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  1. Trials 2 SE hardware requirements
  2. Hardware upgrade tips
  3. resolution? (less than required gfx memory) [SOLVED]
  4. Keeping things simple
  5. Troubleshooting and performance improvement FAQ
  6. Crash on level startup (mobility radeon + dell) [SOLVED]
  7. Forums icon [SOLVED]
  8. Forum PM popup not visible [SOLVED]
  9. Problems running Trials 2 SE (under min req) [SOLVED]
  10. Slowdown after playing for while - heat issue [SOLVED]
  11. Name Not Working! (special characters) [SOLVED]
  12. PS3 Controller Buttons [SOLVED]
  13. Inferno achievement [SOLVED]
  14. Problem with authentication [SOLVED]
  15. Error: Version incompatible with server [SOLVED]
  16. small bugs in v1.04 [SOLVED]
  17. No sound during gameplay (680i + GF 8800) [SOLVED]
  18. Technical Support Forum rules. READ FIRST!
  19. Inferno last checkpoint bug [SOLVED]
  20. BSOD (X-Fi Vista driver issue) [SOLVED]
  21. New feature added to the forum
  22. Help with ATI Radeon 9250 (DX8 card) [SOLVED]
  23. The game won't load (updater problem) [SOLVED]
  24. Display messed up (64MB/128MB hypermemory) [SOLVED]
  25. Screen freeze whilst game play continues [SOLVED]
  26. "Improved" physics when restarting level? [SOLVED]
  27. Install Trials 2 SE on multiple computers [SOLVED]
  28. Checkpoint Time Fault [SOLVED]
  29. Trials 2 website too slow [SOLVED]
  30. Cant see high scores! (server overload) [SOLVED]
  31. Score didnt post to highscores!!! [SOLVED]
  32. Track record menu clipped in 5:4 resolution [SOLVED]
  33. Image blurry and messed up (forced antialiasing) [SOLVED]
  34. Error creating windowed device (works after reboot) [SOLVED]
  35. Creating new topics and posting messages with links
  36. Crash on startup (restarting computer solves issue) [SOLVED]
  37. Wrong replays on top leader board [SOLVED]
  38. Screen freezing repeatedly (WinXP + Athlon 64 X2) [SOLVED]
  39. Stats screen shows ranking incorrectly sometimes [SOLVED]
  40. License Verification Failed (installed new CPU) [SOLVED]
  41. Question: Install on 2 different machines [SOLVED]
  42. Chat room private message bug [SOLVED]
  43. Profile deletion, caused other profile to mess up [SOLVED]
  44. Time didn't count (server problem) [SOLVED]
  45. Hang on startup (4GB mem + Vista 64 bit X-Fi ...) [SOLVED]
  46. Paypal page not found issue [SOLVED]
  47. Don't alt tab while loading... [SOLVED]
  48. No sound after patch [SOLVED]
  49. Achievements not working currently! [SOLVED]
  50. Network Connection Lost (firewall problem) [SOLVED]
  51. Joypad control question? [SOLVED]
  52. Achievement problem with old version [SOLVED]
  53. Outdated Replays [SOLVED]
  54. Impassable Firewall Problem (Proxy)
  55. More than 206 bones broken [SOLVED]
  56. Chat not working [SOLVED]
  57. Dutch flag lowest color stripe too dark [SOLVED]
  58. License Verification Failed (Korean/Japanese OS) [SOLVED]
  59. Menu and game freezes, see videos (Athlon X2) [SOLVED]
  60. PM [SOLVED]
  61. Display driver nvlddmkm.dll stopped responding + artifacting
  62. Activating Trials 2 SE by miniclip Trials 2 serial [SOLVED]
  63. You can change camera view in menu [SOLVED]
  64. Some of my achievments dont show up for me [SOLVED]
  65. 2 .exe's, one windowed one not [SOLVED]
  66. Problem Patching [SOLVED]
  67. Trials 2 SE hardware test setup
  68. Actiavtion Failed [SOLVED]
  69. Game freezes [SOLVED]
  70. v1.06 patch installed multiple times [SOLVED]
  71. Filtered track high score scrolls one extra page down
  72. Activation problem (wrong mail address) [SOLVED]
  73. Typos in tutorial texts
  74. Profile page shows "n/a" rank in tracks [SOLVED]
  75. Ghosts and replays out of synch in some tracks (v1.07)
  76. can I have my activation code please? been waiting 4 days...
  77. new tracks [DUPLICATE]
  78. Replay synchronization issue [DUPLICATE]
  79. Can I recover a profile that my son deleted!!
  80. alSource3i could not be located (OpenAL32.dll) [SOLVED]
  81. Steam version, no profiles saved
  82. Crashing and BSOD
  83. Bug? [SOLVED]
  84. Chat needs ops! Getting ugly... [SOLVED]
  85. Score issue on tutorial-1 [SOLVED]
  86. Track Score issue ! [SOLVED]
  87. Game Crashes on level select (SB audigy) [SOLVED]
  88. Cannot Load Game... critical error... please help!
  89. Achievments and some scores not showing up [SOLVED]
  90. lag issues [DUPLICATE]
  91. lagzorz on AMD dual core CPU [SOLVED]
  92. Replays are different if you play them again. [SOLVED]
  93. Game freezes on full screen mode
  94. OpenAL32.dll entry point not found [DUPLICATE]
  95. Nothing useful happens when clicking any ghost icon [SOLVED]
  96. We're a Community, not a team.
  97. Graphics card overheating (trials and other games) [SOLVED]
  98. Achievements Not Updating
  99. Cannot start through Steam, can start standalone but crashes
  100. Seems like i have used up all my activations [SOLVED]
  101. King of Beer time didn't register
  102. Original Trials 2? [SOLVED]
  103. ***** achievement issue [SOLVED]
  104. Is main support manager still on vacation ? [SOLVED]
  105. Ghosts not working [DUPLICATE]
  106. PC speaker beeps when playing Trials 2 SE
  107. Activation failed [SOLVED]
  108. Graphical objects flickering, transparent... [DUPLICATE]
  109. Completed course but still showing as N/A [DUPLICATE]
  110. Lisence again [SOLVED]
  111. Activation Failed
  112. people keep joining without me knowing
  113. funny glitch [SOLVED]
  114. Keeps asking for activation [SOLVED]
  115. graphic glitches
  116. Activation failed!! [SOLVED]
  117. Game keeps freezing every few seconds, help pls [SOLVED]
  118. Game Freezes after playing; monitor shuts down [DUPLICATE]
  119. Laptop GMA950 out of graphics memory [SOLVED]
  120. Network Connection Lost - Network Connection Restored
  121. Crashing problems
  122. Sticky/Laggy game.
  123. How can I kick member?
  124. Mobile Intel 945GM Problem [SOLVED]
  125. Changing Resolution beyond 1440x900 [SOLVED]
  126. not starting (openAL32.dll entry point) [DUPLICATE]
  127. Audio problem [SOLVED]
  128. Not registering beating the course [SOLVED]
  129. WTF? (not enough graphics memory) [DUPLICATE]
  130. Wine [NOBUG]
  131. problem with game level unlocking (proxy)
  132. No anti alaising? [NOBUG]
  133. Bad wireless = lost record, on Inferno of course...
  134. beta key problem [SOLVED]
  135. Help -.- [Solved]
  136. Ati X1600 (MacBook Pro) [SOLVED]
  137. Game unplayable (Freezeing) [DUPLICATE]
  138. Activation failed suddenly [SOLVED]
  139. Need help with my graphics memory. tried everything [SOLVED]
  140. game does not start at all (old Athlon CPU?) [SOLVED]
  141. Stuck at Loading Screen [SOLVED]
  142. Steam question [SOLVED]
  143. Report bug on rank/replay [SOLVED]
  144. Keyboard is slow!
  145. Freezing screen + sound issues (Athlon X2 + XP) [SOLVED]
  146. Unable to play trials 2 : steam key server error. [SOLVED]
  147. New Laptop [SOLVED]
  148. 'ms32.dll could not be found.' + other probs [SOLVED]
  149. Pretty sure I found a bug. (not in the beta either) [SOLVED]
  150. My License-key wont work anymore [SOLVED]
  151. New patch installed but graphics are stuttering [SOLVED]
  152. Problems with the new patch (internet connection?)
  153. Problems with the new patch (internet connection?)
  154. Trials 2 1.08 Patch [NOBUG]
  155. Why is the game only playable at 150+ fps? [NOBUG]
  156. Problems With Loading [SOLVED]
  157. Several problems w/1.08 [SOLVED]
  158. Top 5 without the "Top Score"-award [NOBUG]
  159. Replays out of Synch
  160. profiles disapeared!! [SOLVED]
  161. Dude weres my code! [SOLVED]
  162. Blue screen/Hardware Overheating even in 640X480 [SOLVED]
  163. shutting down
  164. code dont work? [SOLVED]
  165. code? [SOLVED]
  166. Pather dialog message? [NOBUG]
  167. Code [SOLVED]
  168. Launcher.exe error, can't load game [SOLVED]
  169. Chat problems...
  170. Move a profile [SOLVED]
  171. chat doesn't work at all
  172. How to set the game in 2560x1024? [SOLVED]
  173. Error message. [SOLVED]
  174. Radeon 4870x2 running hot and very loud fan. [SOLVED]
  175. Quality modes, is normal quality the highest? [NOBUG]
  176. Is there an easy way? [NOBUG]
  177. ...connection to the server cannot... [SOLVED]
  178. Speed Boost achievement won't register on Steam
  179. In-game chat does not work [SOLVED]
  180. Team Password [SOLVED]
  181. Vsync On or Off, no effect.
  182. Ghost wont load, freezes at the start
  183. Tiny freezez
  184. Update not working [SOLVED]
  185. Could not open windows fonts Error
  186. Problem with the Lights in Trials 2 [SOLVED]
  187. For those of us with SLI
  188. Wheelie distance counting bug
  189. Trials 2 Second Edition Doesnt Even Install
  190. Been There [SOLVED]
  191. Possible to Transfer STEAM profile over to STEAM? [SOLVED]
  192. Won't load [SOLVED]
  193. Trials 2 SE Gives error on my backup pc
  194. Really poor performance
  195. Replays out of sync?
  196. Rake Yohn Voice Over Problem [SOLVED]
  197. Cant connect to chat for serveral days
  198. How Do You Download Downloadable tracks? [SOLVED]
  199. Can not unlock any levels! Stuck after first 3. [SOLVED]
  200. Problems logging in using Firefox [SOLVED]
  201. Trials 2 SE and ATi driver crash.
  202. weird record glitch [SOLVED]
  203. Would like to Buy this game!
  204. Serial Key
  205. How do I select my Game Controller ???? (Solved)
  206. alcIsExtensionPresent in OpenAL32 [SOLVED]
  207. steam key [SOLVED]
  208. what up with the forums? [SOLVED]
  209. Is There Anyway To Increase The Graphic Quality (AA and AF)?
  210. regarding the 'new' forum...
  211. BSOD when exiting game [SOLVED]
  212. My Profile, Stats, Everything Is Gone?
  213. No sound...Help
  214. Screen Error
  215. launching error
  216. Can i get trials 2 origonal?
  217. Problem with achievement and levels
  218. Download Link?
  219. i HATE to do this
  220. Been There
  221. Patch Won't Download [SOLVED]
  222. Weird Record Bug
  223. Trials 2 serious error !!!
  224. Why ??
  225. full screen is not working for me
  226. Cannot change resolution or run in windowed mode
  227. Windows 7 64Bit + SB Audigy [SOLVED]
  228. does this game work for a mac system?
  229. change trial 2 serial key [SOLVED]
  230. I need help! [SOLVED]
  231. Product want load due to a Graphic issue :(
  232. Getting past tutorial 3
  233. Keyboard and Mouse problem
  234. Crash on Startup (Win 7 + SB Audigy) [SOLVED]
  235. Problem with paying Full Trials Second Edition 2 [SOLVED]
  236. alcIsExtensionPresent
  237. Server Error
  238. My profle In-Game deleted
  239. License Key Invalid//Server Error//Levels won't unlock
  240. Serial / User / Uninstall Question
  241. Lost license key
  242. Problems with Turtorial maps
  243. problem with connection?
  244. runtime error R6002 O_o?
  245. Activation Failed
  246. How can i add my trials 2 on steam?
  247. Does Windows/Linux + wine multiboot require 2 activations?
  248. Requirements??
  249. Scary crashes/computer half-dying
  250. Flashing screen