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  2. Trials Frontier - Android Soft Launch & Known Issues
  3. All progress lost on Note 3
  4. Question: Gamepad support?
  5. Support for MDPI devices
  6. Technical glitches.
  7. Problem with bronco bike
  8. Notifications don't open the game
  9. Blank screen on loading game
  10. Why is my HTC One X+ not combatible with Frontier?
  11. Option to move controls?
  12. Sync game save progress from iOS version to Android version
  13. issues trying to see friends lap times or scores.
  14. Save deleted
  15. Global LB hacker
  16. No Uplay connection
  17. "Save file has been tampered with..."
  18. Upgrade Bike Issues
  19. Can I still get the starter pack deal?
  20. Why force UPLAY server connection if you cant even keep servers up?
  21. Game freezes, locks up.
  22. Upgrading Tango is going to freeze the app
  23. Village Hero Bundle
  24. Device Transfer?
  25. Connection Time out on "Keep current game"
  26. Friendslist Leaderboard Android<--->iOS not working
  27. Possible Mission Problem
  28. June 3rd update?
  29. Game started crashing
  30. No option for a second spin.
  31. Buttons perform poorly when racing against someone.
  32. No notifications
  33. Inverted Airtime Glitch
  34. Track Reset
  35. Races won't start until I restart the game
  36. In App Purchase Fail
  37. fuse problem please help! !
  38. I lost my progress. How to recover last saved game or uplay saved game?
  39. graphics options
  40. Global Leaderboards Bug
  41. Game crashes when entering the garage
  42. Bug: Lotz: Paint jobs become coins
  43. Frontier shuts down at Ubi logo
  44. Trials frontier does not work
  45. Bug report: Crushes on internet connection - already uninstalled and reinstalled
  46. Beacon Recon not counting the spring I have
  47. Trials Frontier : New Update Version 2.0.0 released
  48. Sunset Dungeon Bug
  49. [SOLVED] Leaderboard rankings are broken
  50. Version 2.0.0 : Tracks and timer in fast forward
  51. Sharing option.
  52. Please Help Me! Lost my save after updated
  53. [SOLVED] Black screen after restoring from Uplay
  54. Version 2.0.1 changelog ?
  55. Can't get Tier 3 bikes - Please help!
  56. Uplay login crashes my game.
  57. Moving savedata/file from tablet to smartphone?!
  58. Money, gems, etc off-screen
  59. Unresponsive controls
  60. Lotz Story?
  61. Game running game-breakingly fast
  62. ew track has appeared called !!!-test objects.
  63. So about these scrolls...
  64. Can't get last blueprint piece for Jackal
  65. Identify cheaters!
  66. Still nothing...
  67. Slot machine timer glitch
  68. Version 2.0.1?
  69. Game won't launch after Frontier Logo
  70. Medal not updating on Waterwheel
  71. And now my game has reest my progress! Any help appreciated!
  72. Maintenance on Trials Frontier
  73. Force Close loop on "final" A.N.B.A. Mission Clear
  74. New Offer Bundle Soon?? : )
  75. Complete Progress Reset!!!!
  76. HELP PLEASE! "End"-Mission is glitched?!
  77. Casino Roofs did not appear after winning on slots
  78. Firefly Landing, firefly landing, firefly landing
  79. It finally happened!
  80. Lg g3 not compatible
  81. Can't Play Online
  82. Game Speed Issues
  83. 2 track names on scroll
  84. Tampered Save File
  85. Crash after title screen ("Unfortunately, Trials Frontier has stopped.")
  86. Game failing to load - black screen after verifying download!
  87. Didn't get my 200 gems after purchase! : / Help please
  88. Can't fuse parts?
  89. Speedy/slowy bug on Samasung Galaxy S4
  90. Final ANBA mission causes crash "Unfortunately Trials Frontier has stopped."
  91. Fix rage-inducing Cannon End glitch
  92. Multiple updates and still can't progress with ANBA missions
  93. Can someone please explain this?? Please.
  94. The First Trojan Giraffe shortcut: Not entirely sure if a bug or intentional design
  95. Android Update "2.2.0.?" Changes! Post known changes here
  96. Inverted Airtime Glitch
  97. I mean... come on....( level glitch)
  98. Daily Prizes not resetting after latest update
  99. Bike Upgrade Problem
  100. Server saved game loss
  101. 2.2.1 updated this morning...
  102. Trials Frontier : New Update Version 2.2.1
  103. Сбросились все достижения
  104. [Nexus5] Cannot update to newest version (September 30th) - Device is not compatible
  105. Jackal's Military Paint Job (White Line) !
  106. The "Doing your part" trick mission against Cassidy is broken
  107. Devs, what about android players ?!
  108. Total Progress Lost
  109. Guys, how is it on the Android mobile gaming front?
  110. Not Compatible with Note 4?
  111. New bug: Only first inversion is counted
  112. game crashes when trying to collect ANBA rewards
  113. Very annoying notification bug
  114. watch ad to get gas doesnt work
  115. Saloon Glitch
  116. is there a way to disable the zooming out?
  117. changing time on device no longer works to refill fuel.
  118. the game crash after logos demo play finished
  119. Candy Prophet (Deadwood Valley) impossible to complete
  120. Deleted progress and I'm only unable to connect to trials frontier
  121. Paid for special pack but didn't recieve items.
  122. Devs, Points Updating Bug !
  123. How to change language
  124. Inverted air time bug
  125. Hot Phone is HOT!
  126. Upside down tricks
  127. Bike Upgrade Issue
  128. Leader Board Time vs Local Time Difference
  129. Hotfix for Android!
  130. Lost bike painting
  131. Devs, 2 missing tracks on loot wheel !
  132. BUG Time ?!
  133. [Bug] Refreshing ANBA Opponent Shenanigans
  134. ANBA payout halfed
  135. Broken upgrades compensation
  136. Paging of leaderboard is really tedious
  137. "The Purifier" track is missing
  138. Start from scratch?
  139. Issue with Cache
  140. Broken Armadillo
  141. Problem : Game laggy
  142. friends no longer showing
  143. [Bug] Ultra-Lag 9000 vs. Mecha-Crashzilla
  144. Cloud saves are not working
  145. What was that map on the wheel?
  146. Noooooooooooo
  147. Gift Bugs?
  148. Crashing constanyntly
  149. Broken Accelerator Bug
  150. How do I start the Data Cube missions?
  151. New choppy framerate and overall slow play (not the old really slow lag bug)
  152. Username
  153. the annoying sound of "notification"
  154. Need assistance re new 3.0.3 update from Redlynx and UBI!
  155. Crash with the latest version on my Nexus 7 and on my Nexus 4
  156. Races wont start - stuck at start line with no accelerator or other screen icons
  157. Anyone with an unanswered/unresolved support ticket
  158. Switching Data from iOs to Android
  159. Deleting a track record
  160. Crash day
  161. Tango upgrade down to 0
  162. Bunker Rider Showdown Comparison Flawed?!?
  163. Showdown glitch?
  164. Impossible to unlock the track "Toad Hole" ?
  165. Lost my account
  166. Gems disappeared.
  167. Got Pending Support Tickets, Read This!
  168. Slot Machine Issue
  169. Rank 1 on Ze Bunker nut no Butch's bike?
  170. Version 3.x on Amazon App Store !?
  171. Crazy bugs.... Trials Frontier [v.3.0.4] on Android
  172. Just Lost 17500 Chips in the Bunker
  173. Report Your Bugs and Glitches for Android Here!
  174. Control buttons stop working randomly!
  175. time to ride
  176. Email issue with Support ticket
  177. Multiplayer is very glitchy.
  178. Bug in the Prize of Season Prizes in the Bunker
  179. Who really is number 1 on the LB
  180. bug in showdown
  182. This is ridiculous
  183. Slot machine problems
  184. Glitching Bunker Race...
  185. Play Games Achievements
  186. zooming in and zooming out
  187. 420 hours for bike upgrade?
  188. Smelting pots secret
  189. ANBA fix
  190. Missing track : Great Wall
  191. Progress is not saved when phone dies
  192. How to Contact Customer Support (CS) and Respond to Customer Support (CS).
  193. Inaccuracy
  194. Wicked awesome new feature, devs!
  195. Cheaters in the game
  196. Game not registering
  197. Update 3.1.0 for OUT NOW on Android!!!
  198. Screwed Up Season one Rewards
  199. Crazy Speed ups on several tracks
  200. Connection timeout when sending a gift
  201. The rebel outfit
  202. Issue with server game data
  203. [Glitch / Bug] Losing control.
  204. Gems wasted on fuel refills
  205. LB glitched since the last update.
  206. Android - Player.Bin File location
  207. Cant access the bunker or season 1 prizes
  208. can't connect to bunker or gifts
  209. Game will not load after verfiying download page
  210. Candy mission problem
  211. Different bunker issue
  212. My game progress is gone?
  213. Urgent! Please Read if you are considering Reinstalling the Game!
  214. Leaderboards gone?
  215. Didn't receive any season rewards
  216. Slot Machine BUG! Need Help
  217. device Switch
  218. Where is the finish line?
  219. Showdown track isn't counted as won
  220. [Glitch/Bug] Slot Machine! Help Me
  221. suits not received
  222. fuel issue
  223. Game crashed after buying an IAP
  224. Savegame delete !
  225. New Info about the Next Update from the Devs!
  226. help with unlocking locations???
  227. Bunker - Rooftops at 13 seconds??
  228. no uplay= no savegame
  229. Stuck gift box need help clearing
  230. Trials Frontier 3.2.1 - Crashing to Menu
  231. Can anyone help me please ?!?!
  232. HELP - Google Play Problem - Impossible to buy the promotion!
  233. Sun God missions have disappeared?
  234. Since the Galaxy S4 Lollipop update, terrible performance.
  235. No kindling to collect
  236. Impossible to access showdown.
  237. Support Ticket Open for 7 days - Still no response!
  238. Annoying Challenge Marker
  239. Problem with unlockable suits: still locked
  240. Lost 10000 tokens
  241. Super slow map
  242. Ad issue
  243. New Amazon Update - Bike Upgrade Hut
  244. Zudina Give Ticket [SUGESTION]
  245. ANBA Bug
  246. Which Version ??
  247. Update to 3.2.4 doesn't work
  248. Facebook login for savegame?
  249. Showdown timing issue
  250. kindle update?