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  1. Deep Freeze challenge broken?
  2. No friction on the start of the ramp in Big Air
  3. Uplay Rewards not working.
  4. Leaderboards are not working right
  5. Bug Report - Notification Centr.
  6. Default ghost: Off bug
  7. Bug with Connecting to leaderboards... when starting the game 'too quickly'
  8. Not possible to close uplay overlay with controller
  9. Outside the track
  10. Force Close
  11. Notification Center messages doesn't stay 'marked as read' when restarting the game
  12. U-Play Actions Bug
  13. 'Wrong checkpoint reset' bug
  14. Color selection - some colors can't be selected
  15. Zurgery Bug Report
  16. Patch 04.03
  17. Welcome to the warzone 2 inscription is written wrong in Dutch
  18. No save
  19. Path to Enlightenment the second time [SOLVED]
  20. Bug or Physics? Brakes rotate bike in mid air
  21. Turning off the announcers in the menu also turns them off during tutorials
  22. *insert playername here* beat your record in *insert track name here* -58 minutes ago
  23. Not getting proper rider crash after missing a jump in Sunrise Dash
  24. replay data is incomplete
  25. Bugs and issues pre-April 12 update
  26. Nvidia Shadowplay
  27. Report All Tyre Glitches Here!
  28. Small bug in Audio Options
  29. Failed to create DirectX device. [SOLVED]
  30. Can't play the game. [SOLVED]
  31. Trials Fusion disables 2nd monitor
  32. Trials Fusion DLC Issue Light Up The Skies
  33. Tennis minigame balancing issues
  34. Global Overall Single Player Leaderboard Score is Wrong (Glitch?!)
  35. Game still freezes randomly
  36. Minor bug in german translation
  37. Ambient Occlusion setting doesn't stick after exiting game.
  38. Closed Beta don't show up
  39. Error #start_menu_popup_beta_closed_title#
  40. no deadband for rotate/zoom in the garage (full release)
  41. Small Bug Report
  42. A couple of bugs
  43. Medal unlock bug