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  1. How do I add an airstrip?? Help please.
  2. how do i get them to.....
  3. sinking subs that are submerged
  4. Adding text to missions
  5. Red/Blue side - National Markings (Vichy)
  6. technique for making ai repeat grnd attacks; 110s just leave
  7. "A Tidal Wave Strikes Ploesti v1" a new mission
  8. SBD's never hit??
  9. Autogenerated Trees question.
  10. Can't make a full mission, what's wrong?
  11. Aircrafts in the game that are similar in shape to other planes not in the game...
  12. Italian Speech Pack
  13. A Wold In Sheep's Cloathing - a Mission
  14. AI c47
  15. Can wind be added in any way? Would sure help smoke fx.
  16. AA fire
  17. FW-190 Mistral and Ju-88 Mistral
  18. Keeping PC. controlled planes on target.
  19. dogfight map scripting
  20. B29 in dogfight mission for server
  21. I need a complete Object list.
  22. Server Command Question
  23. Flight setup question
  24. Anyone created a P-47 mission where they escort or attack a railhead?
  25. ROF for ships ...how does it work?
  26. what's the deal with train waypoints? The FB manual incorrect?
  27. Dotrange settings
  28. AI bombers and auto pilot throw away bombs
  29. Campaign / Mission Generators ?
  30. maps
  31. Attacking With Rockets?
  32. Blue Nosers and the Legend of Y-29
  33. Railroad in PF
  34. AI controlled air groups.
  35. Convergence & set-up ?
  36. Recon Objective
  37. Duplicate titles in PF "Mission Files"
  38. Edit object altitude in mis text files
  39. Merging two maps (co-op)
  40. Stack objects in FMB to create new styles of buildings
  41. Mistel FW109A8+JU88
  42. Multiplayer maps for dogfighting
  43. Bridge respawn
  44. Mulitplayer campaigns
  45. Hey,Bird Brain, you beat me to the punch in "the blue"
  46. level bombers
  47. AI Aircraft (Bot) on online server
  48. B-29 in dogfight mission for server
  49. Coop AI planes not all there
  50. multi mission names
  51. V-1 rockets, can i...?
  52. anyone interested in D-Day mission fo P-38, P-47, A-20, Fw-190?
  53. remote access to dedicated server possible?
  54. Cant get an answer here on B-29 in dogfight missions
  55. Some new Missions.
  56. anyone know of a USN or USMC user made campaign?
  57. The Last Dogfight
  58. Naval Warfare
  59. New Historical D-Day Missions
  60. object limits????
  61. how dod u get flights 2,3,4 to follow u
  62. Your opinion on something I posted over in Olegs Ready Room
  63. Online DF Maps for Noobs
  64. Looking for a deflection gunnery practice mission
  65. Marauders at Midway v1
  66. how do you get correct insignia on stationary AC?
  67. Hey Tully, got a minute?
  68. RAF Order Of Battle
  69. Aerial Recon Photos of Singapore?
  70. Caucasus 1943 planes, sqns
  71. Walking Trees!
  72. I am so slo-o-ow! :)
  73. Looking for a DL for mission biulder
  74. "REM"arking .mis files
  75. Would anyone be interested in a SNP campaign?
  76. Utility proposal: IL2AirfieldPopulator
  77. Anyone got some Frontline maps of Kuban?
  78. ships combat test, interesting results I got.....
  79. Updated Hellhounds co-op pack available
  80. New Historical Mission - Fe Fi Fo Fum Gigante Killer
  81. New Historical Mission - Malta Meal
  82. my 1st original misn; where's my briefing going?
  83. DR_Hanger's COOP Missions Available for Download
  84. Been out of the game for a while--have some questions
  85. Descriptions of CO-OPs
  86. Mistels in a DF
  87. Lost campaigns, and I don€t know why!
  88. FMB skin question
  89. how can i optain the map of uk
  90. how many files does a cmpn msn consist of? seems to vary?
  91. September Mourn v1 a new Historical Mission
  92. Question: Homebase on a frozen lake?
  93. AI Respawn in Online dogfight??
  94. Ship Flak...
  95. new runways
  96. PF Standalone Objects list
  97. Flashing lights in new patch?
  98. Help I have mission builders block
  99. impressions about the AI in 4.0?
  100. Can I change planes in the middle...
  101. My new missions
  102. Carrier battlegroup
  103. "The Blue" mission loading fail
  104. how can i do to start my plane in a parking?
  105. How to best avoid Online Lag...?
  106. an hour of code changing and we could have infantry!
  107. Any COOP/Campains with B-25 out there?
  108. Craters!
  109. Flyable AI planes?
  110. pLeae helpe me : missing oblects (trees) in fmb v3.04
  111. Tempest
  112. Guys, I need help with this issue.
  113. Would Like to build an ABA style mission
  114. Limited number of countries in online dogfight
  115. How to make IA flyable? (no cockpit of corse)
  116. On-Line Campaign Question
  117. v4.01m Objects List
  118. G4M2E + MXY7 in a DF map
  119. MISTEL
  120. Where can I get Med war dowload?
  121. So where is it then?
  122. TEST RUNWAY 4, a dogfight map solution
  123. i've created a complete objects list for 4.01m
  124. How to get flight of fighters to escort stuff?
  125. Clouds server setting
  126. MXY7 ship attack
  127. For Anyone Who Wants...
  128. Campaigne Totorials
  129. how do u use da mission builder in AEP
  130. Waves and rocking carriers
  131. list of object names 4.01
  132. RHAF campaign
  133. Crimea_Template for adding objects on maps
  134. Anybody else's TB-3s freeze in midair and just hover?
  135. Hmmm, Anybody else got problems with Mission Briefs?
  136. Any B25 Campaigns?
  137. New patch and weather
  138. Online Dynamic Campaigns
  139. New Historical Ohka mission "April Fools"
  140. "Hellcat's" Beta Test Help
  141. Why is there no terrain editor for this game?
  142. Rufe vs downed pilots mission
  143. AI landing on carriers ?
  144. Kaberov missions completed
  145. "Cactus Diary" Campaign release
  146. Campaign Tracks
  147. Allied Kamikazee attacks?
  148. any1 moderately experienced wanna test these cmpn msns?
  149. how to make a map?
  150. V2
  151. Rufe defends base mission pack
  152. Move Spawn Location?
  153. Escorting bomber formations - My findings
  154. Offline coop map possible?
  155. Some useful 5th AF information
  156. AI C-47 crashin on take off.
  157. V1 Missions
  158. Requesting feedback , eager to hear about my mistakes etc.
  159. AI unawareness bug or feature (mission inside)
  160. Malta Campaign still in works???
  161. Source for online Dogfight maps?
  162. New Cactus Campaign won't start???
  163. hellcat escort screenshots
  164. english missions
  165. Player Carrier Starting
  166. Ships w/way points not showing up
  167. new mission folders no mission description
  168. Netwings File Library
  169. Please recommend some online coop campaigns
  170. My version of Barakoma Airstrip, Vella Lavella
  171. Air start at any height?
  172. Missions or Campaigns for new maps?
  173. Where to play coops??
  174. Can I Get An Object List?
  175. Test airstrip 4?
  176. Night Reaper mission available at AirWarfare
  177. Ideas for briefings
  178. p 38 landing speed??
  179. properties
  180. Little help with planes on mission
  181. Bong Campaign
  182. how'd i wind up in plane not assigned to player??
  183. axis icon
  184. Has somebody cracked the static ship objects code?
  185. Screen Shots
  186. Can't change skin in missions.
  187. Help with damage painter and static plane skins
  188. Help, please. How to limit number of countries in doghfight?
  189. Setting AI aircraft to bomb a target
  190. Test runways on new 4.01m maps
  191. How to alter the available aircraft?
  192. Definitive object list for PF???
  193. Weather
  194. Daylight?
  195. max aircraft in FMB?
  196. Another neat use for test runway #4 (invisible)
  197. Changing height of objects
  198. found a neat effect with smoke and static planes...
  199. What to use for Ki-27 Nate?
  200. VMF-214 "Black Sheep" Campiagn
  201. Briefing map
  202. Battle of the Bulge
  203. IL-2 Online manual (IL2CCM) ++FAQ++
  204. Any SBD campaigns out there?
  205. How to make a minefield
  206. @Tater -SW-
  207. Achilles NZ, you on here?
  208. Mission Building
  209. Zeus-Cat: Some feedback about your Straight Shot campaign!
  210. Made an object-cloning app...
  211. COOP's and Campaigns with the new 4.01m Maps.
  212. Born Place?
  213. Limiting spawn points in DF Mission Design
  214. Jagdflieger Campaign Part 3 - Max number of aircraft with new patch
  215. SBD Campaign in-progress
  216. V-1's, how too?
  217. Mixing early and late types of aircraft
  218. Rank
  219. My first attempts at map making
  220. Merging Missions
  221. Creating Random Weather and Positions & Numbers of Objects: IL2 Fog-Of-War
  222. rasing objects
  223. Dogfight Mission Objectives question
  224. Psst- Bird_brain
  225. A-36 Apache
  226. SBD-3 Dauntless Campaign - Guadalcanal 1942
  227. idea to Oleg to improve the dogfights missions
  228. New Clouds and 3rd Party Missions/Campaigns.
  229. 361st Fighter Group "Yellow jackets" Campaign
  230. Campaign Builders - Player's aircraft is based on rank, not on aircraft you check in
  231. New single player mission: SBD to Henderson
  232. A Nifty Little Trick I Found For Crashlanded Aircraft
  233. Nifty Little FMB Trick for Crashlanded Planes
  234. Kurland campaign
  235. need help with property file
  236. Straight Lines & MetaMis
  238. Dogfight Mission Webpage
  239. Mission problems with sleeping Go-229 Pilots
  240. can hidden objectives keep you from advancing in cpn
  241. Starting for parking does not work anymore.
  242. malta map
  243. Bong Campaign?
  244. RAF 81 Sqn in Murmansk - New campaign coming soon!
  245. Does anybody have a good B-239 campaign
  246. how are priority objectives assigned to AI?
  247. Rotate static objects?
  248. any1 seen maxim mg engage grnd targets? I dont think it will, unlike all other AA.
  249. Problem with landing seaplanes on water
  250. ME-163 Campaign