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  1. Rotation of physics object with ope
  2. Deep Editor Guide thread
  3. Generic Filter doesn't pass the value!
  4. Is it possible to detect when the wheels touch the ground?
  5. Bike wheel skips under pressure
  6. Loaded Spring question.
  7. OPE and Pivot Point Hint
  8. flipper for "target game" like HD...
  9. Weird issue with time on my track
  10. Basic Flipper Techniques
  11. Another game camera question....
  12. Can you make the rider not drown when under water?
  13. Prince of Persia themed track - Trials of Persia
  14. Far away explosions
  15. Title i want is too long. Question inside...
  16. Is it possible to set object properties beyond their limit?
  17. Skill game help
  19. Animating cars help?
  20. A new kind of skill game..
  21. Trouble with Tower Crane (pic)
  22. Cursor help needed for custom drum machine!
  23. Is it possible to collab on a track??
  24. Help with some sounds.
  25. Making Checkpoints For a Skill Game? *Solved*
  26. Just Spent Four Hours in the Editor...
  27. need help making statues turn and face bike
  28. Custom music loops
  29. how do you teleport and........
  30. OPE, Glue groups and Physics Joint Help: **UPDATED
  31. I need a picture of Sebbbi's house...
  32. How do u make objects randomly apper/disappear?
  33. Rotating an object with OPE..
  34. Custom Track Freezing
  35. Map Completed: Armageddon
  36. yellow laser like lines appeared on new track?
  37. Framerate dropping
  38. Need Help Making a Splash Effect?
  39. Need Help - Resetting Impulse Clamp Filter through trigger.
  40. Interest in a Microsoft Visio-style scripting grid?
  41. Gravity type thing
  42. Electrocuted
  43. Elevator Problem
  44. what can you do with broken objects?
  45. Ok, I give in... I need help.
  46. help with skidding car animation.
  47. heres a question for the pro's (as in HELP
  48. Distance score????
  49. Please help
  50. disabling bailout?
  51. Cant grasp how to make a counter for bail outs, help!
  52. Ways to ride on water?
  54. Hit Trigger Not Working Properly? :'(
  55. Replay Bug
  56. OPE or Sliders
  57. some constructive criticism (my two cents)
  58. platform moving problems?
  59. Lock an object's rotation?
  60. A moving crane
  61. checkpoints on a train
  62. does anybody have.......
  63. building a side scrolling shoot em up.... how???
  64. Switching between 2 Game Cameras?
  65. Editor Question (Math Related).
  66. Set Rotation & Set Position events not working together :(
  67. Hit trigger, Break event
  68. Bike won't move when I attach effect to bike! Please help!
  69. Panel Madness.beta trials track posted
  70. help with reloading weapons system
  71. Motocross miss
  72. Can I connect the drive line?
  73. Phys objects disappear/flickering when I have camera follow
  74. area effect question.
  75. Animating projectiles from a moveable game character.
  76. drive line gap
  77. Determining Difficulty
  78. So, exactly what is an unknown string??
  79. checkpoints dont work when i go to share track?
  80. mechanical sound effect?????????
  81. Changing Character Question Sort of advanced I think
  82. Failing so bad, new tools...
  83. Help with filters
  84. Supercross MP - Start from elevated platforms
  85. Difficulty, Driving Line Flow?
  86. Data sources and Operations
  87. East way to create flat ground?
  88. Using an impulse clamp filter as part of a scoring system?
  89. Screen shot for TC when using a camera Post effect
  90. calculating a score by room to room?????
  91. Door, Joint(s)? Help
  92. Can anyone help with dimming lights? (Resovled)
  93. Testing unfinished skill games over LIVE
  94. Can the rider do a no-hander?
  95. wouldnt it be nice if......
  96. can the time counter be reversed?
  97. Ending game
  98. objects moving to one place then to another??????
  99. I need a little help...
  100. Rider 'bouncing' while on Physics Joint 'Slider' - SOLVED
  101. back wheel buckles when physics attached to rider [solved]
  102. character deconstruction help...
  103. This is why your level sucks
  104. Can someone tell me how to enable bailout finish?
  105. probably a stupid question?????
  106. need help once again??????
  107. flying objects freezing, any idea what's up? (solved)
  108. Find the offensive language!
  109. Trying to designate a movement border
  110. about lagg
  111. how to get a item rotating in 1 direction ?
  112. Ramp animation with variations & data sources?
  113. Getting the example car to move forward at a certain speed
  114. need editor help (Solved)
  115. assigning button presses to flippers, still need help???????
  116. Track complexity meter question
  117. Could someone maybe give me a step-by-step guide on how to..
  118. LOGIC Help please!
  119. Impulses can travel through the ground?
  120. Aircraft, flying objects
  121. Some editor quirks..
  122. A few questions
  123. Placing objects
  124. How to input rotation from stick?
  125. Some help would help
  126. how can i make a directional force become disabled when it..
  127. Deducting Faults
  128. Water effects question
  129. Pro Tips tutorial series
  130. what is worse?
  131. A request for RedLynx
  132. Marble Movement - How do you make it smooth ?
  133. Please help me
  134. in a replay, one for the devs i feel
  135. How to set up the path of the track AFTER creating the level
  136. Animating duplicate "clone" objects from one single?
  137. track editor
  138. how do i change between cameras on a controller button?
  140. Message about too many physics objects in a certain area
  141. Visual Flowchart Editor Tutorials {69} and counting...
  142. Can I improve performance by making objects invisible?
  143. hill climb troubles?????
  144. Language filter prevents upload error? Track central broken?
  145. glitch: invisible collision blocks on certain objects
  146. How can I have two object position events on an object and
  147. Finally!
  148. Stable custom game character
  149. OPE and Modify Rotation, Set Rotation issue
  150. Checkpoints for custom game character
  151. what is the best method of raising a glued group of objects
  152. How do I freeze the rider at checkpoints?
  153. Lava creation
  154. Timed bike event help?
  155. Camera help
  156. ropes just drop
  157. Does anybody know? Update: Yes they do (Teleportation)
  158. items falling through each other
  159. change with the rating system needed, my thoughts.
  160. tag a height calculator to rider???
  161. Shooting the basketball & moving things into place
  162. Any help would be apreciated
  163. Gun sounds???
  164. Need help with forcing myself up...
  165. Bike swing
  166. skill game , after 5 seconds of no movement end game , help
  167. How do you go about making in-game bullets?
  168. Going to try making a minigame
  169. how do i attach a simple rope bridge???
  170. Sound sources bug
  171. Skillgame instruction display time
  172. conflicting reports???????
  173. How do I create a track going backwards?
  174. creating a ferris wheel but cant get it to stop and start
  175. Creating Translucent objects
  176. Killing a looping impulse?
  177. That stupid word filter problem, word list help
  178. how do you create a flash of lightning?
  179. Performance Issue Ideas?
  180. What causes the bike to shake?
  181. How To get an object to to follow Rider
  182. Ninja Tutorial - Help Please!
  183. Slowdown and lag during testing? (SOLVED!)
  184. How to Properly make Rising wate?
  185. help using object position events.
  186. Track file size limit :(
  187. question for devs or programmer?? ref: driving line
  188. Rope bridge, chain and rope linking
  189. Moving Trains
  190. Need a platform to start at checkpoints after a fault.
  191. variation event issue
  192. Camera Question - Please Help - RE: Making the Cam Stay With
  193. Screen tear.
  194. Measuring distance in a skill game.
  195. Track performance is low.
  196. checkpoints
  197. Help with ending game on max score and launch gauge :Solved:
  198. Rating Tracks Editor POV
  199. I need help with the scoring system on my skill game...
  200. Track flow & obstacle examples..?
  201. New track creator
  202. snow track
  203. light issuse
  204. Objects not rendering immediatly?
  205. Video On Making Water Rise
  206. Video On Making Water Rise
  207. Can somebody please help me with a simple thing?
  208. help me plzzzzzz
  209. Weird glitches or something i'm doing wrong?
  210. How to freeze the rider & the resume 2 seconds later?
  211. I need help!
  212. events help
  213. ::SOLVED:: Make Rider stick to something?
  214. ::SOLVED:: Help with random numbers
  215. ::SOLVED:: Little help with triggering lights
  216. Repeating countdown?
  217. Help with car animation
  218. Testing Tracks offering my services.
  219. Has anyone made working ropes?
  220. How do I set an objects position?
  221. Environment changes on long track (Help!)
  222. waterfall stopping and restarting at start of race
  223. (SOLVED) Strange glitch (?) I'm encountering.
  224. how do you make an object spawn?
  225. How do you tie variations to a curved data source?
  226. Question about saving a large track
  227. "Fish in Water" effect does not actually work IN WATER?
  228. A question about engine power
  229. Custom Level crashes Xbox repeatedly
  230. Physics based objects stop when the player is too far away?
  231. New problem,same track, need your help with editor :)
  232. how do I make certain parts of track make wheel fall off?
  233. Problem with making a object stop with ope
  234. how do I change the colour of wood? or can't u?
  235. help
  236. skill game timer???
  237. Complex physics sample Elevator UpDown trouble
  238. Not making contact with a ball after an ope
  239. Turning a solid wall into a broken wall -NEED HELP-
  240. snapping workplane
  241. Ninja's Track Making Checklist
  242. how can i make a fist person skill game
  243. Need help with check points
  244. Color effect
  245. trouble with moving water
  246. Realistic fire flicker effect.
  247. Making object spawn with button trigger
  248. Need help creating a conveyor belt.
  249. animating the rider :)
  250. making a springboard