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  1. I never get invaded?
  2. ETA on PC Patch... Please?
  3. Game is allocating WAY too much memory
  4. Is anyone online???
  5. How can i translate the game
  6. Use your own music library?
  7. Easter egg team assemble!!! *SPOILERS*
  8. Papavero Stealth and gold d50
  9. Watch Dogs and freezing crashing when I select multiplayer
  10. WD review
  11. This game SUCKS
  12. Game freezing on load screen
  13. Why do they always know they're being invaded?
  14. DLC Request for this GREAT GAME!
  15. HBao+ low vs High
  16. Bugs and other issues
  17. [SPOILER] Missing Persons
  18. Traffic lights blinking red
  19. Unable to join game session
  20. For the people playing MP without connectivity problems/had some problems but solved
  21. Issue with Online Hacking Mission
  22. Disabling helicopters?
  23. Multi player Lacks
  24. Game is broken on pc: Sign this pettition
  25. Refund ?
  26. Game Session is no longer availiable
  27. How to install game via Disc ?
  28. Multiplayer with friends - Group matchmaking
  29. NVIDIA: Using NVIDIA Control Panel's AF improves distance blur
  30. Open your world, bugged? (possible spoilers)
  31. Buying costs nothing - PLEASE HELP!
  32. Watch Dogs is my fav. game.
  33. ctOS mobile app - official challenge - where?!
  34. online invasions..
  35. who.s online
  36. Signs to know you've been invaded (Ubi devs, please check this, or someone tell them)
  37. Too easy to accidentally leave poker table – poker controls
  38. T-Bone Campaign / Season_Pass
  39. Things i miss in Watch Dogs
  40. pre-order bonus ?
  41. Multiplayer issues - THEORYCRAFT - HELP WELCOME
  42. PC Bug need help cant find a fix for it.
  43. QUESTION: Why do wet surfaces mirror correctly and windows don't?
  44. Driving Sounds (add your own opinions)
  45. about the patches
  46. Possible SLI improvement tip
  47. Watch Dogs Reboots PC after 3 seconds
  48. my thoughts so far
  49. The Grenade Launcher
  50. How do I unlock the U100 LMG for use in Free Roam/Singleplayer?
  51. how to play dlc missions
  52. Continue option in the title screen is grayed out?
  53. PC version
  54. looking for a savegame, somewhere of act 4
  55. Watch Dogs
  56. How do you actually START an online game!?
  57. Game already has hackers?
  58. who.s online pc
  59. Picture of the icon at the end of the loading screen?
  60. I found a way to FIX! - Crashes & Stuck at loading screen -
  61. Watch_Dogs walkthrough
  62. slow motion?
  63. Petizione per far terminare Watch Dogs....tu che fai...firmi???
  64. I fixed not being able to hack anything .
  65. Reasons why we cant tail and hack our friends
  66. Can't holster weapon
  67. Does anyone actually want to play Online Decryption Free For All?
  68. This may be Ubi's worst AI to date
  69. Ubisoft deleting threads on ram f up
  70. What is there to do in online Free Roam?
  71. My problem with Free Roam
  72. Disabling constant "remote profiling triggered" alerts
  73. No penalty for terminating online connection
  74. Why is it that when I'm 80-90% installing the backdoor, I get disconnected?
  75. Disable headbob?
  76. Has everyone got their DLC Packs?
  77. Coop Missions
  78. Disabled Gamer needs DEVS to please make Camera/Hacking mouse movement FASTER!
  79. UBI still haven't learnt a lesson from Splinter Cell Blacklist?
  80. Many VS Many multiplayer hack
  81. PLEASE HELP....about savegame of watch dogs
  82. Save game around the second act
  83. BUG... keep walking 1 direction
  84. Worst game? Worst company.
  85. ALT-F4? Cmon Really?
  86. Non-technical watch dog issues.
  87. Can we make a complaint/whiner forum?
  88. ! Improved visual effects / improved fps (frame per second)
  89. 10 reasons why the Watch Dogs Uplay disaster has to kill DRM
  90. [Spoiler] One of those epic fails!
  91. Watch dogs stuck at startup screen 2nd screen
  92. Bernai Island Ctos Unlock Problem
  93. Skin packs arent working
  94. Corrupted Savegame (¿fixes please?)
  95. I think the game is stuck on Surround Sound or something.
  96. So anyway I managed to work my way past the freeze at the start screen
  97. Why is fullscreen display reseting to Windowed ?
  98. Does the game support crossfire ?
  99. Losing all in game progress!
  100. Is there any new on the 90% Loading crash bug?
  101. Still have not even had 10 minutes of gameplay
  102. Why do we even have to do all this nonsense to try to get this game working?
  103. gamepad
  104. drinking game
  105. Would you still buy a game if....
  106. Bug: No voice sound
  107. GTX760 Fps DRop
  108. Uplay does not save my game, its stuck att 11%, it always restart where i began!
  109. Chicago Freight tunnels?
  110. Freezing on launch
  111. GeForce Experience update !
  112. Ruckler und Geisterbild
  113. Just wondering a few things...
  114. Unable to Join Online events
  115. E3 2012 graphics for PC gamers please?
  116. A way to improve the stutter on ultra - delete standby memory
  117. 1vs1 hack and tailling cheat.
  118. No more gang hideouts?
  119. online mission in game
  120. Save file got corrupted. If anyone has an Act III save file I will love you all time.
  121. Not really a bug, but I thought it was funny.
  122. Taking down an Immortal
  123. 1vs1 Online Hack is f***ing awesome!!!
  124. Spider tank on free roam?
  125. I'm quitting PC gaming, so should you.
  126. Yet another multiplayer issue.
  127. Hacker -.-
  128. Impossible to join Online Game in Watch Dogs
  129. Why, oh why, do you preclude casual gamers by using WASD????????????????
  130. Anyone have a save around act 2?
  131. NAT type error for PC? tried everything? maybe heres a solution
  132. Crash to desktop at one location
  133. [Possible SPOILERS] Watch dogs supports 21:9 (thank you Ubi)
  134. Watch Dogs Requirement issue
  135. Watch Dogs Gameplay Bugs Promo
  136. IGN thinks their game got a "stealth patch" and have changed their mind about the PC
  137. Interesting Performance findings
  138. Looking for dutch PC-players for freeroam and other
  139. How to message people in Multiplayer?
  140. Unplayable using 780 Ti SLI @ 1080p
  141. mouse acceleration
  142. Vehicle Lag
  143. Missing Player Packs
  144. A Simple Question
  145. Gamers Nexus Critical review
  146. Runs fine on GTX6802GB+I72600K+SSD with Textures High/rest on Ultra/Temporal SMAA
  147. The Palace DLC mission - bugged?
  148. Terrible ping in on-line session
  149. Controller Issues Personally
  150. Main gripes with game
  151. Can't play multiplayer!!
  152. So, what does this 2.4GB patch fix?
  153. ctOS mobile is useless
  154. PLEASE Help my Watch_Dogs SAVED game wont run! I dont want to start fresh!! D:
  155. Cant Disable online temporarily without loosing ALL notoriety points/skills is BAD
  156. Stuck at 'access the online contracs app'
  157. Invincible players has completely ruined online play.
  158. Loadscreen tooltip
  159. Mute Players by Default?
  160. [B]Watch_dogs difficulty setting to damn easy[/B]
  161. Game stuck on loadingscreen when try to enter game
  162. Make on-line hacking and tailing better - thoughts
  163. Don't buy this.
  164. Any plan for proper triple screen support?
  165. Invisible player and NPCs bug! HELP!!!
  166. Unable to redeem DEDSEC_Edition code in-game
  167. Silenced .45 gone
  168. Forced online disturning me from doing what i wanna do
  169. why are people hating this game for uplay/console ****ups?
  170. Missing Season Pass content (Steam)
  171. Driving abilities
  172. Can i play Watch dogs on my Mac Pro???
  173. Joined failed... searching for new hacker
  174. Online-Hacking Spieler <removed> Cheater
  175. Any word on the supposed PC patch?
  176. Stuck at 14/15 infiltrations. Can't find it on the map.
  177. City of chicargo fire department in watch dogs real hack??
  178. Player Speed Hacking?
  179. Custom music?
  180. Has anyone been able to play multiplayer on PC?
  181. how do you put away your computer
  182. The dodgers are real.
  183. [SPOILER] @ubisoft You son of a B****
  184. Let us set specific preference for "invasions"
  185. i beat the main missions.. now i have issues..
  186. Love this game.
  187. Watch_Dogs : Some Problem
  188. Drinking Game.. what the..
  189. You should all remember, Ubisoft hates PC gamers.
  190. [Conspiracy] Ubisoft is an NSA front.
  191. Randomly shooting gun when opening phone
  192. Multiplayer is broke
  193. Leaderboard glitch - sometimes shows 00:00 for time.
  194. Shutting down Aero gives FPS boost
  195. Act III Mission Crashing! (Light Spoilers)
  196. White Hat Pack Help
  197. How to find info about Edition?
  198. ACT 2 music track ID?
  199. Can't connect to any Online features, with or without my Friends.
  200. Watch Dogs = Master Piece
  201. why did you deceive people? почему вы обманываете людей?
  202. Cannot save someone because BUG [SPOILER]
  203. Already bored and only three hours into the game
  204. problems with the season pass, really need help
  205. How to properly enjoy Watch_Dogs
  206. Online Invasions Defaulted To Off?
  207. Thoughts about the ending [SPOILER]
  208. Can't Download Update?
  209. save game issue is strange for me
  210. Cheaters come to watch dogs
  211. WatchDogs PC - Bought season pass but not every content is unlocked.
  212. NEVER be hacked/tailed/invaded. I want to!
  213. Tailing not indicating if target is aware
  214. Watch Dogs
  215. Where is the Uplay customer support?
  216. Season Pass not available on Steam in Australia
  217. Blues brothers dlc
  218. Unbalanced Reputation Awards
  219. fix ur game
  220. Cheaters everywhere.
  221. More Digital Trips?
  222. Thanks for playing Watchdogs!
  223. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  224. Thanks UBI for teaching me a precious lesson
  225. Ubisoft disappointing consumers
  226. Watch_Dogs PC Voice Chat
  227. People are using trainer to cheat with unlimited health in online games.
  228. decryption online is not fair
  229. Add a quick way to report hackers
  230. To the PC community of Watch Dogs and extended Jonathan Morin / Ubisoft
  231. Petetion: Joseph Demarco Mission [Redux]
  232. When the first performance patch comes out ?
  233. TIP: How to play without significant issues
  234. :SIGN HERE: if you're waiting for GTA5:PC to emerge and take this awful taste away.
  235. Blue screen were i play
  236. Reaction from user base on further Ubisoft / Game Works announcements
  237. Watch Dogs Disappeared from Uplay and now key banned?
  238. I can hack someone in specific?
  239. Couldn't change installation directory for Watch Dogs
  240. Watch_dogs downloading very slowly, probably already asked but nothing really helped
  241. Exposed Trailer Mission?
  242. Missing Season Pass Content?
  243. How to know our online hacking score?
  244. Lost Save File Twice - But there is hope
  245. where can i find the day one patch???
  246. Fix your escape timer
  247. Ubisoft I love you and your godsend game Watch Dogs : D
  248. Random MP wtf?
  249. Can my laptop play watch dogs
  250. Please allow us to filter the map