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  1. Game Crash - First Video
  2. Full rewards pack
  3. Windows 7 is newer than Vista....
  4. Error CD key in use
  5. Recived the email but game still not in uplay.
  6. 100% Discount Code Not Working
  7. Stuttering, audio missing...
  8. game limps!
  9. Input Not Detected - Starting up game.
  10. Game is in russian, I am from western europe
  11. [Spoilers] problem with backseat driver mission
  12. Thank you Ubisoft!! The game runs great!!!
  13. Game freezes on start up
  14. Watch dogs problem?
  15. Can I install on two computers?
  16. Unable to start the game, please help! ;_;
  17. Eyefinity Triple Display Issues (5040x900)
  18. Watch dogs collectors edition code
  19. Received email but not in Uplay
  20. Thanks for an amazing epic action thriller movie game experience, my brain explodes.
  21. [SPOILER] Online Hacking problem after Backseat Driver
  22. Watch Dogs still not showing on Uplay
  23. Why the hell do i have to use UPlay?
  24. Endless matchmaking / poor friend system
  25. All we have to do is...Wait.
  26. Sound Problem
  27. G2A pre orders out yet?
  28. How can i join my friends game?
  29. Watch Dogs not showing in game libary
  30. Where the F*** is my game in Uplay!!!!
  31. Directx 11
  32. impossible de jouer ( cant start the game )
  33. still no game
  34. Game freezes 3-5 seconds, sound continues.
  35. не запускается!
  36. If I get successfully tailed (online), will I know?
  37. Logitech F710 Support "thank you"
  38. error how new game
  39. Dedsec Outfit ?
  40. Watch Dogs - Community Wishes.
  41. игра тормозит
  42. What stunt are you trying to pull -- Regarding Asia release
  43. Wd-le-dlc
  44. Dublagem do jogo em PT-BR
  45. Can you holster the phone?
  46. Watch Dogs pulled from Steam in my region.
  47. possible temp fix for crashing of game and audio fix
  48. where i found my watch dogs?
  49. Updating Problem
  50. game crash on new games
  51. Shipping delays!
  52. *minor spoilers* I am stuck in the first mission
  53. Watch dogs still not showing up in Uplay
  54. looks nothing like E3 demo 2012
  55. Multiplayer with friends?
  56. Very low fps at GTX 690
  57. bonus content activation key for Watch_Dogs Digital Deluxe Pre-Order
  58. Watchdogs wont run
  59. Ugly graphics?
  60. Mouse Aiming Precision Unattainable
  61. NO CD key !help!
  62. Watch Dogs wont run
  63. Watch Dogs
  64. Cannot connect to servers
  65. Works Great!
  66. Missing Digital Deluxe Content?
  67. problem
  68. MP question on pc
  69. Key bindings...
  70. Does Ubi even care about its customers?
  71. language change from german to english possible, I like the original language more
  72. Works Great! Thanks
  73. Can FPS be displayed within this Game ?
  74. MP with more than 2 friends
  75. I can't buy the 416 Assault Rifle.
  76. Invisible bodies
  77. Need help setting controls
  78. Apparently we amd users are not important
  79. Campaign: Foresight freeze
  80. omg. is this nextgen?
  81. Download failed
  82. career cars not showing
  83. Reporting PC Stuttering issues on very high end PC
  84. Can I play Global version in Russian language somehow?
  85. enter to multiplayer online servers in watch dogs
  86. uPlay overriding Steam -disablepagefilecheck - Solution?
  87. Online Contract
  88. Could you please confirm these network settings.
  89. Uplay down?
  90. Game Crashing randomly, Uplay errors everywhere
  91. plantage des le debut
  92. W_D FPS question
  93. No unlocks for uplay after achievement get.
  94. Game crashing
  95. Game saves corrupting/spawning under map? Here is an autoBackup tool for you
  96. Help with Loading screens and crashes?
  97. It was all going so well!
  98. Issue with the online missions
  99. Let me tell you how every online mode works in this game
  100. No key disturbed from Origin.
  101. Вылетает игра.
  102. UPlay / Multiplayer connection issues? [Updated 28th May]
  103. More uplay issues
  104. My name
  105. Possible game breaking bug
  106. Coming soon This item is not yet available.[PRE ORDERED]
  107. Never buying anything from Ubisoft ever again
  108. convoy missions
  109. Problems in the game (appearance of "ghosts")
  110. runs good on mac
  111. Error On Watch Dogs
  112. To The Devs: PC Related Issues Feedback Thread.
  113. Watch Dog'd
  114. Does anyone use a game controller steering wheel with Watchdogs?
  115. Is multiplayer currently disabled or what...?
  116. Multiplayer?....*ECHO ECHO ECHO.
  117. To all who have the game?
  118. Ubisoft i want my money back
  119. Wont start with SLI
  120. Odd problem anyone else??? 101%install??
  121. Patch?!
  122. Day One Patch?
  123. VSync locks to 30 FPS
  124. How do i change this?
  125. Multiplayer
  126. Just came home from a long day at work, ready to play Watch Dogs
  127. Some Small Gripes - That Bug Me Big Time (Art Asset Managers / Animation Team!) Read!
  128. Missing Extra content "The palace pack" - Retail VIGILANTE ed.
  129. [Possible SPOILERS] T-Bone Drinking Game
  130. Save game deleted...............................!
  131. Gas Station explosion comparison (all versions)
  132. So Wheres All My missing DLC ubisoft
  133. Vram and performance link
  134. uplay again overloaded
  135. Well, phooey.
  136. Bugs and idiot designer decisions,fix them
  137. Missing dlc pre-order costumes
  138. uPlay Watch_Dogs rewards not integrated in the game
  139. Watch_Dogs has STILL not shown up in Uplay
  140. Police are over the top difficult to escape
  141. Errors and their correction [RUS]
  142. Another Concerned Question About Why The Game Wont Start/Work..
  143. [FIX] Missing "Additional Content" happens due to server overload.
  144. Watch Dogs Crash After starting a new game
  145. HELP: Pre order bonus Blume agent pack MISS
  146. Is mouse steering available?
  147. Fun Fact for the non-optimized PC Port!
  148. Multiple save games
  149. So, when's this being fixed?
  150. Sorry, but it's true
  151. Can't find the game after inserting the activation code!
  152. PC Or Xbox 360?
  153. Unplayable piece of junk, boycotting Ubisoft again.
  154. Custom Playlist
  155. Help With a Side Mission
  156. Cyberpunk Skin and Cyberpunk Gun Not Appearing in-game
  157. Did I buy the game or just a bonus pack?????
  158. What is the message here Ubisoft
  159. This is bad real bad
  160. Goodbye Ubisoft, no more PC games with your logo
  161. How to fix Watch Doge for pc
  162. [SPOILER] Minigames are fun
  163. Copy from Laptop to PC
  164. Stuck in locker room first mission
  165. Digital Deluxe Edition Content NOT in game after redeeming code?
  166. Really Ubisoft? Even a GTX 780 is Struggling with Watch Dogs...
  167. Watch Dogs Comparison - Recreating the E3 2012 HAHAH UBI**** SHAME ON U!!
  168. V-Sync capped at 30fps??
  169. Blackout Not Working in 1st Mission (Bottom of the Eighth)
  170. Starting with a black screen? TRY THIS!
  171. Watch dogs crash after seeing the ubisoft logo.
  172. Poor Performance on PC Whatsoever
  173. I am so disappointed that I received a UPlay activation key...
  174. False Advertising.
  175. Watch Dogs/Uplay problem
  176. CONSOLE PORT ; Mouse sensitivity!=!=!=
  177. Watch Dogs plays AWESOME on my rig!!
  178. Manual Download for Patch?
  179. A positive Comment
  180. Game won't start
  181. 0xc00007b FIX
  182. Multiple Players in household.
  183. Watch_Dogs: PC or console?
  184. How to pass from a computer to another?
  185. Ubisoft bait and switch on Steam/Origin Asia region.
  186. English voices please!
  187. Only 7,800 years until my completed Watch Dogs download is finished!
  188. Omg
  189. Uplay not working
  190. Multiplayer Search cancle button PC
  191. Game cannot find save file.
  192. WTH is this Disrupt_b64.dll crash?? i cant even start my BRAND NEW game,cool.
  193. Graphics issue
  194. No main character voices?!
  195. So much for PC being the mater race..
  196. EyeInfinity with 3 monitors not working?
  197. Not working at all + nothing extra with pre-order
  198. Review/Complaints about a broken/unfinished game.
  199. Voice Chat
  200. all that for nothing
  201. Climb Key
  202. Possible Watch Dogs Fix
  203. Bloom Agent Pack not part of Season Pass?
  204. So there is a new patch?
  205. Do you get "Watch_Dogs stopped working" after the ubisoft logo with no specific error
  206. Well Played Ubisoft...
  207. crossfire
  208. Sound Effect Opinions
  209. WIndowsa need SP 1 or higher????
  210. Potential LAG/FPS FIX for PC Nvidia
  211. Zoom in and no sound... Way to win my support
  212. Connection error?
  213. Logitech Rumblepad 2 Not Working.
  214. Any in-vehicle weapons?
  215. keyboard haywire
  216. Whatever you do DON'T TOUCH NEW GAME (Unless you actually want to start a new game)
  217. If you use Nvidia here's the recommended settings
  218. Give points to the opposing player of whoever disconnects
  219. Ubisoft FIX THIS ASAPPP!!!!!!
  220. New Game Crash
  221. Very bad port, game runs very choppy, even on Low settings... Huge disappointment.
  222. Can't move or walk? Walking animations freeze and fall through floor
  223. Only One Save file?
  224. My key does not activate the game
  225. I can smoothly play BF4,AC4,DS2,Thief,MGR Revengeance,SplinterCell B, Bioshock I, TR
  226. Poor performance? SCALE DOWN yer textures!
  227. DEV Suggestion, DUELING!
  228. Uplay online still offline ???
  229. Mving whilst shooting glitch
  230. AI hackers (minor spoiler)
  231. Trouble Connecting to Steam friends
  232. Why no gradual vehicle acceleration/pull away with keyboard?
  233. Car controls
  234. [Language] Game bought in Russia.
  235. 24 hours since activation and still no game in UPlay
  236. Sudden FPS drop (with video inside)
  237. I am furious
  238. Rage Quitters
  239. Wonderful Uplay
  240. Searching for players to hack ...
  241. Unplayable on PC
  242. Crash after new game
  243. Lack of CTOS app for windows RT and Windows Phone 8/8.1
  244. This whole game is a giant bug
  245. cant download watchdogs
  246. mouse acceleration
  247. Problems for PC gamers
  248. text chat in game?
  249. E3 2012 demo vs PC Ultra 2014. What a joke...
  250. Problems with Profiling and Hacking after being invaded/killed