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  1. What will you be making with the editor?
  2. Editing Terrain
  3. Editor Scripting
  4. Trials Evolution - Guide to the Editor
  5. Trials Evolution - Guide to the Editor
  6. Sound effects / Music Question....
  7. Editor Question?
  8. 2 Drive line to different path questions.
  9. Can you build 4 Player tracks?
  10. Track Ideas Thread
  11. How many Editor Tutorials Have you seen ?
  12. The big HELP thread. : Post Questions here :
  13. Custom Music
  14. "Standard" track TAGs?
  15. Level editor questions on making caves
  16. I NEED HELP !!!
  17. [missing] Invert Y-axis
  18. Car Question
  19. How do I stop the rider/bike going through an object?
  20. Two Broken Tools in Editor? [Resolved]
  21. Round Objects with Holes in them....heh
  22. Editor Question (Need Help)
  23. Changing rider animation through finish line?
  24. Sky levels
  25. Is it possible to make a moving shark?
  26. Rider Controller Input Question
  27. SOS : Effect Event off only ?
  28. Wheelie Skill game help wanted. [SOLVED]
  29. Editor object wish list thread!
  30. Sharing EDITABLE Tracks
  31. need editor help, something is wrong with my logic
  32. Need help with the editor
  33. Floating Islands?
  34. Separating the rider from the bike?
  35. Driving line from checkpoint changed to stagger!!!
  36. Evo editor question (physics)
  37. Check out my upcoming free roam (Need help, too!)
  38. Problem changing Game Character (or the Physics Activation)
  39. 4 Lane Supercross tracks
  40. how to make the lights go on and off simulating cop lights
  41. snapping objects to track help?
  42. Useful controller icons for Skill Game Instructions
  43. Moving Several Pieces At Once
  44. How do I make a ball move?
  45. Pistons
  46. looping object global position: problem somewhat solved
  47. Help with the camera
  48. Giant hand coming out of water.
  49. How to toggle a two-input operators value with a button?
  50. Changing the time of day mid race.
  51. Best way to steer a car?
  52. Breakable glass walls
  53. Triggering Object Position Event with bike?
  54. How to hange ropes?
  55. cant get speed displayed on HUD counter
  56. Animated car question
  57. How to make an object rotate? (a Saw blade for example)
  58. How do I switch lean from left and right to up and down?
  59. A more detailed collision for empty barrels?
  60. frozen feature question
  61. Optimal Environment Settings to achieve "Limbo" effect?
  62. How to make an animation sequence?
  63. How to create a "new" environment?
  64. Problem with editor...
  65. Event not triggering..
  66. Object Position Problem
  67. Distant Physics Question
  68. Rotating lines popping up around the track in the editor
  69. Trying to create shooter,how do i dynamically create objects
  70. Xbox freezes with custom track.
  71. How to create a working rope bridge with physics?
  72. Custom track of trigger/impulse/data source examples
  73. Change direction after adding?
  74. How do I glue to bike?
  75. Suggestion: graphing lines or Grid
  76. Question about spring.
  77. Hard Edge Light Artifacts?
  78. Plotting a course for an object.
  79. Controlling the Camera
  80. Question About Editor
  81. Flashlight Help
  82. Spinning blades
  83. Our little one armed robot friends.
  84. Disable force rotation hinge while keeping physics on object
  85. How to use example "Train Cart" ? It shakes and shakes!!
  86. Explosives?
  87. hinges
  88. I can't get Object Position Event to work... [SOLVED]
  89. Request: FPS Camera controls for editor
  90. Is there a way to grind, like a BMX bike?
  91. Check out my free roam rock crawler
  92. iPhone app for design?
  93. Chrome Ball Control?
  94. Issue with custom cameras
  95. Issue with custom cameras
  96. Simple Physics, see-saw
  97. Creating a track for a specific bike.
  98. Playing Track
  99. Checkpoint through Building?
  100. Mechsican's Tutorials - Bomb Cart Skill Game
  101. problem with position event
  102. Help with Target Tracking with the Object positioning event.
  103. Object position event problem
  104. Need Help With Editor Warnings!
  105. need some phys hinge help please
  106. Extreme slowdowns
  107. Gravity on off toggle
  108. Object position Event = Working / Physics = Don't work?
  109. creating explosions
  110. Changing game character?
  111. Area Force Controls start strange and then fine after moving
  112. Round Space Station! (Gravity?)
  113. Help with my project please
  114. Glass from Trials HD?
  115. directional force issue
  116. Let's get physical...
  117. Making a car move forward
  118. More events per trigger?
  119. animated car physics
  120. Sloooow Moootion
  121. Editor tutorial videos on YouTube via Xbox
  122. Today: editor 1 me 0!
  123. Level Editor Freezes
  124. Bike gets stuck in rope bridge from high jump?
  125. How to make game character freeze once hit trigger?
  126. Plz help with what the buttons do
  127. Enabling/Disabling terrain mods?
  128. Animation help
  129. Question - Delete Driving Line and Replace it?
  130. please spare a few mins for a noob ;)
  131. Help - Making a car the player can drive.
  132. Post Awesome Track ideas here!
  133. Night time and building tracks underground
  134. Keeping new camera angle at checkpoint restart?
  135. How do you make your break button the reverse accelerator
  136. Can we post just contraptions?
  137. Multi Level Skill Games (e.g Angry Bikers)
  138. Fire works help.
  139. how to reduce the friction of the bike ? (run on ice/swamp)
  140. Xbox button characters
  141. Falling objects
  142. another object event/interval trigger issue
  143. Need help burning my rider
  144. Long jump event help needed
  145. how is the scoring for the in game sphere level done?
  146. Help with items moving please
  147. How can I attach an object to first person character ?
  148. in need of some major help with my minigame.
  149. skill game question Help
  150. an object that is following you to reset at checkpoint
  151. Can you change disable after hit on area triggers somehow?
  152. How can I attach objects to the bike and make it weightless
  153. Having massive trigger problems.
  154. How to make a movable character with object position event.
  155. Teleportation
  156. Connecting ropes
  157. Trials Evo Editor Tips
  158. need help with bike control event.
  159. Any way to move the camera in game with right stick?
  160. Hey Need Some Help With Fire works/Explosives
  161. Making a series of moving items.. Like a ski lift
  162. Train Sequence
  163. Having problems with physics in the background.
  164. My xbox is freezing on a track in editor
  165. couple of questions tire/skid marks, laps
  166. Score or distance game
  167. Could someone please tell me how to attach objects to bike?
  168. Option to remove B as reset.
  169. Solid colour blocks - Help required
  170. make the rider , ride on object
  171. Starting with a blank canvas?
  172. Older trial bike game.
  173. Afterburner
  174. Help Please!! Object Position Event
  175. object positioning event, rotation
  176. Explosion from a distance
  177. help with checkpoints
  178. camera speed?
  179. Bug: Codes won't work when copied (sometimes)
  180. Decreasing the limit of First Person rotation
  181. making a dark room?
  182. Getting lights to cycle through colors
  183. how to get the flipper to reset after it flipped
  184. Chromeball Skill Game Please Help
  185. has anyone figured out a gyro system yet?
  186. quick tips for lag
  187. Snapping pieces together
  188. Tips for making difficult enough skill game?
  189. Glue decoration object to physics ball, build on top of deco
  190. Track Performance
  191. Pinball (flipper issue)
  192. Move rider in water
  193. Explosives?
  194. angle an object to follow the rider?
  195. Need help testing my track
  196. Platinum Metal not awarded to me
  197. Is glue limited?
  198. Exceding the 30 min time limit? (Yet another question)
  199. Framerate Issues with track section (but not while testing)
  200. Glued light and object stops registering speed variable
  201. Vibration for 5 secs
  202. skill game help in need
  203. New map: Space Marine Sky Dive
  204. Heats/Rounds in skill games
  205. Item(s) buried underground in the editor
  206. random projectiles ?
  207. skill game help in need pt 2
  208. Another Editor Question.
  209. Limted Checkpoints?
  210. How can i add up a score in a skill game?
  211. Give a map to my friend
  212. Clean, Helpful Camera Angles
  213. Events Question
  214. multiple routes for driver
  215. How would i make a gun?
  216. triggering position events with Y button
  217. Help Moving objects in Background
  218. Need help with Game Condition Filter please
  219. Making working scoreboards in editor?
  220. Terrain Editor Is Not Pretty
  221. Track Testing
  222. Break a physics joint
  223. Help With Fireworks
  224. Objects to include in future DLC
  225. Changing character direction
  226. Animation question.
  227. starting to HATE the editor !!!
  228. How do I change the weather in the game?
  229. Physics Triggers
  230. Turning 180 degrees
  231. feedback on tracks..search "a nemesis gamer"
  232. Smooth animation problem
  233. Making a raft go back and forward, how?
  234. How do you get small amounts of water?
  235. Events Question
  236. How to end distance maps?
  237. Strange Behavior on Physical Object
  238. Track Builder not working well
  239. Skill game question
  240. sphere skill game
  241. Driving Line Index not the same as Driving Line Position?
  242. Paradoxical Events
  243. Rotational Camera
  244. Changing gravity in a room so up is down etc?
  245. Help with health system ?
  246. Difficult Scoring Question - Skill Game
  247. Very Basic AI
  248. How to make harmless fire?
  249. How to make a custom character lean
  250. Toggle Visibility