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  2. Problem with redeeming code for watch dogs
  3. Feedback and Suggestions [Possible Spoilers]
  4. Patch Notes (Updated 8/21/14)
  5. Watch Dogs not showing up in Uplay
  6. *IMPORTANT* Please read first before posting!
  7. [PC] Pre-Ordered in Origin and I have a question
  8. [PC] Questions about language
  9. Different languages [Solved]
  10. [PC] About Asia Localization.
  11. Just received watched dogs, can I play it?
  12. [PC] May be a little early for this, but help with freezes? [Solved]
  13. Bug filled mess
  14. Anyone else with game crash issues [disrupt error]
  15. missing/black textures?
  16. [PC] Release the digital pre-orders already
  17. Watch Dogs Failing to Open (Xbox One) [solved]
  18. PS4 Redeem codes not working.
  19. Game crashing on startup
  20. [PC] How do I play with a friend in freeroam / coop?
  21. My code to watch dogs wont work please help!!!
  22. [PC] No sound with Dolby Digital ?
  23. PS3 DLC codes invalid? [solved]
  24. the pc version crashes
  25. Watch dogs problem
  26. [Ubisoft_Account] Anyone else received the dedsec edition from uplay and didnt get the preorder DLC?
  27. [PC] A small bug/not working as intended
  28. [Uplay_Shop] Game not showing up on games list [solved]
  29. [PC] Cant play Online suddenly
  30. [PC] [Bug] Aiden draws his gun automatically or by pushing the phone button or..
  31. [XBOne] [SPOILER] Game Breaking Bug
  32. [PC] Nvidia Driver Stopped Working - Game crashes
  33. [PC] Can't join friend in online or private sessions
  34. [PC] Question/ WD requirements vs my Laptop
  35. [PS3] Watch Dogs Season pass PS3
  36. FAQ's for main questions and issues - PLEASE READ!
  37. Any way to fix the Freezes ? (nvidia)
  38. [Uplay_Shop] Order Submitted
  39. [PC] [Bug] Hacking Electric Signs causes CTD
  40. Watch Dogs Language
  41. [Uplay_Shop] Australian orders still haven't been shipped from the AUS store.
  42. Watch Dogs release date error for some Asia Regions.
  43. [XB360] Watchdogs Gameplay Issues/Improvement Suggestions *SPOILERS*
  44. [PC] Game stuck on loading screen
  45. [XBOne] Ask about XBOne version
  46. Multiplayer for Uplay, origin and steam
  47. [PC] Cast Shadow for Car Lights
  48. [PC] download stop at the last MB?
  49. [PC] Can't preload
  50. [Android] Device Comptability with Sony Xperia
  51. Sound but no Voice!
  52. [PC] Sound but no Voice!
  53. [PC] Cannot load game from UPlay
  54. [PC] Steam with preload and uplay don't
  55. 0xc000007b
  56. [XBOne] No achievements and no MP
  57. Weapons gone after getting arrestet (PS4)
  58. Watch_Dogs first heavy bug detected
  59. [PC] Watch Dogs crashes when launching new story
  60. Preordered Watch dogs from Ubisoft when will it be in my games folder on uplay?
  61. Game crash when using 1920x1080 full screen
  62. [PC] [RESOLVED] Error: unable to find supported text language!
  63. [PC] Do watch dogs game supporting Windows 32-bit ?
  64. Graphical glitches for me...
  65. ingame volume to low
  66. Game crash after ubisoft logo
  67. Game Broken ? Cant hack anything anymore
  68. Game crashes during loading screen - AMD 6950
  69. [PC] Private Game not possible?
  70. [PC] When i can download Watch_Dogs???
  71. [PC] Just bought Watch dogs, Uplay "service unavailable" after purchase paypal took 50euro
  72. Downloading game
  73. GTX 690 - game crash when SLI = ON
  74. ps4. license watchdogs
  75. [PC] Ubisoft should check out streamer on twitch.tv
  76. [PC] Game crashes to desktop at startup.
  77. Help??
  78. Watch dogs wont start
  79. serious prblem running Watch dogs (its not my pc thats the problem)
  80. [PC] Can't play in fullscreen mode
  81. [PC] I'm confused
  82. [PC] Low frame rate / Shuttering even with everything on low or turned off
  83. [PC] Watch_Dogs Stopped Working !
  84. [PC] Problem right at the start of the game. Stuck. Big bug.
  85. Reset ingame settings from Windows, CANT START GAME.
  86. Some soultions to peoples problems
  87. Game keeps crashing on PC
  88. [PC] 100% cpu
  89. [PC] Missing Voice for Privacy Hacks
  90. [XBOne] [Xbox One] When Aiden talks no sounds comes out
  91. Extremely Slow Main Menu Loading
  92. An error occurred while updating Watch dog (disk write error)
  93. [PC] WATCH_DOGS requires windows vista SP1 or higher.
  94. Watch_Dogs crashes on launch.
  95. Launch Error Message
  96. [PC] Can't install from disc
  97. So many issues... unplayable
  98. [Uplay_Shop] В Uplay нет покупки
  99. [PC] Directx11 issue
  100. Game crashing near start
  101. anyone else get this error?
  102. Watch_Dogs Crashing on Load-up
  103. Watch Dogs Crashes at Launch?
  104. Can't start the game PC
  105. lags
  106. [PC] Watch Dogs is killing my Sound on my entire Computer!
  107. uPlay just banned for 60 minutes
  108. [XBOne] Sound Fix
  109. iOS app bug/feature
  110. Watch Dogs game has been crashing on me.
  111. [PC] Watch dosgs
  112. [PC] Visual Bug: Invisible Body
  113. [PC] steam / uplay game freeze on main menu
  114. [PC] Watch Dogs blue screen of death midgame? bsod error 0xa0000001
  115. Error when starting game
  116. [PC Crash] Skill tree or Mission list crash
  117. [PC] Motion Sickness
  118. [PC] Crash when accessing to skill tree
  119. Horrible LAGS!
  120. Can't get past the Title Screen
  121. Horrible LAGS!
  122. still not got my copy of watchdogs
  123. [PC] Couple odd issues.
  124. special edition content redeem issues
  125. Cannot install Watch Dogs on Xbox 360
  126. [PC] Physically disabled gamer
  127. [iOS] ctOS not finding Quick Match
  128. [Uplay_Shop] Watch dogs Not Showing In my Uplay account >.<
  129. Install to hdd suppose to take hours?
  130. Low volume?
  131. No Sounds
  132. Game crashed, -- Disrupt_b64.dll --
  133. [PC] Watch Dogs Code not working
  134. [PS4] Still cannot download from Asian PSN store
  135. [PC] Game crashes, -- Disrupt_b64.dll --
  136. [PC] Failed to start download (!)
  137. No audio on PC
  138. Update 1.01 changelog
  139. Cannot connect (xbox one)
  140. Big Glitch
  141. [Uplay_Shop] Where the hell is my game
  142. [PC] black screen issues
  143. Why does it say Russian Version?
  144. Watch Dogs Nvidia Redeem, so WTF is my download Ubisoft?
  145. Digital Copy vs Physical
  146. [XBOne] No online?
  147. Pre-order the game, getting "Cannot connect to the server to verify the licence"
  148. [PC] I hear sound but there is no voices coming.
  149. [Uplay_Shop] 100% Discount Code Not Working
  150. [Uplay_Shop] Electronic D/L Link leads to How to Activate Extra Content pdf - where is my game?
  151. [PC] Some interface elements missing.
  152. Black Screen
  153. Geforce Experience
  154. [PC] Help? Game crashing at/near startup
  155. WATCH DOGS requires Windows Vista SP1 or later. HELP!!
  156. Theft and fraud!
  157. Where is exe file in watch dogs? Fix it!
  158. [PC] Watch_Dogs mouse and graphics issues!
  159. [PC] [SOLUTIONS] Failed to start download
  160. [PC] Watch Dogs crashing during cut-scene (bink2w64.dll)
  161. [PC] Watch Dogs not starting up?
  162. I have a problem in the game's controls keys.
  163. Killed by cops while beeing hacked and lost weapons bug
  164. [PC] Unable to download!!!
  165. Watch Dogs_Rus
  166. unable to find supported text language!
  167. [PC] Freezes for seconds at a time
  168. Constantly crashing, having to reboot computer-Watchdogs
  169. Watch dogs deluxe edition download stopped on 99%
  170. Game Hangs on First Load Screen
  171. Problems Installing Watch Dogs on Xbox One.
  172. Watch dogs sutter and frame drop while driving ! Help !
  173. [PC] why the **** i cant play my game? please help
  174. [PC] Crashes on intro screen
  175. [PC] blue screen of death everytime i hit start new game
  176. Is there a fix to the whole crashing problem yet?
  177. [Uplay_Shop] The key you entered is already in use with another uPlay account (Watch_Dogs)
  178. [PC] Blue Screens after pressing New Game
  179. [PC] No sound please help
  180. currently No Eyefinity Support / refund necessary if not patched in now.
  181. [PC] Watchdogs Download Not Completing
  182. Game won't launch.
  183. [PC] no display resolutions or refresh setting in menu and game crashes
  184. Uplay doenst see WD game files
  185. Big Bug in the Beginning
  186. Stuck on 100% and passed the MB limit
  187. [PC] Multiple player profiles on single install?
  188. [PC] Extreme Motion Sickness With Watch_Dogs
  189. [PC] Activation Key from game doesn't work.
  190. Fuzzy Screen, horrible game experience
  191. [PC] WatchDogs download and play bug
  192. Windows 8.0 user: Getting 'needs Vista SP1' error
  193. problems holstering your weapon
  194. [PC] Watch Dogs crashes upon startup and or when I select new game.
  195. [PC] Falling through the map :|
  196. clicking on redeem code doesnt do anything
  197. [iOS] CtOS Mobile issues
  198. [PC] Game crash on entering hideout
  199. PC Install from Disc
  200. Fix for license problem :
  201. How to change language in game ?
  202. UGH!!! Not recognizing Windows 7 Ultimate!!! UGH!!!
  203. Watch Dogs crashes whenever I click play
  204. [PC] Can see car lights and transpancey
  205. [PS4] Ps4 exclusive content code
  206. Not enough disk space error.
  207. Crosshair missing
  208. [PC] DirectX11 Runtime error upon starting the game
  209. [PC] Dolby Digital 5.1 problem - no sound
  210. Game repeatedly crashes in-game once outside the stadium
  211. Uplay Overlay not working?
  212. [PC] Game repeatedly crashes outside the stadium also semi-frequently during start up
  213. [PC] OFFICIAL - Watch Dogs crashes whenever I click play
  214. No keyboard input recognized
  215. AMD 14.6 Drivers for WD performance optimizations!
  216. can't download watch dogs
  217. [PC] Rebind / remap the page down, page up keys not possible
  218. Door Will not open on Backseat Driver Mission
  219. On the startup crash [disrupt_b64.dll]
  220. help it wont let me play when i done downloding
  221. Horrendous multi monitor support
  222. Watch Dogs Crossfire
  223. [PC] Watch Dogs crashes on startup! (nvidia)
  224. Watch_Dogs game breaking bug
  225. Stuck 1600x1200 can't choose 1920x1200 ou 1080p
  226. Parental control error
  227. Multiplayer - Cannot invite but can join random public
  228. No Character Audio | Xbox One
  229. [PC] Digital Deluxe Edition - Missing White Hat Pack
  230. Can't aim or shoot with mouse or Xbox 360 controller
  231. [PC] can't even start watch dogs Error 0xc00007b
  232. [Uplay_Shop] How can I get the install files?
  233. [PC] Multiplayer not working
  234. [PC] application error
  235. Gamepad not working
  236. [PC] Solved Lags in Watch dogs on PC? solution Playing single player in offline mode
  237. [PC] Watchdogs dosen't know that I have a keyboard
  238. [PC] OS Issue
  239. [Android] Black Screen Verizon Galaxy Tab 10.1
  240. [PC] Game crashes
  241. [PC] game will crash on new games.
  242. Performance issue
  243. Pirce doesnt move
  244. Game Session is no longer available
  245. ctOS app issue
  246. [PC] Major Stuttering
  247. [PC] Watch dog DLC
  248. Stuck at 99% dloading
  249. [PC] Actived product but can't see my library
  250. [Ubisoft_Account] I have Watch_dogs but no CD key