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  1. Official announcement of Griffin Bane - Series 6
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  3. Swiss rewards after expansion?
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  6. The Design Problem behind Haven
  7. Flavor Text
  8. The story of MMDOC. Season 2: Endless Wars
  9. New Heroes in GB
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  12. Griffin Bane Arena - Discover some of the new cards and strategies!
  13. uniqe creature prime aligned
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  15. STACKED CREATURS SHOULD ATTACK ONE BY ONE not the whole stack at once!
  16. When will gb be available in gold?
  17. Will heaven be competitive again?
  18. Ice Meteor
  19. How long until the update?
  20. Simple question on stackable creatures
  21. Review of Griffin Bane
  22. Full review of every card in Griffin Bane
  23. Huge problem after update!
  24. Will be a Griffin Bane Campaign?
  25. Feedback on new heaven cards
  26. Is Griffin Bane worth buying at all?
  27. Minor Error
  28. The story continues, ideas for next expansion
  29. Good to know the card distribution is still as embarrassingly awful as ever...
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  31. Garrison?
  32. Newer packs and legacy resets
  33. Need help devs regarding stacks??
  34. Storyline continuity with next expansion and arrival of dark elves
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