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  2. Petition for better multiplayer in Far Cry 4
  3. FAR CRY 4 - Next Gen goodies
  4. Season pass contents
  5. Help! Selected Blood Ruby for Xbox 360 but now I want to change to Xbox One.
  6. FC4 gameplay (same outpost, diffrent approach) and a few new things
  7. DLC missions set 'outside of the game world'
  8. Up-To-Date FC4 Coverage
  9. The grappling hook
  10. Vehicles will be back in FC4 Multiplayer !
  11. Yetis in Far Cry 4?
  12. PS4 --> FarCry 4 (Friends for Co-op)
  13. whats makes far cry special is the editor
  14. Far Cry Community
  15. Is anyone going to be playing on XBONE?
  16. Photomode ?
  17. Ubisoft, Please Implement a Competent Offline Multiplayer Component
  18. Escape Maps in FC4 Multiplayer
  19. New comer to Far Cry. What do i need to know?
  20. I've been out of the loop due to lack of faith in Ubi. What have I missed?
  21. Ugh. Whoever is in charge of PR at Ubi is an absolute joke.
  22. Please include Yetis in Far Cry 4.
  23. Long time FC fans... why are you still here?
  24. Far Cry 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo
  25. How long does it take to cancel my pre order at Gamestop ? 2 minutes.
  26. FC4 ps3 & ps4 bundles revealed
  27. Will There Be A Massive Downloadable Update!? (XBONE)
  28. So... will there be Lobbys and Escape maps FC4?? has it been made offical yet?
  29. Ubisoft releases Far Cry 4 weapons trailer.
  30. Who asked for co-op??
  31. MP game modes?
  32. Thanks for the Honey Badger
  33. Hope EBOLA doesn't wipe people out....
  34. Might Get Far Cry 4; Few Questions
  35. I hope the game feels more fluid when moving/climbing
  36. Far Cry 4 - 1 Hour of Gameplay (PS4)
  37. Far Cry 4 Exclusive Inteview with Alex Hutchinson with new PS4
  38. Playstation Far Cry 4 Week
  39. No HUD option?
  40. Pressing forward to accelerate the car?
  41. PSN pre order bonus? DLC??
  42. Mutiple people in map editor?? Work on maps together??
  43. Please put Far Cry 3 in PS Now...
  45. attention ubisoft/devs... canceling my fc4 ps4 pre-order....
  46. Far Cry 4's MP will be terrible
  47. Need to decide. PS4 or Xbox One version?
  48. Ubisoft® Will Make Players Discover Their Wild Side with Far Cry® 4’s New Experienti
  49. this is very not good
  50. Map Editor??????
  51. Game looks amazing & terrible?
  52. Well this sucks...
  53. Come watch UbiMiisty raise money for ExtraLife!
  54. Cross Play?
  55. It's 30th...
  56. #Quick Question : Will old gen version have open world Co-op ?
  57. Join the struggle for Kyrat in Far Cry® 4’s all-new PvP mode!
  58. Offline splitscreen?
  59. PS4 - Resolution/FPS and length of story
  60. Weapon checking animations?
  61. Will Far Cry 4 be Region Free and Multilanguage?
  62. Flash drive`
  63. pre-order on xb1 store
  64. Far Cry 4 season pass question?
  65. Far Cry 4 Offline?
  66. Ubisoft® Announces Collaboration with Cliff Martinez on Far Cry® 4 Soundtrack.
  67. Welcome to kyrat! Get a glimpse into far cry® 4’s story
  68. PS3 players add your psn
  69. Far Cry 4 or Assassins Creed Unity? Help me out here please!!!
  70. Why TIMED co-op fortress take overs??
  71. Will the FC4 IGE support mouse and keyboard and be able to change interface like PC?
  72. Just give us Far Cry Instincts/Predator for next-gen
  73. Disc version question
  74. Kick Animation Looks Terrible
  75. Will Farcry 4 be as bad as Assassins Creed Unity?
  76. PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Pre-Order on the PSN
  77. Holster weapon option?
  78. general questions about Uplay items and weapons
  79. ✪ ubisoft messed up map editor legacy ✪
  80. So The Valley of the Yetis Campaign is already on the disc
  81. Shoulder Button Swap Option?
  82. (Xbox One) Pre-order get day 1 patch?
  83. When will Far Cry 4 preload be available on ps4?
  84. Cola's first SP map idea
  85. Was season Pass meant to Come inside the Uplay Ultimate Kyrat Edition / Steal Case?
  86. ARE THESE REAL LIFE GRAPHICS!? - Far Cry 4 - Gameplay Walkthrough
  87. No more custom multiplayer maps?
  88. IMPORTANT: Technical Support
  89. Can you change your weapons on the go?
  90. New farcry 4 lets play!!!!!
  91. Missing steelbook and season pass
  92. Looking for Aussies/NZ to co op with xb1
  93. My Far Cry 4 is saying its a "trial" and ask me to buy the game.
  94. Is Farcry 4 worth buying on ps4?
  95. Shoot/Aim Options
  96. [PS4] True view on FC4
  97. SO?!?! is there a lobby system like FC2?? can you host escape maps ??
  98. What should I have immediate access to with the season pass?
  99. Xbox One - We couldn't get your latest saved data
  100. Season pass vs limited edition
  101. xbox one co op thread
  102. how to unlock D50 OR desert eagle?
  103. UPlay connection not working? (360 version, POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, READ AT RISK)
  104. [PS4] How do you disable auto aim in single player ???
  105. Coop and multiplayer info
  106. AI problems and ANNOYING shouting/shooting rebels
  107. Auto-Crossbow, Harpoon Gun and redeem code by email
  108. "You will soon receive an email..." Pre-order content woes.
  109. content for the digital version on Ps4
  110. DLC code when buying the game digital, through PSN
  111. Far Cry 4 // Co-op Walkthrough!
  112. Sniping Sucks Compared To FC3
  113. I do not have access to the map editor in PS4
  114. Where is the limited edition content for digital copies of the game? (Ps4)
  115. [PS4] FRIEND & CO-OP Adds Post!!
  116. Far cry 4 for xbox one?
  117. We need a standalone MP map editor
  118. How many campaign missions to unlock coop?
  119. Please allow us to turn off the flashing bodies Ubisoft!
  120. Driving Vehicals?
  121. Playing pvp with friends
  122. Help with these weapons
  123. Season pass ticket X1
  124. Sessions IS NOT full
  125. Far cry 4 where is deathmatch mode!?
  126. Farcry 4 FoV problems?
  127. Loadouts and extra abilities multiplayer
  128. Far Cry 4 HD Theme Pack for Windows 7/8/8.1
  129. Far Cry 4 digital version, limited edition content on Ps4
  130. Can PS3 & PS4 play Co-op matches together?
  131. NOT A PIRATE. Just got FC4 for PS4. How do I adjust FOV
  132. Can I transfer my PS3 progress to the PS4 version?
  133. Unwanted Ubishop 5% discount code for FC4
  134. No option to manually save game?
  135. What difficulty setting you playing on?
  136. Achievement Guide
  137. Ugly texture pop in while flying.
  138. Ps4 Issue with "Soft Landing" skill unlock
  139. Campaign missions not appearing on map
  140. Corrupt data PS3 download from PSN
  141. Driving Controls changable?
  142. Uplay actions not showing
  143. Where is all the enemies?
  144. Non changeable on foot controls?
  145. Custom Map community repo?
  146. Bring back regular Team Deathmatch!
  147. Does the 360 version support surround sound?
  148. FarCry4 update 1.02
  149. Far Cry 4 Map Editor is GARBAGE!!!
  150. Himayala travel
  151. Increase AI count in the XB1/PS4 Editor
  152. Location Ideas for Far Cry 5
  153. Locked safe house
  154. How do you switch arrow heads?
  155. Destructible Doors Aren't Destructible in Map Editor?
  156. Arena mode!
  157. PS4 Touch Pad Bug and Outpost Feedback
  158. Night....but so bright
  159. Ps4 save option
  160. Black Water Dragon (Glitch / Bug) Problems With Craft Wallet from 3/4 to 4/4 (max)
  161. Can I upgrade far cry4 ps3 to ps4 ?
  162. Question about saving.
  163. Variety mode & Party System?
  164. Elephant Gun/Signature .700 Nitro Unlock?
  165. Campaign not working
  166. Any point to using hipfire/strafing against enemies who have guns in single player?
  167. Request for Mortars please
  168. No Multiple Save Game Files? Again Ubisoft?!?
  169. Co-op Replay Missions
  170. Camera Issues
  171. far cry 4 xbox 360 save game inf.ammo, 300 milion rupees ,70 skillpoints, north kyrat
  172. Question about PS3 graphics.
  173. Looking for people to play Co-op with: Mic Req, Mature (18+) Xbox One
  174. Won't let me do missions?
  175. Xbox 360 No Voice in Cutscreen only Music and Effects, the Lips move without Voice...
  176. Patch 1.03?
  177. Need help with season pass please
  178. Why do the snipers suck in FC4
  179. PS+ co op question
  180. is far cry 4 a dissappointment ?
  181. Ps4 error ce-34878-0
  182. Xbox One - No Sound Effects
  183. Ubisoft staff stop ignoring us! We want an update and our pre-order codes!!
  184. Can't get mission to register as complete.
  185. Co-op: Capture Outpost again
  186. Corrupt save = tough luck
  187. Why Did I pay $30 for a season pass???????
  188. Arena levelling up
  189. Black Screen
  190. Add FoV slider for PS4/Xbox One Versions
  191. Customizing weapons in far cry 4
  192. People disappearing at the air port (Xbox 360)
  193. Ps4 Freezes at launch startup!
  194. how to create/edit class in pvp
  195. PS4 Co-op help. Can't get it working.
  196. Need help with Co-Op achievements add Core Saturn on XB1
  197. Problem "discovering" location and getting last Journal piece on PS4
  198. Xbox 360 Co-op Partner
  199. The PRE-ORDER CODE is (finally) here :)
  200. Far Cry Exclusive Content
  201. Location not regersting
  202. Recurve Fire arrows
  203. Sick of Ubisoft
  204. I think I might have found a bug. Anyone know how to fix?
  205. I keep losing > $100,000 worth of ammo
  206. [X360] - So is Uplay still broken?
  207. Ps4 syringe mission problem
  208. The next Far Cry should be.........
  209. Fashion Week bugg at Pranijagat-school!
  210. Is Co-Op really Co-Op?
  211. Xbox one looking for co op players with a MIC?!
  212. Playing Assault With Friends?
  213. mission 18 help
  214. Impaler?
  215. Bug with Improvements
  216. FarCry 4 Arena
  217. Yet another missions glitch
  218. Collectibles location bug on map (PS4)
  219. New Xbox 360 map: When the world falls
  220. How do I get the "Robin Hood" trophy if I already liberated all of the outposts?
  221. how to get back to shangri la? ps4
  222. Far Cry 4 Snipers
  223. Need someone to help complete coop trophies..
  224. Bug Found! Animal skin error
  225. Map screen icon meaning?
  226. Audio Glitch - HELPP!!!
  227. Ps4 dead people in air inside cave?
  228. Season pass
  229. camera bug plz help me!
  230. Quad Kill achievement issue (xboxone)
  231. Did someone besides me get this bug?
  232. Did Ubisoft remove God Rays from the PS4 with the latest patch?
  233. missing missions
  234. Questions About the PS4 Version
  235. Why do animals attack me instead of nearest enemy in outposts.
  236. How do you check mission status?
  237. Please fix these
  238. can someone send me a key to kyrat
  239. any have elephant gun signature weapon for PS4??
  240. 5v5 battles Of Kyrat, can you not invite friends to search as a party?
  241. Retaliation Trophy
  242. Frame rate over graphics
  243. please check out my hunt map for Ps4
  244. world map
  245. Oh yea 100%
  246. Ps4 and Xbox one update?
  247. skills
  248. Co-op with friends on PS4 not possible
  249. Fastest way to get XP?
  250. Anybody have a spare Amazon DLC elephant gun code PS4