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  1. Eror:this cd key banned
  2. bug maybe?
  3. [PC] Purchased a code for Watch_Dogs, activates perfectly in uPlay, but opens in Steam
  4. [PC] Purchased Watch Dogs Key - Worked Fine - Opens in Steam
  5. [PC] Install watch dogs on other pc
  6. [PC] loading screen error
  7. Missing weapons...STILL!!!
  8. When the next Double Notoriety weekend is?
  9. [IMPORTANT] Watch dogs download - stopped at 99%
  10. Cheaters everywhere!!!!!!
  11. [PC] Watch Dogs stops working when quiting to main menu
  12. [PC] Can't register - Watch Dogs already used by another account
  13. [PS4] Hotspot
  14. Watch Dogs key banned [After playing]
  15. [PC] Watch_Dogs/Watch Dogs hangs on splash-screen, won't start.
  16. UPlay banned my WatchDogs G2A.com CD Key (After I've already been playing)
  17. [PC] Game wont start.
  18. [PC] Act II Mission 1 Enter the train crashes
  19. So is Ubi just putting this game on the back burner?
  20. [PC] watch Dogs
  21. [PC] Watch Dogs Multiple Monitors won't work
  22. [PS3] Watchdogs Uninvited Mission, Sienna Brickworks, Cannot Access Security Footage Ps3
  23. [XBOne] Social Lubricant Achievement Wont Unlock
  24. [PC] Display bug on controllers mapping menu
  25. [PS4] Annoying controller bug
  26. [Ubisoft_Account] How can I tell what DLC I have
  27. [PC] assassins creed 2 - missing command line parameter
  28. [PC] Watch Dogs Save Problem
  29. No player found
  30. [PC] Unable to donwload Watch dogs
  31. [PS4] Disk Full Trophy Bug
  32. Uplay causing computer issues
  33. [PS3] The game does not respond
  34. [WiiU] Online play on Wii U
  35. [PC] Xbox One controller
  36. [PS4] Lost points and money
  37. 90% Loading Screen (PS3)
  38. [PC] Watch_Dogs online features are not working
  39. DS4 not working on PC version
  40. [Uplay_Shop] Uh, I Cant play Watch_Dogs
  41. [PS4] Online Decryption Loadouts
  42. [PS4] Watchdogs wont load previous game save
  43. [PC] Lost save
  44. [PC] Game keeps crashing again and again and again.
  45. MSVCR90.dll error causes game to not load
  46. [PC] [Steam] Season Pass 'In Use'
  47. [PC] Cannot Hack a Friend
  48. [PC] Watch Dogs Campaign - Glitch or Mistake?
  49. Installed game problem
  50. [PC] Game Crash EVERY Time?
  51. [PC] Geolocated.
  52. [PC] Graphics Issues
  53. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't install game
  54. No online hacking
  55. Watchdog crashing every 10-30mins (PC)
  56. HUDfreeze after every online-match
  57. [PC] Watch-Dogs only playable with sound drivers disabled...?!
  58. [PS3] Can't get past title screen
  59. [PC] Bugs
  60. [Ubisoft_Account] Product Activation
  61. Watch Dogs Season Pass bug
  62. [PC] Game crashes in specific mission Act 1
  63. [PC] Game crashes when on high textures
  64. [PS4] Social lubricant trophy won't pop
  65. Game didn't save?!
  66. [XB360] Installing problem !!
  67. [PC] Multiplayer: Ubisoft service is not available
  68. [PC] 2 key codes 1 works and other does not (activation)
  69. Activated code on Uplay but game opens STEAM instead
  70. [PC] Watch Dogs graphics problem - extreme gamma / contrast
  71. [XBOne] Weird Glitch or something about stats in a Email about Watch Dogs.
  72. [Ubisoft_Account] how to add watch dogs on steam as non steam game
  73. Loading screen, game shuts down
  74. [PC] Watch dogs Activation failed
  75. [PS4] Watchdogs double notoriety online points
  76. [PC] No audio-Ingame
  77. [Android] Watch Dogs //N/Dark Clouds - Is anybody going to fix it?
  78. [Ubisoft_Account] Watch Dogs activation problem
  79. [PC] Downloading update Bug
  80. [PC] The Crew doesn't download after the patch from 22/04
  81. [PC] Hacking CTOS
  82. [XB360] watch dogs won't load past 49%
  83. [PC] GDFInstall problem
  84. [PC] Watch Dogs downloading problem
  85. [XBOne] CONSTANT car crashes at intersections???
  86. [Ubisoft_Account] "This key is already in use by another account"
  87. [iOS] iOS App Wont let me log in
  88. [PC] Got a Russian Key
  89. [PC] Problems with Verify Files
  90. [XBOne] Watchdogs bad blood first mission
  91. [XBOne] Doble Que Power
  92. [PC] WatchDogs Network Problem.
  93. Online Hacking Points Reduced
  94. WD freezing
  95. [XBOne] Geolocated achivement issue
  96. [PC] Phone Zoom Out Effect not working
  97. [PS4] Watch dogs 'money', 'reputation', and 'notoriety' reset.
  98. [PC] No video being played whilst in game
  99. lost save data and Notoriety
  100. Missing regular content
  101. [XBOne] "Freeware" Achievemnt will not unlock after completing the skill tree
  102. All online notoriety reset. Complete Bad Blood reset...
  103. [PS4] Watch dog won't save anymore
  104. [PC] Watch_Dogs is in Russian
  105. game redeem code fault
  106. [PC] Watch dogs won't launch, stuck on splash screen
  107. [PS4] Online Session Results Issue
  108. JD3runinsht
  109. [PC] Watch Dogs Season Pass failed to activate (Steam Purchase)
  110. Convert old savegames
  111. [Ubisoft_Account] I Can't create ne ticket, no respond to my old ticket for 3 days.
  112. [PC] I can't play Watch Dogs :C
  113. [PC] WD Season Pass is non existant in Steam copy, despite successfully activated
  114. Skill reset game breaking bug!!! - fix this already!
  115. [PS3] WatchDogs - Not installed DLC problem
  116. [PS3] Uninvited: Won't show security footage
  117. [IMPORTANT] WatchDogs (Download failed due to a disk write error)
  118. [PC] Watch_Dogs has stopped working
  119. Help! Possible glitch in Hacking Contract mission (Act 1)
  120. [Uplay_Shop] can't lunch watch dogs. [I have Proof video]
  121. [PS3] Missing vehicles ingame only on PS3
  122. [PC] Error al Descargar Watch Dogs
  123. [WiiU] Lag/Server issues
  124. [XBOne] Lost all my character stats/money/rep
  125. [PC] Headlight Bug with new Ati Driver update
  126. [Ubisoft_Account] Bought watch dogs from a friend
  127. [PC] [PC] Watch_dogs Game Crashes Before it Loads in Game (Perfectly good computer)
  128. [PC] Icons changed to errored(?) pics
  129. Please Fix this
  130. Skill tree reset and locked skills and items
  131. [IMPORTANT] I am speak for everyone who has this Game,doesn't matter what Port
  132. [PS3] Can't play poker a the 'Foot on the grave' mission
  133. [PS4] How to access Bad Blood
  134. [PC] Watch_Dogs Crashing after the 'press any key' screen
  135. [Uplay_Shop] Error for season pass activation key / Erreur de clé d' activation season pass
  136. [PC] security guards
  137. Drinking game not available
  138. WHY? What did I do wrong to deserve this?
  139. Product key already in use... On a brand new copy of watchdogs.
  140. [PC] Can't choose fullscreen mode on Windows10
  141. [PS4] Heeeeeeeeeeeelp saved game was lost!
  142. [IMPORTANT] Another Story Bug. Bedbug doesn´t move after i killed Tyrone´s killers.
  143. [PS4] LAN Co-OP available?
  144. [PC] How to migrate the game (to Win 10) ?
  145. [PC] Please Help, I cant use my existing files
  146. [PS4] Watchdogs RC car glitch
  147. Árvore de habilidades e dinheiro ficando em zero
  148. Stats gone
  149. Thank you for wasting me £24.99 Ubisoft.
  150. [PC] 토토사이트추천 》》SbS98땄cOM (카톡: XazA) 】】토토배팅사이트 스Ȟ
  151. [Uplay_Shop] 사설토토 》》SbS98땄cOM (카톡: XazA) 】】여자배구토토 K리그토토
  152. [PC] Focus does not activate
  153. My watch dogs do not have online mode
  154. [PS3] meu whatch dogs nao tem freeroom e pubicroom
  155. [PC] Watchdogs - Crashing on startup + GDFInstall error
  156. Online Hacking stopped work
  157. [PS4] Watch Dogs City Hotspots Glitch
  158. [PC] Blackout
  159. City Hot Spots Not Registering
  160. [PC] Watch dogs wont start
  161. if you cant get the game to launch and you have the game VIA STEAM
  162. Did they fixed the memory leak?
  163. watch dog crash after some playing
  164. [Android] h_ide app missing
  165. Watch dogs
  166. [PC] Help!!! Key already in use
  167. [PS4] Data lost?!??!
  168. [PC] game do not update. problem!
  169. [PC] DLC Key Already In Use
  170. Technical question
  171. [PS3] the very end feels too sentimental
  172. Watch Dogs PC - Already used Uplay activation key
  173. [XB360] Saved Game Data
  174. Can't update Watch Dogs
  175. [PS3] Game Crashes e Sounds failure
  176. Game not working
  177. Не запускается Watch dogs при подключении к интер
  178. Season Pass purchased, content not available
  179. [PC] watch dogs lags ...
  180. [WiiU] Online-Features not working anymore
  181. [PC] watch dog lags ..
  182. Watch Dogs new game freez
  183. Game active with account - Does not appear in games library
  184. [XB360] Game Freezes During First Cut Scene
  185. [Ubisoft_Account] Missing Uplay Reward
  186. Erro de instalação - installation error (PS3)
  187. el juego dice que dejo funcionar
  188. help me pleas
  189. [PC] It doesn't open
  190. I can't connect to the Ubisoft service (watchdogs online)
  191. Uninvited Mission Glitch/Bug
  192. [PC] Can't download the game !
  193. Game stuck at first mission
  194. Banned for no reason. Moderators?????
  195. Mission buged (ps3)
  196. [PS4] no answer for weeks now from ubisoft support!!!!
  197. [PC] Activation key already in use
  198. Camera/Movement modes change unpredictably while on foot
  199. impossible de jouer
  200. Possibly exploited car?
  201. [PC] I'm just asking
  202. [Ubisoft_Account] CD Key or Activation Code is already in use with another Uplay Account
  203. [PS3] Please Help - Game freezes, no idea why - Watch_Dogs
  204. [PC] Audio language files
  205. Watch dogs Graphics Glitch Random Walls Appearing
  206. Wallbreach Exploits in Online Hacking/Tailing
  207. [PC] Game Session not more allowed
  208. [PC] Watch Dogs Multiplayer Error! [PC] "Ubisoft Servers are unavailable"
  209. [PS3] Wach Dog's load bug
  210. [PC] Can't get past the loading screen (Continue OR New Game)
  211. Activationkey already in use with other account.
  212. Watch_Dogs PC Crashing Before Opening
  213. [PC] Online Username
  214. [PC] Username wont change.
  215. [PC] Game crashes when I try and launch.
  216. watch dogs stopped working when i clicked d game frm uplay
  217. [PC] Watch dogs for download problem [FR]
  218. Money, notoriety skills, reputation, skills tree all reset
  219. Multiplayer wont load (ps4)
  220. [XBOne] Why does my Season Pass Exclusive Content "The Last Maharaja" cost money?
  221. [PC] Totally progression LOSS !!!
  222. Multiplayer (PS3) not working since 3 days
  223. [PS4] Not able to connect to servers for days
  224. Ps3 - online hacking down
  225. [PC] Forced to redownload game.
  226. [XBOne] Online multiplayer not available
  227. [XB360] Multiplayers Issue - Matchmaking Problem
  228. Activation key already in use with other account.
  229. [PC] Activation key already in use with other account.
  230. [PC] Almost all games surround sound (DTS and DD) doesn't work.
  231. [PS4] Ubisoft Server Unavailable for days!
  232. Purchased Watch Dogs 25-03-2016 but the serial key is already in use!
  233. [IMPORTANT] Purchased watch dogs from Uplay stor and got key already in use :/
  234. watch dogs xb360 multiplayer
  235. [PC] Watch Dogs Stopped working
  236. [PC] Watch dogs keeps crashing when i enter Brandon Docks area
  237. Hacking notoriety points stuck at 3290, always resets to 3290
  238. online contract
  239. [PS4] watch dogs online leaderboards
  240. City Hotspots
  241. [PC] Notoriety Points (Online Points) reset after game restart
  243. All online notoriety points not saved
  244. [PC] Game crashes down as soon it opens
  245. [Ubisoft_Account] Purchased game during spring sale. Not showing up for download or in "My Games"
  246. [PC] windows 7 watch dogs stopped working
  247. Noriety points not saving ps4
  248. Problem with aktive Watch Dogs. Thx for read this. :)
  249. [PC] Activation code not working and account has been locked out
  250. [PC] Watch Dogs Bad Blood: Eugene (remote controlled car) not working