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  1. [XBOne] Season Pass not loading
  2. [XBOne] My game just always loading
  3. something to try for Blackscreen on startup.
  4. Error while installing "Adding windows firewall rules"
  5. wrong SHA1 for slice ....wut!?
  6. [PS4] Watch Dogs is broken.
  7. 80 meter gernade launcher kill on a moving car at full speed. video clip attached.
  8. [XBOne] Log Off Achievement Glitched
  9. [PS4] Cant hack
  10. Game breaking glitch most people will most likely encounter
  11. [PS3] Can't complete "for the profile" mission
  12. [XBOne] Lost all abilities, weapons, etc.
  13. FIXED! stuck at loading. possible solution for PC *unofficial
  14. You guys named a song wrong in the game... should have probably checked
  15. [PC] Watch_Dogs error code 0xc000007b HELP ?
  16. Crash at Skill Page
  17. Big problem - fault
  18. BlueScreen Error - Need help
  19. [PS4] Serious issue: Aiden will not take cover during most combat events (PS4)
  20. Digital trips NOT Available ?
  21. [PC] Watch dogs save problem
  22. Never find other players
  23. [PC] Incoming connections - Port 9000
  24. [PC] Watch Dogs crash?
  25. [PS4] ctOS doesn't display all events in area after unlocked
  26. BSOD 0x0000001a
  27. Wath dogs game gone weird ps4
  28. Its been 5 days....
  29. [PC] Nvidea Graphics Driver 337.90 WHQL
  30. [XBOne] Sayonara Le relocked, Weapons trade 6/9 icons on map, first achievement.
  31. [PS4] In game hacking not working and can't access online contracts
  32. [PC] Sound and stuttering
  33. The game hangs after "CONTINUE"
  34. [PS4] Updates on the Hacking Problem
  35. [SPOILER] 'By Any Means Necessary' Jam Comms glitch - help?
  36. Huge multiplayer bug! FIX IT NOW!
  37. Gun jams and reloads after pulling out weapon and firing?
  38. Error 0xc000007b....
  39. HUGE multiplayer bug problem! FIX NOW!
  40. [PC] I can not finish the final mission in whatch dogs - bug
  41. Reset Notoriety Skills Exploit
  42. Major leaderboards exploit. [FIX NOW]
  43. try this out!!
  44. [XBOne] Too strong vibrations (video included)
  45. Download different audio languages?
  46. [XBOne] Season Pass and Support page issues
  47. Watch Dogs Loading problem
  48. An Error in the code of " Exclusive Content " Error "
  49. [XBOne] My game is bugging at the misson where u have to get t-bone out of his complex.
  50. Help! All Weapons / Safe Houses vannished.
  51. [PC] Gamers unite- WE WANT A REFUND!!
  52. Watch Dogs Save File Lost!
  53. [XB360] Extremely frequent crashing
  54. No cops BUG
  55. [PS4]Game Breaking Bug
  56. [PS4] For The Portfolio game destroying glitch NEEDS TO BE FIXE ASAP
  57. [PC] using online functions = unplayable lag starts to appear
  58. [PS4] Mission Bug/Glitch
  59. [XB360] I don't understand the multiplayer. Can anybody help?
  60. [PS4] My store type " EU " , effects on activie " Exclusive Content " or not ?
  61. [PS4] Watch Dogs - For The Portfolio mission
  62. Watch dogs MP not connecting
  63. [PS4] Regular Vector .45ACP Can't Be Bought From Gun Shops
  64. Chess Capture puzzle by the City Marina AI bug
  65. [PC] Watch Dogs Movement bug... OMG so annoying
  66. Welcome to Watch Dogs email incorrect information
  67. [XB360] device containing required content has been removed
  68. [PS4] Progress Reseted
  69. Major leaderboards exploit.
  70. [XBOne] not getting my finally reward in online decryption
  71. [XBOne] "Sometimes you still lose"GLITCH/Bug end of mission[possible spoiler]
  72. [XBOne] help
  73. [PC]Control key hints change apperance
  74. My seemingly unique problem with Watch Dogs
  75. Unable to download game, (fix that worked for me)
  76. Watch Dogs : Lost my data
  77. [PS3] Ps3 Crashes When Watch Dogs Is Loading Open World At The End Of A Mission
  78. watch dogs get stuck on loading screen
  79. Error when starting the game
  80. Pixelated graphics - How to solve?
  81. Why does Watch_Dogs stop responding when I attempt to continue?
  82. Missing Features
  83. [PC] Car Bug
  84. City Hotspot Bug
  85. unable to connect to cloud and lost about 40hrs of content of gameplay
  86. Uplay has detected an unrecoverable error and must shut down.etc..
  87. I need help with a xbox one
  88. [PC] [Bug] Fixer Mission - Unable to Evade Police
  89. [PC] Online Decryption Stuck Loading
  90. [PS3] My skillstree reseted
  91. [PC] WATCH_DOGS PC crashing on To Plant a Bug mission
  92. PC: My Experience and Grievances with Watch_Dogs bugs and Ubi's customer support.
  93. NAT ERROR and POOR customer support
  94. [PC] Unresponsive mouse stuck at top left of screen
  95. Multiplayer car collisions.
  96. [PC] Flickering lights, glitched out shadows, and well-known FPS drops (with video)
  97. [PC] Sound is very very soft
  98. PS4 profiler not working
  99. Starting a new game does not fix the 90% bug!
  100. [MP Hacking] Never Lose
  101. [PC] Final Mission Bug on PC
  102. [PS3] Save game corrupted... AGAIN..
  103. [PC] Game data corrupted and lost.
  104. Huge bug! On pS4 Watch Dogs
  105. Fps Lag on Watch Dogs, even worse when i'm playing multiplayer. help!
  106. Ubisoft Service not working need help
  107. Palace mission
  108. [PC] Disappointed by Ubisoft, everyone should deserve a compensation.
  109. Bad driving comments and other bugs
  110. [PS3] PATCH/UPDATE suggestions for PS3 (or all versions if applicable)
  111. Random full PC restarts while playing, just started happening
  112. [PC] Game Crashing At Launch After Ubisoft Logo
  113. [PS4] Game Crashed, Save Corrupted
  114. Please fix the companion app.
  115. [XB360] Watch Dogs Bug after online tailing
  116. Watch Dogs Shopping Bug?
  117. Online droppers
  118. Stuck on the online hacking tutorial mission
  119. how likely is it for Ubisoft to create a patch that would enable replaying missions?
  120. [XBOne] Act III Freeze Bug after Stealing Truck
  121. I hit play , nothing happens .
  122. [PC] Watch Dogs & Hardware Problems?
  123. [PC] UPlay, PC, & Watch Dogs (Problems)?
  124. PS3 Lost all weapons, and abilities
  125. Gamebreaker bug ps3
  126. Watchdogs Crashes on Act 5 Mission 1
  127. [PC] Error "WATCH_DOGS requires Windows Vista SP1 or higher"
  128. [XBOne] "Geolocated" Achievement still locked after completing all check-ins
  129. PS4 Criminal Convoy last misison bug
  130. Capture the file - multiplayer - SUPREME LAG
  131. Annoying 'durrt' sound during gameplay [Watch_Dogs]
  132. 2 weeks after i bought the game i still cannot play due to stuttering.
  133. 2 weeks after i bought the game i still cannot play due to stuttering.
  134. stuck downloading? try RESET your router. PIN HOLE reset.
  135. Watch Dogs crapped out
  136. [PS4] Issue with Human Trafficking / 100 Geo-locations
  137. [PS3] Game - turning off PS3
  138. [PS4] Vector .45 ACP unable to purchase or buy in gun stores
  139. Could I get my notoriety back? PS3 glitch
  140. [PC] Unlock the Multiplayer please
  141. [XB360] Storage Device removed?
  142. Watch dogs not running well on Ps4.
  143. Road Rage PS4 Trophy Not Unlocking
  144. [XB360] Game Breaking Bug - Complete Loss of Progress
  145. Broken Minigame
  146. Issue with playstation exclusive content
  147. [PC] Error
  148. [XB360] Can't find online race xbox360
  149. Watch Dogs: Loading stuck on cca 90% from very first play of a New Game.
  150. Check NAT type.......
  151. [PS4] Unable to connect, please check NAT Type...
  152. [PC] Terrible lag spikes, low GPU usage and CPU usage
  153. No Multiplayer
  154. [PC] Horn bug very annoying plz fix this
  155. Can't even play the game
  156. Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Installation Problem
  157. [PS4] Saved Progress Not Updating On Save
  158. [PS4] Game doesn't load, unrelated to uPlay
  159. [PS4] [BUG] Vector .45ACP cannot be purchased
  160. [PC] Watch dogs BsoD
  161. [PC] Cant find 1v1 Hacking Multiplayer
  162. Unable to play Watch Dogs after installing from DVD
  163. [XBOne] All Guns Gone
  164. Act 2: Uninvited Quest Bug
  165. Online Multiplayer Unplayable
  166. [XB1] Blurry Graphics Issue
  167. [XB360] Criminal Convoy mission, invisible convoy
  168. Broken prison mission *spoilers*
  169. Error E-82000134
  170. Cheater
  171. [PC] Lost all skills and weapons after invading
  172. major glitch or epic failure by ubisoft
  173. Lost game completely watch dogs
  174. an Update on Bug Fixes?
  175. ctOS breach trophy did not drop
  176. [PS4] Multiplayer Server and Connectivity Issues(Bugs)
  177. [PC] 3d Problem
  178. [PS4] Stuck on "press x" screen
  179. [PC] Watch Dogs in 4:3 Fullscreen
  180. [PC] Launching watchdogs make's my second monitor black
  181. Under Map Glitch WTF!
  182. [PS4] want my rank back
  183. [PC] MSAA causes strange distortion
  184. Ubisoft software engineer Help with FIX
  185. [XBOne] major glitch or epic failure by ubisoft
  186. [PC] Cannot play the game!!
  187. Wildfire gun problem
  188. [XBOne] Garbage at the intro video. [Solved]
  189. Play Button Redirects to Steam on Uplay-only Key
  190. [PC] Why are you destroying even more?
  191. [XBOne] No voices in Gameplay.
  192. [PS4] PS4 Season Pass not working.
  193. [PS3] No exclusive content code came with my watchdogs!!
  194. Achievement locked even though progress wheel says I have it.
  195. [PS3] [PS3)Chapter III The Future is Blume - 'Profile the cfOS box, data stream bug'
  196. No Playstation Exclusive Content came with my Watchdogs!
  197. A Serious Bug in Watch Dogs
  198. [PS3] bug em hackamento online apaga trava meu progresso
  199. [PC] Mouse movement speed drop when solve Someone's Knocking mission puzzle.
  200. Secret Underground Tunnel under the map Found
  201. [XBOne] Finished Human Trafficking Missions - No Achievement
  202. [Android] ctos app isnt working
  203. MY geolocated achievement is glitched on xbox one!
  204. I really want to know what u plan to do with cheaters?
  205. Disk Space Full Achievement not unlocking
  206. [PC] Cant stop
  207. Watchdogs Multiplayer Connection Issue
  208. Lost entire saved game
  209. Game Bug, Done Playing, Trading Away
  210. Certain Achievements not popping? Did you play offline? Please help.
  211. Social Lubricant Achievement Won't Unlock
  212. [PS4] Game Breaking Bug on PS4
  213. I want to believe in WD and in UbiSoft. Release a patch already!! ^^
  214. Game vanished from my Uplay launcher but uplay website says I have it.
  215. [PS4] Sound bug, Reappearing Investigation After Online Match
  216. [XBOne] Watch Dogs Skill Point(s)
  217. Gun disappearance
  218. MultiPlayer is Unplayable
  219. [PC] Mouse Axis switched on Mapscreen
  220. [PC] Stuck in mission
  221. 15/15 Gangwar doesn't pop-up in the map?
  222. Lost ability to open garage doors and gates
  223. [XBOne] Game won't start :(
  224. [PC] MP Decryption Problem
  225. Support Site Broken?
  226. [PS4] Previously Downloaded DLC Disappeared From Game
  227. Mission freeze: For The Portfolio.
  228. ubisoft already did E3, so what are we waiting for?
  229. [XBOne] Re- garbage at video intro
  230. Watchdogs loading screen?
  231. [PC] Cannot recover cloud data / local files have no game progression. help!
  232. [PS3] Ctrl alt del shutdown
  233. The Main Three [GamePlay] Issues With Watch Dogs
  234. 2 New Glitches
  235. Convoy mission broken
  236. [PC] I cant launch the game with online UPlay
  237. Save Game
  238. Slow Matchmaking on PS4
  239. [PC] Game Crash after 20 mins
  240. [PC] Please check your Nat Type but i don't have any Nat
  241. golden gangster is gone!!!!
  242. Cheater in action? *Godmode*
  243. [PS4] GEOLOCATED Trophy/Achievement Bug/Glitch
  244. Hacked while paused and in dashboard!
  245. Patch crossfire already!
  246. [PS4] Stuck at installing game digital ver. Cant install it. install very slow.
  247. [PS4] no multiplayer option in main menu?
  248. [PC] Why isn't CROSSFIRE in the KNOWN ISSUES sticky ??
  249. Can't unlock load outs
  250. Possible conflict with Logitech keyboard/mouse software!