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  1. [Bug] Outfits do not unlock
  2. ERROR: Can't connect to Bunker
  3. Can't play any game in bunker
  4. disable notification sounds?
  5. how to reset bike upgrade?
  6. [HELP]I can't purchase anything
  7. Update 3.2.5 Error
  8. [SOLVED] Can't connect to uPlay from LG G3
  9. Who really is on 1st position of leaderboard?
  10. Connection timeout clarification
  11. shop error
  12. Crashing when finish track
  13. Slow map + game cache issue
  14. Freezing when buying outfits.
  15. Lost all progress?!
  16. Lost All progression + Save level is completly wrong
  17. Cant connect to uplay
  18. Controls stop responding
  19. Overlapping Track Quests
  20. Slot machine same rewards
  21. Agent leaderboards are broken for the 3rd term of the agent mission
  22. Attribute for the New SuperSpy outfit is NOT working !!??
  23. No Butch after Proper Donkey and Butch missions
  24. Bluetooth HID controller issues?
  25. All my game data is gone.
  26. Uplay ongoing disconnect issue
  27. ingame support request
  28. two uplay accounts - cant get back to the original
  29. Showdown paired me with wrong skills & track, lost tickets!
  30. missing horseshoes
  31. Traction Testground - Crazy Bikes Leaderboard refuses to accept scores (Android)
  32. Lost all horse shoes on new event.
  33. How to get the quagmire track and gift box
  34. Zudina can't count?
  35. Not getting Pumpkin Queen races
  36. After new update, i have been returned to level1 **please help**
  37. Everythings messed up
  38. Nexus 5X compatibility
  39. Moved iOS to Android
  40. Crashing with halloween update
  41. Last update does not start
  42. Not connecting to server to play showdowns
  43. Progress reset
  44. Performance optimization for Android
  45. Not getting score.
  46. Progress lost - after relogging into Uplay
  47. Game crashes
  48. długi czas
  49. Bought the 550 gem challenge pack but only 2 new areas showed up?
  50. Restore purchase button not there?
  51. It's been a month and I still can't see or claim any gifts
  52. Lost 200 hours of gameplay
  53. My A.N.B.A Stuck
  54. Trails Frontier: Support required for BUG
  55. Zooming out and in
  56. [ANBA] coin: bug ?
  57. Didn't receive items/money after multiplayer season ended
  58. Help with game problems
  59. Game automatically gets quit after initial downloading page.
  60. not receiving gems from the specials section
  61. Translations reminder
  62. Golden ticket problem
  63. Game crashes when opening Uplay
  64. bunker mission stucks
  65. Not receiving item from special package ($9.99 Hot Deal)
  66. Cannot combine bike parts nor get any platinum medals
  67. No option to sync progress
  68. Game is force closing after update
  69. Request removal of the ban
  70. Trials Reset After Logging in to Uplay
  71. Can't Play Single race Where is FIX [Solved]
  72. Glitch report: "Friend Xyz has passed you" notification
  73. Transfer progress from iOS?
  74. Didn't got rewards from previous season.
  75. Where are the tracks and blueprint pieces going?
  76. KTM problem
  77. Trials frontier crashing
  78. Impossibility to play from one month ago!
  79. Black Screen after verifying download..
  80. TF is getting on my nerves
  81. Missing Rewards from KTM Event 4th week
  82. Couldn't get KTM bike because of update crashes
  83. Can't purchase items from the store.
  84. Forgot email to my original account
  85. Unable to connnect the bunker
  86. Tickets
  87. Save Data got reverted during a level...
  88. Normal LB broken.
  89. Bugged mission?
  90. Showdown crashes
  91. Cannot unlock outfits
  92. Problem with gift box
  93. Trials Frontier is unplayable on Samsung Galaxy S7
  94. Why the FCK does Trials Frontier need access to my CONTACTS?
  95. Downloaded Game From Google Play Says NO Licence - Game dont Start HELP
  96. game keep crashing since last night
  97. Doghouse won't recognize new Showdowns.
  98. Download content infinite loop.
  99. Lookout Point crash at doghouse 6th day mission
  100. Tapjoy and Uplay support
  101. Can't open the game since last update.
  102. Gas/Brake/Lean Buttons Randomly Stop Working Since Update (Galaxy S6)
  103. riders club daily gems and coins
  104. Riders club crashing game
  105. End of Map Fragment Event?
  106. Update Glitch - "Offline"
  107. Customer Support website not working
  108. Issue Report: Bunker Confusion
  109. Android server maintenance
  110. Lost ~50 gems because of sync error
  111. Sunset Dungeon Lag
  112. Performance
  113. Glitch report: friends display for track sometimes not in sync
  114. Update Issues - Major concern
  115. Can't Fuse parts?
  116. Safe escape gone from my track list
  117. trials frontier help
  118. Can't Collect a Blueprint for The Jackal
  119. Organic Season: Battles Aplenty
  120. Bunker Retry Glitch
  121. Issue Report: Update seems to have broken bunker rewards
  122. Trial of Courage Track Crash
  123. Showdown restarts
  124. Further Bugs
  125. No more able to enter Uplay
  126. List of all bugs in current version
  127. Unable to connect to bunker
  128. Didn't received Reward from Bunker (previous season)
  129. Ubisoft Support Ticket: 03771572 - No rewards previos season
  130. Trials Frontier Crash when uplay connects
  131. Outfits Unlock Problem (maybe)
  132. How to stay logged in with UPlay rework?
  133. Bunker doesn't work
  134. Online functionality
  135. Unable to play Midnight Circuit
  136. Trials fusion not syncing
  137. Account freeze after 4.8.0
  138. The KTM Rally Challenge Has Ended
  139. How to remove uplay friend?
  140. My ktm challenge has gone 😔
  141. Trials frontier
  142. Trials Frontier und Android 7?
  143. The new Ubisoft account forgets credentials
  144. Ktm rally new update bug
  145. Map pieces lost
  146. KTM Rally leaderboard not updating?
  147. Lag
  148. Leg 1 rewards?
  149. suddenly getting ads
  150. Still no KTM
  151. IOS to Google play
  152. KTM tournament
  153. Still no rewards for leg 1?!
  154. Step in to the light HELP Please
  155. Trials Frontier with Gamepad?
  156. Devs:
  157. No reward from end sessions
  158. Add me
  159. Frequently Asked Questions (or Help me! Im stuck!)
  160. Missing KTM Rewards
  161. I can't connect to server
  162. Some problems
  163. Golden tickets not received after successful purchase
  164. Diddnt get tracks I won on SLOT MACHINE
  165. I lost my KTM 450 Rally
  166. Missing blueprints for ktm 450
  167. Problems with the Workshop KTM 450 Rally
  168. KTM Bike removed. Entering garage crashes the game.
  169. KTM 450 Rally gone
  170. Unable to craft items in trials frontier
  171. Slot machine bug
  172. Not able to Fuse parts
  173. Uplay problems
  174. Unable to craft items T
  175. Cant see my open support ticket.
  176. Trials frontier crashes after enter in the garage
  177. 450ktm trouble.
  178. Thought love rewards missing
  179. New update issues
  180. Connecting Problem
  181. Midnight circuit: can't ride anymore
  182. Still some bugs
  183. Fix the Uplay connection issues plz!
  184. Midnight Circuit bugged to the max!
  185. Broken Leaderboard
  186. KTM 450 pieces, bad support
  187. Lost all progress
  188. Game is not playable on new Samsung galaxy A5 (2017)
  189. Hello there! Long time user, frequent caller!
  190. KTM 450 upgrade stuck
  191. Trials Frointer problem account
  192. Possible data cubes bug (Spoilers)
  193. Lost Bunker Legends rewards
  194. Bug in bunker shop
  195. I can not enter the midnight circuit. NOT ONCE!
  196. Trials frontier
  197. Should I be first on this track?
  198. KTM not showing up in slotmachine and bunker.
  199. KTM not showing up in slotmachine and bunker.
  200. Gift sound notifications ?
  201. Message that current Android operating system is not supported
  202. Message reading "OS no longer supported"
  203. Bandito no longer available to buy
  204. MC record not recorded..
  205. Is this forum active?
  206. Costume & Donkey Paint
  207. Problem with Advertisements (Black Screen)
  208. Egg Hunter Booster Bundle Not Available
  209. Easter Egg Hunt Crash
  210. unable to boot game if I close the game.
  211. Hingled pathway easteregg
  212. Change the game's notification sound?
  213. Egg Hunt Countdown has 5 hours added every night [Ubisoft Support Ticket: 04784557]
  214. Game loses Internet function after context switch [Ubisoft Support Ticket: 02752294]
  215. Controls freeze if hit Reset & Back at same time [Ubisoft Support Ticket: 02752282]
  216. I'm logged to ubisoft but still can't play...
  217. Game stuck on startup after update
  218. Game freezes when attempting to play an ad
  219. No rewards for the "Easter Egg Hunt"
  220. Trials Frontier 5.1.1 black screen when hit home
  221. Wrong choice Phone or Server...no track reward now
  222. How many people with controls lag problems?
  223. internet functions
  224. No rewards for the "Bandito Rally: Leg 1"
  225. Rabbit hell track - ticket 04844513
  226. Slot Machine still giving XP after level 30?
  227. Random Sync. Syndrom?
  228. dont see offer reward in the shop
  229. No reward bandito 3rd leg.
  230. Special Offers Disappear
  231. Xiaomi Mi Box 3 with Gamepad
  232. new bunker session... first disappoint
  233. TF consuming too much space BUG
  234. Background update doesn't support.
  235. Racing myself in the bunker
  236. Android Forced Ads
  237. Missing a special offer
  238. Problems in The Bunker
  239. Can't win a bunker game even when I'm faster
  240. My account was HACKED Help
  241. New version 5.5.0 for x86 processors don't work
  242. version 5.5.0 crash on start
  243. No reward after leg 1
  244. No rewards at the oktoberfest season!!!
  245. Problems with progress synchronization
  246. Will Trials Frontier support Motorola GamePad Mod ?
  247. version 5.6.0 crash on start
  248. Can't install update
  249. Operative system advice and midnight circuit
  250. ADs don't work!