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  1. VMF513 Recruitng (all kind of pilots)(amost:))
  2. Calling on any 56th FG members
  5. @ RedDeth : Fighter Jerks Squadron
  6. any german fighter squadrons recruiting?
  7. Battle of Britain
  8. Is there any Norwegian clans out there?
  9. come on guys - serious he111 pilots needed
  10. =69.GIAP=
  11. any LW fighter squadrons recruiting?
  12. Join your squadron
  13. New
  14. 9th AWACS recruiting
  15. JG301 recruiting scandinavian pilots...
  16. What Time Zone
  17. Casual coops Il2 (original)
  18. i want to join a squad
  19. Interested in Joining a Squad
  20. age thing
  21. Announcing the Blitzkrieg and Back Online Campaign!
  22. Looking for Motived North American Formation Pilot's!
  23. The 310th Fighter Squadron & 380th Bomb Group are recruting for Ghost Skies
  24. VVS Squad Recruiting =Elite=
  25. Official invitation for Blue side squadrons...
  26. BM357th Scouting for FB DIE HARDS
  27. Any Canadian or American squads looking for a pilot
  28. serious axis fliers - take a look
  29. Any GB Squadrons recruiting?
  30. Ihr wollt He 111 und/oder Me 262 fliegen?
  31. Axis Bomber Pilots needed! KG54 opening ranks
  32. Joining Your Squad
  33. _RAAF_ Squad Recruiting Now
  34. Fallen Angels vs
  35. 8th AF Squadron insignia for FB: US 8th AF- Download here
  36. EPS - Now recruiting
  38. I want to join a 100% realistic squad
  39. X45 Rotarys
  40. New Australasian FB Forum Site
  41. Wedge Tailed Eagles Want You!
  42. Looking for a squad.. -nt
  43. WWIIONLINE Free Events for Everyone!! Read
  44. any squads out there interested in a squad match about 19:00 GMT on sunday?
  45. Portugal Based Squadron !!! RECRUITING !!!
  46. Fighterjerks squadron
  47. Hey I'm looking to join..
  48. My New Website (in the process anyhow)...
  49. need a flying partner
  50. looking for serious luftwaffe squad
  51. Any squadron needing a Stuka pilot?
  52. Joint Forces Command Recruiting
  53. Any squadron needing bomber,fighter, or dive-bomber?
  54. Tangmere Pilots have room for a few good men!
  55. Are there any Romanian Squadron?
  56. 56th FG Up and Running
  57. 56th FG Website is Up
  58. Calling all Aussies/Kiwi's
  59. 12th IAP, RHAF 5/I FG recruiting!
  60. Axis 100%ers - truely the place for you
  61. Any UK/Euro. server-based squadrons recruiting?
  62. Fighting Irish Recruitment
  63. New Squadron
  64. $10,000 For The Champion:IL2-FB World live Lan Match
  65. JFC KG-10 Recruiting He-111 H6 and H2 pilots
  66. OMEGAKNIGHT (OMK) Recruiting
  67. JG5 "Eismeer" : New Website & Forum
  68. fw190,p47,bf109 flyers
  69. Any Polish Squadrons?
  70. Any squadrons that want me?
  71. FBAA - Forgotten Battles Addicts Anonymous
  72. Looking for an American based Squad
  73. AKA War Dogs Recruiting
  74. 56th` Fighter Group actively Recruiting
  75. AAC actively recruiting fighter and bomber pilots
  76. desperately seeking susan...i mean er uh SQUADRON
  77. Any European based Jabo squad?
  78. 357th Blazing Magnums (you fly 15 hours/wk+?)
  79. The ProudBirds are Recruiting. :)
  80. You love flying the B-17? You're looking forward to the B-25? Then you've found the right thread!
  81. Where can a on-line newbie from Sweden join?
  82. Axis Pilot? JG52 The ButcherBirds Want You!
  83. CPS is now accepting applications for recruitment
  84. 531st VBS
  85. ***Bomber Pilot?? The Vultures want you!***
  86. Heinkel and stuka specialists - here is your chance
  87. 4th IAP Open For Recruiting
  88. Looking for Aussie squad / server
  89. Do any squads fly with icons & cockpit on ?
  90. The time is now for serious Axis ground-pounders
  91. Ghost Skies is open!!
  92. ~~ Looking for a Few Pilots ~~
  93. Frauleins galore....
  94. The 249th IAP Wants You
  95. VMF-214 Looking for a few good pilots
  96. Fellow Scandinavians!!!!
  97. Can We Get A List Of Aussie Squads??
  98. Mock Ghost Skies match tonight.
  99. Looking for full real squad.
  100. How do you setup a multiplayer LAN
  101. just one more keen Axis bomber please
  102. 357th Blazing Magnums Recruiting Historian
  103. 357th Blazing Magnums wants REAL WWII fighter pilot
  104. Veteran pilot and former co looking for squad
  105. Stab JG51 Recruiting
  106. VMF-214 The Black Sheep Squadron Recruiting
  107. I am not the CSF2 pappy for the 100th time lol
  108. Themotorhead's squad Kick ***
  109. Any squadron need good pilot from finland -nt
  110. 328th Fighter Group: The Phantom Fighters are recruiting
  111. Axis groundpounders unite!
  112. VMF-214 The Black Sheep recruiting.
  113. Looking for an AXIS Squad
  114. VMF-214 recruiting american pilots!
  115. 357th Blazing Magnums Recruiting P-51 Pilots
  116. Looking for Mighty Demons
  117. P-51 Needed For Escort Missions....
  118. P-51 Pilots Needed For Escort Missions....
  119. TX Squadron looking for opponents to scrim against
  120. Oleg: a suggestion for online fogfight server.
  121. Challenge?
  122. 310th FS / 380th BG recruting! enlist here.
  123. Is there ? Was there ?? A set of online flying commands ?
  124. Birds of Prey 16th GVIAP are recruiting
  125. S! Recruiting Here
  126. [[[[[[ O ]]]]]] 357th Recruiting [[[[[[ O ]]]]]]
  127. Any squadron needing a p-40, or hurricane mk.2c pilot?
  128. Stuka pilots - an opportunity of a virtual lifetime
  129. Long Island, NY,NY Fighter/Bomber Squadron
  130. BM357 Dedicated server
  131. Im really into ww2 jets, and so far i only have the B1 rocket plane. -nt
  132. Im really into ww2 jets, and so far i only have the B1 rocket plane.
  133. 13thSF Recruting
  134. 13thSF Recruting
  135. (Aussie) JAPANESE UNIT RECRUITING! Zero/Frank/Tony Pilots Wanted!
  136. Wanted: Defenders of the Reich!
  137. Something i find odd about squads
  138. Do I need.....
  139. Do I need.....
  140. Outlawz Raven Shield/FB clan
  141. Pic of me after 7 hours of IL2
  142. Far East Squads?
  143. Shania Twain now Recruiting
  144. Website for a Squadron!
  145. Looking for (Czech) squadron in timezone CET (GMT+1)
  146. Guys a question about Squadron numbers (amount not markings)
  147. ***526th VUSN*** (CFS2) Searching for old members..
  148. We Want You!
  149. Rookie
  150. Jabo and stuka pilots who like teamwork... please read
  151. The ProudBirds are Recruiting 2 ;)
  152. Brazillian Rookie looking for training
  153. Stukas squadron
  154. looking for sqaudron of il2, canada, any?
  155. Looking for a Canadian Squad
  156. keen Axis fliers - welcome
  157. VMF-214 Recruiting
  158. P-47s Rule with the (56th)` - Recruiting Drive
  159. =69.GIAP=
  160. I'd love to be in a Sqadron but...
  161. Choosing your sqadron
  162. Axis fliers, listen up....
  163. II./JG1 Recruiting!
  164. Xmas Offering - No Strings.
  165. rookie 109 pilot looking for help
  166. Season Greetings..
  167. Fighting Irish Recruiting Thread
  168. The 69th GIAP are recruiting now!!
  169. Ghost Skies league has started Beta matches!
  170. Raven
  171. SQUADS looking for active TOURNAMENT Competitions
  172. Quality Recruit, Looking for Squadron.
  173. 4th IAP Recruiting Allied Fighter Pilots
  174. Looking for a P-40 ETO, MTO Squad
  175. High Speed Connections/Full Real Squad
  176. !!! CANADIANS WANTED !!!
  177. 109 specialists, a great opportunity
  178. FW190D most of the time SQUAD
  179. 352ndFG needs two
  180. Where i can find help for dogfight tacticts ?
  182. The Ghosts are Looking for an Expirienced/Independed 2 Engine (+) Aircraft Pilot
  183. Please Post Your squad Here men.
  184. Vultures Row is recruiting!
  185. Any squadron needing a torpedo bomber ace?
  186. Squadron for rookies
  187. Ghost Skies is looking for YOUR squad!
  188. Can I get list of japanese squadrons?
  190. 109 pilots - fly together
  191. gr8 game
  192. Is there any japanese squadron using Val? (I´ll explain Val in my letter
  193. Is there any Swedish clans out there?
  194. II/JG2 Richthofen Recruiting!
  195. specialist request (brewster)
  196. 1 more european 109 pilot required
  197. Recruiting noobs?
  198. East Coast Pilots - Americans/Canadians
  199. 9th AWACS: All Welcome!
  200. escuadron 201 reclutando pilotos
  201. Campaign download
  202. Anyone recruiting Soviet pilots in Europe?
  203. 2 stuka pilots required - lots of realistic action guaranteed
  204. Check out this squad: They take rookies!
  205. 401Cdn.STOUTY Father has passed away
  206. Birds of Prey 16thGVIAP is Recruiting!!
  207. AVS Australasia
  208. CAF Is Now Recruiting!
  209. Is there any bomber squadrons, that I can join?
  210. When is B-17 going to be flyable?
  211. Aerial Assassins
  212. Vultures Row
  213. Any unit in Europe flying German recruiting?
  214. I Would like to join a squad but not sure which
  215. Looking for a U.S.A. Squad
  216. test post
  217. mouse problem with 1.21 update
  218. BM357 9./JG54 rumble Jan 11
  219. Fly the =v=
  220. looking to join a squad
  221. VMF-214 recruiting Dedicated Adult Pilots
  222. JG53 squad possibly looking for expert pilots
  223. Welcome to BM357 new member
  224. Any dull pilot?
  225. 1 more 109 specialist for full real combat
  226. 7./JG77 recruiting 4 fighter or Jabo pilots.
  227. optimal ordenence convergence settings ?
  228. Looking for VVS Sq to participate in a weekly event.
  229. Blazing Magnums: New Year Recruitment almost over....hurry!
  230. _RAAF_ since 2001 ... Australian (and other Nationality) Players
  231. Pony Pile-it Lookin for a home
  233. Any Allied unit looking for pilot?
  234. New Luftwaffe squadron - NJG1
  235. ZG10 "110 pilots"
  236. Allied Pilot Looking for Squadron to take him on
  237. Britsh Squadrons
  238. Welcome aboard BM357_Swede
  239. Uk Based Squadron
  241. Looking for an european based Lutwaffe clan
  242. Bomberpilot looking for a squad.
  243. ProudBirds are Recruiting!
  244. IV/JG51 is Looking for...
  245. 109ers... a place in the ranks for you
  246. 109ers... a place in the ranks for you
  247. me 109ers - a great opportunity awaits
  248. Looking for Allies squad
  249. Looking for a squadron
  250. TAW looking for simmers!