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  1. Animate the Rider
  2. Riders / seed building and icons help
  3. How do i create a track?
  4. Help with secrets/intel on finish
  5. Test a button press in the editor
  6. Split driving line looped = Infinite Driving line!
  7. How to build a Gameclock that displays the correct ingame time?
  8. Warp point
  9. Underwater riding?
  10. Object position checkpoint reset
  11. do you remember the pinbal like trials game in HD... how man !?
  12. Visibility Event question (reset in checkpoint restart)
  13. Objects with lights not turning on
  14. Omg no no noooo rider scream
  15. How can you light up dark track without triggering the visible light limit?
  16. Hold value of a variable data source vector
  17. Complex (?) Animation Problem
  18. Trials Live Editor Stream Homework: Shogun's Easy Track Challenge
  19. Interval trigger question
  20. Help please (Rotation problem)
  21. Change parts in the Color Picker?
  22. favorites crashes xbox?
  23. Game Condition Filter
  24. Finish - Return to last checkpoint bug
  25. Simple Animation Loop
  26. animating object using multiple dummy objects
  27. what cause "no point" for player "line 2,3 and4" in local multi ?
  28. Editor map upgrade
  29. tracks and copyright rules
  30. Lighting Question
  31. Depth Disturbance (Underwater Riding)
  32. effects through other objects
  33. Making an extreme track
  34. Custom Cameras
  35. Any way to make an object bouncier?
  36. Trials live editor stream
  37. Bending pole sign
  38. OPEs changing the properties
  39. Cone loader in examples
  40. Secrets and hunts
  41. feature request: slowing down object movement button
  42. Escalator / moving animation
  43. Creating a space themed level
  44. Difference of TKO Panda's power between the level editor and local multiplayer
  45. Split driving line - Problem with checkpoints
  46. Keep rider on fire after resetting at a checkpoint?
  47. How to Remove the Replay Free Cam when Unpaused
  48. Placing the physics bubble
  49. Splitters, Impulses...
  50. Enable/Disable area effector... Uses for Switch Filter
  51. Curve Data Source Visualisations
  52. Question Regarding Math Operation Chain's Updating
  53. trigger Random effect help needed
  54. question regarding sudden movement in game camera
  55. Is the level editor map wrong ?
  56. Ramp glitches - DL pointers
  57. Custom camera question...
  58. Loop problem with the checkpoint
  59. Rider's Hands Cannot be Targeted by Physics Joint
  60. Breaking the driving line?
  61. I'm lost with the data sources and all that kind of stuff
  62. Any way to turn off FMX trick events?
  63. Another custom camera question.... sorry
  64. Glueing to the rider/bike Caution
  65. Skill Game Instructions
  66. Teleporting the rider after the finish line
  67. I know I should know this...
  68. Need help with changing cameras
  69. OPE sends object to wrong co-ords
  70. OPE breaks after 1 trigger!
  71. Where is the Warp Zone teleport effect?
  72. 2 player problem
  73. Looking to learn more about data sources etc.
  74. Physics bubble animation question
  75. track editor / bust
  76. Editor x-supercross player event issue
  77. Need help with editor
  78. [Track Central Educators] Experts in Coding, Creating & Riding!
  79. Comment tiles
  80. Saved track in editor, Now is gone.
  81. Explosions
  82. Spinning Objects
  83. Moving the starting line
  84. Remove checkpoint sound
  85. Trial Fusion Jeux reset.
  86. Glitch or....?
  87. Is there any way to recover a deleted track
  88. Rustland building icons showing
  89. New tools/Features? Few Ideas
  90. Lifts
  91. building track stuck physics
  92. What happened to the music loops in sound sources?
  93. Dynamic Modifications
  94. Where is the podium example?
  95. Robot Concept Art
  96. OPE and toggling
  97. Optimising XSX track X360
  98. Question about moving objects, please help.
  99. Light Settings
  100. Advanced Editing help (Portals)
  101. Visibility of Rider / Bike
  102. questions about directional force objects, and data sources.
  103. Moving the rider with an object?
  104. Weird Physics with Objects
  105. Custom Checkpoint and Portal
  106. [PC] Editor: Blue objects?
  107. refresh rate problems from cumulus cloud effect
  108. No dlc detection
  109. What Object are you pumped for?
  110. [Help] Moving Objects smoothly
  111. PC Editor controls?
  112. Do Logic chains continue after game end?
  113. Speed up OPE... not what you think
  114. How do i build Backround Mountains quickly?
  115. How to "look a like" TrialsHD light settings ?
  116. Multiple pivot points for animations
  117. How do i make effect fog stop reseting at the starting checkpoint?
  118. Need help with moving objects!
  119. Favorites - breaking blue arrows update
  120. Portal object
  121. Sound source keeps playing on CP restart
  122. How to change note length in custom music
  123. Please Help! Editor Building Height changed?
  124. Where are all the visual flowcharts? The link is not correct.
  125. Object position event
  126. Wish List!!! Update
  127. Worth making keyboard inputs for Skillgames?
  128. [PC] Building with same account
  129. Suggestion for better custom collisions in the editor
  130. Downloads or Artistic Vision?
  131. Unicorn dl landing
  132. Unicorn Dev/help
  133. Obstacles relative to bike speed
  134. Getting multipul objects to work via OPE
  135. Strange happenings in editor
  136. starting checkpoint
  137. Optimizing Track Performance?
  138. Can't play my own track?
  139. [BUG] Important bug introduced in TU10
  140. Change in track after upload
  141. Remake of T.E. ignuk user map?
  142. Rotate Object Using Controller Input
  143. be careful when testing tracks in MP
  144. Reset impulse after disable?
  145. Suggestion: Advanced Camera Settings -> Target Object -> Select Axis
  146. A little help with collisions.
  147. Suggestion(s): For sound sources
  148. area timer and crash cam question
  149. Help with physics joint
  150. Rider Frame Question for Redlynx
  151. Shuffle vector contents
  152. Portal Lag
  153. Stuff that confuses me.
  154. Making a camera turn using analog sticks
  155. The Track Creator Guide
  156. Storing vector data?
  157. Optimizing skillgame performance
  158. UPDATE: Shuffle Vector Contents - Video tutorials
  159. How to change to first person view with custom camera temporarily?
  160. Ignore targets in an Array that have been destroyed?
  161. How do I make certain objects front or back tire only?
  162. Is this a joke?
  163. How Do You Make Custom Checkpoints For Skill Game Characters without Driving Line ?
  164. Random & huge brightness changes on my track.... How ?
  165. Help with skillgame please
  166. Visual Flowchart Editor Tutorials - PDF download link
  167. [BUG] Cross platform - PS4 control inputs not translated to PC correctly.
  168. Getting the rider to drive a custom vehicle.
  169. How do I create watervision through windows?
  170. Ramps by the Numbers
  171. Help with "Test your Fap" Skill Game
  172. How would I tie an area or hit trigger to only a part of a phsyics enabled glue group
  173. Track Showcase
  174. How can I get the fog density to gradually increase?
  175. ordering the checkpoints
  176. Custom Checkpoints
  177. 2D camera
  178. Animating objects i.e. Windmill/turbine
  179. Trials Live Editor Stream - Ninja Drive Line Feedback Thread
  180. Creating functioning checkpoints after teleporting back to the start
  181. Two Newbie Questions...
  182. Shiny Rock question?
  183. Underwater visual distance problem
  184. 15 Tips to Optimize your Tracks
  185. Need advice on checkpoint triggering and spawn location
  186. Copy&Paste?
  187. Newby question: How to get to the Level Editor on Xbox 360?
  188. Drama event
  189. best objects for making fender grab obstacles?
  190. Screen position vector
  191. Directional Force
  192. Math stuff
  193. My Follow OPE Checkpoints don't work but sometimes it works ? Help ?
  194. Need help with filter impulse not working
  195. Weird Impulse Trigger problem
  196. Am I genuinely stupid or is this editor totally busted?
  197. Creating a moving drive line. ie:The Vestibule
  198. Inverting left-stick control.
  199. Finding out Coordinates
  200. Convertion
  201. Variable speed on looping animations?
  202. Object Pointer Problem
  203. How can I move my custom game character (A ball)?
  204. Game crashes at random in the creator
  205. physics in the distance
  206. effects and spinning objects
  207. Maximum amount of physics objects has exceeded in this area
  208. Sane's Video Tutorials For additional Track Editor Stuff
  209. Bike Control Event after track finish.
  210. blinking light
  211. Effects ocurring at irregular intervals
  212. Making an OPE turn an object multiple times?
  213. Vector Animation Pneumaticbog logic
  214. A way to read if player has set previous time
  215. Reverse track checkpoints?
  216. My new tutorials on my Whip mechanic
  217. Ps4 To Xbox Button Mapping Is Extremely Broken
  218. Limit bikes not working
  219. How to use a delay filter on a cameras exposure value.
  220. Get some object on the gamepersonage or motor
  221. How to place starting position high up in air
  222. Editor Crashing Constantly With Certain Objects
  223. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  224. Checkpoint Throwing Off Impulse