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  1. Any idea when incredibly dark shadows will be fixed for SLI?
  2. No multiple saves
  3. Fire arrow / explosive arrow
  4. 2nd player cannot use Wing Suit in Co-op
  5. Did I Get My Limited Edition
  6. Yet another bonus weapons question/problem
  7. Weird image overlay happening everytime i open the menus
  8. Co-Op doesn't save in campaign?
  9. Crossfire support
  10. Saved game
  11. 100% Fix to stutter AND Mouse acc. problem (Nvidia only)
  12. Where to edit your multiplayer loadout
  13. Holding the Grapple
  14. Cure for SLI!
  15. Hey, here's an idea
  16. SLI 560 TI's Game Running Perfect Finally
  17. Missions not available etc
  18. Help with 3 monitor setup needed!!
  19. Can someone scan the far cry 4 cover + dvd's ?
  20. Auto aim keeps resetting
  21. Coop with friends
  22. Game stuttering from startup
  23. Your connection to Far Cry 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the..
  24. Far cry 4 on GTX 660
  25. How to request a refund - a gripping short-story
  26. Shangri-la? something is wrong..
  27. Is my performance at the right level? (1440p)
  28. Where are the saved games files located and how are they called ?
  29. Visual bug
  30. Crash trouble on 2nd or 3d mission, Help please
  31. Far Cry 4 - Sniper Zooming problem
  32. A way to copy save file?
  33. Why do I need to Download a patch before I've even played the game?
  34. Very high GPU Usage / High temps
  35. Crab Rangoon(uplay Action)
  36. Far Cry 4 has stopped working
  37. Extremely dark shadows; unplayable
  38. In game weapons
  39. Sick and tired of this broken game! Cannot SAVE -cannot climb ropes. WTH Ubi!?
  40. FC4 has a Memory Leak
  41. Finally, A fix for Stuttering that Works!
  42. Outpost Master Errors
  43. A letter to UBISOFT...
  44. flickering textures... again
  45. I7 4770k, 16gb,gtx970 - 25-55fps - 1440p
  46. Where is the patch 1.0.4 ?
  47. Bokeh Dof
  48. Is water supposed to look like this?
  49. Already cheaters on leaderboards?
  50. Some takedowns video
  51. I can´t finish any of the Armed Escort mission
  52. FOV resets after destroying radio on bell towers
  53. So is it even possible to play above medium texture w/o stutter?
  54. Game Save Transfer
  55. black squares all over
  56. No camera under button Y, instead of this i've got ...
  57. Guru3D's Oxide Custom Profile
  58. Where to find the Arena ?
  59. Any fixes to the field of view resetting bug?
  60. No sound after first cutscene
  61. Problem with Far Cry 4
  62. Problema all'avvio
  63. Having frame rate issues
  64. FPS lower at night
  65. Possible to get refund due to technical issues?
  66. Only fast-travel autosaves are kept after game crashes
  67. Uplay not updating FC4
  68. is it possible to change the hold to aim to press to aim?
  69. Head bob = I puke
  70. AMD 7990 second Gpu at 0% when playing Far Cry 4
  71. How to tell what version the game is through Uplay and when a patch is available?
  72. Missing Knife Glitch - Can't do takedowns
  73. Far Cry 4 opens but when it does a black screen never goes away http://forums.ubi.com
  74. FC4 PC Map Editor Feedback & Suggestions
  75. Uplay Rewards
  76. Editor feedback thread
  77. 2008 go to tha 2014 hd now
  78. Want a Refund
  79. Want a Refund
  80. I want my money back
  81. Ubisoft are worse than EA, Far Cry worse than Battlefield
  82. The only real fix for stuttering/mouse lag until Ubi actually patch the game
  83. Far Cry 4 on PC can u use Xbox Controller?
  84. "Ghosting" while playing on Ultra resolution.
  85. Please help and advise re: season pass dlc
  86. Game stop working while saving files
  87. Tagging/see through walls - can we disable? HUD?
  88. 5.1 ch audio support
  89. PC Co-Op: Where Are the Co-Op options?
  90. how can I open the parachute ?
  91. Keller Tür
  92. Did not get my driller :(
  93. Broken co op campaign missions?
  94. help door
  95. Settings fix with no lag (Nvidia)
  96. far Cry 4 - not able to discover this area
  97. The definition of insanity.
  98. Looking for a Way to remove ALL HUD
  99. Bug report: black bar in 1600P
  100. Did I miss a Longinus Quest?
  101. I changed my Uplay user name, but...
  102. Cannot use Z to take picutures nor use T to throw stones
  103. Screaming Women
  104. Save and Quit doesnt save at all....wasted 2 hours of gameplay on this broken button
  105. MISSING pre-order season pass DLC
  106. Question about IA in FC4 Editor PC
  107. the keyboard does not work
  108. Unable to collect boar skins for backpack/bag
  109. Stupid Bug - Do I need to redownload and install this game?
  110. Unknown location
  111. Can't select Amita for Tea Factory mission
  112. Pre Order Far Cry 4
  113. I AM LEGEND: Far Cry 4 Map Project
  114. Help with graphic settings - what are yours?
  115. High Competitive mutiplayer Ping,Any way to start my own lobby? and No Dedi's :(
  116. Side missions like Kyrat Fasion Week , Pagans Wrath , Eye for an Eye missing , why ?
  117. [B]Cannot Save Games on PC version[/B]
  118. Couple of issues
  119. Were can I get a refund?!
  120. PC Multiple save slots
  121. game does not launch
  122. Cannot redeem cd key on uplay !!!
  123. [Request] Please add a music volume control
  124. Game Dev Tycoon
  125. [HELP] Golden Edition Activation
  126. Upgrade my GFX Card or go SLI?
  127. How to keep ammo supply and throw item indicator on screen all the time?
  128. can not play past
  129. You All Need Better PC's
  130. God Rays setting
  131. 1.4.0 live now. 39mb
  132. Game not starting ?
  133. 1.4.0 live now and then again not
  134. Voice Chat not working, how to speak with friends??!?!?!?
  135. Blurry camera with msaa or blurry weapons with smaa......
  136. Stop posting supposed magical solutions for stuttering.
  137. New Nvidia Drivers 344.80
  138. Co-Op
  139. the nights are more like a cloudy day
  140. Savegame broken/camera zoom no longer works ... AARGHuto
  141. Game running great for me
  142. have to install twice?
  143. Online Co-op Visual Bug
  144. Savegame for a desperated player
  145. Option to skip splash screens?
  146. Co-op is a blast! Loving this game
  147. Disable gamepad?
  148. Anybody up for some Co-Op?
  149. Does anybody have this?
  150. Is there any way to have two save files at once?
  151. Service Unavailable. Please Try Again Later
  152. Defend the Outpost bug
  153. Has Ubisoft even acknowledged the unbearable stuttering?
  154. black screen when you start the game!
  155. Console Command For Framerate?
  156. Keyboard mapping issue.
  157. 100% Completion - possible to get?
  158. Multiple Users Playing the Game
  159. FC4 does NOT like SLI. Y bro?
  160. Don't Let It Reload If It Tries
  161. Connected PS3 controller still black screens with 1.4 patch
  162. Grappling issue
  163. Far Cry 4 = :(
  164. sound track, cant find radio music.
  165. Out Post Master
  166. Can I start a new game without overwriting my original game?
  167. 1.4.0 does not fix lighting or ghosting issues with SLI
  168. Uplay Not Updating
  169. How to improve Far Cry 4's map editor. (Far Cry 3 Map Editor Mod)
  170. Tree and bush graphics are makeng it unplaible
  171. Does anyone have problem joining coop in public?
  172. Thank you UBISOFT
  173. Is this PC setup good for FC4?
  174. Loop Bug
  175. When can we expect hairworks?
  176. Unable to contact server
  177. Picture of ingame flickering on screen
  178. Hang Glider will not pitch up with any keybinding including default.
  179. No HUD??
  180. Patch 1.4 bugs
  181. Question about DLCs
  182. Been with you since PoP
  183. Are we going to get Dual Core support?
  184. Horrific frame rate - what's my bottleneck?
  185. Gamepad stuck in Buzzer (gyrocopter) mode after exiting vehicle
  186. Have I ever told you the meaning of irony?
  187. Flashing bodies are annoying us!
  188. Far Cry 4 modding
  189. Glitch in Infiltrate The Warehouse mission
  190. Remove yellow Objective Indicator
  191. Black screen post patch
  192. Ingame chat [Co-p]
  193. Vista shows up on custom maps for you guys?
  194. Any cheats for Far Cry 4?
  195. Patch 1.4.0 on Uplay. When?
  196. For those who having stuttering/framerate issue, this solution might work
  197. Shadows broken badly Northern Kyrat/was fine South Kyrat
  198. Far Cry 4 Benchmarks Main Problem 1 CPU Core Spike
  199. Using Keyboard, Mouse and 360 Controller
  200. FC4 online -- Offically the worst muliplayer game ever made
  201. Cheaters in Farcry4
  202. Problem on the airport
  203. Mortar Bug!
  204. Controller auto aim not working, setting not saving
  205. Media groups now commenting on FC4 Stutter.
  206. What to do in cave?
  207. New stutter fix
  208. Can't get 100%
  209. We need a compensation like this :D
  210. Sli Fix in next patch
  211. DLC - Season Pass
  212. Multiplayer - Fail ?!
  213. Replay last mission?
  214. Checkpoint/Cutscene/Enemy locations/Objectives not updating or loading
  215. Game-breaking glitch found
  216. Still got a Blackscreen
  217. Looks better on console ?
  218. Stutter bug except on 'shoot the messenger mission' which ran perfectly smooth !!
  219. How to set always talk?
  220. Ubisoft apologises for AC:Unity what about one for FC4?
  221. How to take screenshots through uplay?
  222. Constant flashing
  223. Save game button disappear?
  224. Tower 11 (First tower in North)
  225. 99.99% cant finish problem
  226. Far Cry 4 doesnt update
  227. Blue Screen of death renders game unplayable after working fine for 20 hours play
  228. Can not find serves in pvp mode!bad lag with no serve!
  229. Welcome to Kyrat ( Join the Golden Path) Achievment.
  230. Aim and Shoot problem
  231. Cannot Patch to V1.4 - "Download failed due to disk write error"
  232. The next Far Cry should be.........
  233. GTX 970 and low GPU util %
  234. far cry 4 black screen
  235. Far Cry 4 still stutter in SLI? Possible solution!
  236. End of Act 2, cant continue story
  237. Bug after Willis last Mission
  238. far cry 4 black screen fix
  239. Campaign missions not available, karma stuck?
  240. For the love of all that is good, why only one save file?
  241. Trying to find the main exe, please help
  242. Map Editor Problem!
  243. Far Cry 4 leaving Duo Core users in the dark...
  244. Rochan Brick Co Storage race.
  245. Bharal animal not spawning BUG
  246. Audio not working on PC after intro
  247. Far Cry 4 - Stuck in southern region of map
  248. Broken shadows game breaking glitch!!!
  249. Map Rating
  250. Boring Repetition