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  1. The Wolf Pack is recruiting!
  2. Blitz_pig Nomination
  3. Anyone looking to create a Squad with me(fighters)???
  4. Looking for Focke wulf 190 A8 Sturmbock squadron
  5. VFA-25 Enlisting Now - USA (Formations, Training, Fun!)
  6. Allied Squads Needed For New Virtual War
  7. Please help the newbie!!
  8. The ProudBirds Of North America Recruiting new or experienced pilots...
  9. MOH VS. Your SQUAD
  10. (AUSSIE UNIT) WTE 2nd Talon Wing Recruiting!
  11. Greenhearts are recruiting
  12. Stukageschwader 77
  13. JZG Recruiting
  15. SKULLS ranks decimated, need reinforcements now!!!
  16. II/JG54 is recruiting
  17. Heads up! Adult Gamers at 12:00 High, request back-up!
  18. The 361stFG Fighting Yellow Jackets have arrived
  19. 249th IAP Recruit for Online Wars ----------------------------
  20. Romanian pilot eager to join a european squad.
  21. Squads looking for matches and missions
  22. Looking for a swuad...Someone please Enlist me
  23. 310th VFBS USAAF is recruiting fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots & Crew.
  24. Savage 77th Come join our brotherhood
  25. KG54 TOTENKOPF RECRUITING NOW! only - HE 111 -
  26. AFJ is Recruiting 2/3 Sticks.
  27. Tangmere pilots have a new home
  28. 352ndFG taking new members - Do you have what it takes?
  29. Soon To Arrive, 79th Fighter Squadron
  30. 441 goes 431!
  31. ICAG Recruiting
  32. Roll call! USAAF & USN Squadrons Sign in!
  33. You know you are in trouble when...
  34. Looking for American Pilots
  35. First
  36. 431 Air Demonstration Squadron-Snowbirds
  37. 79th FS Up and ready! Help us recreate Operation Frantic!
  38. Let's get together for some script wars
  39. KG 54 Wants YOU !!
  40. JG 26
  41. to squadron leaders
  42. Australian Squads on the East Coast.
  43. Squad vs Squad-SKULLS looking for EU Opponents.
  44. Looking to start a P-51 squad when the plane is released
  45. 17th Pursuit Squadron Still Recruiting
  46. Scandinavians!
  47. Escuadr√¬≥n 201(M√©xico) reclutando....
  48. Looking for a Squad.
  49. How long would an OT last in here?
  50. enthusiastic FB newbie looking for serious squad ...
  51. RED TAILS/99th Pursuit Squadron Recruiting
  52. Are there any good Il-2 squads out there? (EU)
  53. Looking for squad - Live in. So. Cal.
  54. SKULLS - Recruiting for North American Pilots
  55. Recruiting 2 slots open
  56. 249th is recruiting!!!
  57. ME262 Squad, JG28
  58. Maybe looking for a Squadron with DSL+, Track-IR, Teamspeak & fast boxes
  59. 249th IAP is recruiting for online wars!!!
  60. The IRON Brigade is Recuiting!
  61. Bf-109F4, He-111, & Ju-87 Pilots S!
  62. Looking for uk squadron
  63. Can the Squadron Directory be updated please....
  64. Radeon 500LE vs 9200
  65. looking for a squad with (many) Dutch pilots (not necesserely based in holland)
  66. Heroe's Tribute .
  67. New squad the Combat Devils recruiting.. experience camradiry + access our squadron skins archive!!
  69. Silver Triggers aerobatical team recruiting
  70. Gruppe III/JG3 flying online at a Hyperlobby Near Your
  71. 3.IAP recruiting
  72. Squadron Ladder Room? How about one ubi for FB?
  73. 249th recruiting for online wars!
  74. Any Romanian squads around??
  76. IL2-Sturmovik FB on Clanbase?
  77. The Triple 7's Are Back And Recruiting!
  78. 4./JG52 Recruiting
  79. Fighting Irish looking for some pilots.
  80. Screen res how can I change it?
  82. The VMF-513 Flying Nightmares are recuiting
  83. Looking for a squadron
  84. P-47/Me109 pilot seeking a squad.
  85. This game compared to microsoft combat flight sim
  86. Redtails...............
  87. Pilot looking for a squadron
  88. Looking for Russian flyers/squads to join coops
  89. Luftwaffe Pilot looking for squadron
  90. Welcome our friends from cfs
  91. USAAF squad recruiting
  92. VMF-214 The Black Sheep Squadron is recruiting.
  93. MOH vs. JG27?
  94. Looking For Somebody To Help Co-Found and Command A Squadron.....
  95. I want to join a realistic squad...
  96. how do i start my own squad?
  97. Luftwaffe Pilot Looking For Squadron
  98. Royal Canadian Air Force Recruiting
  99. looking to join the mighty WTE
  100. Newbie
  101. Joint Forces Command is Recruiting
  102. Virtual Team Warrior Recuiting.
  103. squad play with 56K, is it possible?
  104. can I fly what I like?
  105. Looking For Squad
  106. Question
  107. Join DfvD today!
  108. 249th is recruiting for online wars!
  109. VMF-214 recruiting open
  110. 310th is looking for sticks
  111. Flygflottilj 16 s√¬∂ker Svenska Piloter.
  112. Looking to join FB LW Squad
  113. Want to join a Russian squadron.
  114. looking for a squad
  115. Looking for a Squad
  116. The nightmare is back!
  117. Combat Demons recruting pilots new to IL-2
  118. US Squad recruitment: 92nd FG. (FB and Lomac)
  119. RAF662 CFSG is Recruiting.
  120. Looking
  121. 729th Now lookin for Pilots....
  122. any squadrons lookin for LA-7 pilot?
  123. old luft offliner (likes realism) wants to test online
  125. BEEN ON CFS3 NEED TO JOIN ALLIES i have roger wilco -nt
  126. VFA 25 is Recruiting
  127. Experianced Sim Pilot needing new home..
  128. New forum for USAAF Virtual Squadrons ONLY!
  129. Looking for squad
  130. VMF-214 The Black Sheep enlistment open
  131. New Dogs in town ~S~ all
  132. Greenhearts are recruiting!!!!
  133. 249th IAP is recruiting for online wars!!!
  134. Jasta 11 Recruiting
  135. Everybody recruiting all of a sudden
  136. 31st Fighter Group "Blue Dragons" Recruiting
  137. =69.GIAP= - NEW SQUAD (not recruiting yet)
  138. Want to Join a Tough Historical Squadron?
  139. Allied Pilot
  140. Scandinavians...
  141. to all kiwi,s
  142. People actually still go here?
  143. Rotflmao
  144. Welcome to IRON SKIES(tm) : Links and General Info
  145. Squad Question
  146. Forgotten Wars Virtual Online Battlefield
  147. Jagdverband44 is recruiting
  148. and speaking of recruiting - IV/JG7 are recruiting ;-)
  149. Recruiting new Shavers
  150. Looking for some info about russian fighter wing
  151. greater houston area, squadron
  152. Who is that Clown anyway?
  153. Recruiting scandinavians and other serius pilots
  154. Looking around for a P-47 squad
  155. sig test
  156. =353= Fighter Group Recruitment Drive
  157. Iron Skies (WEEK 13 REPORT)
  158. PBY Catalina
  159. Announcement !!
  160. The Wedge Tailed Eagles 2nd Talon Wing is Recruiting Again!
  161. Just got fb and need squad
  162. Houston area fly in
  163. Norwegian Squadrons?
  164. any canadian squads out there?
  165. New Display Formation Team
  166. Blazing Magnums 357th VFG Radio
  167. Name the Best Squadron Websites!!
  168. JFC Recruiting Allied & Axis Pilots!!!
  169. AFJ is NOT accepting applications at this time
  170. European military flight simulation event ?
  171. Stunt Pilot Squadrons?
  172. New Squadron 119th ShAP Ragemans Rooks (FB and LOMAC)
  174. testing sqn sig
  176. UK based squad wanted.
  177. The BlackHearts....new UK squad
  178. 4th IAP is open for recruiting
  179. The Triple 7's has an opening!
  180. Join the 339th and serve your country!
  181. "The Volunteers" Need a few good men !
  182. Loking for a sqad
  183. 97th WARHAWKS new sq is recruiting!!!!
  184. Introuducing the "Flying Circus"! The 380th Bomber Group arrives to FB!
  185. squadrons - q - what are rules 4 duel 1-1 -nt
  186. 123 Recruiting
  187. Looking to join a sqaudron.
  188. Low stress clubs?
  189. How many Squads Organize Squad challenges?
  190. 777 AVG In Need Of An Opponent!
  191. is there any cheats for the game
  192. F19VS, Scandinavian Squadron for Scandinavians.
  193. We want YOU!
  194. If you're tired of zooming and booming fly the HE111
  195. VMF513 Recruitng !!! WE NEED YOU!!
  197. Looking for a Squad w/ a good Training Program
  198. IV/JG51 is Recruiting
  201. I'm desperate!!! Is there any....
  202. AKA War Dogs Looking For a Few Pilots
  203. Tangmere pilots: The Few need a few more
  204. Where can I post videos?
  205. ok-heres crappy video-better soon
  206. Hellcats looking for pilots.......
  207. The Clown Squadron recruiting
  208. American Pilots Looking for More flyers to join up
  209. RAF types wanted....
  211. Up to the Challenge?
  212. Anybody need a truck driver?
  213. Three Little Lambs Have Lost Their Way!
  214. 22nd Lancers looking for pilots
  215. ProudBird Forums Are Now Open!!
  216. Oleg, have you seen Uberdemon's UQMG?
  217. Are you good enough? GET AN ONLINE RATING!
  218. Looking for a few good men...
  219. Long time no seee!!!
  220. What The Three Lost Sheep Have Found On The Web!
  221. 3./JG51 is looking for committed Me 262 pilots
  222. Any squadrons need a Bomber Pilot?
  223. Is there a JG 26 Squadron? -nt
  224. JG 26 Squadron
  225. Any Squadron need a BF-109 G-6/AS ace?
  226. 890th coming soon
  227. Looking for a squad
  228. Requesting enrollment
  229. FB Squadrens needed
  230. 414th Fighter Recon Group is in the process of being created.
  231. Thanks all but......
  232. PF Squadron is recruiting
  233. Wanted: Aces and Veteran vfp's
  235. Hurri Mk 11C Pilot would like to join Operational Sqdn
  236. 92nd FG needs pilots.
  237. Proudbirds Forums are cool guys, check it out!
  238. FAI World Aerobatics Grand Prix competition open to VIRTUAL formation teams.
  239. Vultures Row now recruiting
  241. Is there a sqad with some norwegian guys out there?
  242. NL1st Squadron Command Staff Initialization
  243. polatasz z nami bombowcami?
  244. Joining the 22nd Lancers
  246. Flying Online
  247. Looking For A Squad
  248. 357th BLAZING MAGNUMS scouting for Veterans
  249. UK based Fighter/Bomber ace looking for UK squad
  250. =Aerobatics group opening looking for eager to learn pilots=