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  1. PC Any manage to get the new DLC working?
  2. PC Laggs... But why?!
  3. PC lag???
  4. PC Hostage guards not visible
  5. PC Patch 1.07 and 1.06 Broke Game and my workaround | Where to download patch?
  6. PC Stuck on loading screen every time i fast travel.
  7. Patch 1.7.0
  8. Bad stutter in game - Possible fix for some.
  9. PC Since 1.6 I can not get part this MISSION.
  10. Yet another bug- parachute wont open
  11. PC [STEAM] Upgrade to Gold Version!
  12. PC Whats this 2715mb update for
  13. Keys To Kyrat - New Trail?
  14. Ubi, You've Just Guaranteed I Never Purchase Another Season's Pass Ever Again
  15. A52 vs. Bushman
  16. PC Stuck in loading screen after starting new game
  17. PC 1.7.0 Grapple doesn't work now!
  18. Please fix the FOV scaling
  19. Why is there a DLC before the game is fixed?
  20. PC My Cursor doesnt go to right side of game screen
  21. PC installing game on two drives in same PC
  22. Patch 1.7.0
  23. PC "101% progress" question
  24. Why is the parachute dependent on the wingsuit?
  25. Longest Bow Kill in Far Cry 4 so far?
  26. Let's do this: Favorite weapons + attachments by class!
  27. Fashion Quest
  28. (Mod) The Golden Squad - Teaser Trailer
  29. Uplay rocket launcher useless
  30. PC Fashion week mission missing?
  31. Possible cause for stuttering!!!
  32. Flash Nades
  33. Sam
  34. Original Soundtrack Download
  35. Need help fixing screen setting
  36. What mode for TDM custom map
  37. PC Has anyone been able to get JRavens FC4 mods to work with Steam install?
  38. PC Can I buy Durgesh as a gift for someone on Uplay?
  39. PC My game automatically shoots pagan
  40. Arrows
  41. PC Escape from durgesh is now working on steam for ........ Season pass holders
  42. What settings do you play on?
  43. PC Is Far Cry 4 being considered to be supported on Mac?
  44. Your connection to Far Cry 4 Servers has been lost
  45. Start A Fresh Game
  46. Missing exclusive content
  47. PC Kindly requesting your .save file
  48. Ubisoft, PLEASE change just one thing about Durgesh...
  49. PC Far cry 4
  50. so devs when is patch 1.8?
  51. PC Crashing / cannot complete shangri la / cannot invite friends
  52. 21:9 support?
  53. PC Skip intro + cutscenes?
  54. PC Blocky dissovling textures on cars & other objects
  55. Can't shoot or aim with mouse in game, HELP! HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING
  56. How to get the best performance/visual balance?
  57. For those having issues getting new DLC Season Pass content working with Gold Edition
  58. Arena
  59. Things you learn from Far Cry 4
  60. Kill or Be Killed stealth speedrun
  61. PC The Third mission for Longinus does not appear?
  62. PC How to get this yalung mask? / jump over a precipice?
  63. CO-OP in Custom maps
  64. Corrupt Game Save
  65. PC Coop Animals and Enemies freeze
  66. PC Far Cry 4 Stops working with crash driver
  67. How to figure out which Kyrati Films:Survival I am missing
  68. Effect Rifle
  69. PC This is how big the far cry 4 map is
  70. Karma & Location
  71. Karma 6 Unlock Shredder
  72. Is this normal? Weird texture LOD fade. Video inside.
  73. Sick of the Shangi-La arcade mode in this game
  74. PC Not fixing the crash bug is insulting (to us) and humiliating (to Ubisoft)
  75. PC I Love This Game - Assassin's Creed Unity
  76. Season Pass deleting???
  77. Game vanished from launcher
  78. PC Key Banned
  79. PC An open letter concerning the game removed from our libraries.
  80. PC Some Propaganda Posters Missing on Map
  81. PC Royal Guard Special Forces vs The Rakshasa
  82. PC That damn nomadobjecttemplates.fcb
  83. Barnali's Textiles missing chests
  84. Interaction Prompts
  85. PC After completing game, weird things keep happening
  86. PC far cry 4
  87. GPS Tracking Device...Help
  88. Wingsuit bug :D
  89. Season Pass Banned?
  90. Laptop owners having performance issues should read Uplay's response to inquiries
  91. PC Ubisoft, this is garbage!
  92. PC Does my Far Cry 4 progress stay after Key bann?
  93. PC Strange Post Ending Scene - Caution Spoilers
  94. Hurk Deluxe Dlc
  95. PC Problems in game... I am going crazy.. Please help!
  96. PC few issue's
  97. PC Ghost Syringe - Not working properly.
  98. PC Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC Vanished after Hurk DLC Download.
  99. Is mouse acceleration fixed?
  100. PC 21:9 FOV - Is this ever being fixed?
  101. PS4 Arena Master problem
  102. PC Is DLC worth it.
  103. PC Weapon disappearing in multiplayer.
  104. [VIDEO] Becomming Arena Master (lvl 10) quickly
  105. Video question, flashing kinda cheese cloth (interlaced?) look...
  106. community suprise
  107. big problem games not saving
  108. PC Discovered 2 more holes to get out side the map today ..BUG?
  109. FC4 Videos And My Introduction To The Fourm
  110. Developer suggestion from experienced pc user
  111. PC First Arena Freeze after thrown in.
  112. Cooperative Content
  113. Progress not saved in Escape from Durgesh
  114. PC Kyrati Racing I cant even get close
  115. PC Co-op is totally inacessible to many players; well me and many friends at least.
  116. PC Frame rate drop low till is unplayble
  117. Disable wing suit?
  118. Thanks for a great game!
  119. Pasing Question
  120. No Propaganda Convoys
  121. Lucky Knife Throw
  122. PC FC4 (uplay) download no install files left?
  123. PC When can fix the FC64.dll??? Keep having 0xc000007
  124. Elephant Weapon
  125. [VIDEO] Beauty named Far Cry 4
  126. PC problem with farcry 4 - please HELP
  127. Any News On Patch 1.8 (or 1.9, 2.0, or 2.1)?
  128. Max Health Bars
  129. PC Changing Lanes Achievement Need Coop Partner
  130. mistakenly lost all my previous progress
  131. Ubisoft You So Sneaky! (Patch 1.8.0)
  132. Letters & Journals
  133. Performance worse after 1.8.0 patch.
  134. I called tech support today...
  135. PC The syringe where is it? cant find it anywhere
  136. PC Loading time after death
  137. How to access snowy part?
  138. Connection problem with multiplayer and coop ubisoft ĄHelp me!
  139. New multiplayer map FCXTEAMDEATCHMATCH 1/25
  140. PC Canīt update my game (log inside)
  141. Possible game virus?
  142. STILL CRASHING ON V1.8 (so the natural question is when is 1.9?)
  143. When will you finally let people in Japan play the PC version?
  144. PC patch 1.8 only crash game
  145. PC Farcry4
  146. PC Weapons Save
  147. PC Stuttering, focus on fixing the stuttering
  148. 1.8 broke SLI again
  149. Any way to block a player in coop?
  150. Looking for a co-op partner to complete achieve.
  151. Today's patch stuck at 99% download
  152. PC entrance into the arena
  153. PC How to disable intro videos in Far Cry 4 via. Uplay?
  154. PC How to play one purchased game with two accounts?
  155. PvP Lobby with firends
  156. How to verify you game files /integrity of game cache? (PLEASE make it sticky)
  157. Vsync Modes: Limited vs Full
  158. PC DLC Hurk
  159. PC Can't connect with friend for co-op in custom map
  160. black screen crash on startup ....another possible fix (quad core processors)
  161. New idea for a weapon
  162. Crash on 'Login succeeded'
  163. Co-op missing assets
  164. Unknown Location
  165. Sound Issues
  166. PC Steam users just got a 31 meg update overrun is still not working
  167. Mountain climb DLC
  168. im the best overrun player of the world
  169. Apology
  170. Ripper
  171. Update on 5/13/14
  172. Who Is Chris Flint?
  173. Season Pass Rating
  174. [VIDEO] Far Cry 4 issue, help!
  175. PC Far Cry 4 Season Pass Problem
  176. Far Cry 4 Snapshot Problem
  177. Patch versioning
  178. Pagan Min
  179. PC Can't fast travel or save
  180. PC Where is the DLC in the menu for FC4 for Steam?
  181. PC Map bug on Jalendu Temple area - water well - dlc escape fm durgesh prison.
  182. how to start overrun
  183. C0-op
  184. PC Recovery from FC4 black screen crashes
  185. PC Afterburner + Farcry 4 = Crash!
  186. 2 core cpu on farcry 4
  187. Server browser?
  188. PC With great fear, and no small amount of trepidation...
  189. PC Crashing when joining each others' Co-Op games
  190. letters & Journals (Spoiler)
  191. Help with settings please
  192. uplay update
  193. Uplay wants to reinstall the game?
  194. Beginning Ending?? (Spoiler)
  195. PC Black screen bug #121303098238932
  196. anyone using soft shadows?
  197. PC Outpost problem
  198. recherche joueur fr pour du multi et du fun
  199. Game Freezes my computer!
  200. FC4 PC and wired Xbox 360 game controller issue
  201. Fix Shangrila in the next patch!!!
  202. Bell Tower next to Barnalis textiles, spoiler
  203. PC [Spoilers] Sad
  204. PC Chest at location X 718.0 Y 702.2
  205. PC HELP! How do i change fire mode?
  206. PC Scenery Error After failing to complete a mission in "The Himalayas"
  207. PC Kindly requesting your 99.99% uPlay Save
  208. Useless FOV slider
  209. Swap Arrows
  210. Outposts / No Alarm - Not gonna get achievement?
  211. PC 3 months after launch, controller / black screen issues STILL aren't fixed
  212. PC [PC] Far Cry 4 Funny Moments Montage!
  213. Can't do wingsuit in canyons
  214. PC [mod request]
  215. PC Fix the Co-op!!
  216. PC Buzzer location
  217. PC New Valley of the Yeti trailer
  218. FC4 doesn't like DSR
  219. PC How do you attack underwater?
  220. PC Uplay Screen Problems
  221. PC DLC from the beginning or wait?
  222. Disappointing Multiplayer from Ubisoft
  223. PC Game is not auto crafting health syringes
  224. PC BUG Ecran noir quand je meurt
  225. Weapons dont work anymore!
  226. PC Modding Progress
  227. PC Stuck in load-out room
  228. PC Alienware alpha question
  229. PC FarCry4 black screens/no loading/ Stuttering when Xbox360 controller Fix!
  230. PC Freezing issue
  231. New game without loosing progress?
  232. PC Uplay Overlay does not function :(
  233. PC Uplay problem :P
  234. PC just got a 1.1 gig patch from STEAM games is 1.9.0
  235. PC First door bug after downloading all patches.
  236. PC Can't turn or move forward/back, only look up/down
  237. PC game is crashing whan loading
  238. PC Game crashing after 1.9.0
  239. Valley Of Yeti Download
  240. PS4 It is the second time that Damania
  241. PC I love "the key to the north" mission
  242. PC Can't download March 10 Patch!!!
  243. Where are the DLC achievements?
  244. Xbox One Far Cry 4 Valley Of The Yeti's Achievements stuck at done unlocking?
  245. PC Valley of Yeti Crash
  246. PC Valley of the Yetis: Expedition Remains chest south of the Relay Station
  247. PC VoY
  248. [VIDEO] Valley of Yeti's Gameplay
  249. Stop releasing DLCs and fix the damned game.
  250. Getting rid of unique skins