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  1. Report: *REMOVED*
  2. Anyone else notice too many lag switchers?
  3. problem with mision of traffic of persons
  4. Watch_Dogs 2 in New York
  5. poor is giving it a high rating
  6. Conflicted saves; local and cloud.
  7. Changes in scoring for some Multiplayer modes_
  8. How can I purchase the DLCs of Watchdogs?
  9. The game pre order made on Steam fail contact to key server.
  10. Lost save and progress
  11. so Low RAM usage
  12. Will Watch Dogs run on my PC ?
  13. How many frames I could get ?
  14. How can I start a new save
  15. I've activated Watchdogs and is still requiring activate
  16. Watchdogs Change
  17. Looking for dutch PC-players for online decryption and races
  18. Watch_Dogs Blue screen how i can fix it T^T
  19. Ubisoft Servers Unavailable
  20. XP progression bar stuck.
  21. Lockups and save issures
  22. My Horrible Watch Dogs Experience and Proof of Ridiculous Support
  23. Ubisoft takes some notes from Bethesda
  24. Do all incentives + deluxe come in Season Pass?
  25. Try the following for a bit fun :
  26. [Request] Watch Dogs DLC Zombie Outbreak Mode
  27. ubi soft is ignoring many Asian buyers who reserve Watch Dogs
  28. Watch Dogs Asia Launch @ 27 June 2014
  29. never buy ubi games anoymore
  30. Where is the PC Patch?
  31. Using an xbox controller
  32. Vram requirements due to not using DirectX 11.2
  33. 5.1 Fix coming when + Stuttering issues fix
  34. Is there going to be a new patch?
  35. HELP: Overwritten Save
  36. Displaying Achievments
  37. a way to place custom music in the game pleae?
  38. Keyboard bug making the game unplayable
  39. Horrible Watch_Dogs performance with GTX 760ti 2GB.
  40. Real Hacks in Game
  41. Help!
  42. Optimizing the game
  43. Major GFX problems....
  44. When will be available the mission for T-Bone in seeson pass?
  45. A FlashLight app for the cell phone
  46. Watch Dogs stopped working after "press any key"
  47. Just a few ideas...
  48. Who else has seen cheating in 1v1 Online Hacking?
  49. Freecam + remove hud
  50. Remove The Destroyer from multiplayer hacking and a few other changes
  51. Loading screens & crashes
  52. Questions about bonuspack
  53. Watch Dogs & Uplay
  54. Now for something different - Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Watch Dogs"
  55. "Alone" Digital Trip is basically DayZ... ¡Awesome!
  56. D-Day +35
  57. Need help from an experienced Windows 7 user
  58. Watch Dogs - Game keeps crashing at last mission....
  59. I spent 60 dollars on this game almost 2 months ago.
  60. You gotta see this! 7 minutes of awesome
  61. Human Traffic Briefcase re-appearing??
  62. Two why
  63. graphics Card
  64. My game does not install, help me!!
  65. [B] HELP: Overwritten Gamesave [/B]
  66. "Watch_Dogs has stopped working"
  67. Online Hacking - huge Bug
  68. search dutch speaking players
  69. Odd problem during Decryption
  70. wacth out ! speed hack here
  71. Glad i didnt paid for it
  72. Possible fix, stutter free!
  73. Confused dot com
  74. How's this for advice...
  75. watchdogs instead of writing download it says play
  76. Anyone able to get a refund?
  77. Probleme de visseur et icon sur minicarte
  78. Gameplay questions.
  79. New to Season Pass / UbiSoft / DLC
  80. Multiplayer Bugs...
  81. loading issues.
  82. have a watch dogs code from buying graphic card !! 40€ only
  83. WD started to freeze in the middle of the game
  84. AFTER 8 HRS - It's the software, not your hardware
  85. WD Crashes during beginning scene
  86. I cannot connect to Ubisoft servers
  87. Watch_Dogs has stopped working error on loading screen
  88. Dear Ubisoft, its now 7/5/14...........
  89. why is my White Hat hacker outfit blue?
  90. Please HELP ME
  91. Watchdogs new DLC from SEASON PASS is redundant and what isnt is not showing up! help
  92. Watch Dogs Multplayer Character Creation
  93. This is Ubisoft's idea of a next gen game
  94. start game error - graphic error - texture error - RESOLVED!!!
  95. In game cheats. [Name Removed]
  96. why my WD is not responding ?
  97. Music Stutter - Online Only?
  98. About this Watch Dogs Patch (6/18/14) link
  99. Did I just buy a dlc I already have with preorder?
  100. the drinking game
  101. @ MnemonicSyntax ( Patch )
  102. Another posible stutter fix (en, es)
  103. The Defalt Condition [SPOILERS]
  104. New Patch?? Ever??
  105. Problem Connecting to Uplay Service
  106. From Ultra settings to Lowest...and still bad gaming.
  107. What did you think of watch dogs ? where does it rate ( if at all) in your top 15
  108. None points for the winners.
  109. Great Game with Horrible Story
  110. Audio Logs outside of Campaign?
  111. cant group up
  112. Game Freezes and all interaction can still be done
  113. Access granted pack not working properly
  114. Ubi wants consoles to be the main platform. I say let them have each other.
  115. My experience w/ ctOS Mobile App (iPhone 5s)
  116. help with driving!
  117. Contact the Support instead of complaining in the Forum
  118. Epic fail...
  119. All my notoriety skills are gone...
  120. what is a Watch Dogs EU Ubishop Voucher ?
  121. Want Ubisoft to do something about your problem? #UbisoftWatchDogsFAIL
  122. How to Ruin a CHEATERS Day
  123. Where is the Coop
  124. Watch Dogs causing Blue screen of death
  125. How To Turn Off "Remote Profiling"?
  126. Playing Online Free Roam :/
  127. A short feedback on WatchDogs
  128. My uplay doesn't recognize my watch dogs files
  129. New NVidia 340.52 WHQL drivers makes the game playable for me again!
  130. Whi is this UPLAY crap????
  131. Wanna play multiplayer? ;3
  132. 2012 E3 Demo as the Digital Trip DLC !!!
  133. My watch dogs won't launch
  134. Impossible 3-star on Survival chess puzzle?
  135. It isn't too late, take note from a good company. Dug out this email for you.
  136. Honest feedback.
  137. TheWorse Mod - Do these screenshots look better than vanilla?
  138. Online Character Customization?
  139. Fixing stuttering with an SSD ???
  140. Stuttering fix that worked for me
  141. Online Tail/Hacking - How to abandon a contract ?
  142. The Game Stutters on GTX 780 TI
  143. How to increase the count of blume agents in traffic?
  144. Does 2x 2GB Video Cards = 4GB Video Ram?
  145. Fix the game or your name is mud
  146. Outside the Hacking Area
  147. Price of pc download
  148. Is there anyway I can recover my game progress?
  149. Is support a real person? June patch ruined my game?
  150. Watch Dogs Boycott
  151. Y'know... we're not going to forget...
  152. re: adverts to pre order games at ridiculous high prices
  153. Sound issue
  154. Knockdown help
  155. Shoulder (off-center) Camera Sickness
  156. Watch dogs blue screen crash no erros shown
  157. "Truffle Shuffle" mod?
  158. The wait is OVER!
  159. Need to change my hard disk. Where is my saved game? Steam/Uplay version Help needed
  160. What we hate, like and want in WD
  161. Utterly ******ed support
  162. Hands in pockets bugged?
  163. Watch Dogs isn't the only game Ubisoft is gimping
  164. question about activation.
  165. they are not the only one reporting it syntax, but fine if you think that
  166. Is this game ever gonna run decent on high end gaming systems?
  167. cheaters
  168. PC muiltiplayer
  169. [Please Help]Can my PC run WatchDogs?
  170. Cant start or continue a game
  171. Sitting like NPC
  172. Question about Sweetfx/raedonpro
  173. can you help me for this ?
  174. Anti-vax?? LOL!
  175. Any way to adjust zoom/change view?
  176. DLC - Breakthrough not updating?
  177. Problem about selecting items
  178. Any day now!
  179. Confused about installing Watch Dogs
  180. watch dogs problem
  181. That moment when
  182. Music Petition:
  183. Can't you simply use DirectX 11.2 tiling memory to solve every stuttering problem ?
  184. has the game been abandoned?
  185. Watch Dogs Error and stopped working
  186. Installing Game With Game Data
  187. DLC Request: Watch Dogs Online American Football
  188. Cheaters
  189. lens flair makes the game unplayable plus very choppy (screen shots)
  190. Watchdogs no airports or planes/ other
  191. Can my PC run WatchDogs?
  192. New Watch Dogs performance patch confirmed for release this week!
  193. Online 1v1 First Time Hacking Bug
  194. Chicago South Club outfit
  195. Just a thought...
  196. Speaker icon
  197. Watch Dog has stop running
  198. TheCrew Beta screwing with WatchDogs Performance?
  199. 5 weeks and still no new patch
  200. Can't Play Online with my friend....
  201. My thoughts/suggestions for Watch Dogs
  202. Pourquoi Watch Dogs est si mal optimiser ?
  203. Ubisoft v.s a PC developer.
  204. что делать?what to do?
  205. Things I love in Watch Dogs
  206. Game Locks Up on exiting menus PC v1.03.471
  207. Multiplayer and Other Woes
  208. What is the OST/composition song called just before the final mission?
  209. Help: stuck in unlock puzzel because of slow mouse
  210. Changer l'emplacement de GamerProfile
  211. Fix the game already!
  212. Any way to skip a mission?
  213. question:can i play watch dogs from different computers not on the same time?
  214. Help please
  215. Cheaters increasing their arsenal
  216. It's time...
  217. Performance on a GTX 570
  218. The future is Blume bug !
  219. Little kids in Watch Dogs
  220. Watch_Dogs PC Patch (2014-07-29)
  221. Watch Dogs abandoned by Ubisoft? ¿What happen?
  222. When will the T-Bone dlc be out?
  223. Patch Day!
  224. [HELP] im new at this, i cant redeem my code
  225. New NVidia drivers - 340.52
  226. Failed to synchronize game saves
  227. Watch Dog has stop working
  228. After this patch....
  229. 2 months later and i can now play the game i paid $60 dollars for.
  230. Watch Dogs Patch 29/07/2014 Bug
  231. Plans to address the numerous AI issues?
  232. Great....a new type of stuttering since last patch.
  233. Stupid save files issue AGAIN!!!!
  234. Patch 1.03.483 - Experience.
  235. Uplay units
  236. Problem Game wont launch after new patch
  237. New Game crash.
  238. computer shuts down while playing
  239. computer shuts down while playing
  240. Watchdogs wont run in fullscreen
  241. Weird noise in game
  242. Error 0
  243. 4x TXAA vs 4x MSAA
  244. Notoriety - How exactly is it calculated in decryption matches
  245. People online with infinite grenade/jam com/blackout
  246. Soo ahh, Dolby 5.1.
  247. Watch_Dogs has stopped working at 60%
  248. What is your usual Reputation Level in Watch Dogs?
  249. "Start the game when playable"
  250. [Problem needs solving] Watch_Dogs without sound.