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  1. [PC] Slow-Mo
  2. The Game does not start under windows 8.1 "Update 1"
  3. Fullscreen Windowed?
  4. Xbox 360 controller vibration barely working in the Full PC release
  5. PC performance
  6. This is a poor port on PC
  7. Game Crash
  8. PC(PS3) controller support?
  9. Poor PC Performance
  10. Poor Performance?
  11. My Bug Report
  12. My game won't save and I keep losing all of my progress
  13. Game runs at half speed
  14. TC: Friend track feed
  15. Medal unlock bug [Solved]
  16. Running in slow-mo
  17. Black screen
  18. Game Progression Disappeared
  19. report bug
  20. Slow Motion Bug
  21. Runs but I can't see
  22. Howto open game in Borderless Window mode ?
  23. Known PC Issues - Read this first!
  24. Surround sound doesn't seem to work properly
  25. Trials_Fusion.exe has stopped working
  26. SLI issues - Please test NVidia beta driver
  27. Deluxe Edition Season Pass Issue not fixed for Retail purchases! [SOLVED]
  28. How To Report A Bug/Error [READ FIRST]
  29. TC track feeback button
  30. May have just lost my save with 200 medals, please help!
  31. Controller doesnt work
  32. [PC] Windows performance dialogue
  33. Just lost my save...AGAIN (blue screen)
  34. Trials Fusion Runs As A Background Process
  35. Broken TC Feed: Top Rated This Week
  36. Leaderboards Problem
  37. Dislike bar, percentage is missing
  38. Game runs so slow sometimes!
  39. There is a problem connecting to a Uplay Service. We'll restore the connection as ...
  40. In game mail notification
  41. Disappointed with PC controller support
  42. Trials fusion won't start
  43. Multiple Computer Save-Lost Progress
  44. Why won't you fix the game?
  45. Is there a way to move Trials Fusion screen when playing windowed? [Solved]
  46. TC (medal bug)
  47. Deluxe edition sans le season pass
  48. PC release date in Asia Pacific, Taiwan
  49. 15min time limit on the PC
  50. Cant connect to Uplay
  51. Failed to start download
  52. Failed to start download
  53. Activation code
  54. Why repeatedly bug me to "reconnect" when I'm in offline mode?
  55. Graphics problems
  56. xbox controllers
  57. Game randomly slows down the entire system.
  58. Is there a way to start over in Fusion?
  59. Lost platinum medals
  60. Creator dosn't work, Medal progress stop, Bike choose screen is black
  61. Servers down? [Solved]
  62. Editor Bugs after Patch 18 June
  63. Lost everything this time!
  64. Tournament : Went from 3rd track to 2nd track
  65. Game crashes when entering the bike-selection screen [Solved]
  66. Game crashes on load saying needs minimum direct x 10.1 [Solved]
  67. Editor crash when placing spline...
  68. Game Crashes when trying to connect to Ubisoft Servers
  69. How do you back up your created tracks?
  70. Some Changes Coming To Tournaments
  71. Controller on pc not up to par.
  72. [Solved]Game crashes when rating a track!
  73. Maintenance servers PC
  74. Balancing act skill game replays broken
  75. Leaderboards Protection - Clean Up
  76. weird problem when running trials fusion on windows 8.1 x64 core version
  77. Track PB notification
  78. Crossfire Problems when in Fullscreen.
  79. I don't think this is how you're meant to ride the bike
  80. uplay_string.exe (Trojan.ADH2) Removed by Norton
  81. Severely reduced FPS in Track Editor (PC)
  82. Updated a couple hours ago.. can't connect to servers now
  83. Echec du démarrage du téléchargement !
  84. What's with the framerate?
  85. Riders of Rustlands Launch
  86. Screen Tearing / VSync
  87. Can't watch replay
  88. DO NOT use destruction percentage on the rusted seed building
  89. All my records are gone...
  90. Weird texture bug that makes the game unplayable for me
  91. I can't save setting and editor.
  92. Failed to create DirectX device
  93. Need Directx 10.1 or above when the system runs DirectX 11
  94. 5th time progress lost
  95. Patch 3.1 is live (for PC Only) + Release notes
  96. windows must close program
  97. Unsharing maps?
  98. Scheduled PC Maintenance Wednesday August 13th
  99. [All Platforms] Track Removal Request Thread
  100. Norton Antivirus seemed to find a Trojan in the trials fusion download
  101. Purchased Riders of Rustlands DLC and dont have access to it
  102. Screen tearing
  103. Patch 3.2 is live (for PC Only) + Release notes
  104. Can't complete "The long road ahead" action
  105. Windowed mode performance issue
  106. Now STOP, i want a refund !!
  107. Performance Issues, After last 2 Updates.
  108. X1 controller support
  109. Won't connect to Ubisoft servers?
  110. Is it possible to increase the analog stick dead zone?
  111. Unable to connect to leaderboards to post times
  112. Any news on the patch that will disable the frameskipper?
  113. (PC) Graphics Options - Why is the floor so close to the ceiling?
  114. fps cap
  115. Unable to connect to Ubisoft servers
  116. Update 3.5
  117. [Solved]Need Help to Confik my Graficcard
  118. Problem with the option Fullscreen, Windows Mode
  119. [Solved]Trials crashes on startup
  120. Step Into the Light Not Syncing Between Games
  121. Why can't I download any tracks?
  122. Input Lag with Wired 360 Controller!
  123. FMX training program
  124. Question : Deluxe or Season Pass
  125. Game crashes on startup. DirectX issue?
  126. Cant connect to ubisoft servers. Online features such a
  127. [Solved]Can you add Chinese language to the Steam version?
  128. Deluxe Edition Not Including Seasons Pass?
  129. Can not install game
  130. Crash on startup
  131. Wasn't sure where to post this...
  132. "Trials has stopped working" on Parallels
  133. Cannot connect to the Ubisoft Servers
  134. Uplay Progression for trials fusion stuck at 20%
  135. Error: uplay pc is not installed
  136. Unstable FPS
  137. [Solved]Cannot play purchased DLC
  138. TC Friends Tracks Feed inconsistent
  139. For Anyone Experiencing Performance Issues with Windowed Mode
  140. trials fusion (PC)
  141. [Maintenance] PC Server will be offline 5th of November from 8.00 to 9.00 GMT
  142. Editor Problems for Mouse and Keyboard
  143. PC trials fusion leaderboards broken?
  144. Game crashes when selecting a bike
  145. Upcoming Maintenance - 11/11
  146. Known PC TU 4 Issue
  147. Game crash on Bike Selection Screen
  148. Uplay doesn't let me play the game
  149. Multiplayer Beta UI language in game
  150. Controller won't work witht this game..
  151. Strange problem with Fusion.
  152. Serious TC Search Bug Issue
  153. Game crash on loading first level
  154. Cant play Uplay recommended Tournament tracks
  155. Season Pass not working
  156. cloud save error - unplayable
  157. Menus start to lag really bad for me Afer playing for a while - But Gameplay is Fine.
  158. Shadow Glitch
  159. Installation problem Data.cab
  160. Loading times for SSD?
  161. Trials Fusion Crashes when Launching
  162. Lost All My Progress And Now Trials Wont Save
  163. Game Launches Demo
  164. Editor: Custom Terrain Textures Vanish at an angle (Flat Terrain issue)
  165. Wrong language
  166. Error 0 Checking DLL Signature
  167. UPLAY ACHIEVEMENT Squirrel Scavengers
  168. Scheduled PC Maintenance Friday 15.01.2015
  169. Unable to join Trials Fusion multiplayer
  170. Custom Local tracks broken on TC since Update 4
  171. New Fire DLC won't display in CD KEY or downloaded DLC menu.
  172. Fire in the Deep Achievements not listed in PC Uplay (yet?)
  173. Preorder bonuses - can I get them back?
  174. Track Download Failed - Please Check Storage Device
  175. Problem with Savegame
  176. Game soft-locks connecting to leaderboards or TC, general connection issues
  177. Game crashes after selecting bike/loading singleplayer
  178. My Saves is Lost and don't sincronize with nuvem
  179. Trials Fusion + Season Pass DVD, problem
  180. Fire in the Deep Rocks
  181. Online Multiplayer: Favorites Dissapearing
  182. Tournament selection locked out
  183. PC Server maintenance Monday 23.02
  184. Editor: How do you rotate objects with mouse and keyboard?
  185. "launch this game to join the party" uplay problem
  186. PC Digital Dulexe Edition
  187. UPlay app starts but Trials Fusion can't connect to Ubi Servers
  188. Game won't launch
  189. Feeds are not including new tracks.
  190. The Editor... is it time to fix it yet?
  191. Can't connect to UBI servers
  192. Friend ghosts not showing
  193. Porting PC tracks to Xbox One
  194. Editor: How do you flip objects with keyboard and mouse?
  195. Leaderboard Glitch/Hacks PC
  196. Editor crash
  197. Season Pass does not include Fire In The Deep / Fault One Zero
  198. Can't Change Username?
  199. Game wont start
  200. Trials Fusion Error
  201. Can't start the game without a crash :/
  202. Bought Deluxe Edition, no acces to the DLC.
  203. Trials fusion won't launch after update
  204. [!!!] Native Dualshock 4 support creates major input delay
  205. Two glitches - TC and Notifications
  206. Into the light not syncing...please help!
  207. Cann't connect to Ubisoft servers.
  208. PC upgrade
  209. Game crashing after launching the very first track - Training
  210. Bought Deluxe Edition incl. Season Pass but only able to play Demoversion
  211. Name Change Problem
  212. PC update 7.1 patch notes
  213. Can't connect to Ubisoft Servers
  214. Can`t play mp since the new patch.
  215. old and new bugs
  216. Rider of the Rustlands wont open
  217. Bugged Rain Effect
  218. Multiplayer issues since latest patch
  219. Multiplayer Issues and Ubisoft trace route
  220. Trials Fusion Will Not Launch (Or Connect to Uplay)
  221. Trials Fusion crashes when I try to start a race
  222. Access Not Permitted for Multiplayer Game
  223. trials fusion cannot connect to ubisoft servers at this time
  224. No Season pass Trials Fusion Deluxe edition (No dlc codes what so ever)
  225. Career reset.
  226. Removing a run on a SP track
  227. Goodbye saved track editor files
  228. Career Tracks Music Issue
  229. Copy, pasting objects on pc, WITHOUT, reseting position, and rotation,
  230. Seemingly random crashes while playing DLC tracks
  231. Problem with hosting a mp match on keyboard.
  232. 2 people building same track
  233. Servers down
  234. Game won't start after update
  235. The update is out, but we can't purchase the DLC until tomorrow?
  236. Multiplayer broken after todays update??
  237. Runs Keep Being Deleted
  238. Bought the DLC - game still tells me to buy it
  239. Video guide to tournament acorns
  240. Acorn gear locked?
  241. stats page is wrong
  242. Broken Replays on tracks with custom end event.
  243. Black screen while playing with my PS4 controller
  244. Crashes on startup etc. Please help
  245. Game launching woes
  246. Acorn Shop Troubles
  247. Clean install my windows and game say 0 save file
  248. Controller Support Trust GXT 39
  249. I can't use the analog sticks on my controller
  250. PC Download size?