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  1. Hi all! - UK IL2 Semi-Noob Requires Clan
  2. Squadron Anniversary!.......
  3. 332 Viking is Recruting join us ,TOD started 30.03.08!!
  4. Are There Opposing Squadrons That Cooperate?
  5. Squadron Base
  6. [RS]VFW Are Recruiting ...
  7. Pacific Theater squad?
  8. A question for the bomber squadrons
  9. Tiger Squadron would like to announce...
  10. Any IJN/IJA Squads Interested in SEOW?
  11. The Rogue Saints
  12. installing campaings in dcg
  13. Looking for Stuka pilots to play in Wings over Europe server
  14. F4u-1c Pilot Looking For Squadron
  15. Swiss fight Squadron
  16. SB_2M-100A/SB_2M-103 Pilot looking for a squadron in Europa
  17. IL2 has never been what I wanted it to be.
  18. Attenetion Allied Sqauds DAK41
  19. dogfighting skills
  20. Redwulf Desert Missions
  21. The 457th FS (V) USAAF Recruiting
  22. Fighter Bomber 12, looking for 2-3 pilots
  23. Looking for a squad for a Scorched Earth Match
  24. Dedicated PF standalone server
  25. Mossie/Tiffie Squads??
  26. IL-2 Online Campaign.
  27. Looking for Squadron
  28. The Virtual 47th/312th Bomb Group Light Now Forming
  29. Syndicate Rebels Open for Recruitment!
  31. looking for a home!
  32. The =AVG= is recruiting for the 2nd Pursuit Squadron
  33. Italian Aerobatic Group
  34. Which squadron has the coolest uniforms?
  35. Good educated Stuka pilot looking for a squadron.
  36. Looking for Squad
  37. Which Sqdns can IL-2 1946 fly in?
  38. Looking for a Squad
  39. 109 pilot looking for a squad
  40. how to play online?
  41. Reasonably experienced pilot looking for a squad in UK/Euro timezone
  42. Thinking about joining a squadron.
  43. Old timers
  44. Looking for a Squadron
  45. Casual Pilot's Squad (CPS) wants you!
  46. Looking for active Squadron to join
  47. Looking for Axis squadron
  48. Intruducing the =(FU)= Squadren
  49. Looking to start small, realistic squad
  50. Looking for coop/campaign squadron
  51. Looking for an axis squadron
  52. Do You Want Fun Squadron To Join
  53. New player looking for a squad
  54. RAF74 is recruiting
  55. how do i play online
  56. The 450 Squadron is recruiting
  57. hyper lobby wont install, is there a similar alternative program?
  58. Newbie in Germany
  59. Newbie looking for a EU timezone squadron
  60. having trouble with hyperlobby
  61. Looking for Axis Squad
  62. Other online options...
  63. FS or Scortched Earth
  64. Check us out!! 214th DCG Coop 4.09 with MODS
  65. Rogue-Saints Is Recruiting
  66. VMF-124 The Deathheads, Newly formed Squadron, looking for pilots.
  67. New Guy Here Looking for a P-47 Squadron
  68. The United Squadrons League: Calling all squadrons!
  69. New Flyer
  70. Pilot looking for squad
  71. New Pilot Looking to Get Set Up
  73. You heard this a million times, but. . .
  74. Lezbian Seagull, Medium Bomber LF squadron
  75. We need someone to shoot at us
  76. Join the RAF , The romanian air force !
  77. MCVG-2 Active again
  80. Pilot looking for a that Squad flies Royal Air Force
  81. New Squad?Need a forum-Training-Or Ventrillo?
  82. Black Devils as squad name still free?
  83. Looking for good current squad
  84. Looking for New Pilots and a Squad to fly against
  85. U.S.N. is recruiting pilots @ all skill levels!!!!
  86. Fighter Sweep website
  87. Scramble
  88. EVT recruting.
  89. VMTB-143
  90. Just Rookies is recruiting
  91. Looking for a Bomber dedicated Squadron? Check in here
  92. USN Looking For Dogfights
  93. =69.GIAP= Recruiting thread deleted, Why?
  94. Uncle Sam Wants You!
  95. Announcment on Hot linking
  96. Novice Pilot looking for training
  97. Looking for Pacific squadrons
  98. Saturday Night Fights
  99. using 1946 controls
  100. Step up your combat - [Angels] Squad recruiting
  101. Nemesis squadron recruiting
  102. New Pilot
  103. Dedicated Bomber Squadron Invite!
  104. Looking for a squad
  105. Any Help fo Beginners?
  106. Could somebody help me with a test?
  107. U.S.A.A.F. Seventeenth Air Force -ACTIVATION-
  108. 7th Composite Group HELL'S DEVILS -Recruiting.
  109. Attention All Pilots, New Website for MCVG-2 " The Duece ".
  110. Looking for USA/UK Online squad
  111. I'm gonna try and host dogfight sessions...
  112. RAF 209 Squadron Coming to IL2
  113. Old friends
  114. Attention!! Looking for Pilots for the Pacific Fleet
  115. Looking for bomber squad
  116. FARR Recruiting
  117. II/JG54 is looking for pilots
  118. New Pilot looking for help/squadron
  119. Air Group 51 is Recruiting
  120. Fighter Bomber 12 is looking for 2 Hellcat pilots
  121. new online
  122. RAF74 is Recruiting
  123. Looking for a Squadron
  124. Looking for European USAAF fighter sqn
  125. looking for a competative squad
  126. Cake and Eat It Too (R U My New Squad?)
  127. Pacific Fighters
  128. Looking for Basic Training.
  129. Help
  130. The 336th Fighter Squadron
  131. JFC is Looking For Dedicated Campaign Pilots
  132. Looking for squadron, nothing to recommend me
  133. Looking for il2
  134. Looking for squad
  135. 3rd Bombardment Group is looking for Bomber Pilots!
  136. MCVG-2 Is recruiting
  137. New online pilot
  138. RAF662CFSG Celebrating 10 years online!!
  139. will be ready
  140. The 1.JaVA_squad has its own server
  141. Merc recruiting pilots
  142. New Pilot looking for Squad (Canadian Pilot)
  143. New (GMT) Pilot
  144. Japanese Naval Pilots
  146. Nugget looking for a Squad (USA, Central Time)
  147. help , for online play
  148. Looking for....
  149. Bomber Pilot without a dedicated Unit?
  150. "The 1st All Dedicated Virtual Bomber Group Now Recruiting
  151. Looking for a squad
  152. Looking for a squad USA PST
  153. Looking for Bomber Group 1stADVBG Now Recruiting
  154. Fighter Jock looking for a squad
  155. The 1st All Dedicated Virtual Bomber Group Recruiting
  156. AVG 11th Bomb Squadron looking for Recruites
  157. creating a server/ playing online?
  158. IL-2 STURMOVIK: Birds of Prey PS3 Squadron
  159. Stickin' with your leader
  160. (4.08m) any EU Co-op Squadrons?
  161. =DAF= Desert Air Force New website OPEN
  162. lllJG11 is recruiting!
  163. Is it necessary to have a web page?
  164. VF-84 Wolfgang Recruiting F4U-1D pilots
  165. Vultures Row is recruiting!
  166. New zealander Looking For an Online Squadron
  167. VF-51 Recruiting Pilots
  168. Good home wanted.
  169. U.S.A.A.F. Fifth Air Force (Virtual)
  170. Will fly anything
  171. I'm looking for a squadron.. that has a specific specialty...
  172. VF-10 is Recruiting for pilots who wants to fly in the pasific
  173. Greetings from the War Hawks
  174. E-mail for consideration sent, but still no reply
  175. British B-24 pilot looking for Japan-based (or other) squadron
  176. RAF74 is recruiting
  177. Join the 3rd BG - Dedicated Bomber Unit
  178. Rookie Pilot looking for Squadron
  179. JV44 Recruiting
  180. One unskilled pilot looking for squad
  181. OCA squadron is recruiting
  182. We've Updated Our Website & Forum!
  183. A virtual pilot looking for squadron ........
  184. West coast squad recruiting
  185. Wanted Dedicated Bomber Pilots 1stADVBG (DBG) Now RECRUITING
  186. At last
  187. Any known Japanese IJN missions server?
  188. SHOCK HORROR! pondlife recruitment campaign
  189. Eagles of War is recruiting Fighter & Bomber Pilots of all Ages & Skill levels
  190. Ace pilot looking for a IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 Squadron
  191. 1st Aerial Battalion is recruiting new pilots!
  192. Inexperienced pilot looking for a home!
  193. 86th IAS Recruitment
  194. No.41 Squadron RAF is looking for new pilots
  195. JV44__The Redwulf Squadron - Recruitment
  196. I wanna start practicing, what plane?
  197. VF-84 Searching pilots
  198. why does the server time out?
  199. Looking for a squad...
  200. RAF 209 Recruiting Pilots
  201. Looking for established squadron!
  202. Any interested people...
  203. Looking for a squadron???
  204. Do you have what it takes????
  205. this could be you.......
  206. ASB
  207. Fighter Pilots wanted.
  208. Barbarians
  209. 4./KG 53 "Condor" - Recruiting Luftwaffe Bomber and Attack Pilots
  210. i changed my username...
  211. Looking for a squad
  212. Dipping a toe..
  213. =JFC= Recruiting for our up coming online campaign
  214. =JFC= Recruiting for Battle of France campaing
  215. Join the 336th Fighter Squadron (USAAF, European timezone)
  216. ?AO (Arctic Owls)? All welcome!
  217. Stab/JG52 looking for recruits
  218. RAF 209 looking for Squad Interplay
  219. I am looking for a squad
  220. Lookin for Squadron
  221. Can you or not
  222. Join the R.A.F. - RAF74 is recruiting!
  223. Chuffy's Flying Circus is now recruiting
  224. Looking for combat friends
  225. Australasian Squad for European based flyers
  226. looking for a squad
  227. 4.09 patch
  228. United Squadrons League 2010
  229. i need a squadron
  230. looking for squadron
  231. "Faust der Luftflotte" 14./JG5 is recruiting.
  232. Looking for squadron
  233. Looking for Luftwaffe Squad
  234. Missions for squad matches
  235. 56 Squadron RAF(v) is recruiting
  236. Looking for a Squadron
  237. Looking for Squadron
  238. Looking for a squa
  239. Two Commanding Officers(Col. and Maj.) looking for U.S.A.A.F Fighter Squadron
  240. Wanting Squads to play against in Wings O Prey
  241. RFC 242 Squadron Recruiting
  242. Friendly, fun squadron, UK-EU
  243. Lord Kitchner and Lord Churchill want you!
  244. Wingman Training
  245. New Name New Look
  246. looking for a squadron to join....
  247. Giving Squad/Clan Sponsorship. (Providing Server, Ventrilo/TS and Forums)
  248. Real Aussie Air Force
  249. Looking for contact.
  250. Looking for squadron...