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  1. Crafting the last explosives bag
  2. Kidding me Ubisoft ? Why so much animals , Why so less Enemys ....
  3. shortcomings ingame
  4. Game starts with a black screen! pls help!
  5. Multiple Issues Assistance please!
  6. deux cd key active
  7. i have use two CD Key
  8. Yogi Shorts
  9. Constant stuttering in Ubisoft games with hyperthreading enabled
  10. Where's the replay button?
  11. How Do I Convert Bin to Xml to Translate the Far Cry 4?
  12. ADD ME for co-op
  13. Thank You Ubisoft! Your Games Rock!!
  14. Cannot unlock location (SPOILER) and Map editor
  15. How difficult is FC4 compared to FC1
  16. PC Day 1 Patch
  17. Offline?
  18. Example of FC4 shadow bugs
  19. Another bug- video
  20. Stuttering Ubi not mentioning it on upcoming patches.
  21. unplugging x360 controller seems to fix black screen and stutters
  22. P2P or Dedicated servers?
  23. Upgrade Homestead for Karma boosts skill.
  24. How to is possible make this time ?
  25. Fix for dualcore cpu!!!
  26. Shangri-la and Payback mission
  27. To play online, had to DMZ my connection...+ a mouse accel fix
  28. Won't save
  29. List of FOV Bugs and Event Trigger Issues!
  30. How to disable joystick support
  31. my key to the lost gold edition
  32. Black screen/Triggered events glitch not present with a PS4 controller
  33. Getting out of prison
  34. Error
  35. Problem with Progress
  36. Where is my Far Cry 4, where !!!!
  37. where are the mountains!?!?!
  38. I'm out until Ubisoft start treating their customers with respect
  39. Multiplayer with friends
  40. Shangri La Level Keeps crashing
  41. soon be able to set a trusted parabat 11
  42. Different screen, game won't open
  43. X/Y-axis mouse movement
  44. Replay story missions/all side missions
  45. Why did I get free money?
  46. Weird Graphics Problem - Colored Dots Flashing
  47. Any way to get rid of lettrbox effect/Black Bars at 16:10?
  48. Weird crash & what's this icon?
  49. Can't Accept Golden Path Supply Quests
  50. Modding question
  51. Why Ubisoft don't answer my question or help me?
  52. new game option
  53. Control Animals
  54. Error Code: 0xc000007b
  55. Error Code: 0xc000007b
  56. how can i make a mod Far Cry 4?
  57. Fix these 3 issues or i won't play!
  58. Pc and ps4 ?? Help
  59. Crash to Desktop playing @ 4k resolution. "Not enough memory"
  60. Black screen at launch
  61. Qyests failing to progress and characters not loading
  62. Feedbak to the Dev's
  63. People on youtube have Nvidia fur, Why not us ?
  64. STUTTER ISSUE: Please fix asap!!!!
  65. Profiles
  66. does far cry 4 have a ultra low configuration mod?
  67. Problem with start the game.
  68. Far cry 4 maps and mods
  69. Back to the Himalayas?
  70. Can't finish Yogi and Reggie mission: The Burning Forest
  71. Where I should enter the code of Hurk’s Redemption?
  72. Selling farcry 4 digital code for pc! Highest offer starting at $40
  73. UBISOFT's response re: Mouse Accel., Key Bind., & SLI black shadows UPDATE REQUEST!!!
  74. PVP with only 2 people playing ?
  75. lol @ no ADS toggle... again
  76. Purchased the game, looking for legit help to get it working.
  77. release date for modding tools
  78. PC Discussion Forum overused for majority of tech issues & needs a Technical Subforum
  79. possible microstutter/frametiming fix for SLI
  80. I think this guard needs an eye doctor!
  81. Ubisoft! Are we getting Nvidia Hairworks before or AFTER Star Wars Episode VII :x?!
  82. Season Pass How to unlock PVP quickly?
  83. After the ending of the game.
  84. I'm in "Penguin Mode" -- can't fly worth beans!
  85. Possible black screen and freeze at start solution
  86. Season Pass DLC - What am I supposed to have *right now*
  87. How can I buy "Far Cry 4" on Uplay?
  89. How do I enable simulated fur? (Nvidia Hairworks)
  90. Time to get your money back?
  91. SSD Promo code usable on Steam?
  92. Knife Glitch,I sold my surviving knife.
  93. Map Editor Manual / Forum?
  94. Can't Complete "Death From Above" (SPOILERS)
  95. Far Cry 4 and letterbox.
  96. Regular Edition + Season Pass = Gold Edition with Season Pass?
  97. Ghosting issue SMAA
  98. Ubisoft cant even make proper descriptions for skills ?
  99. How is the performance on low end GPUs? (GTX 460, 560, 650, 750)
  100. Season Pass content.
  101. [Solved] 360 Controller Doesn't Respond
  102. Elephants and snowmobiles
  103. Elephant Gun and some other signature guns missing?
  104. Please... add skip option for dream scenes
  105. second story propaganda posters
  106. Usinig a game controler or gameing mouse.
  107. 2-Monitor Setup Issue
  108. Steam overlay no longer working?
  109. Bug avec carte graphique AMD
  110. GTX 780 performance issues!!
  111. Shadows glitching?
  113. Possible FIX for gamepad bug issues.
  114. Syringe mission
  115. First Cheater
  116. Is there even a plan to stop the crashing?
  117. Kyrat Films Race
  118. Weapons List?
  119. Is something being done about usb failure?
  120. Health key (Ctrl) in awkward position
  121. Can't Shoot/Aim Assist/Throw anything
  122. Fix. Your. Game. Now.
  123. Fix for long loading time and possible fix for black screen issue on PC.
  124. Unable to download the patch from uplay
  125. patch reset all in game progress?
  126. Shangri-La Crash
  127. Co-op Text Chat
  128. Can't get 100% completion.
  129. Its talk voip by the corporate way
  130. Bell towers showing 16/17 while i cleared all 17 bell towers bug.
  131. Far Cry 4 Starting Problem... Seeking Help.. Please
  132. Far Cry 4 PC- SLI - pitch black shadows - video
  133. Farcr 4 wont start a new game need help
  134. Any way to disable "film grain"/"film effect"?
  135. I'm having some strange problems any help would be great
  136. Facr Cry 4 1.4.0 Antialising bugs VIDEO (TXAA2, 4, SMAA bugs)
  137. FC4 PC 1.4.0 GFX bugs, VIDEO (light shaft stripes on ground) -still not fixed.
  138. Getting stuck in trees whilst flying!!
  139. Still stuttering
  140. Picture distortion like looking through a fisheye-lens
  141. Tessellation working on Radeon video card?
  142. Smoke, cloud, and glare bugs.
  143. Far Cry 4 not opening
  144. Can't see cut scenes, but can still hear them.
  145. So far I'm loving the game!
  146. NVidia driver 344.80 - does it solve FC4 freeze/black screen problems for you?
  147. Need FC3 hex edits back in FC4!
  148. How do I get a refund?
  149. FOV slider breaks mortar site
  150. [OFFICIAL] Patch 1.5 - Performance & Issues
  151. Finally! Attachments mod is available
  152. Game No saving with 1.5 patch
  153. Crossfire issue after patch v1.0.5
  154. Issue with weapons
  155. Post your ID here! (Uplay/Steam)
  156. Patch 1.5.0 - Performance feedback
  157. Please post here ONLY if you had little or no stuttering UNTIL patch 1.05!
  158. Is this the black screen thing everyone is talking about?
  159. Having problems with Controllers.
  160. For PC gamers that still use mouse and Keyboard, please think of us UBISOFT!
  161. How to fix the stuttering issue on AMD gpu's
  162. Option to turn off letterbox (I'm playing at 1680X1050)
  163. Where Can I find patch v1.3 Retail Version ?
  164. When are we going to get crossfire support?
  165. Partial sound problems (no reload,footstep,vehicle...ect)
  166. What about 16:10?
  167. Corpses and vehicles need to last longer
  168. AMD Omega Driver... Try it out. (Catalyst 14.12)
  169. where does this steaming turd save its games? I cant find them
  170. Wingsuit Frustration
  171. Farcry 4 has stopped working
  172. Windows reinstall
  173. Lag/FPS drop/stutter
  174. Patch 1.5, SLI 980's, gysnc experience so far
  175. Stutter possibly related to nVidia Boost tech?
  176. Terrible sadow/detail pop in after thle latest patch
  177. Wide-screen letterbox option was not present
  178. FC4 on PC - Can I install or play it without disc from retail?
  179. PC shutdown not randomly
  180. Patch 1.5 bring new, more serious issues
  181. Feedback on FC4, for any interested
  182. Skipintro
  183. cant progress past Rebel Yell
  184. "A Critical Character Has Died"
  185. So we're cool with cheaters & hackers right?
  187. Preorder code DLC Problem.
  188. FC4 Rox in 2D Surround!
  189. Seems blurry? or is this my interpretation of a different graphical problem? can you
  190. Uplay avatar editor
  191. [Tool] Entity Archetype Browser (ark.xml)
  192. Amita & Sabal, Whos better in the end?
  193. Ants at the Picnic Rendering Game Unplayable
  194. PC shutdown not randomly
  195. Shadows flickering fixed for sli with 344.65 drivers
  196. shangri-la yogi&reggie longinus help
  197. Worse since latest patch.
  198. Game not saving....
  199. Farcry 4 Disc #2 and #3 SCRATCHED!
  200. Video Issues Multiple Screen Layers
  201. Can't Unlock Certain Talents
  202. Very dark shadows (not using SLI)
  203. Whoever want FarCry4 more challenging [MOD]
  204. ISSUE: Crouch indicator
  205. HUGE lag spikes/fps drop/stutters after loading screen
  206. My game still stutters after the 1.5 patch
  207. Automatic Savegame Backup Tool
  208. stuck on first longinus mission
  209. I keep trying to like Far Cry 4... and failing.
  210. No Pagan's Wrath Convoys
  211. Eagle rag-doll issue?
  212. Yak Farm?
  213. How to have multiple saved games in Far Cry 4.
  214. Game not saving? (Spoilers)
  215. Far Cry 4- could not connect to FC4 servers
  216. Stealth Takeover
  217. No stats in uplay account
  218. Can't use the pvp weapons bundle
  219. Black screen after longinus final mission
  220. Ubisoft is working on new patches?
  221. WTF?!? FC4 literally shutdown my PC...... **SPOILERS**
  222. Can we please get multiple save game profiles?!
  223. WTF am I suppose to do now???
  224. Far Cry 4 PC Crashes (NEED HELP)
  225. Anisotropic filtering
  226. Using the bat wing in Willis mission.
  227. Far Cry 4 Wish List! - Post your idea's here!
  228. [Modding] Far Cry 4 Modding, Tools, Help and Mods
  229. Loosing progress left and right
  230. Switching arrows issue after getting the auto bow
  231. 100% Savegame
  232. Season pass didnt give me Yak farm and Blood Ruby
  233. [BUG] A small, but deadly, graphical glitch
  234. Fast Travel - Game Crashing
  235. Points not counted properly when doing Outpost master missions!
  236. 3d Vision
  237. memory leak in game?
  238. Anyone got an update on the mouse issues?
  239. What should my video settings be with a 760 GTX?
  240. i7 Hyperthreading and graphic issues. DISABLE IN BIOS.
  241. Improvements (What we want to be happy with this game)
  242. 16:10 Workaround
  243. Stuck in Yogi and Reggie missions
  244. Far Cry 4 vs Elite Dangerous
  245. the "controller xbox360 wirelles" not work with Farcry4 / el mando no funciona
  246. Gravity Glitch?!?
  247. Yumas Temple/Cave Located (Possible Spoilers)
  248. New Nvidia beta drivers 347.09
  249. Xbox 360 gampad didn;t work with FARCRY4 PC
  250. Golden star missions (Himalayas)