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  1. Dear xMiiSTY
  2. PC Little help please.
  3. PC Ultra Performance Mod: Boost FPS on Low-End Systems
  4. Looking for Aussies to play co-op
  5. Shops not working?
  6. Quad driving issue
  7. PC My Far Cry 4 keep crashing!!
  8. PC I found a Bug in the game at the "sneak into the truck" mission.
  9. PC Icon map bug
  10. Far Cry 4 Soundtrack
  11. How to make sweetfx and ingame overlay work ??
  12. Stuttery Gameplay Is Headache Worthy
  13. [PC] Game crashes every 20-30min and I lose all progress
  14. Xbox 360 kaloi kola man is hola
  15. PC Why hasn't the mystery map location been fixed yet??!
  16. Problem is FC64.dll
  17. Nvidia control panel problems
  18. Is there a devmode on farcry 4?
  19. PC i meet a requirements except CPU
  20. Black blinking squares?
  21. At my wits end (FPS)
  22. PC how to throw bait on pc.
  23. Auto Drive Issue
  24. Any fix for the game tabbing out all the time?
  25. Stuttering fix here , you should check this if you got huge stutter + freezes
  26. Xbox One mathar upre dia jaibo
  27. PC Game taking over 5 minutes to load; WHAT GIVES!?!
  28. PC Help with installation
  29. PC Game crashes as it loads up single player
  30. PC Suggestion for a new name on the 5v5 online part
  31. Map editor just hangs at splash loading screen
  32. PC Unknown minimap symbol
  33. An open letter to the Ubisoft community manager Miisty.
  34. PC FC4 season pass
  35. Controller button mapping for PC?
  36. Change language
  37. Fix the camera glitch!
  38. What am I supposed to do at the Airport? Is it an enemy base? Confused.
  39. PC Far Cry 4 Moments!
  40. How do i get the DLC
  41. PC So when are the rest of the DLC missions due to be released?
  42. PC How to start new game from scratch
  43. Things I wouldn't miss if they were not included
  44. PC FarCry4: The Golden Path (ALPHA) SP & Editor Mod
  45. I give up! Screw ubisoft games!
  46. PC Far Cry 4 too heavy ?
  48. Update 1.6.0. today , game doesent work anymore for me
  49. Patch 1.6 out, changelog here
  50. 1.6 still hasn't fixed controller / black screen issues
  51. PC Patch 1.6 Forces to download ENTIRE GAME again!
  52. PC 1.6.0 Patch installed and now game crashes when trying to continue during load bar
  53. Since patch 1.6.0, can no longer save progress anymore.
  54. Update v 1.6 Worked OK For You
  55. PC Percs of patch 1.6
  56. PC What Happend With The Soft Shadows!?? help please!
  57. Racing Leaderboard Cheaters
  58. PC Graphic issues/Grafik fehler [GERMAN]
  59. PC Game stops when trying to save
  60. PC We deserve better
  61. PC Save nuked by CO-OP bug BEWARE! (Contains minor spoiler)
  62. Have a Merry 'STUTTERING' Christmas everyone!
  63. Support for less cores
  64. PC This is another senior un-friendly game
  65. Anyway to get an xbox controller to work
  66. PC Hot to fix new 1.6 Patch game crashes without installing game new
  67. PC [German] CD-Key aktivieren
  68. Yes do well done get enjoy
  69. PC Patch 1.60 Wingsuit Handling Broken!!!
  70. Toggle Ironsights
  71. farcry 4 banned
  72. PC Saves
  73. As of 5pm Eastern time. Far Cry games fail to load!!
  74. When will the rest of us get the patch
  75. PC Far Cry 4 Season Pass DLCs
  76. PC Far Cry 4 Not Updating/Downloading properly! >:( Fix plz :'(
  77. PC Black screen/not responding
  78. PC Black Screen when I die or start new mission
  79. Longinus pt4 blackscreen
  80. Please fix that Wingsuit activation Ubisoft
  81. "Far cry 4 has stopped working"
  82. PC Hidden, inaccessible Tower outside the map
  83. DLC not showing
  84. Throwables - Glitch ?
  85. ALERT: Issues with Nvidia Driver 347.09 and most recent patch
  86. When are the errors with the x360 controller going to be fixed?
  87. Keybindings
  88. The game who killed my graphic card
  89. PC FC4 wont install properly from disk, wont start
  90. PC Help Wanted to clear death from above mission
  91. PC I can't even play the game....
  92. PC Worst game experience ever....
  93. PC Missing godrays in the second half of the map
  94. PC Lag issues and Randomly Spawning Enemies
  95. Do you know where Shanath Arena is?
  96. PC Weird light glitch when in dark areas
  97. PC 2 Bugs: Map is black and can't be seen | Can't pass first Shangri-La mission [Broken]
  98. PC Is there any way to disable " Auto-Adjusting Ligtning" "Dimming/Brigtning"
  99. Shangri-la mission crash
  100. Hang gliding
  101. PC Far Cry 4 controller issue: Help ASAP
  102. Help golden path hates me
  103. Dlc pack Hurk missing
  104. PC [BUG] An alarming glitch with Noores fortress
  105. Kyrat Films
  106. Multi player pros and cons!
  107. Rebel Yell mission glitch
  108. PC Far Cry 4 Gameplay Walkthrough
  109. Game Freezes When Loading a Save
  110. Survival Syringe Lvl 2
  111. shredder still locked
  112. Multi player FOV changes, and slow perceived running.
  113. PC Lets do something about Uplay download error
  114. Your favorite on foot trek/climb in the game?
  115. Re-downloading 1.1 GB patch everytime I launch Steam?
  116. PC Can't play the arena
  117. PC I found a way to made everything look better (zero performance cost)
  118. PS4 Unknown Locations and Bomb Defusing...
  119. Xbox 360 well work is increase your position
  120. How to find Bomb Defusal Quests ?
  121. So Sabal thanks me for doing an escort...
  122. PC Every 10 Minutes Far Cry 4 Has Stopped Working!!!
  123. Consoles Read this ubisoft
  124. PC Xbox Controller Preventing My Progress
  125. PC Can I run Far Cry 4?
  126. PC Co-op with friends ?
  127. PC Cant play multiplayer
  128. Well... New Patch... New Problems... Maybe.
  129. Why only one save slot?
  130. PC Co-op session crashes when accepting missions
  131. How does saving work in this game?
  132. PC Kyrati Films are not being registered
  133. PC Game randomly crashes
  134. Plants for Meds
  135. PC Far Cry 4 character reskins
  136. Go easy on me. How the F do I craft syringes?
  137. PC Outpost & Fortress Partner
  138. Is Ubisoft on hard drugs? Serious question
  139. PC FarCry4 Has stopped working...
  140. PC Field of View bug [Video]
  141. Smooth on ps4, constant frame skipping, stutter on pc
  142. PC Far Cry 4 Reskins Update
  143. No 16:10 monitor support (going to post this every day until it's fixed)
  144. PC SLI and 2D Surround Glitches
  145. Propaganda Posters
  146. Any release date for the Hurk DLC?
  147. Image quality downgrade?
  148. PC Far Cry 4 Reskins Update 2 - Mod Sneak Peek
  149. Pc game not loading
  150. PC Game Freezes after failing a quest and black screen CO-OP
  151. PC *sigh* Does stealth even exist in this game?
  152. 1.07 patch on the horizon?
  153. PC Do i need to buy two copies of this?
  154. Excellentt Game but some minor issues
  155. PC [(Hopefully not a) BUG] The Hyperbolic, Pyrophobic Heavy Gunner
  156. [PC] Blurred footpaths
  157. PC Far cry 4 savegame!
  158. PC My computer is good, BLACK SCREEN
  159. Multiplayer FOV issues after flying
  160. PC Hold H to Heal
  161. Animal Repellent
  162. PC Can I increase draw distance?
  163. Mani wheel misssing
  164. Far Cry 4 doesnt in SLI either? Green Bars appear flash up?
  165. more locations appeared after buying maps
  166. Stuck background image (almost invisible)
  167. PC Need Friend! PLS
  168. PC Need Friend! PLS
  169. PC Shooting while wingsuiting is possible!
  170. PC Rmcburn's mod
  171. Can I make the transitions between LOD levels less ridiculous?! [VIDEO]
  172. Blood Ruby Missions
  173. Did Patch 1.6 really fix the memory leak?
  174. PC Vehicle Takedown Skill
  175. Escort Mission Restart Keeps looping
  176. PC still getting problems with framerate...
  177. PC Farcry 4 coop
  178. PC Xbox 360 controller problems!
  179. PC Far Cry 4 missing e-mails with code
  180. PC Black Screen
  181. PC Satish's Sad room Mask
  182. PC Weird texture glitches
  183. Green Flash?
  184. PC patch 1.6 issues
  185. PC Season Pass purchase?
  186. PC Far Cry 4 Coop IA NOT WORKING
  187. PS4 The maps take away the icon to continue main story...blocked to mission 12
  188. Issues still existing with FC4.
  189. PC Dissapointing game
  190. Need help with "Changing Lanes" achievement
  191. Black screen on launch
  192. PC Great new bugs...
  193. PC [Bugs] Appcrash, Bugs und andere lästige Dinge..
  194. Arena
  195. Last journal page
  196. Arrows
  197. PC Agressive LOD
  198. PC Far Cry 4 and APM Music copyright claims
  199. Weapons
  200. M79
  201. Longinus - WTF?
  202. PC Memory RAM leaking!!!
  203. Xbox controller still not working with G27 wheel plugged in
  204. Fashion Week mission icons don't show on map
  205. Why no NG+ ?
  206. How do I get to "N" for Noor mission?
  207. A.I. Issues
  208. A way to enhance performance on FC4
  209. 21:9 fov fix here!!
  210. PC - Black screen on launch
  211. Issues with the Auto drive and crashes online only
  212. PC Patches/Update and Savegames... Keep or Lose?
  213. PC Problems Far Cry 4
  214. PC Black screen
  215. Wingsuit mod
  216. Get out of the map on far cry 4
  217. Speak No Evil Speedrun (Hurk Spoilers)
  218. FARCRY 4 Hardcore mod
  219. PC Have no load saved game
  220. How to Fix Far Cry 4 Performance (Stuttering); Background Process Conflicts !
  221. PC Harpoon gun
  222. Buzzer
  223. Yaksini's bondage cave
  224. Possibility to repeat the campaign missions in active game???
  225. PC Hulk and L missions (possible spoilers)
  226. PC Tell you how to WALK TO Shangri-La without tangka mission
  227. PC Friends needed for 5vs5
  228. PC Far Cry 4 x360ce hookmask input configs anyone?
  229. Seniors: Shocked & Horrified (Spoilers)
  230. PC Far Cry 4 problems on Win7/Win8
  231. Modding - Weapon Slots
  232. Game Play
  233. PC Long scenes....
  234. Campaign
  235. PC Changing Lanes achievement boosting, anyone?
  236. PC I have started routing to SPEEDRUN this game so...HOW DO I SKIP THE INTRO CUTSCENE!!!
  237. PC Far Cry 4 no mini map /mini map black
  238. Please Help-Explosives
  239. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MULTIPLE SAVES (Guide, Video and automation Script)
  240. PC My Loadout is all silenced except Rocket Launcher, can't have it other way.
  241. "Could Not Join game, the Session is Full"
  242. PC Some gameplay on mostly ultra settings
  243. PC Co-op?
  244. This is an irritating hack rather
  245. SUGGESTION - Assign Key to Save in game
  246. Allow Camera use while flying BUZZER
  247. PC DLC Release on 13th January?
  248. PC Problem
  249. PC Pagan Min Back From The Dead?
  250. Patch 1.7.0 notes?