug its a game finish breaker
  63. Xbox One No Free Roam Music
  64. PC unable to update game
  65. [ps4] Stuck inside a rock
  66. PC login problem
  67. PS4 Ce-34878-0
  68. "Far Cry 4.exe funktioniert nicht mehr" nach ersten Far Cry schriftzug
  69. Far cry 4 works offline but not online
  70. PC *** I've Been Logged Out and Cant Assess My Account! ***
  71. PC FarCry 4 breaks down if i start COOP with Friend
  72. Issue with controls using Xbox 360 controller on Far Cry 4 PC version
  73. Unable to re-install game with DVD
  74. Don't have access to Far Cry 4 full game.
  75. PS4 Reedem codes for bonus content on ps4 not working (FC4: Complete Edition)
  76. PC The Game cant load in main screen
  77. PC Corrupted cloud saves
  78. PC Controller not Working on PC Version and I have the latest Patch! Please Help!
  79. cannot connect to game session
  80. Far Cry 2 was a masterpiece. What THE **** happened?!!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Unable to get 100 percent completion due to lost letters glitch
  82. PS4 weapons bundle still locked
  83. Far Cry 4 Stuck on Loading Screen after final Shangri La mission!
  84. PC Keyboard map
  85. PC FarCry 4 stop working.
  86. PC Far Cry 4 Map Editor on dual core pc
  87. Xbox 360 Map Browser (Again)
  88. PC Very bad lag over the past few days
  89. PC Serial Key
  90. PS4 Ambient Music Not Playing
  91. Far cry 4 is not launchung. Black screen appears and remains non responsive
  92. PC user maps not loading for me ? or are the community maps down??
  93. PS3 Game freezes after 5 min of free mode
  94. PC Farcry4 black screen
  95. PC FarCry 4 stopped Working
  96. Wingsuit PC controls?
  97. PC The game won't start
  98. Can not start the game
  99. PC I want to remove my game from my account.
  100. PS3 Ps3 game still freezes
  101. Xbox One Cant install the game!!
  102. PC Season Pass Content partially activated!
  103. PC Far Cry 4 Pre-Order launch problems.
  104. PC FC4 server down?
  105. PC Keyboard not working
  106. PC Far Cry 4 Retail Loading Black Screen Issue
  107. PC Game Launcher errors UPlay not Steam version
  108. PC Problem has been found but need help on fix for visuals
  109. PS4 No missions left to complete, cannot access northern Kyrat
  110. Valley of the Yetis Lost all progress
  111. PC Game crashes when i die/restart checkpoint
  112. PC Activation key lost
  113. PC Color problem
  114. PC Keyboard querty - azerty
  115. PC Farcry 4 Crash
  116. PC Far Cry 4 problems aiming down sight/zooming with weapons
  117. PC How to Fix Black Screen at the end of first mission
  118. PC FarCry 4 doesn't allow me to alt tab to other programs
  119. PC Far Cry 4 Yeti Cinematic.
  120. PC Problema ao carregar o jogo
  121. PC Cannot launch game
  122. Problem Loading game
  123. Xbox 360 Background music and Pagan's Wrath convoys are not working
  124. Level of karma and xp
  125. Hacker on multiplayer
  126. PC Far Cry 4 won't launch
  127. PC Unable to finish update
  128. PC Far Cry 4 Keyboard, mouse not working
  129. PS4 Random, millisecond full screen flickering on PS4 - Far Cry 4
  130. PC Far cry 4 won't launch
  131. PC My game is in 1.1 release. (I cant update)
  132. PC cant launch Far Cry 4
  133. servers offline!
  134. navigation mesh
  135. PC Please help me/bug found
  136. Far Cry 4 multiplayer bugs / glitches / server problems / other issues
  137. PC Saves not working
  138. PC E button doesn't work, neither does logitech RT
  139. Getting black screen after updating Nvidia drivers PC
  140. PS4 This game has allot of bugs and is glitchy
  141. PC Crashing on StartUp
  142. PC Farcry 4 Bug
  143. PC Far Cry 4 bug campagne
  144. Can't press anything
  145. PC Body armor bug
  146. PS3 Farcry 4 ps3 Failed to connect to farcry servers
  147. PC Far Cry 4 black screen on startup
  148. PC Need help please.. constant issues.
  149. PC FC4 save not working
  150. Xbox 360 Game's region does not match this console
  151. PC Trying to update Far Cry 4 but it starts loading for a few seconds then I get anerror
  152. (PC) 1920x1200 playing without black movie stripes ?
  153. PC Far cry 4 black screen
  154. PC Black screen with sound
  155. Valley of the Yetis freezing at the beginning
  156. PC When I find new place the bars in black do not disappear
  157. PC When I find new place the bars in black do not disappear
  158. PC Blackscreen(Windowed) with sound
  159. PC Far Cry 4 runs on 1 FPS
  160. PC FarCry4 servers are not available?
  161. PC Fan Noise/Electric coil noise at 1000+FPS during launch of Far Cry 4
  162. PC Far cry 4
  163. PC Loading Crash
  164. PC Far Cry 4 - Screen Flickering Bug (Blue Frames)
  165. PC unable to start the game
  166. PC scroll bar not working?
  167. The game is playable.
  168. PC Texture bug, gun barrel disappeared on magnum 44 and z93
  169. PC Get no response to my support ticket
  170. Xbox One "From A Distance" - Achievement Is Not Popping Up/Server Not Available.
  171. Xbox 360 Help
  172. Farcy 4 Blackscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. PC Farcry4
  174. PC Far Cry 4 Black Screen with Sound Upon Completing Prologue & ot saving
  175. PC Far Cry 4 Performance & Frame Rate Issues? (2017)
  176. PC Проблема сохранения нескольких игр FarCry 4
  177. Far Cry4 won't start up (black screen)
  178. PC Xbox One S Controller Bluetooth Functionality
  179. Xbox 360 farcry4 crafting bug?
  180. Seperate saves?
  181. PC 980Ti driver stop responding problem with godrays. Old problem - still no fix(((
  182. Farcry 4 Loading game - keyboard and mouse doesnt work so can't use the UI ingame
  183. PC Severe lag and terrible framerate - Co-op Only
  184. PC Coop crash when I join my friend on far cry 4
  185. PC Far Cry 4
  186. Online Crash while PVP
  187. stuck in window screen mode
  188. Xbox One game gone mental
  189. PS4 Karma glitches
  190. Using headset in multiplayer
  191. PC black screen after killing pagan min
  192. Xbox One Problemas para sacar la foto
  193. Strange crash on certain user created maps and slow FPS on certain maps
  194. PS4 Saved Game on PS4
  195. PC Pantalla en negro al morir
  196. PC game wont start Cloud storage synchronization failed
  197. PC win 10
  198. PC This CD key or Activation code is already active on this account
  199. can't download the game
  200. Unable to grad ledge, problems jumping?
  201. Far Cry 4 Install
  202. no funciona el teclado
  203. PC Far Cry 4 CO-OP NPCs wont move
  204. Steam gave me a key to the wrong game...
  205. PC Far Cry 4 locks up in fullscreen modes.
  206. PC Start Screen no reaction
  207. PC idk how to report people.
  208. FC4 stuck in loop
  209. PC disable my account and game.
  210. PC Cannot connect to the game session please try again later...Co op invite my friends
  211. PC Farcry 4: Black Screen Error
  212. PC Game doesnt work
  213. PC Gamebreaking Glitch with custom maps.
  214. New game
  215. Saved game....
  216. PC my game says: ''failed to synchronize cloud saves''
  217. Far Cry 4 will not start
  218. far cry 4 online multiplayer zero coins
  219. [Xbox one] loot takedown bug
  220. PC Far Cry 4 Black Screen on Startup
  221. PC Valley of the Yetis - can't buy base upgrades
  222. Coop stopped working. Can not invite friend to coop.
  223. Can't get "Fully Loaded" Trophy
  224. Cannot connect to game session. Please try later
  225. Xbox 360 Missing Fashion Week Quest (Sky Tiger)
  226. PC Far Cry 4 not working
  227. PC Custom Maps Created on PC missing on PS4
  228. PC FC4 makes my computer crash
  229. Valley of The Yetis Crashing during co-op play (only for the joining player)
  230. Screen Issues with Farcry 4. VGA through HDMI adapter ends up crashing screen.
  231. Far Cry 4 Could Not Find Suitable Display Options
  232. PC Win 10 Pro Farcry4.exe has been blocked from using graphics hardware
  233. PC Secret map found?
  234. Xbox One Far Cry 4 Battle Of Kyrat unable to join multi
  235. Xbox One No encuentro partidas de batallas de kirat y el co op tarda mucho en encontrar
  236. PC Problems with save game Far Cry 4
  237. Essentials edition
  238. valley of the yetis continues to freeze every time i play it
  239. Tree and Sky Texture Flickering No Matter Which Settings I Change
  240. PC Black mini-map
  241. Popping Audio (PS3 Disk)
  242. PC Uplay store farcry 4
  243. PC Gamepad not working
  244. Disappointed
  245. PC servers down?
  246. PC Mouse key sticks?
  247. PC far cry 4 freeze load screen
  248. Xbox One controller Bluetooth on PC
  249. PC Far Cry 4 Fails at Launch
  250. Xbox one controller input lag.