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  1. PC I can't hear background Music
  2. PC Far Cry 4 service not available
  3. Xbox 360 Profile stats won't update since starting a new game
  4. I can not enter the Uplay
  5. PS4 Game freeze/soft crash
  6. far cry 4 install problems
  7. PC FC4 Refuses to start after several reinstalls
  8. Xbox 360 Hurk’s Redemption code valid then not working
  9. PC Lost Connection with Friend
  10. PC Black screen when starting game...
  11. Uplay wont connect to service FC4
  12. PC Far Cry 4 crashes due to USB devices?
  13. Black screen randomly
  14. No main line quests.
  15. PC Far Cry 4 Random Crash to Desktop
  16. PC Far Cry 4 Random Crash to Desktop
  17. PC Far Cry 4 Yeti DLC no voices in cutscenes
  18. Install Progress Issue
  19. PC How do I add attachments to guns in map editor
  20. PC Black screen issue still!
  21. Far Cry 4 tries to load but fails.
  22. PS4 Install Progress Will Not Complete - Can't move past Prologue
  23. Xbox One Freezes and Stutters at worst possible moments
  24. Xbox One Error message connecting to FarCry 4
  25. PS3 PS3 Far Cry 4 servers down?
  26. Xbox One Still Frame Rate Issues
  27. Xbox One Far Cry 4 Multiplayer connection issues
  28. PC Crashing after completing outpost
  29. PC Farcry 4 (Got it to work on 8.1) after eternal loading screen =(
  30. PS3 Map Browser not working
  31. PC cant get past ""press any key" screen
  32. Installation Problem
  33. PS4 co op doesnt work
  34. PC Far Cry 4 Has Stopped Working at startup.
  35. PS4 There is nothing on the location mapped for Golden Path Mission near the Monastery
  36. Far Cry 4 service is not available?
  37. I can't repair my files with Uplay.
  38. constant freezing
  39. PS3 Installation hangs at 62%
  40. unmarked no-fly zones. Great job, programming interns.
  41. Xbox One Save&Quit, Learning Skills, Purchasing in the Store
  42. PS4 Co-Op Failure
  43. Xbox One Problem to connect with the server - Farcry 4
  44. PS4 Can't get the platinum trophy ...
  45. PS4 Karma problem
  46. Fatal Error
  47. Annoying texture glitch
  48. can't go to prologue scene
  49. PS4 Vally of the yetis sound/voice bug
  50. Issue with connexion !
  51. PC FC4 crashes between 1min & 60mins
  52. Death Loop glitch
  53. PS4 Terrible Online Connection
  54. PC Uplay, erreur système
  55. PC Pad problem: black screen; never worked
  56. PS4 cannot connect to co-op
  57. Can't get the Willis mission
  58. Xbox One Awakened! Achievement bug?
  59. Game not updating in library after adding the key
  60. PC Can't go online but can activate game
  61. PC General graphics issues, texture problems, and crashing
  62. How many triangles? -Polycount-
  63. Windows 10 problem
  64. can't load passed the profile set up scren
  65. PC Far Cry 4 - odd graphic bug on GTX 970 - please help.
  66. PC I redeemed a season pass code, but did not get all of the DLC
  67. PC Stuttering with MSI GTX980ti
  68. Xbox One Software Bug introduced in Updates that has eliminated ambient music while exploring
  69. [PS3] FC4 Multiplayer Outpost Freezes. Usually when I am on winning team
  70. PC Blurry camera/ cutscenes
  71. PC Ran out of missions
  72. game freezes after longinus quest.......
  73. PC A Ubisoft service is unavailable at the moment. Please Try again later...
  74. Need Help Please
  75. PC Win8.1 Freeze and crash
  76. PC Fail of download patch - additional fix if other fixes didn't work
  77. PC Crash at start. System failure
  78. PC FC4 Crashing in Windows 10
  79. Mutilplayer Updates ??
  80. PC No background music
  81. PS3 Can't play propaganda & get "Renaissance" trophy...
  82. Xbox One Installation Stopped
  83. PS4 Terrible Ghosting/Dithering due to Antialiasing.
  84. win 10 messing with my game
  85. PC Co Op Crashes when establishing connection
  86. PC Unable to launch a new game.
  87. PC Black screen and crash after start new game
  88. PC Crafting glitch and bug
  89. PC Coop patch?
  90. PC XXXXX amount of money transferred to wallet from poker app
  91. PC Coop Connection Problems
  92. PC FATAL ERROR: Streaming
  93. PC Shows "Autosave already in progress" when saving, also losing progress on death
  94. Xbox 360 Game-breaking bug: Checkpointed at an Out-of-Bounds!
  95. PC Far cry for has stopped working
  96. Where in the hell is my Buzzer & why is that bad guy standing inside a rock?
  97. PC How to overwrite Cloud Save?
  98. PS4 Can't Unlock Unlimited Sprint | Stuck At Karma Level 8
  99. PC problème Far Cry 4
  100. PC Far Cry 4 - Slow Motion
  101. Colours are distorted after upgrading to windows 10 for Farcry 4 and for Farcry 3
  102. PC Loading backgrounds late
  103. Far Cry 4 launch problem
  104. Xbox One No more missions
  105. PS4 1.07 crashes consistently after a few minutes
  106. Cannot connect
  107. system cant find gamer profile
  108. PS4 Can't Activate Season Pass DLC( DLC content won't appear under Chronicles Section)
  109. FAR CRY 4 crashes while creating profile
  110. Far Cry 4 Crashes On Start Up
  111. Far Cry 4 doesn't launch
  112. PC Activation
  113. PC I can't recover my password
  114. AppServer down? Arena Master App not syncing
  115. PC FC4 not launching
  116. PC Crashes anywhere near Kyra Tea Factory
  117. PC Almost no sessions
  118. PC Uplay is not updating far cry 4 (day one patch)
  119. PC Falling through the world
  120. Falling up?
  121. Xbox One Need help in unlocking co-op/multi-player achievements
  122. PC map editor error questions
  123. PC Second Game Session
  124. PC graph issue
  125. Bug encounter
  126. Far Cry 4 crashes at Kyra Tea Factory.
  127. Consoles Adding a "switch team" feature to multiplayer lobbies
  128. PS4 'Cannot continue using the application'
  129. XBOX ONE stuck in fuel containers by Pagan's gold statue
  130. PC не запускается far cry 4
  131. Black screen crash PC
  132. PC Far Cry 4 Shuts Down Computer
  133. PC Black screen on launch
  134. PC probleme pour lancer Far cry
  135. PC game wont start!!
  136. Xbox 360 Stuck on searching screen in Map Browser
  137. PC Synchronization error saving to "the cloud" in Far Cry 4
  138. PC black Screen on start
  139. Far Cry 4 DLC Missing
  140. Kyrati Racing quests cheaters need to be banned!!!
  141. PC After the last update Uplay game Far Cry 4 stopped running
  142. PS4 Far Cry 4 location unlock
  143. Far cry 4 pc: Ai broken??
  144. Coop won't connect with invite
  145. PS4 Missing dialogue voices in Escape from Durgesh Prison and Valley of the Yetis
  146. PC Far Cry 4 Uplay won't download update!!
  147. Uplay doesn't even start updating far cry 4
  148. PC File system failure: Aborting execution Gamerprofile.xml
  149. PC Cant play co-op with my friend
  150. Far Cry 4 audio problem
  151. No sound in game (Far cry 4)
  152. PC Uplay season pass doesnt work!
  153. PC Kyrati films missions are missing after completion
  154. PC How is SLI support in Far Cry 4?
  155. my game gets to the screen with the white bar and the spinning thing and it freezes
  156. PC I want play Far Cry 4 dlc .. but I can`t play that pls help :(:(:(:(
  157. Part of the minimap is black some works
  158. help the char autoheal
  159. Crashes while Gaming with a new Rig
  160. PC Very long loading time...
  161. PS4 Collectibles missing from map in campaign
  162. PC Pagan Min Ending Glitch
  163. Xboxone farcry4 repeatedly fails on 'loading' screen
  164. PC COOP: Crashing When Friend Joins
  165. PC Horrific microstutter.
  166. Mid-game freezing
  167. PC Far Cry 4 funktioniert nicht
  168. PC Problem with start up game
  169. PC Multiplayer - Game crashes at each party's end
  170. PS4 Complete Edition Codes Problem
  171. PC 4K Ultra SLI GTX 980 Ti really bad LOD Dithering pixelation
  172. PS3 Can't download the latest update
  173. PC Failed to synch cloud saves
  174. PC Will it run on my system ?
  175. PC 2 Problems....
  176. PC I can not save anything
  177. PC I wil never buy a UBISOFT title again!
  178. PS4 Far Cry 4 Control issues
  179. fcc_main/fcc_main.dat help
  180. PC season pass missing
  181. Xbox One Far Cry 4 freezing issue.. am I the only one?
  182. Stuck at Kyrat fashion week quest
  183. PC APPCRASH Fault Module Name: FC64.dll
  184. Uplay steam combo - can't start far cry 4 - frustration equals finding the exit
  185. PC FarCry 4 has stopped working
  186. skill upgrades gone after udpate.
  187. PC Why i haven't the Season pass in my GOLD EDITION?
  188. Xbox 360 No ammo!!!!!!
  189. Far Cry 4 Black screen after death
  190. PC Game elements dont starting or working
  191. PC Far Cry 4 Map Editor Website Not Working
  192. PC Server unavailable
  193. PS4 Farcry 4 not working. Please help!
  194. PC Can't update Far Cry 4, progress bar doesn't move
  195. PC pls help... _/\_
  196. PC Far cry 4 not working
  197. game crashes on startup
  198. Just Bought Game, very choppy
  199. Xbox One Cant play Multiplayer!
  200. PC Install path problems
  201. PC Weird Controller Camera Movement (PC)
  202. PC BLack screen
  203. PC Starting Crash
  204. Bag icon missing (Xbox One)
  205. PC Map browser problem
  206. PC Black Screen at startup. Thanks Ubisoft... money wasted.
  207. Various repetitive issues resulting in crashes and login errors [PC]
  208. PC Far Cry 4 and windows 10
  209. [PC] No weapon sights when using Xbox 360 Controller
  210. PC Can't pass first mission, 2nd door doesn't works.
  211. Xbox 360 freezes after I try gain krama in hard mode
  212. Xbox 360 Stuck on searching screen in Map Browser
  213. The procedure entry point could not be found in the dynamic link library
  214. PC Cant save game
  215. 17. Solid Wood Kitchens Cabinets For Sale Yorkshire UK
  216. PC once installed does not start the game
  217. My View always drifting to left
  218. PC FarCry 4 droping FPS..again
  219. PC Error (0xc000007b)
  220. PC Uplay want to download the game but the game is already installed
  221. PC Co-Op Problems
  222. PC FarCry4 never completes loading
  223. Far cry 4 service unavailable for ps3
  224. can two players with both demo account coop together in ps4 on farcry 4?
  225. Service is unreachable.
  226. PS4 Trophy help Changing Lanes
  227. PC Black screen
  228. PC Contact details for refund on Far Cry 4
  229. PS4 Farcry 4 Trading Post Glitch
  230. PC Ubisoft Support didn't reply after 2 weeks what now?
  231. PC Far cry 4 has stopped working
  232. Xbox One Far Cry 4 Xbox one server timeout in off-line mode
  233. Xbox One Map Browser Error - Please Fix!
  234. PC Performance issues
  235. PC Season pass problem
  236. PC Graphic Problems
  237. Spiel Friert ein
  238. 980ti 20 fps.
  239. PC Low Sound Quality
  240. Xbox One The King is Dead Achievement did not unlock
  241. PS3 Problems joining friends
  242. PC weird shadow glitch
  243. DLC Vanished
  244. FarCry 4 - doesn't find the already installed game
  245. Hurk Deluxe Pack
  246. PC Game fails to save/overwrite saved data and crashes
  247. Xbox One Cant join friends on co op and friends cant join me
  248. Far Cry 4 Blackscreen
  249. PC Xbox controller problems
  250. Cannot take photo using camera