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  1. [SOLVED-B4] List tracks show wrong position sometimes
  2. Text and text clipping issues: Finnish
  3. Text and text clipping issues: French
  4. Text and text clipping issues: German
  5. Text and text clipping issues: English
  6. Text and text clipping issues: Swedish
  7. [SOLVED-B2] "No Air": Medium -> Easy
  8. [SOLVED-B2] Chat backspace removes 2 characters
  9. [NOBUG] Beta starting
  10. [SOLVED-B2]Some Language Suggestions for the german version
  11. [SOLVED-B2] Classic track checkpoint
  12. [SOLVED-RC] Let It Flip - Giant Squirrel (STILL VISIBLE)
  13. [SOLVED-B2] Text background bar too dark
  14. [SOLVED-B4] Clicking down arrow in Near You gives blank area
  15. [SOLVED-B4] Rake Yohn's voice overs don't work
  16. [SOLVED-B2] Rider is knocked unconscious+dead text placement
  17. [SOLVED-B2] Missing lock picture next to 'Play track'
  18. [SOLVED-B2] Track difficulty not localized in track list
  19. [SOLVED-B2] Version number is still old
  20. [NOBUG] Flickering graphics -> game unplayable
  21. [SOLVED-B2] Lamp looks bad + specularity too high (low mode)
  22. [SOLVED-B2] qchills clipping
  23. [SOLVED-B4] Flickering lights look bad in low modes
  24. [SOLVED-B2] FPS counter incorrect
  25. [SOLVED-B2] Loading screen ultra wide res problem
  26. [SOLVED-B2] Deleting text in creating profile name
  27. [NOFIX] Erratic camera in The Classic track
  28. [NOBUG] Game crashes occasionally
  29. [SOLVED-RC] Maze: bridge drum half inside the wall
  30. Music is at low volume at start up
  31. [FIXED] Difficulty ratings / Message background / Flickering
  32. [NOFIX] autobahn flicker (objects on top of each other)
  33. [DUPLICATE] full throttle flicker
  34. [NOBUG] riders head tilted
  35. [DUPLICATE] the maze flicker
  36. [SOLVED-B2] errors on languages (no latin-1 codepage)
  37. [SOLVED-B2] maybe move the plank a bit? (track flow, trap)
  38. [SOLVED-B2] Font issues on Geforce FX 5000 series
  39. [SOLVED-B3] Can't even start the beta :(
  40. [SOLVED-B4] Scrolling in window mode
  41. [NOFIX] Head slightly though ceiling
  42. [SOLVED-B3] Alternative voices are very low
  43. [SOLVED-B4] QcHill 4th hill top blocker broken
  44. [NOBUG] Started BETA version did update, stuck in loop
  45. [NOBUG] Downloading Beta Patch?
  46. [SOLVED-B4] Can't Start the Beta v2 (out of memory)
  47. [SOLVED-B4] Scrolling records
  48. [SOLVED-B3] Fps counter went berserk and sudden lag
  49. [NOFIX] Help and Records
  50. [DUPLICATE] QC Hills - head goes through
  51. [NOFIX] Camera clips at the end of Grindhouse
  52. Start missing from fly by cam checkpoint list
  53. [NOBUG] Replays made by other users save as profile name
  54. [NOBUG]incompatible version???
  55. [NOBUG] Downloaded files corrupted, graphics issues
  56. [SOLVED] Game custom localization problems
  57. [SOLVED] Unable to activate full version of beta
  58. [SOLVED-B4] In-game chat problems
  59. [SOLVED-B4] "Show example ride" not working on non
  60. [NOFIX] the active icons overlayed by track's list
  61. [SOLVED-B4] tut-7 help text is the same as tut-1
  62. language code fixes for beta-4 [INFO]
  63. Text and text clipping issues: Polish
  64. Text and text clipping issues: Slovak
  65. Text and text clipping issues: Russian
  66. Things to test in beta-4
  67. Course name and arrows overlap
  68. [SOLVED-RC] Camera goes though the ceiling (graphics messup)
  69. [SOLVED-RC] King of The Beer & King of the Wheels door b
  70. [SOLVED-RC] Wrong background at roof (messy)
  71. /nick IRC Command
  72. [SOLVED-RC] New chat
  73. Chat: Voiced players above ops
  74. Please test the fan created languages!
  75. Crashes on S3/VIA Chrome 9 on normal graphics mode
  76. missing line of chat
  77. Final 1.08 patch feels more bugged than the beta
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