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  1. PC Uplay forcing me to install the game even though it is already
  2. PC game wont load
  3. Unable to start game
  4. PC Thank you to Ubisoft!
  5. Patch 1.9.0 do not install play offline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. PS4 Valley of the yetis
  7. PC Temporary fix for SLI screen flicker
  8. PC patch 1.90 fehler
  9. PC season pass not working
  10. [PC] Black screen on startup due to unsupported graphics card?
  11. Season Pass not working
  12. Black screen on start up - injector fix wont work
  13. PC far cry 4 crash au milieu d une mission avec willi
  14. Xbox One valley of the yeti will not load i have seasons pass but it keeps taking me to store
  15. PS4 Problem with camera in mission city of pain
  16. PS4 No enemies, animals or vehicles!
  17. PS4 DLC not showing up in game
  18. PC Far Cry 4 Wont Launch.
  19. Xbox One Valley of the yetis wont work
  20. PS3 Stuck in Utkarsh
  21. PC Everything SLI related is broken in FC4
  22. Months later, co-op still DESYNCS, yet DLCS keep rolling out {PC}
  23. Xbox 360 Movement Issues
  24. Xbox 360 DLC Valley of the Yetis/Escape from Durgesh Prison problems!
  25. PC Opening of the Game
  26. PC Hi can anyone help me my far cry 4 game is unplayable
  27. PC Far Cry 4 won't download (Uplay) (Season Pass owner)
  28. PC ALL missions only work after several "restart mission".
  29. Xbox 360 Wtf is going on with the dlc problems for season pass holders???????
  30. Xbox 360 Apply previous Saves
  31. PC Where are the FOV Settings for a 21:9 Monitor ?
  32. PS4 Saved file corrupted
  33. PS4 Claimed free game, it is a demo...!?
  34. Valley of the yetis not available
  35. Game crash during mission " killed or be killed "
  36. PC Newest patch has broken game
  37. PC Original Far Cry 4 patch hd.dat and patch hd.fat files?
  38. PC "Failed to synchronize achievments" Uplay message???
  39. PC After INTRO no video only audio
  40. Why is there no way to lower the music volume?
  41. PC Sound stops randomly and popping after upgrading to Windows 8.1
  42. PC Crash every 10 minutes
  43. PC Can't Download Update/Can't Play Co-op/Can't Play User Maps
  44. going back to home page
  45. PC I can't Invite/Join in Co-op Mode
  46. PC Since patch 1.9.0 I havent been able to launch the game with SLI enabled
  47. Xbox One Far cry 4 no mission
  48. PC How to report hacker
  49. PC Can't find my season pass content
  50. valley of yeti's crashing
  51. PC Base Game Crashes Randomly
  52. PC [Fr]Bug installation de mise a jour
  53. Xbox 360 Cannot download the valley of the yetis and no one helps me at all.
  54. PC Not able to play with friends on PC
  55. PC Random crashes & ignored support ticket.
  56. PC Game Crash on Longinus Mission - A Short Hunt and Verify File Problem
  57. PC Far Cry 4 Yetis help pls
  58. PS4 Shooting controls doesn't work anymore
  59. PC 100% Crash at the end of the 4th Shangri La scroll mission
  60. PS3 Far Cry 4 Map Editor - Objects disappear and reappear constantly
  61. PS4 Battle Of Kyrat Outpost
  62. PC Where to find the dlc codes in Origin
  63. PC Found a solution for Coop Far Cry 4
  64. Unable to redeem Amazon Pre-Order
  65. Xbox 360 See the dlc can't get it still through the season pass.
  66. Can't start story mode offline and online
  67. PC Co-Op Death Replication - Valley of the Yetis
  68. PC My Savegame is "reset"
  69. PC Far Cry4 - "Seasons Pass" activated but no missions accessible !!
  70. Missions refuse to update at all
  71. PS4 sharing quick question
  72. PC Can't leave the mission zone after completing mission
  73. PC Ratu Gadhi Fort crash to desktop
  74. PC Valley of the Yetis Constantly Crashing
  75. Season pass glitch, no Yetis or Overrun. HELP
  76. PS3 Mission "Basic Chemistry" hanging after bulding gets successfully destroyed.
  77. Xbox One Is Valley of the Yetis standalone?
  78. PC VOY Lag
  79. PS4 Wont finish downloading season pass
  80. PC keeps moving forward?
  81. Xbox One Unable to connect to session offline???
  82. PC [HELP] Major Lag FPS Cap ISSUE - after Cutscene - Game Time Evening
  83. PC Black screen on startup
  84. Far cry 4 redeem codes
  85. PC uplay party system is not working correctly
  86. PC Graphics issue. Purple dots where tree's meet sky.
  87. Xbox One music and freeze issues
  88. PC White Screen/Freezing Issues
  89. Rope Climbing bug.....
  90. PC Shanath Arena cutscene crash
  91. PS4 Far Cry 4 - Valley of the Yetis - DIALOGUE / VOICES BUG!
  92. Far Cry 4 will not load
  93. Black Terrain / Ground
  94. PC Black Screen when I die and Black Screen after Prologue
  95. PC Far Cry 4 Won't launch... :,(
  96. PC Far Cry $
  97. PC Flicking Texture while running on SLI Mode
  98. PC Far Cry 4 - crash . Need hard reset.
  99. Really Bad Texture Pop In on PS4 - Will an SSD Fix?
  100. PC Game freezes: Error message AppHangB1
  101. PC Valley of the Yetis Savegame-Textures-Scripts / All not working
  102. PC How to buy an English version?
  103. PC Why wont Far Cry Play and what does UPlay have to do with Single Player ??
  104. PC Far Cry Blackscreen After Death, Can't Fast Travel and can't save, cant access Hurk.
  105. Sound Bug??
  106. PC Wolf Pack Bug (Valley Of the Yeti)
  107. PC I downloaded the game and a black screen comes up
  108. PC Farcry 4 Not Opening
  109. PS4 Valley of the Yetis "waiting to install" forever
  110. PC Far Cry 4 - Torch instead of the camera
  111. PC Like others, FC4 is no longer loading
  112. PS3 FarCry4 on PS3 "Corrupt Game Data Error"
  113. PS4 Graphics issues. Flickering lines.
  114. Custom graphics bug
  115. PC So I guess FC4 just decided to delete half of itself off my pc...
  116. PC Game (v.90) Crashes when manually saved, that or autosaves forever
  117. Valley of yeti dlc crashes
  118. the application cannit start correctly (0xc000007b)
  119. PC Co-op Doesn't work.
  120. FOUND SOLUTION to missing yeti DLC
  121. Far Cry 4 will not Re-Install on PS4.
  122. PC Far Cry 4 Map Editor Doesn't Work
  123. Soft shadows broken again with 1.9 update?
  124. PC Far Cry 4 wont launch
  125. PC PCMap bugging out | Forums
  126. PC FC 4 - Injector works(For 2core), but the game still crashes
  127. PC Far cry 4 shadows?
  128. PC Game doesn't save
  129. PS4 Bug: Fallen Out of Map while on Multiplayer + Weird Weapon View after spawning
  130. Far Cry 4 - Display driver stopped responding and has recovered
  131. PC Dear Santa: Allow me to play Far Cry 4
  132. PC Low FPS during Editor, but high FPS ingame.
  133. Retrieve saved games from the cloud (not syncing)
  134. PC Specific area crash during "Sermon on the Mount"
  135. PC MISSING SAVE FILES AND NO ACHIEVMENTS SYNC. I demand a reply from a rep !
  136. Far Cry 4 will not load or trigger mission events without Uplay having focus
  137. PC Logitech Mx Master button 4&5 in FarCry4 not working all the time?
  138. PC FC4 mission dlc non active
  139. PC Low FPS on High End Setup...HELP PLEASE
  140. PC Uplay - A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment
  141. Xbox One Valley of the Yetis - Continue Campaign I lost all my checkpoints :((
  142. PC valle de los yetis
  143. FAR CRY 4 - crash & crash since few days !?!?!
  144. PS4 Unable to join Coop Campaigns!
  145. PC Black Screen bug! No load! HELP!!!
  146. PS4 Random freeze
  147. 32GB patch? WTF?
  148. Low textures on guns.
  149. PC arena bug
  150. PC Resolution not right
  151. PC Game won't load since patch on 4-15
  152. PC game wont even start, black screen
  153. PC Selling a single object
  154. Far Cry 4 crashes since last Patch
  155. PC Cant download patch from UPlay - Disk Write Error
  156. PC This game for pc dosnt work its keeps black screen
  157. PS4 Game freezes upon firing in "You Reap What You Sew"
  158. PC Can't use weapons after last update.
  159. Help my weapon loadouts are not saving
  160. PC Far Cry 4 not installing
  161. Ps4 Game Loadouts on pvp will not save or load
  162. PS4 dead after golden pipe
  163. Far Cry 4 random freezeing my PC
  164. Farcry 4 crash on 'Take Cover' mission - PS3
  165. PC Movements latency problem
  166. Xbox 360 Is there no solution?
  167. Game freeze at random occassions (PS4).
  168. PC Farcry 4 - error while downloading patch game wont start
  169. PC FOV keeps resetting
  170. PC Game Freezes when coming anywhere near the Bhagadur Fortress
  171. Wont download update
  172. Guess waht it still gives me black screen
  173. PC Far Cry 4 Has Stopped Working
  174. PS4 Valley Of the yetis not installing - Far Cry 4
  175. PC Weird Problem. Crouch by itself when firing weapons?
  176. PS4 Elephant shredder aim bug
  177. PS3 Crash at the end of a PvP match
  178. Xbox One Far Cry 4
  179. Missions not completing, soldiers not spawning etc
  180. PC climbing rope :/ .. no move up or down Just Jumping and going left and right ???? :(
  181. PS4 Game Save Dosen't load
  182. PC need help!
  183. game crashes while loading 1st Shangri LA mission
  184. game crashes while loading 1st Shangri LA mission
  185. PS4 Terminal bug - Cannot continue the game or do anything (video) - Help
  186. PC Rochan Brick Co. Storage Racing Gold Medal is impossible with kb/mice
  187. PC Wireless Xbox 360 Controller w/ Microsoft Adapter Issue (WIN 7)
  188. PC Please help T^T
  189. PC Stats Frozen°! What can i do?
  190. PC [PC] Instal from disc problems Far Cry 4 Retail
  191. PC Game stopped saving
  192. Far Cry 4 Won't install from u-play
  193. PS3 Sound Issues/No dialog sound when main characters talk
  194. farcry 4 erased from c/drive
  195. PC Far Cry 4 Online Dienste nicht verfügbar? :o
  196. PC Any fix yet for wired 360 controller on PC (Win 7 x64)
  197. PS3 Health and other items not available for purchase in the stations.
  198. PS4 in game bugs with weapons
  199. PC Patch 1.10 - Microstuttering while driving is still happening
  200. PS4 Crafting bug
  201. Xbox One Game doesn't load
  202. PC Not Responding (Black Screen)
  203. Xbox One My weapon load outs on Far Cry 4 multiplayer, won't save
  204. Xbox One Explosion freeze error
  205. DLC Valley of the jeti crashes and disppears
  206. Xbox One Xbox one Digital download issues
  207. Junk company
  208. Xbox One [Resolved] Unable to Access Digital Version
  209. PC Editor bug - Assault - kills counter
  210. Xbox One stuck in endless death loop
  211. PC I changed the folder where Far cry 4 is located and it wont load.
  212. Display driver stopped working and has recovered
  213. Xbox One Require different email addfress to sign in to existing account using new platform?
  214. Horrific stuttering in FC4
  215. PC far cry 4 ecran negru
  216. PS4 Need Help!!
  217. Xbox One Music and freeze issues... 2nd post.
  218. PC Crashes on loading screen (all of a sudden)
  219. PC Program stops working
  220. PS3 Grapple quit working.
  221. Defeated Rakshasa, now game is stuck on loading screen
  222. Far Cry 4 Fatal Error - Aborting Execution
  223. PS4 The Far Cry 4 service is unreachable. Please try again later.
  224. PS4 Ambient music doesn't work
  225. PC Enemies LITERALLY dont do anything in co-op
  226. PS4 AutoSave bug
  227. PC In-game Uplay access
  228. PC Far Cry 4 now locking up when shooting bad guys
  229. Driver crashes, Resolution issues, FOV, and Fur
  230. Can't use C4 when shoulder swap is off
  231. PC problem loading the season pass
  232. Far Cry 4 - random nvlddmkm crash
  233. Failed to synchronize cloud saves after client update
  234. PC Launching Game Takes Me To Steam Store Of FC4
  235. Xbox One Stuck between two boilers in the royal fortress
  236. Xbox 360 Installation Error
  237. FAR CRY 4 infinite fail
  238. Lost part of my progress
  239. My pvp leaderboard for outposts has been reset
  240. Xbox 360 non salva i set
  241. PC i can't install far cry 4,show me only play...
  242. PS3 Bough season pass but no content
  243. PC Sudden Stutter/Freeze
  244. (PS4) Shoot the Messenger inaccessible
  245. PC gamerprofile.xml
  246. Far Cry 4 Freezes when killing friendlies
  247. PC failed to sync saves
  248. PC Far Cry 4 failed to respond
  249. Far cry 4 xbox one freeze
  250. PC autosave does not work