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  1. Unable to log into Uplay on PS4
  2. PS4 Share button causing lock up
  3. Long saving times PS4
  4. XBone will NOT START THIS GAME? [solved]
  5. Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers on PS4
  6. Known Issues - Read this first!
  7. Replay outdated
  8. Having a major issue with the Disc version of Trials Fusion on PS4
  9. [ps4] Got it .. just one problem
  10. Sound Issue...and recommendation to developers....
  11. Doesn't accnowledge my season pass?
  12. Editor Crashes My Xbox. Happening To Anyone Else?
  13. Unable to connect to Uplay (Xbox One)
  14. Cannot connect to Uplay servers xbox 360!
  15. trials season pass ps4 not working and theres no online multiplayer
  16. Can't connect to ubisoft servers. ( xbox one )
  17. Trouble syncing xbox tag with uplay.
  18. Issues with Track Central on Trials Fusion
  19. Is vsync enabled/is there vsync tearing in the PS4 version?
  20. "PS4 Crashing At Main Menu"
  21. save often when creating a track!
  22. Explosion Sound Bug!?!?please help
  23. I found a bug!
  24. Can I have a refund?
  25. The cursor dissapears in the editor!
  26. PS4 Share button crashes game
  27. Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers. Xbox One
  28. Snap to grid, doesn't.
  29. Very bad lighting in all levels [360]
  30. Ubisoft Servers
  31. Is this a joke?
  32. Scheduled Server Maintenance: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360
  33. Can't connect to servers & cant link uplay
  34. Uplay 10000 credit redeem
  35. were is online multiplayer, the game case say's players players (online) 1-4
  36. Random screen tearing/ frame lag
  37. checkpoint freeze Xbox 360
  38. Can't link UPlay account (360)
  39. [Workaround] Uplay Linking & Season Pass Redeeming & XB1 Track Central
  40. Track Leaderboard (Mini one)
  41. Lost all my save data!!!!!! [Solved?]
  42. Glitched Scores
  43. Can't connect to servers on 360
  44. still can't link uplay (360)
  45. Ubi refusing my GT!!
  46. Server outage.... this is getting ridiculous
  47. I paid Ģ15.99 for a broken game!
  48. Leaderboard Glitch?
  49. text is too small
  50. I cant believe this
  51. Runs not saving properly...
  52. Problem with OPE, kinda spastic spawn points.
  53. I haven't connected once to the 360 server
  54. Sound Issue - PS4
  55. Xbox One "Day One Patch" Explanation
  56. game freezing in editor (XB1)
  57. Can't Play Even One Race
  58. PS4 Fusion causing controller to freeze
  59. Please reconnect !!! Wtf !!!
  60. '' Like elite all over again ''
  61. Not Unlocking Full Game
  62. Cannot play even one second. First track crashes! (360)
  63. 125G Achievement not unlocking!
  64. Issue on PS4
  65. please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me
  66. individual track leaderboard glitch
  67. Game crashes at random points when creating track
  68. PS4 Bugs and Issues
  69. Subtitles on Fusion??
  70. PS4 Touchpad Not Working!?
  71. Can never connect to Ubisoft servers on PS4.
  72. Help please
  73. Editor crashes
  74. PC Season Pass question
  75. (XBOX1) Game UNPLAYABLE! Freezing from everything! THIS IS A BROKEN GAME!!!!!
  76. "PLEASE RECONNECT" your connection to ubisoft servers has been lost
  77. Distance driven not working anymore
  78. Still can't connect
  79. Trial Fusion Uplay connection [SOLVED]
  80. Community created tracks cross-platform?
  81. Please add hud opacity for plasma tv
  82. [360] Loading screen freezes
  83. Garage - Bikes - Exclamation Point
  84. No Tracks Found in Track Central
  85. Friends Gone From LB & TC [SOLVED]
  86. Linking accounts
  87. Editor crashes (Xbox One)
  88. editor crash/freeze xbox 360
  89. Track central lockout, freezing, and performance problems ps4
  90. Canīt load my saved Track GAME CRASHES FIX THAT **** PLEASE
  91. Fix for not saving your data(and times!)
  92. Event track leaderboards not shoing
  93. Something that needs a little fix on the editor
  94. [PS4] Friend feed and favorite feed
  95. [PS4] TC track causes crash when loading
  96. [PS4] Fault not counted
  97. Add a screen position adjustment option to the game.
  98. [XB1] Track Central - Redlynx Picks
  99. What comes with the disc-based game?
  100. Placing grid freezes xbox
  101. PC launch version is different from consoles
  102. Ubisoft servers WTF!!
  103. Cant log into uplay on trials fusion (Xbox 360)
  104. can someone help me ?
  105. Achievement not unlocking
  106. Dashing hero outfit (into the light)
  107. Wife's XBL account redeemed the season pass and can connect online Trials Fusion
  108. friends track on track central ?
  109. Checkpoints glitch [Xbox 360]
  110. PS4 - Wall Lights Problem
  111. Right Trigger problem ps4
  112. Trial Fusion xbox 360 to Xbox One ?
  113. Major Issue With Disc Version (PS4)
  114. [PS4] Help - severely affecting my mental condition right now!
  115. Friend not showing up in leaderboards
  116. Support required for UPlay + xbox360 Fusion + Getting redlynx account synced.
  117. Ps4 touchpad
  119. Didn't get my preorder items
  120. Problem with PS4 season pass.
  121. [Xbox One] - Online Error
  122. [PS4] When entering 'Friends Tracks' the screen hangs...
  123. Corrupt replays: "Replay data is incomplete and replay cannot be viewed further"
  124. Xbone "that`s just wrong" clip rec
  125. How To Report A Bug/Error [READ FIRST]
  126. Track creator rider falling threw everything
  127. All Your Game Are Belong To Us Not unlocking! XBOX ONE
  128. Shadow Issue in Level Editor (Xbox360)
  129. Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed Stuck at 19/20 (PS4)
  130. Uplay connection and xbox360 gamertag linking.
  131. rumble stopped working PS4
  132. Big LB Glitch, PS4
  133. I keep getting this notification on ps4, what does it mean?
  134. No tires and character is all black
  135. PS4 Game choppy when loading up, fixed by going to 'create' first
  136. Fixable Editor Crashing Bug
  137. Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Trophy not unlocking [PS4]
  138. Massive spam on Track Central (75+ copies)
  139. Uploading failed
  140. A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing Achievement Not Unlocking (Xbox360)
  141. track central top rated not working ??
  142. Can't play a track! - TRACK CORRUPTED
  143. Cant see all friends
  144. no 'friends tracks' visible [x360] but may not be console specific
  145. servers down
  146. Track Central - user created track wipped out/crashed, backup too
  147. Record Beaten by notification stuck in a loop (PS4)
  148. [PS4] Exclusive content NOW unlocked
  149. list of bugs discovered in editor
  150. Level editor nonsense
  151. Fault and time limit on tracks
  152. Wax On, Wax Off is not unlocking (XBOX ONE)
  153. Effects issues
  154. Xbox 360 to Xbox one
  155. Tracks in Track Central Not Showing
  156. All progress lost out of nowhere. Please Help!!!
  157. Track Central Freezing!
  158. Score Glitched
  159. PS4 Roach HUE Uplay amelioration bug
  160. devs. serious editor bug 360
  161. I've lost EVERYTHING! (xBox One)
  162. Excample of Ubisoft Support Failure
  163. missing achievement
  164. Bug for the laundry list...
  165. COLOSSAL Leaderboard Ranking Glitch
  166. Error (CE-34878-) Cannot Play the Game - Keeps Crashing (PS4)
  167. Slow motion and input lag issue!
  168. Why does the editor use so many buttons? Why cant I just press x to restart a level?
  169. Global Score needs to be corrected!
  170. Code I won on the 24 hour console release livestream (16th of April) did not work.
  171. Cant load my track---game freeze
  172. "Replay data is incomplete and replay cannot be viewed further"
  173. multiplayer problems on xbox 360 ???
  174. Is ubisoft down for everybody or just me?
  175. BIG TRACK CENTRAL ISSUE !! Is there a maximum for your track central favorites ????
  176. Notification Center not updating
  177. Must buy appears even though I have purchased it
  178. Season pass only activated on the primary account on my console, not on my kids.
  179. Looking for fellow PS4 players
  180. Connected.... but NOT! connected!
  181. Why can I not receive Digital Replacement for faulty Disc Copy Of Game?
  182. Background pixelates ruining tracks
  183. Background badly distorting
  184. Crash upon completing tournament (PS4)
  185. Track Central not working - need help!
  186. [PS4] Track Central friends feed broken
  187. Statistics overlay
  188. All stats and medals reset
  189. Xbox 360 - Track Central Issue
  190. Can't download tracks from track central
  191. Fast times not saving.
  192. PS4 Theme music sometimes gets caught in a loop.
  193. Trying to connect 360 to hotel wifi wirelessly for sgdq practice help needed
  194. [PS4] Notification centre broken - repeats notifications every login
  195. Can't connect to Ubisoft Servers
  196. [PS4] Lost customization and uplay rider objects
  197. Stuck Loading - Xbox One
  198. PS4 Crash report thread
  199. Singleplayer Save Data not Syncing?
  200. Track central replays broken on my track :(
  201. Shared track bugged
  202. Creator name Bug in Track Central
  203. Game will not start.
  204. Trials Fusion Xb1 issue
  205. Friend tracks not including all friends?
  206. (PS4) Can't use a physics event and a break event together.
  207. Slower bikes after latest update?
  208. Bug Uplay on the action " What "RESET SWICH"? " on the Xbox One
  209. Steel building block connecters bug.
  210. [Xbox 360] Freezing during Tournaments
  211. Xbox One Issue
  212. Gamertag change not reflecting on leaderboards?
  213. XBOX ONE servidores uplay
  214. Season pass not detected after recent update (xbox one)
  215. Crashing during Track editor
  216. Curved sandroad is missing - x360
  217. Ride not working!
  218. Bike suspension glitches in editor leads to crash.
  219. [PS4] - Freeze on 1/3 of user created Tracks
  220. Text is pointless, if it's too small to read.
  221. Achievements not unlocking on Xbox One
  222. Season Pass and Riders of the Rustlands Issue on Xbox One
  223. Supposed Unlockable Content not Unlocking
  224. Glitch on Whiteout DLC
  225. Can't play dlc on ps4
  226. New DLC problems. (PS4, Canada)
  227. Riders of the Rustlands DLC on PS4? Look Here
  228. My replay didn't save the good run :(
  229. "Is There Anything You Can't Do?" achievement unfair workaround
  230. editor just crashes everytime since rustland
  231. X360 black screen
  232. problem squirrel scavengers achievement
  233. Achievement not unlocking
  234. Tournaments Bug
  235. Head to head online MP
  236. Game crashing bug on Xbox one
  237. Wax on wax off
  238. New update?
  239. some Multi-player supercross track freeze the game on local.
  240. Loading Track is Causing Reset
  241. Game keeps crashing on launch
  242. PS4 Season pass Questions!!!!
  243. A wolf in wolf's clothing achievement not unlocking
  244. Track uploaded with DLC but there is no DLC in ...
  245. Favorited Tracks not working in Multiplayer (PS4)
  246. when building a multiplayer track... there no chrono ? (time)
  247. [All Platforms] Track Removal Request Thread
  248. bug: Evo record in Fusion? (XB1)
  249. Times not uploading on PS4.
  250. Collision problems